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Newsletter - Volume 98 No 1• 19 February 2021


Loving God, as we enter the season of Lent may we each take time to reflect upon the ways that you are guiding us every day and so live a life that more closely follows the Gospel. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen

Please refer to the College Calendar for all Upcoming Events and Dates of Importance.

From the Principal

Dear Ave Maria College Community,

Welcome to the 2021 school year. What an interesting and busy first few weeks of school it has been. On behalf of the College community I warmly welcome all new students, staff and families who join the Ave Maria community for the first time this year.  Congratulations to our Year 7 students who have successfully navigated their 6-day transition program to settle into the College well. It has been delightful to see them grow in confidence as they have settled in.

Last week we were very fortunate to be able to run a number of whole school events.  In particular, our ability to gather as a faith community to celebrate the Opening School Mass and our first Eucharist for the year.  The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Tony Feeney.   The theme of the Mass was ‘God is our guiding light’ which is also our College theme for 2021.  St Clare of Assisi, one of our four College Patrons had complete trust in God as her guiding light and she urges us to do the same.  This year’s theme highlights the importance of how we place ourselves in the world today and how we live our faith through our own actions. In particular, how we use our gifts and talents to be our best self but also how we treat others and help them to be their best self.  I trust that this year’s College theme will provide rich and continuous inspiration to our community throughout 2021.

Later the same day we held our VCE Awards Assembly for the graduating Class of 2020.  This assembly recognized the highest performing students from the cohort including the top performing student for each Unit 3/4 subject; students with 40+ scores; and, students with a 90+ ATAR.  It was wonderful to see so many students and their families return to the College so they could be acknowledged for their achievement.  Thank you also to the College Dux, Danielle Reed who delivered an inspiring speech to our students.  Danielle spoke about the challenges associated with completing VCE during lockdown but did so in a way that highlighted the learning journey and what she did to overcome these challenges. It was wonderful to hear Danielle refer to her tips of success as a recipe, sharing with our current students her essential ingredients for success. Again, well done to the Class of 2020 as we congratulate them for their achievements and wish them future success and happiness.

On behalf of the College I would like to introduce you to the following new staff who commenced with us this term, each of whom was commissioned at our Staff Mass held on Wednesday, 25 January 2021:

  • Claudia Barresi - Teacher of Humanities
  • Jo Lamont - Teacher of Accounting and Business Management
  • Neve Lesnjak - Teacher of Mathematics and Science
  • Lauren Maynard - Learning Support Officer
  • Kate Molony - Teacher of English and Religious Education
  • Leonie Rushbrook - Teacher of Mathematics
  • Janes Stiles - Teacher of English and Religious Education
  • Danny Yin - Teacher of Mathematics

I am sure that you will join me in welcoming them to the Ave community.

Each year there is a group of staff who move into new leadership positions, in 2021 these staff include:

  • Jo Hammer - Assistant Principal (Community and Growth)
  • Casey Janides - Leader of Pedagogy
  • Suzanne Lake - English Domain Leader
  • Carolyn Mills - Food Technology Leader
  • Leonie Rushbrook - Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)
  • Julia White - Humanities Domain Leader

I am sure that you will join me in wishing them all the best for the year ahead.

The College Executive has been renamed the College Senior Leadership Team in 2021.  The role of this team is to oversee the running and leadership of school operations and programs to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our community, adapt to emerging trends in education, be future-focused and meet the necessary legislative requirements of school. Joining me on this very important team are the following staff:

  • Michelle Robertson - Deputy Principal (Learning, Staff and Operations)
  • Jo Hammer - Assistant Principal (Community and Growth)
  • Leonie Rushbrook - Assistant Principal (Students and Engagement)
  • Patrick Jurd - Director of Faith and Religious Education
  • James Vella - Director of Learning and Pathways
  • Natalie Meddis - Director of Student Wellbeing
  • Allan Thompson - Business Manager
  • Anthony Kirley - Human Resources and Compliance Manager

Please do not hesitate to contact members of the College Senior Leadership team if needed.

As you will be aware, at the end of last year a new company known as Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS) was formed to govern Catholic schools in Melbourne.  This new and very important change commenced from 1 January 2021. For students, staff and families Ave Maria College will continue to serve and lead our community in the ways that you are already familiar with.  The MACS constitution makes it clear that the College, through the Parish Priest, Principal and School Advisory Council, will have responsibility to collaborate and continue to build up Catholic schools as faith-filled learning communities.  At Ave the School Advisory Council will replace the Board of Governance. As such, there exists three vacancies on the Ave School Advisory Council in 2021.  There are two vacancies for current parents/carers and one vacancy for a member of a College Alumnae.  Interested persons are asked to complete an expression of interest via the following LINK.

I look forward to our journey as we navigate 2021 together in partnership for the education of your daughters.  In closing I would like to share the following prayer with you.

May the Spirit of Jesus make us one in love.

May we follow Mary’s model for life to trust in the truth of God’s love.

May we be inspired by St Francis of Assisi who invites us to know Jesus and enter into a shared humanity through inclusion and peace.

May we always value Helene de Chappotin’s vision for education as members of the Ave community, which professes learning for all to achieve fullness of life.

May we be strengthened by St Clare of Assisi, a woman of firm faith, commitment and sisterly love as we travel this road together as members of the Ave Maria community.

May we each walk with Jesus as people of journey, knowing that we make this journey in community and we find you revealed in one another.

May your grace, mercy and peace bless us, keep us and transform us all.


God bless and as a community may we continue to strive for truth through love.

Tanya Hutton

Announcing our Exciting Brand Refresh

Some of you may have noticed an exciting new look in this month’s eNewsletter and some of our most recent communications with you. This is a sneak preview of an overarching College brand refresh.

The brand refresh was a rewarding and collaborative experience that involved working closely with current and former students, Board members, staff and parents.

It aims to reflect the future strategy of the College and assert its position as a top performing Catholic secondary school in the area, educating young women who thrive – both professionally and personally. This is now evident across brand, visual identity and our new strapline – She Who Belongs. She Who Thrives - staying true to the spirit of our Franciscan faith, history and values. 

Deputy Principal

Term 1 Progress Reports

In Term 1, parents/carers will receive Progress Reports designed to provide an indication of how each student has commenced their learning in 2021. Progress Reports and End of Semester Reports are designed to complement continuous reporting at Ave Maria College. Timely feedback on formative and summative assessment tasks are provided for parents/carers via Ave Learning throughout the year.

Please note the Key Dates for Term 1:

Tuesday, 9 March 2021  - VCE Progress Reports published on PAM

Wednesday, 31 March 2021 - Year 7-10 Progress Reports published on PAM

VCE Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews (PTS)

VCE P/T/S interviews will take place on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 online via MS Teams. More details will be posted to families closer to the event.

Michelle Robertson

An important reminder for all parents/carers regarding school drop off and pick ups

A reminder to all parents/carers that the allocated drop off and pick up zones must be adhered to for the safety of all students.
Parents must not park in these zones during morning drop offs and afternoon pick up as signposted.

Parents/carers must not park in or drop off students in the bus zone at any time throughout the day. 

Please ensure you daughter is using the school crossing to enter the College. It is very unsafe to allow your daughter to cross the road at any other point. 

Assistant Principal - Community and Growth

Staff Professional Learning

The beginning of the school year is always busy with lots of planning and preparations to do. One of the things that Ave do well is to support staff in being ready for a new school year. In the last week of January staff and leaders undertook several days of professional learning. The program began with the Leadership day on Monday, 25 January 2021 where all staff in a leadership role came together.  The theme of the day was Agile Leadership through a Franciscan Lens. Together we explored what it means to be a Franciscan School, and more importantly, what that means for us at Ave.  Each leader also took the time to consider their leadership priorities and goals, in light of the College Annual Action Plan, and drawing on some of our key learnings from 2020. We were fortunate to enjoy catering from two College Alumnae as well, we thank Carla Tarascio (Class of 2011) from @carlas.cucina.catering  and Shanelle Thompson (Class of 2012) from @cocoashanellecakes for their delicious food.

With all staff returning on Wednesday, 27 January 2021, there was a mix of presentations and interactive activities, whole staff and sub-group gatherings, and of course coming together as a faith community. These start of year days are always a rich tapestry of discussion, action and a sense of excitement.  They are also part of the bigger Professional Learning program within the College.  Over the coming weeks and months you will hear more about our two major PL focus areas for 2021 – Professional Learning Teams, action research, based on the Ave Charter for Education, and the Visible Wellbeing Program.

VCE Awards Assembly

On Tuesday, 9 February 2021 the College was thrilled to be able to welcome back more than one third of the Class of 2020 for our annual VCE Awards Ceremony. This important event is one that we look forward to as we celebrate the successes of the recently graduated class.  Following a challenging VCE year in 2020, we are so impressed with the results of the Class of 2020.  To have completed VCE is an achievement in and of itself, but to have done so during a global pandemic is even more remarkable.  The success of the Class of 2020 is a testament to the hard work and commitment of both the staff and students. Some highlights of the event were acknowledging 55 individual study scores over 40, achieved by 35 students, placing them in the top 9% of the state in a given subject.  Likewise, there were 18 students achieving an ATAR over of 90.0 or higher. Between these students, there were 21 different subjects covered, again demonstrating that success and high achievement is not limited to a few areas. The ceremony concluded with a heartfelt and honest speech from the College Dux, Danielle Reed, who outlined her recipe for success, including divulging a couple of her ‘secret ingredients’.  We wish the Class of 2020 all the best as they embark on their next adventure, be that tertiary studies or straight into the workforce.

Jo Hammer

Assistant Principal - Students and Engagement

I have been most appreciative of the warmth and welcome from the entire Ave Maria College community over the last few weeks. Students in Year 7 have come up to me with huge smiles, as they too have expressed how happy they are to be a part of the Ave Maria College family.  The connections I have witnessed with and between students, between students and staff, parents and colleagues, fosters greater belonging and supports the development of resilient and happy young people. Two beautiful examples I would like to bring to your attention were a senior student helping a new Year 7 put on her swimming cap as the younger student had no idea how to do it. The senior student just leapt into action and helped the younger student. The second example was seeing the Year 11 Peer Support Leaders usher in the Year 7 students, in the pouring rain, on their first day at Ave Maria. The Year 11 Peer Support Leaders welcomed the Year 7 cohort and covered them with their umbrellas to ensure their start to the day was not only comfortable, but provided that security and certainty as they began their Ave journey.

On Monday, 18 January 2021 I was privileged to spend time with the Senior Student Leadership Team as part of their Leadership Program on the yLead conference at Melbourne University. The program (attended by Year 12 Leaders from across Victoria) was being led by two amazing past student leaders from Ave Maria College: Georgia Nugara (Class of 2012) and Danielle Reed (Class of 2020, College Co- Captain and College Dux). It was exciting hearing the hopes and aspirations of the current 2021 Student Leaders. Their skills of listening and collaboration were abundantly evident as they fine tuned their goals into an action plan. Students will be well led by the 2021 Student Leadership Team as they aim for inclusiveness and a greater voice for the student body. I have already seen their enthusiatic response through the Parent Information evenings, through the Year 12 Retreat, the VCE Awards Ceremony, the Opening College Mass and at the House Swimming Carnival, just to mention a few.

As I mentioned at all Parent Information Nights and assemblies, it is important that each student is true to themselves, respects themselves, College expectations and others, and is responsible for ensuring that whoever they encounter (either personally or on social media) leave the encounter feeling positive about the interaction that has taken place. Each student has the responsibility to help create and maintain a positive learning environment where everyone has a right to feel safe and a right to learn. As such, in line with the Code of Conduct that students can refer to in their Student Planner, it is expected that students refrain from all forms of bullying and harrassment. Bullying will not be tolerated either at school or online, and students will always be encouraged to speak to a trusted adult if they feel that communications they have experienced are not in keeping with the Franciscan values we uphold at Ave Maria College.

As part of being a responsible student at Ave Maria College, all students are asked that if using the bus network to get to or from school that they 'tap on'. This is a normal expectation of bus pass students and we would like to ensure that compliance with this occurs. Please discuss the need for the 'tap on' with your daughter.

Leonie Rushbrook

Director of Faith and Religious Education

Opening School Mass

The College community was able to gather in Francis Hall to mark the beginning of the school year on Tuesday, 9 February 2021 as we reflected on the College theme from the writings of St Clare: ‘God is our guiding light’.

Fr Tony Feeney was our celebrant, as the Senior Student Leaders were presented with their badges and recited their pledge. All students new to the College received a Tau Cross to mark their belonging to the Franciscan family. New staff had received their Tau Cross at a Staff Mass on Wednesday, 27 January 2021.

Ash Wednesday

Services were held online through Mentor Groups as the College marked the beginning of Lent. During Lent, we reflect on the parts of ourselves that hold us back from the full life to which we are called at Easter. Student leaders spoke about attitudes that hold us back from being our best selves as well as the ways that God can guide us in our lives, such as prayer, scripture and the people and events of our lives.

Homework Club

Once we have clarified COVID-19 restrictions, we will ask for volunteers from Years 10 to 12 to tutor primary school students. This will occur through the Edmund Rice Refugee Service, operating at St Albans, on a Monday afternoon from 4.00pm to 5.00pm. Students will be driven by a staff member in the College mini-bus to and from the venue.

Patrick Jurd

Director of Learning and Pathways

Welcome back for what will be another inspirational and exciting year of learning at Ave Maria College. I am looking forward to supporting the learning partnerships between the young women of Ave, yourselves as parents and carers, and their teachers. As such, I believe this to be an opportune time to reiterate some College academic expectations and protocols.

Years 7 – 10: Minimum Achievement Standards

Students in Years 7 – 10 are expected to achieve a minimum of 50% in all assessments undertaken as part of their studies. In setting the Minimum Achievement Standard, we aim to ensure that the young women of Ave Maria College are

·         demonstrating understanding,

·         striving for and achieving their very best,

·         building a wealth of knowledge and complex skills that will support them in future learning and life.

Where students achieve less than 50% on a given task, they will be required to re-submit a part, or all of the task as an additional opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Upon re-submission, students will receive further feedback, however the score of the original assessment task submission will remain.

You will be notified of any instances where your daughter has not satisfied the Minimum Achievement Standard via an email that will direct you to a letter on the Parent Access Module (PAM).

VCE: Assessments

Students studying VCE subjects are also expected to uphold the Minimum Achievement Standard of at least 50% for all School-Assessed Coursework (SAC) tasks and School-Assessed Tasks (SAT). Students who do not meet this requirement may be at risk of achieving a Not Satisfactory (N) for a given outcome, and in turn, the Unit. If your daughter receives less than 50% in a SAC or SAT, a Level 1 Intervention will be recorded, and a redemption task must be completed in order to satisfy the outcome. This will be recorded via a letter on the Parent Access Module (PAM).

Students studying a Unit 3 and 4 subject may be asked to complete a SAC after-school, mainly where there are multiple classes of a given subject at the College. This is being done to ensure that students access their assessments at the same time and preserve the authentication of SAC tasks.

Attendance for a SAC is compulsory. If your daughter is absent for a SAC both yourselves and your daughter will receive a letter on the Parent Access Module (PAM) outlining her absence and details of the Re-scheduled SAC process. Absences from a SAC must be supported by a Medical Certificate or where a Medical Certificate cannot be sourced, a Statutory Declaration. Rescheduled SACs only occur on a Thursday afternoon and attendance must be a priority.

Where students are absent on the date of a SAT submission, they are expected to make contact with their class teacher to arrange submission of the task by 4.00pm on the due date. Extensions will only be given in exceptional circumstances by myself.

Extended Leave

We know that students learn best when they attend classes with minimal disruption. Within the course of the academic year, it is important that your daughter attends all her classes to ensure the successful development of concepts, knowledge and skills. We are also aware that at various times throughout the year, some families may plan holidays or extended trips.

Families are discouraged from taking extended leave/holidays during the school term as doing so disrupts the learning process and creates gaps in essential knowledge and skills. Families of students studying VCE subjects are especially discouraged from such leave, as extended absences can result in these students being at risk of not meeting outcomes, achieving an N for a unit or multiple units, and potentially not being awarded their VCE.

If a student and their family request an extended leave of absence (a time period of five or more school days), a formal application must be submitted to the relevant Sub School Leader at least one month prior to the requested time (except in extenuating circumstances). We ask that this is done by the completion of the Application for Extended Leave form, available from Knowledge Banks. This application form must be signed by each of your daughter’s teachers and Sub School Leader.

Digital Resources

Students in Years 7 through 10 should now have access to their digital resources through Campion MyConnect. This platform centralises four key digital platforms within the College (CambridgeGo, JacPlus, Oxford Digital and Pearson Places) and makes them more easily accessible to students. Should your daughter have any continuing issues, please have them contact myself to have these resolved.

Access to Edrolo and Language Perfect will continue to be updated throughout the year to ensure student access continues.

 James Vella

Director of Student Wellbeing

There has been a lot of work going on in the background to develop our Learning Charter, with the Learner Attributes, into the more holistic Ave Charter for Education, also known as ACE. ACE brings together our faith, learning and wellbeing with a clear message about who we are and how we support our young people. Our focus is on the growth of the whole person, with our Franciscan charism as the foundation for everything we do.

The Ave Charter for Education addresses the growth and development of learners. When we talk about learners, we are talking about all members of the College who engage in life-long learning. The Learner Attributes have been refined to: Respect, Resilience, Critical Thinking, Independence, Confidence and Curiosity. These are the qualities that we seek to develop over the course of our learning. By enhancing these qualities learners can take charge of their own learning and harness their own capacity to grow.

There is significant evidence and research supporting the connection between optimal learning and wellbeing. In order to develop the attributes for learning students need to be able to competently manage their emotional state and wellbeing. In order to support this we are implementing the Visible Wellbeing framework. This framework draws on the work of positive psychology and applies to schools. We are working closely with the team at the University of Melbourne, led by Dr Lea Waters, in order to integrate Visible Wellbeing and the SEARCH framework into Ave Maria College. The Ave Charter for Education reflects this. 

Staff are in the beginning stages of learning about the SEARCH framework. We will begin the first module this week. As we progress throughout the year you will hear more about the skills of the SEARCH framework and how that helps to build the learning attributes that contribute towards the thriving of our young people.

 Natalie Meddis

Ave Charter for Education

Careers and Pathways

Careers Team

The Ave Maria Careers team includes Mrs Tyana Viti and myself. We look forward to working with you in 2021 to equip your daughters with career readiness and to plan their future pathways. We aim to provide a hope-filled, strengths based and future focused approach. We are located in the Helene Atrium and provide student resources, programs, events, classes and careers counselling.

Class of 2020

We congratulate the class of 2020 on their success and their chosen pathways at University, Vocational Education, apprenticeships and work. Our five most popular tertiary destinations were RMIT, ACU,
La Trobe, Melbourne, Swinburne, Monash and Victoria Universities. It is pleasing to note that 100% of applicants received first round course offers with over 75% receiving their first preference and a further 15% their second preference. A wide variety of pathways included Science, Performing and Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Business and Legal areas.

Year 12 Future Planning

2021 Year 12 Future Planning appointments have started and parents/carers are welcome to attend by emailing careers@avemaria.vic.edu.au. These meetings are important to discuss plans and to research options for 2022.

Morrisby Online Profile

On Tuesday, 9 March 2021, all Year 10 students will be undertaking the Morrisby Online Profile vocational testing. This provides students with a valuable tool for deciding on careers of interest, possible subjects for VCE and relevant tertiary courses. The profile is based on individual strengths, interests and personality.

Virtual Work Experience

We are pleased to offer Year 10 students ‘Virtual Work Experience’ that replaces the traditional one week of work experience. After successfully piloting this program last year, students will undertake two virtual work experience projects in 2021, that are designed with industry and reflective of real occupational tasks. These will occur in classes and during special days on campus.

Industry Immersion Program

The Royal Women’s Hospital ‘Meet a Scientist’ event for young women was held on Thursday, 11 February 2021 as a ‘live stream’ event. Students heard from a pediatric doctor, neonatal physiotherapist, midwife and research biologist from the hospital. This opportunity was taken up by 30 students from Year 9 to 11. Our students were inspired by their experiences, advice and career journeys. 

Poppy Ibrahim

Select the link to view our Careers Newsletter articles and our recent Parent Information Night presentations. Topics this week include;

  • Getting a Tax File Number
  • Medicine UCAT Entry Test Preparation
  • Difference between IT, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • University – Early Entry Programs

College Captains

Welcome back to another academic year.  

We hope that your holiday season was filled with joy and that there has been a chance to relax after 2020.  

We extend a warm welcome to all new members of the College community and look forward to working collaboratively with all during this year.  

We are so excited to be back at school, with face-to-face learning continuing during 2021.  

As we have begun to embark on this new year, we are encouraging all members of the College to tackle all challenges this year head on. We are confident and positive that this 2021 school year will be the best one yet, and it is already off to a great start.  

This year, as College Captains, we want to make sure we are using every resource available and every opportunity possible to inspire the students and staff at Ave to make the most of 2021.  

We as a leadership team have been working behind the scenes to ensure that 2021 will be a year that you all will never forget. Whilst at the yLead Leadership conference during the holidays, we along with our fellow student leaders collaborated to create a shared vision, we see as beneficial to the College for 2021. Our vision aims to make all members of the Ave community feel Valued, United and Empowered as we VUE you all as unique members of Ave who can achieve greatness.

One of the main ways we see an opportunity to express this vision is through student and staff participation and involvement within all aspects of the College. Ave Maria is a diverse and accepting environment that promotes ways for each and every member to be engaged and express their passions.  

Besides working towards our vision, we would love to see students and staff members appreciating their education and having fun during this academic year.  

We have been so delighted to see the enthusiasm and community spirit shown through events already engaged in, such as the House Swimming Carnival which was held last Friday, 12 February 2021. It was wonderful to see many students getting involved in chants, showing their speed in different races, participating in novelty events and the creative work of the Year 12 cohort's costumes.  

We look forward to all future events within the 2021 school calendar and will continue to work together with the broader community, celebrating and coming together to support the future women of Ave.  

We are so thrilled to be the Ave Maria College Co-Captains and to step onboard this new journey with you all. We hope you have all had a great start to this year and continue with enthusiasm and positivity.  

Mya Mollica, Lilianna Morgan and Emily McMahon

Around the College

Year 12 Retreat

Year 12 Retreat helped everyone to develop new friendships, learn more about themselves and allow them to discover a sense of belonging in our Year 12 Ave Army. The year ahead is quite unknown and filled with pressure from Year 12 expectations, which can be quite frightening, especially when 2021 was to follow a year like no other.  

Spending 3 spectacular days at Grantville Lodge offered so many opportunities for reflection, mindfulness, and beautiful memories to be created. This retreat offered many life changing activities such as learning to appreciate the beauty of nature through art, reading letters from our younger Year 9 self’s, writing emotional graduation letters to those we love and appreciate the most and working together as a team to complete the one and only survivor challenge through hard work, honesty and determination. 

I will personally never forget the new connections I made with my fellow Year 12 cohort, especially the creator of my companion keyring, the thought and effort you put into creating this brought me to tears. The opportunity I got to laugh, dance and cry alongside friends and of course celebrating with my other 12 Disciples on our survival challenge win. 

The Year 12 Retreat being at the start of the year really helped our whole cohort in being able to unite with one another and start 2021 on the right foot. I cannot wait to see what achievements and goals, both academically and personally are achieved by our gorgeous Class of 2021, but also to remember that “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”.- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Brianna Coyle Year 12 Student

Art Domain News

The Arts Domain would like to again acknowledge the success of our shortlisted and exhibited students in Fireworks 2020, the Moonee Valley annual Art and Design Award for Year 11 and 12 students who live, work or study in Moonee Valley.

We were extremely proud that 12 of 38 exhibited students were from Ave Maria College. This was an online exhibition during December and January 2020/21.

Two honourable mentions in the Mayoral Award for Excellence in Art were recieved by;

  • Alyssa Liberman      Year 12 Studio Art    Unforeseen Battles
  • Mia Sciberras           Year 11 Studio Art     Appropriation of 'Laocoön and his Sons'

We also received another honourable mention in the Fireworks Art Award;

  • Rachel Nguyen        Year 11 Studio Art     Vọng Nguyệt (fish watching the moon)

It is with much pleasure that we are very excited and happy to announce that Claudia Vendramini won overall, The Fireworks Art Award 2020 ($500), for her series ‘Family Women’.

Following the close of the exhibition, Lucy Parente’s painting, 'Australia in Summer' has been selected by the Mayor to hang in the Civic Centre in Moonee Ponds. Congratulations Lucy!

2021 House Swimming Carnival


Has your daughter logged into Studiosity yet?

Studiosity offers 24/7 on demand study help from Subject Specialists- with academic literacy skills and core subject support.  The easiest way to access Studiosity is through any of your daughter’s class learning pages on Ave Learning, or via the 'student resources' section on the left-hand side menu.

2021 School Fees

A friendly reminder that Term One Fees were due Friday, 5 February 2021.  

Thank you to all the families that have made a payment or have provided details of payment plans.   

Where payment has not yet been made, kindly complete either Direct Debit or Credit Card Authorisation Form, previously supplied, and return to the College immediately. 

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund 

If you hold a Health Care Card or another concession card which names your child, we strongly encourage you to complete the CSEF Application Form and return to the College immediately. 

For families who successfully claimed the CSEF Rebate in 2020 and have no changes to any details on the application, there is no need to complete a new form for 2021.  Families with a student in Year 7 will need to complete a new application. 

Please contact the Finance Office on 9331 9307 should you have any queries or concerns. 

Simon Everywhere

Ave Maria College is proud to introduce Simon Everywhere, a smartphone app, designed to streamline the communication process for our families.

Simon Everywhere allows you to conveniently access your daughter’s reports, grades and attendance, update medical information, notify student absences, give consent for excursions and communicate directly with teachers. Essentially it is your Parent Access Module (PAM) account in the convenience of an app.
To utilise this facility simply download the Simon Everywhere app from your devices App Store, select Ave Maria College from the schools dropdown list and enter your previously supplied PAM account credentials.

Click here to access the College Parent Access Module (PAM)
The SkoolBag App is the easiest way to keep up with school events, last minute notices, newsletters and all school communications.

CDFpay is an online payment platform families can use to pay for school services from your mobile, tablet or computer at any time.

Families can:

  • place student online lunch orders.
  • add funds to student accounts to be used for over the counter canteen purchases.
  • add funds to student accounts to be used for Printing Credit.