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October 28, 2021 - Term 4 Week 3

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Principal's Pen

Dear Parents & Community Members,

The School Board met last week with discussions including:

  • Student data 2021:  reviewed and analysed, including literacy, numeracy and student wellbeing.  Following this discussion, teachers will prepare Operational Plans for 2022 to address identified needs with these shared with the Board at the November 22 meeting
  • 1 to 1 Technology:  an update of the current progress including a review of community feedback, a discussion about guidelines for usage and addressing community questions.
  • Contributions & Charges 2022:  approved for the new school year, including a recognition of the new 1 to 1 Technology program in Year 4.
  • Out of School Care: arrangements and a revision of the existing contract for 2022.

I have been privileged in recent weeks to be a part of and/or witness the amazing persistence and resilience of our students.

  • The Year 6 camp to Woodman Point really challenged our students to reach some goals they did not expect hey would be able to achieve.  The fact that the majority of the group pushed themselves beyond their expectations was credit to them all – and given they also demonstrated outstanding levels of maturity and responsibility while away made the attending staff proud.
  • In recent time our pre-primary to Year 5 students have been venturing to Craigie Leisure Centre to undertake swimming lessons.  For some, this is pushing them outside their comfort zone although comments from swimming teachers highlights the ability of this group to remain focussed and strive towards success.

Finally, tomorrow (Friday, October 29) is World Teachers’ Day.  We take this opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of all staff who work at Glengarry Primary School.  Please consider wishing members of staff a “Happy WTD” when you see them.

 Peter Meston


Upcoming Events


Friday 29 - Assembly: Room 1 and 2 (8.50am)


Monday 1 - Interm Swimming Lessons: Pre-primary to Year 4 (second week)

Thursday 4 - Year 5 Leadership Excursion

Friday 5- Zen Yoga: Room 11 and 12 (weeks 4 to 9)

Tuesday 9 - Perth Zoo Excursion: Djeran Block

Friday 12 - P&C Colour Blast

Term Four Planner


Important Information

Glengarry Primary School - 2022

Please inform the school if your child/children (excluding Year 6) will not be attending Glengarry Primary School in 2022 by emailing or calling our school on 9378 5678. This will help with planning for the new school year.

Thank you for your co-operation.

1:1 Technology Program 2022

Please see the attached document for up to date information on our 1:1 Technology Program in 2022. 


Steve Manzoney Community Service Award: call for nominations

this is an annual award presented at the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony in December.

The award has been in place since 2004 and was established to honour the hard work and commitment to the school and Duncraig community by one of our parents, Mr Steve Manzoney who sadly passed away in September 2004.

In 1999 Steve took up a position on the P&C social committee and committed an enormous amount of time and energy organising a variety of functions that raised valuable funds for the school and brought the community together. In 2001 he also was the P&C Treasurer.  He was always willing to lend a hand around the school, helping out on carnival days and other school events. He was someone you could rely on.

Steve was also involved in the Duncraig community, coaching basketball, umpiring T-ball and actively involved in the junior football as a coach and runner.

We are now requesting nominations for this award.  The criteria can be found on the nomination form which can be downloaded within this article.

Please return the form to the office marked “Attention to the Principal” by Friday, 5th November 2021


Around Glengarry

Telethon Family Fun Day

Representatives from our Year 4 and Senior Choirs had the exciting opportunity to perform on the Community Stage at Optus Stadium, as part of the Telethon Family Fun Day. 

The students performed a Disco Medley and had a wonderful experience, walking out onto the famous ground!  We saw celebrities including Fat Cat, Olaf, Belle and Darth Vader. Channel 7 will send their official footage to the school in a few weeks, for us to watch. 

Congratulations and thank you to these Choir singers and their familes for their contribution to one of Perth’s most cherished events, which raises funds for PCH and other children’s health organisations.  Thanks also to Miss Loxton, Mr & Mrs Lillico, Mrs Resnik and Mrs Barrett for helping out on the day.

Mrs Ruscoe

Music Teacher

Animal Ark

On Thursday 21st November, students in Rooms 5 and 6 attended an exciting and educational incursion, run by David and Sunai from Animal Ark.  The children enjoyed interacting with friendly reptiles, amphibians and insects.  They also examined a range of natural artefacts such as seashells, skulls and bones. 

The highlight for many was the opportunity to hold Monty the python around their neck.  Through interaction with these Australian animals, students learnt about their adaptations, ecosystems, conservation and evolution.

Year 6 Camp

Shade Sails

Finally, our new shade sails have been installing in the Kindergarten and Pre-primary.  A wonderful addition to our playground – special thanks to our super P&C, along with Zig Zags for supporting this project.

Kindy Busy Bee - Thank You!

Kindergarten now has a new exploration play area - our Frog Bog!

Thank you to the many Kindergarten families who provided assistance in many ways at our recent Busy Bees.  Our playground has had a wonderful tidy up, wooden furniture oiled and the children have planted new native plants in the weeded garden beds or vegetable gardens.

We are all looking forward to our family Kindergarten Garden Parties in November.

Birds Around Our School

We are caring for birds at our school with the introduction of a couple of nesting boxes attracting pairs of galahs now protecting their eggs.  We hope they hatch and leap safely to the ground.

A little Butcher Bird fledgling and her brother were seen flapping around the school last week.  Everyone kept well back and watched whilst mum and dad hovered above.  They didn’t swoop us because they knew their babies weren’t in danger.

There’s another month of KAMBARANG left so watch for swooping birds!

Health and Hygiene

Is your child feeling unwell?

Please do not send your child to school if they are at all unwell.

Any child who demonstrates or complains of being unwell will be removed from the classroom, isolated and parents/carers contacted.

Our school is well stocked with hand sanitiser.  This has been provided to all work areas (including classrooms) and children are expected to “sanitise out / sanitise in” at all times.  Cleaning of hands following toilet use is also instructed.

Chaplain's Chat

Circle of Control

Students often experience strong emotions and are not sure how to manage them.  One tool that can help with handling feelings is the circle of control. 

The circle of control helps people identify what is inside and outside of their sphere of influence and then act based on what they can control while releasing what they can’t control.

A helpful exercise is to draw a circle and list what is inside and outside of your circle of control.  For example:

Things that are inside my control: 

My decisions, my words, and actions 

How I handle my feelings

How I treat others 

The amount of effort I put in

How I take care of myself

Things that are outside of my control:

What other people do, say, or choose

How other people feel

Things from the past

The weather

Other people’s health

Then the next time you encounter emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, or sadness, ask yourself what is in and out of your control and make a choice to focus on what you can do to improve the situation.

Jennifer Wolff


Reference:  The idea of the Circle of Control was first presented in Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

P&C News

Community News

Ponytail Project

William S has been growing his hair for the last few years so he can donate it to make wigs for children who lose their hair due to cancer or alopecia.

He will be participating in the Cancer Council’s Ponytail Chop to raise money for the Cancer Council, as well as donating his hair. 

Please help William #rockthechop by donating at

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