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Principal's Report

With the challenges of 2021 beginning to become a memory it is time to turn our attention to 2022.

Firstly, I am pleased to announce the Student Leaders of 2022.

Our College Captains will be Colby McDonald and Lotus Martin. These two young women were recognised by staff and students as strong leaders.

Our College Vice Captains will be Andrew Taylor and Maggie Heinrich. Again, the strength of character these two have shown was clearly evident.

The Senior Leaders from Year 12 next year will be:

Bridget Botterill – Leader of Wellbeing

Mia McGrath– Inclusivity Activities Leader

Dylan Avery– Leader of Learning Innovation

We are now calling for our current Year 10s to nominate for a range of Leadership positions in 2022, so please encourage your son or daughter to consider applying for leadership.

Last week the College held our annual AGM for the School Advisory Council and I am pleased to announce that Mrs Jo Martin was elected Council Chair and the Mr Andrew Sostheim was elected as Deputy Chair. I encourage you to reach out to members of our Advisory Committee if you have any concerns or questions regarding the College and of course I always welcome direct feedback as well.

Next Monday sees a range of restrictions lifted and our students will be able to attend excursions and off site sports venues. This is exciting for all. There are still some restrictions on the use of masks inside and the need for over 16y y.o. to show evidence of being double vaxxed to attend key events.

We look forward to the Year 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner at the Horsham Golf Club on Friday 19 November.

Today is World Teachers Day. We are very fortunate at St Brigid’s to have a hard working and committed staff team who approach their work in a professional way every day. This has been very evident in 2021! We missed International Educational Support day this year during lockdown however we will find time to thank our wonderful administration and support staff too.

I hope you have some luck on the Melbourne Cup and enjoy this public holiday on Tuesday.

I will be in Swan Hill from Wednesday to Friday next week, participating in the MacKillop College school review, garnering good knowledge for our review next year.

Stay safe

Gerard Raven

Student Leaders 2022

From left to right:

Lotus Martin, Colby McDonald, Andrew Taylor , Maggie Heinrich, Bridget Botterill, MIa McGrath and Dylan Avery.

Deepest sympathy

We offer our prayerful support to the Barber family on the passing of Margaret Lawson, grandmother of Larissa (Year 10). Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Good luck to our VCE students

This week we wish our Year 12's all the best as they return to school for their first exam. Your resilience, dedication, drive and strength will get you through today and the days that follow. Know that your St Brigid's family are by your side and are so so proud of you all. We believe in you.

Best wishes also to our Year 11 students that are sitting exams for their studies.

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World Teachers Day!

Dear Teachers, you inspire our students to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. We hope you know that through the difficult and the good in this ever moving world you have been an anchor for our students in the most beautiful and kind way. We sincerely thank you for all you do. Happy National Teachers' Day!

Calendar of Events

Tue 2nd Nov - Melbourne Cup holiday

Mon 8th Nov - Fri 12th Nov - Yr 9 Outdoor Ed camp

Fri 19th Nov - Yr 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner

Fri 26th Nov - End of Year Mass

Mon 29th Nov - Thu 2nd Dec - Yr 11 2022 & Yr 12 2022 Headstart

Fri 3rd Dec - Students finish

Student News


Congratulations to our students Jorja, Eva and Jarrah who have been invited to the Netball Victoria Talent Academy Trials! Well done on receiving this amazing opportunity! 

Horsham Youth Council

We're most impressed to have five of our students represent on the Horsham Youth Council. Well done Tom, Scarlett, Liam, Hanna and Thomas. We look forward to seeing you grow, learn and be a young voice for our community.

Year 11 PE

Lung Investigation! We have been so excited to have our students back at school again! Our Year 11 students have been learning about the respiratory system and the structure of the lungs. To help our students grasp the key knowledge and skills, students created their own set of lungs. Students could see how the diaphragm supports inspiration and expiration and the uptake of oxygen. We are looking forward to more learning opportunities like this throughout Term 4!

Year 11and 12 VET Small Business class and VCE Business Management class

As part of both of the class's, students are required to research, organise and run a small business. The classes ran several small businesses,  selling donuts, biscuits and Lolly bags to cater for their target market and make a profit. They are currently working on a mini market stall  and handmaking earrings, scrunchies, pizza boards, cutting boards and drink coasters. The two groups made a profit of $310 and as part of the business planning the profits must go to a charity of their choosing. The students wanted to donate their profits to the Wimmera Cancer Centre. Here is a picture of the Small Business class handing over the cheque to the Manager of the Wimmera Cancer Centre.

Year 9 STEAM

Our Year 9 STEAM students are pretty happy to be back on the tools again! They are pictured preparing garden beds for the new STEAM gardens.

Year 9 Foods

Our Year 9 Food Technology students were inspired and their sweet tooth tickled - leading to some fantastic sweet creations! The class involved creating a cafe-style dessert that could be frozen. Students made 6 individual cheesecakes, of 3 different flavours, inspired by the fabulous variety made by local business, Nic's Cheesecakes. Flavours made included Oreo, strawberry, caramel, lemon and a choc-mint. They not only looked fabulous, but we were told they tasted amazing too!

Year 8 Maths

This week, Miss Grace's Year 8 Maths class worked through their Maths Pathways modules and targeted intervention outside on the oval while enjoying the beautiful Spring sunshine.☀️ It's the little things that can really make a difference in your day.

Queen's Guide Award

Congratulations to our Year 12 student, Delie Rowe on achieving the Queen's Guide Award in Girl Guides.?The Queen’s Guide Award is the peak achievement award in Girl Guides and was last achieved in Horsham in 1977!The syllabus is approved by the Queen and the award will be presented to Delie by the Queen’s Representative.

Delie began working on this award a little more than 2 years ago. To complete it she volunteered her time to work at Vinnies Op Shop in Horsham and attended weekly Guide meetings and ran some nights by herself such as a trivia on the founder of Guides and Scouts. Delie also ran a campfire night, developed a comic strip written in Japanese (after she went to Japan on a school trip to develop her knowledge of the language and culture) and her main focus which was to write a novel. This was the hardest and longest task as she went to a writer’s workshop and met authors before she began writing it. It took approximately a year for Delie to complete. Well done Delie, we are very proud of your commitment and focus on achieving this prestigious award.

Wanted! Uniform items

Do you have St Brigid's school uniform items sitting at home that have been outgrown or are no longer worn?

We are particularly looking for:

* Girls Summer Dresses (in small sizes)

* Sports Polo Tops and Shorts (any sizes)

If you have any of these items in good condition that you would like to donate, please drop them into the office. Or if you have these items for sale, please phone the office and let us know.

Thanks in advance for your help! Our community is just amazing ?

Student Commendations

The St Brigid’s College commendation system is used to affirm students who strive to achieve personal excellence. It recognises a range of endeavours to which our students contribute and encourages positive behaviours that can enable student talents to be celebrated as a community.

Students can receive commendations in recognition for genuine achievement across the following categories:

● Academic

● Community Service and Social Justice

● Leadership

● The Arts & Cultural Experiences

● Sports

Students are awarded points for their achievement across a wide range of activities. Once a student has accumulated 50 points or more they will be awarded a badge to recognise their achievements.

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