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Principal's Report

Dear families,

On Wednesday, I visited the Year 9 Retreat at Halls Gap and experienced the chilly weather and positive relationships being built on these memorable few days. Students are considering their role in sustaining our natural resources and how this connects to the Gospel message of respect.

On Saturday 19 June, we have two Year 12 students, Grace Camilleri and Toby Thomas, celebrating their initiation into the Catholic Church at the 6:30pm Mass. The College is proud of their commitment and courage to share their faith journey with the school community.

Staff and students have transitioned back to school positively following this most recent lockdown. I thank families and students for their compliance with mask requirements. We are meant to be wearing masks all the time at school, as the social distancing requirements are impractical to monitor. The Chief Health Officer has advised that masks remain a strong barrier against any potential spread of illness, and with the diversity of bugs going around at the moment, the protection is helpful.

Many aspects of school life have returned to normal. It is a busy time for staff and students as they prepare to conclude the semester. All year levels have assessment tasks due. The end of the semester can be a time of challenge within learning communities, as young people grow through submitting work and preparing for tests and exams. Feelings of pressure are not uncommon, and we hope young people recognise that learning to manage their time and implement study routines is all part of the learning experience. If you feel your young person is unduly pressured, please speak with your TA or a member of the Student Wellbeing team regarding strategies for support and growth.

Monday 14 June is a public holiday which means that we only have nine school days left this term.

We are again required to limit the number of visitors to the school site. I ask that parents only attend the office when necessary. If you have a query, please call ahead, and our generous reception team will work with you regarding the necessity to come onsite. If you are required to come onsite for an essential reason (including picking up students), please ensure that you sign in.

Interschool sport has resumed and there are a number of competitions still to come this term. Please ask your child if they are involved.

Due to the recent lockdown, we have decided to send end of semester reports out in the first week of Term 3.



Gerard Raven

End of Semester Reports

Student News

Year 9 Eco Retreat

Our Year 9 students are currently enjoying their Eco Retreat participating in Sallow Wattle cutting, Trivia Night and Mass up at Halls Gap.

VET delivered direct to secondary students allows young people to get a jump on their career pathways whilst still in school. As we head towards 'Try A VET' Day, Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN will highlight the related courses and industries on behalf of the Wimmera Southern Mallee VET Cluster. Stay tuned for guest speaker presentations, industry facts & stats, employer information, and course content. Is VET your pathway? Do you have a particular career pathway in mind? See the calendar for specific information on industries represented in the  Wimmera Southern Mallee VET Cluster for secondary students. If you have any questions, please contact our VET Coordinator, Mrs Chris Rook -

Year 9 Foods

Our Year 9 Food Studies students have been busily planning this term, working towards creating these beauties! Not only have the students learnt a range of cake making skills, they have also learnt the importance of thorough planning and the patience involved in completing such a task. We have some very talented students!

Thank you!

A huge thank you from St Brigid's to Jill McGennisken for her generous donation of these stunning wooden storage boxes and cabinet drawers that were handmade specifically for us by her friend, Arthur Parish of Murtoa. Our Textiles Department are excited to house all their sewing tools in these beautifully crafted, purpose built boxes and drawers. Thank you very much Jill!

Year 9 Textiles

Check out these cute pj's made by some of our Year 9 Textiles students, Jarrah, Jessica, Keely and Maddison. Creativity is contagious, pass it on!

Dr Delany Awards

Congratulations to Deacon Briggs (Year 11) for being selected in Team Vic State Swimming team.

Noah Brennan (Year 11) for his kindness and compassion shown towards another student.

Calendar of Events

YEAR 9 ECO RETREAT - Wednesday 9th June - Friday 11th June

PUBLIC HOLIDAY - Monday 14th June



WIMMERA CAREERS EXPO - Tuesday 22nd June 

LAST DAY OF TERM - Friday 25th June 

Midsummer Jersey

Sponsorship Opportunity! Throughout the years, St Brigid’s College has produced a diverse selection of school productions, from famous musicals, such as Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, and Oliver, to some newer stage productions like Grease, The Little Mermaid, and our 2019 hit, The Wizard of Oz. These productions push the boundaries of design, creativity and interpretation, enabling students to experiment with different styles, roles and historical eras. Participating in school musical productions helps our students to build confidence, learn how to work as a team and apply these skills in the classroom. Yet with limited funding for our programs, we must rely on community supporters to make these programs the best they can be for all who wish to participate.This year we have adjusted our sponsorship packages to reflect the challenging times businesses have been facing over the last 12 months. Sponsorship starts from just $100. For full details please email Rhiannon Abernethy ( Thanks for your support!

Photo courtesy of The Weekly Advertiser

Teacher Advisor Schedule

All our students are assigned to a vertical homeroom consisting of students from Years 7 – 12.  Home room groups stay together for their entire school life at St Brigid’s, encouraging leadership, community and familiarity and giving students a real opportunity to know each other and their advisor.  Lifelong friendships are formed where there may not otherwise be the opportunity.

The Teacher Advisor (TA) program is part of the daily life of students. Homerooms meet for 10 minutes each morning, and approximately every six weeks each student meets individually with their Teacher Advisor to discuss and monitor their academic and pastoral progress. A report over viewing the student’s academic achievement and future goals for improvement is formulated from this interview and made available to parents via our online Parent Access Module (PAM).  This regular contact builds trust and strong relationships between students, teachers and families.   It ensures that families and teachers know each student’s strengths and needs and that secure relationships are formed that guide the students along their learning journey.

Our TA Schedule for Term 2 can be found below.

Careers News

Please click on the link to view the Weekly Careers News:

Community News

Introducing the launch of the ‘Breaking Thru’ program. As you may be aware, the sport of breaking has been added to the program for the 2024 Olympics. Schools in Action, in cooperation with the Victorian Division of the Australian Breaking Association, will be presenting a program to introduce the sport into schools commencing in late August 2021 and finishing in mid-September 2021. Dance Classes and workshops will be delivered at each session by artists for students wanting to both participate and learn the sport/artform in a safe and inclusive environment. This will be followed by a ‘head to head’ break battle/competition. The event is open to female and male students aged 13 – 19 years (as of 31 December 2021). The competition age groups are 13 – 15 years and 16 – 19 years. We are very keen to encourage participation by females as breaking has traditionally been a male dominated sport. However, with the introduction of the Olympic events there are more opportunities for females to be involved in the sport.
The Wonder Recycling Rewards is a fun and easy program we’ve joined to collect and recycle plastic bread bags and bread tags at school. Once collected, Wonder is going to turn the plastic into wonderful things like school play equipment! As a registered school, our recycling efforts will earn us rewards points to redeem new sports equipment from RHSports. Please note that plastic bread bags or wraps packs not limited to the Wonder brand. Bread bags should be free from crumbs to ensure no contamination during the recycling process but they do not need to be washed.We have a designated recycling box at the front office if you wish to send your bread bags in to school. Thanks for your support!

Thanks to our Sponsors