Cowan Public School Newsletter

Issue 10 - 24th June, 2021

Principal's News

As Term 2 draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the teachers and to the parent community for their ongoing support. Thank you to the community for raising money at our Bunnings sausage sizzle last weekend and thank you to Berowra Baptist church for tidying up the playground. And of course, I would like to say thank you to our awesome students who aspire to do their best in all that they do.

I would also like to say farewell to Mr Ben Hendrie.  He has gained a full time temporary position in another school. We wish him luck in his future career in Education.

Mrs Jenni Markotsis will be taking the K-2 class on Fridays until the end of the year. Mrs Jenni Markotsis has done many casual days at our school.

As NAIDOC week falls in the school holidays (4-11 July) we acknowledged this with our students today. Our students were involved in a number of activities related to Aboriginal culture and heritage. The 2021 theme for NAIDOC Week is ‘Heal Country’.  Tomorrow the students will be treated to a special Aboriginal performance at 9:30am. Sean Choolburra is recognised as one of Australia's funniest and most enduring Aboriginal comedians. Born in Townsville, QLD, and one of twelve, his comedy is created from a wide variety of life time experiences, stories, and observations.

I’d like to wish our school community a very happy holiday break over the next two weeks. Our students and staff have worked hard this term and all deserve a well earned holiday. Our staff will be returning to work on Monday 12 July, however will not be at Cowan PS for school development day and our students will be returning on Tuesday 13 July.

Semester 1 Reports

Our teaching staff have spent considerable amounts of time over the past few weeks writing Semester 1 reports which will be sent out to you on the last day of this term.

The reports provide a summary of your child’s progress, achievements and efforts for Terms 1 and 2 and will also include individual learning goals for them in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

I trust that you will celebrate your child’s successes with them on receipt of the Semester 1 report and support them in the achievement of their new learning goals.


On the 10th of June 2021 the Cowan debating team, the debatable’s (Kira, Tasman, Toby, & Harvey) versed Mount Kuring-gai debating team, the MKPS debaters.

The topic for the debate was: Should Year fives and over be able to stay home by themselves at night?

Sadly, the Mount Kuring-gai debating team won with some really strong arguments. After the debate Mount Kuring-gai PS were so kind to have given us snacks, drinks and brain food (brain food is lollies).

By Kira & Tasman ?

Athletics Carnival Results

Athletics Carnival Results


Junior 8-10yrs Boys:          1st  Felix                                       Girls:               1st Eve                

                                              2nd Josh                                                              2nd Claire            

                                              3rd  Ajay                                                              3rd Suari             

 11yrs Boys:                          1st Harvey          

 Senior 12/13yrs Boys:        1st Colo                                       Girls:               1st Tasman        

                                               2nd Benji              


Junior 8-10yrs Boys:           1st Felix                                       Girls:               1st Eve

                                              2nd  Ajay                                                              2nd Claire

                                               3rd Josh                                                              3rd Lilly

 11yrs Boys:                         1st Sam

                                               2nd Harvey

Senior 12/13yrs Boys:        1st Colo                                       Girls:               1st Tasman

                                               2nd Benji


8yrs Boys:                            1st Felix                                       Girls:               1st Lilly               

                                              2nd Thomas                                                       2nd Evie

                                                                                                                           3rd Melanie

 9yrs Boys:                            1st Ajay                                        Girls:               1st Claire

                                              2nd  Josh                                                              2nd Suari

                                                                                                                            3rd  Georgia

 10yrs                                                                                     Girls:                  1st Eve

 11yrs Boys:                          1st Sam

                                               2nd Harvey

 12/13yrs Boys:                    1st Colo                                       Girls:               1st Tasman

                                               2nd Benji

 High Jump

 Jnr 8-10yrs Boys:                Ajay & Felix (tied 1st place)



 Jnr 8-10yrs Boys:                1st Josh                                       Girls:               1st Claire

                                               2nd Ajay                                                               2nd Eve

                                               3rd Felix                                                              3rd Suari

 11yrs Boys:                          1st Geofferson

                                               2nd Harvey

                                               3rd Toby

 12/13yrs Boys:                     1st Colo                                       Girls:               1st Tasman

                                               2nd Benji


 Junior 8-10yrs Boys:           1st Ajay                                        Girls:               1st Eve

                                               2nd Felix                                                              2nd Melanie

                                              3rd  Josh                                                              3rd Claire

 11yrs Boys:                          1st Geofferson

                                               2nd Sam

                                               3rd Toby

 Senior 12/13yr Boys:          1st Colo                                       Girls:               1st Tasman

                                               2nd Benji

 Long Jump

 Junior 8-10yrs Boys:           1st Felix                                       Girls:               1st Claire

                                               2nd Ajay                                                               2nd Eve

                                               3rd Josh                                                                3rd Georgia

11yrs Boys:                          1st Toby

                                               2nd Harvey

                                               3rd Sam

Senior 12/13yrs Boys:        1st Colo                                       Girls:               1st Tasman

                                               2nd Benji

 House Points

 1st          Chandler         275 points

2nd         Fraser               251 points

3rd         Alberta             107 points


Share our Space

Share Our Space is happening these winter school holidays at Cowan PS. We look forward to opening our school space for our community to share and enjoy officially. 

Share Our Space aims to be a standard offering of the Department of Education (DoE) to increase quality space for use by members of our community, in line with the Premier's Priority.

Everything great about Share Our Space
  • It’s a unique program, where we open green spaces and play equipment during the school holidays.
  • In this program, we focus on areas where there isn’t as much open community space.
  • It provides a safe place for communities to connect and interact.
  • It opens more spaces for people to maintain their health and wellbeing through exercise and sports.
  • It supports the NSW Premier’s Priority to increase open space for the people of NSW.
  • It highlights how important schools are to communities and how they support local people in a range of ways.

Key things to know about Share Our Space:
  • We’ll open participating schools from Monday 28 June to Friday 9 July 2021, including weekends and public holidays.
  • We open the school gates at 8 am and close them at 5 pm each day.
  • Each school will have only one gate open during Share our Space.
  • School toilets are not open as part of Share our Space – plan ahead!
  • Please remember to maintain appropriate physical distancing and COVID-safe hygiene practices when you share our space. We’ll have signs up to remind you.
  • We provide external cleaning services twice per week during Share our Space, as well as at the end of holidays.
  • Our open schools list may change due to emergencies or natural disasters.

Sydney North Dance Festival

The Cowan Dance Group performed their item on Sydney North Dance Tuesday 22nd of June, 2021.

Our Performance was spectacular.

Unfortunately, the cinema experience has been postponed.  Please see SkoolBag notice about date changes.

Small Schools Soccer Gala Day

The date of occasion was Friday 11th of June 2021. Most of the 2-6 students participated in the soccer gala day. It was an awesome experience. We played five games we won 1 game, tied 1 game and lost 3 games. All the games were extremely enjoyable.

We played at Bloodtree Oval in Mangrove Mountain.

Benji and Harvey

(year6)     (year5)       

Cowan Twilight Fair News

The Cowan Twilight Fair will now be held on Friday 8th October from

 5pm – 8pm this year.

A change of date will mean that daylight saving will have begun and it will ensure a more enjoyable evening for all.

Your talented children have started preparing their artworks, which will be framed, to go on sale for sale at the Art/Photography Exhibition. 

The students will also be working on collaborative art pieces for our Silent Auctions.

The Space Station Café will be the hub of the Fair with delicious food and drinks on sale.

The staff are currently working hard to secure our stall holders and prizes for our raffles. Stall bookings are open now and cost $25 (Student stalls are $10)

We would sincerely appreciate any help with donations of prizes or stallholders. There are prepared letters available to be circulated to businesses from the School Office.

Our popular Gourmet and Pamper Pack baskets for raffles are now accepting donations in the school office.

A massive thank you in advance for any help that you can give our small team of school staff.

If you need any more information please see me. (Mrs Scanes)

School Holidays - July

The Hornsby Shire Library and Information Service have organised an amazing magic show for children during the July school holidays. Prepared to be dazzled by the marvellous Magic Craig as he brings his spectacular show to our libraries.  Magic Craig has carefully developed his magic show to captivate both children and parents, keeping all attendees entertained.

Book Fair

School Holiday - July - Kids Games 2021

Turn Bread Bags and Tags into School Play Equipment - Tomorrow is the last day

Cowan PS has entered a competition to receive more sport equipment for the school. We need YOU to collect ANY bread or WRAP bags or tags and return them to the box in office foyer.

For every 5kg bin filled, schools earn credits redeemable for exciting new sports equipment.

Please start collecting today.

Holiday Clinic

Movie - A plastic Ocean

Cake Day

Thank you to all our families who supplied cakes last fortnight, and for our students who bought cakes.  The money raised from these days goes to our Student Parliament and our School charity, Stewart House.

Due to students getting IOUs against their parents wishes we ask that all students bring money to buy cakes or alternatively leave money at the office for Mrs Hope to hand out on these days.  THERE WILL NO LONGER BE IOUs.

Please pay all outstanding IOUs. 

Next cake day is the 4th August - Cakes to be supplied by Jones, Dillon and Golding

Volunteering at Cowan PS

If you volunteer in our school, for example as a reading parent or if you are helping with the BBQ; you need to fill in an Appendix 5 and provide a 100 point check for our records.  This document is available at the school office and will only take a few minutes to complete.  If you have provided this information in previous years you do not need to do this again.

Asquith Boys High School

P&C Spot

What’s Coming Up

Friday 25th June—Last Day of Term 2.

Tuesday 13th July – Students Return to School

Wednesday July 21 - Opportunity Class 2022 Placement Test

Wednesday, 28th July P&C Meeting @ 7pm in the Library.