Term 3, Week 10

From the Principal......

Dear Families,

 It has been a lovely end to the term with the production of Michael's class play. All the students did an amazing job in learning their lines and presenting a range of information on Ancient Rome. I would like to congratulate them on their enthusiasm and resilience as they adapted their play to account for student absence and they kept the rest of the school thoroughly engaged. I also took the opportunity to look at the building projects of Sen and Hamish today who have beautifully crafted their designs. It was so inspiring to see their committment to their projects and detailed workmanship to create their buildings.  I am really looking forward to seeing the remainder of the Year 3/4 class projects next term. The early years students also took the opportunity to go to the Museum and Botanical Gardens this week. They thoroughly enjoyed this wider learning experience and the rocks and minerals were obviously a highlight with many students talking to me about the 'gold' they had seen. I want to thank both Laren and Bethany and the parent volunteers that supported this valuable learning experience.

 We have several students that we farewell this term and also some returning students for Term 4. We wish Hamish, Alex, Emily, Grace, James, Sen and Iona all the best in their respective new schools and we welcome Elysia, Marius and Mahali in Term 4. Next term is always a busy one and there are many special events that we are looking forward to including our Year 3-7 Indigenous Focus Camp, Swimming, Aquatics, Photos, Reception Transition and Graduation of our double Year 6 and 7 cohort. There is alot to fit into just 9 weeks!  NAPLAN results are also coming home today with some pleasing results, please take the time next term to check in classroom teachers sshould you require more information about your childs progress in line with the standards of educational achievement for year level. Please also inform admin staff as soon as possible if you are not returning in 2022 as we are currently looking at staffing into the coming year.  Enjoy your holiday break with your lovely children and we look forward to welcoming them back for an exciting Term 4.

 Kind Regards, Sybila

News from Claire's class.....

Throughout the past two terms students in the Tree Room have had the opportunity to explore their interests and become ‘experts’ in a field of their choice. Students have been using higher order thinking skills to overcome challenges and stretch their thinking to develop new knowledge.


I've chosen to make a compressed air powered Rc car (remote control car). I did this because charging a single battery takes up to an hour to charge. Compressed air powered Rc car could take about 30 seconds to fill the air tank and you could have around 10 minutes of driving time this is a good amount of run time.


It doesn't use as much electricity as a usual battery Rc car or make any harmful fumes. So, it's good for the environment. My end goal is to have a fast Rc car that runs on compressed air. I had to redesign the engine twice. The 1st redesign was because the engine was too small. The 2nd redesign was because I lost progress on my engine, and it wasn’t working as I wanted. I have learnt how different engine designs work; how hard it is to design gasket spots and how to recover lost work.



When you reach your last year at Basket Range Primary School in Claire’s class, we do a senior project. We have one semester to complete this project, and, in the end, we must be expert level in the subject we chose.

 For my senior project, I have chosen to paint a mural in our school, I plan to paint it on the sports shed near the oval. It will be nature-based and relevant to our school. I haven’t started painting yet but have designed what it will look like.

Next term I will focus entirely on painting the mural and the teaching lesson. The teaching lesson is a planned lesson that the seniors teach about our project now I am currently organizing what I will teach for my lesson.

 I’ve learned lots while doing my senior project, like organizing, timekeeping and more. I have enjoyed designing my mural and hope to complete this at the end of the next tern.


My goal is to make a fully operational Star Wars board game. I have decided to do this project because I like building board games and I like Star Wars. 

I have used Makers Empire to 3D print mini versions of big ships and battle stations. I learnt how to use maker empire better. I have learnt to not try building a tie fighter, because it's too flimsy and cannot 3D print properly. 

I started off building star destroyers. They didn’t have very much detail, so their pieces were hanging out of the hole (the inside of product). To overcome this, I practiced pro-training on makers empire. Then I was able to build an ultimate star destroyer and a super star destroyer that was able to print properly.




 The pear tree room has been developing its understanding of angles in maths this term. Students have deepened their conceptual understanding of internal angle sums of 3,4,5, and 6 sided shapes, finding unknown angles and classifying and comparing angles. Some students used a protractor for the first time to measure and classify angles.



 The Pear Tree room was lucky to have Vanessa join the class on Thursday and Fridays this term. Vanessa studies Korean at the University of Adelaide. Students had the unique opportunity to learn the Korean alphabet and make kimbap. 

Photos from Claire's Class....

Reception, Year 1 and 2 Botanic Gardens and SA Museum Excursion

Thank you...

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers Claire Pym and Tha'is Bussenschutt for assisting Bethany and Laren on the excursion - it was an amazing day!

Parents & Friends News......

At the last Governing Council meeting there was agreement to re-establish a Parents and Friends Committee and a Terms of Reference was approved.  If you would like to nominate to be a member of the Committee, could you please nominate to Claire (Charlotte) on 0438 838 236.

Loose Parts play.....

The Parents and Friends would like to replenish the loose parts play items for the school. 

Children enjoy loose parts play because it allows them to be creative in how they use an item to build their own play.  Loose parts encourage open ended and flexible play as well as providing sensory opportunities and often involves problem solving, collaboration and decision making.  More information on loose parts and the benefits in play can be found here and here 


We are seeking contributions of loose parts such as: 

  • Small pebbles – 5 to 15cm  
  • Feathers 
  • Pinecones 
  • Seed pods - greater than 5cm 
  • Wood rounds – 5 to 30cm 
  • Sticks  
  • Small natural fibre baskets and vessels 
  • Wooden or metal pegs 
  • Sea sponges, corks and luffas 
  • Flower heads and foliage 
  • Kitchen items such as saucepans, fry pans, measuring cups, egg cups, spoons (metal) 
  • Construction items such as plumbing pipes and pipe joints, nuts and bolts 

 When collecting items to donate, please consider these ideas: 

  • Natural over plastic (often, but not always) 
  • Light over heavy 
  • Large enough to not choke on 
  •  Donations can be dropped off at school by placing items in the box in the office.  

    If you have any questions about loose parts donations please contact Claire (Charlotte) 0438838236 or Shelley (Arden) 0478409552. 


    Advent Collective.....

    he fun of opening an advent calendar day by day in the lead up to Christmas can be a family tradition to remember. Here at Basket Range, the Parents & Friends invite you to come together in creating a simple Advent calendar to use in December 2021.


    This will be a collective project, where each participating family will contribute a set number of small handmade, found or foraged gifts that are distributed to the collective. The advent calendars will include simple, inexpensive trinkets for each day representing (or made of) each of these elements: Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human. 


    Examples of gifts could include: 

    ·         Mineral – crystal, shell, stone, pebble, bell, bolt

    ·         Plants – seed, felt flower, crochet leaf, pressed flower, hemp string, star anise 

    ·         Animal – tuft of wool, feather, animal button, felted bee, acorn bunny

    ·         Human – gnome, minute note book, blanket, basket, and small felted baby

    We aim to keep the gifts small, simple and inexpensive so that it is not a burden to supply multiples of the same gifts.


    This year, advent is from Sunday 28th November and ends Friday 24th December, a total of 26 days! 


    If you would like to get involved:

    1.    RSVP to Sam by 24th September. If you have a preferred element / item you want to contribute, please let her know. If you have no idea – DON’T WORRY – she and other parents can share. Choose something that is LOW STRESS and enjoyable! Once all RSVPs are collected Sam will calculate how many of each item is needed, as it depends on the number of families participating.

    2.    Get crafting or collecting! – Deliver your items to Sam by 12th November. You will be able to join in the craft at Parent and Friend’s gatherings in the meantime. Remember, enjoy it and use it as a great chance to meet with other families and friends and get an excitement full of the excitement of spring and the coming of summer. 

    3.    SECRET preparation – Join with other parents at the SECRET ADVENT WRAPPING evening where all items will be wrapped and tied onto sticks ready for all families participating! Date and venue TBC!  

    Parents and Friends Calendar for Term 4

    Student $20 Boss Projects..........

    Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs.....

    Evie Lenon and Lily Tarr in Claire's class have worked extremely hard to start up their small business "Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs" for their $20 Boss project.

    Please find attached the flyer advertising their business and their order form below.


    Alex & Ethan's Kindling....

    Alex and Ethan's Kindling...

    Dear Parents,

    Have you ever tried to light your fire and had no wood, kindling or fire starters? Well, we have got the perfect thing for you. We have worked hard in cutting up a variety of wood for our $20 boss project this winter, and have decided to go out and sell It. if you would like to buy some wood, kindling or fire starters prices are as follows:

     $18 for a hessian bag of kindling

    $10 for a small bag of fire starters

    $25 for a medium bag of wood

    $50 for a big bag of wood 

    We are giving 25% of our money to the CFS charity and 25% of our money to school.

     Have you got your wood for winter? Well, if you haven’t, we are located at 37 Charles ST Caloote (P.H. 0451104084) and 2248 Mount Barker Road Hahndorf (P.H. 0432259748). Or as an alternative you can order wood and pickup it up at school, get yours while it lasts!

    Upcoming Activities


    TERM 4 2021


    11thFirst Day of Term 4
    14thSchool Photos



    Community News.....

    Nature Play Group 2021....

    Please find attached a flyer advertising a Nature Play Group held at Aldgate every Wednesday.

    Adelaide Hills Council School Holiday Program......

    Please find attached the School Holiday program available through the Adelaide Hills Council.

    Uraidla and Summertown Country Fair...........

    This year the Uraidla & Summertown Country Show is back as we know and love it!  Save the date - Sunday 7 November from 9am-9.30pm.   

     We’re a small, passionate team of volunteers and we’re keen to be back doing what we know best… put on a fabulous spring show day bringing our community together.  Working within the guidelines, we’re making sure everyone is safe.  Let’s enjoy our spring show day!

     Last year we tried something new and headed online and were really pleased with the result.  You can take a look on our YouTube channel  

     We appreciate our relationships with the local schools and invite you back to create those wonderful displays that brighten up the show hall.

     Early October, we’ll be sending out the show book to all the local schools to encourage the kids to participate.  In the meantime, competitive sections are available on our website.

     We’re looking forward to a bumper day and appreciate your support. 



    Summertown Tennis Club..........

    " Kick off the summer tennis season @ Summertown Tennis Club!


    Summertown is one of the best tennis clubs in the Adelaide Hills known for our fun, family friendly culture and on court success!


    We invite you and your family & friends to consider the range of junior competitions and activities on offer at Summertown Tennis Club. In the 2021/22 season, Summertown are providing:


    ·  Junior coaching

    ·  Red Ball (4-8 years) junior coaching (no competition)

    ·  Orange ball (8-10 years) Friday night or Saturday morning competition

    ·  Green ball (9-12 years) Friday night or Saturday morning competition

    ·  Yellow ball (12+ years) Saturday morning competition

    ·  Div 1 yellow ball Friday night competition


    Season dates:

    ·  Coaching starts mid October (dates to be decided)

    ·  Weekend competition starts 15/16th oct & ends 10/11th Dec (9 weeks)

    ·  Christmas Holiday Break

    ·  Weekend competition starts 28/29th Jan & ends 4/5th Mar (6 weeks)



    Coaching lessons are on Tuesdays or Wednesdays after school and go for half an hour or 45 minutes (depending on age & level). There are normally 4-6 kids in a coaching group. Summertown tries to keep friendship groups in the same coaching lessons, however coaching lessons are a great opportunity to create community friends!



    Summertown also offers weekend tennis competitions which run on a Friday night or Saturday morning. Juniors get the opportunity to play against other juniors in the hills, bond with their teammates and practice their skills in match play scenarios!


    Membership Options:

    Summertown has two membership options for junior players: 

    ·  Junior (competition & coaching) membership: $190

    ·  Junior (Just coaching) membership: $100 


    Sport voucher:

    As part of the State Budget for 2021-22, the Marshall Liberal Government recently announced the expansion of Sports Vouches to students in Years 8 and 9. This will commence from 1 January 2022. A new link will be sent out for players in year 8 & 9 next year.


    For the remainder of 2021, the current eligibility will continue - primary school aged children from Reception to Year 7 (even if Year 7 is based at a high school). For 2021 this means eligible children will have a year of birth from 2008 to 2016.



    If you choose to use the SA government sports voucher, please send the document to Tom Daw the secretary of Summertown Tennis Club.

    ·  Tom Daw - Secretary




    If you want to play tennis at Summertown Tennis Club in the 2021/22 season… click the link below. Share our registration link to all your friends!



    If you have any questions of troubles registering, contact:


    ·  Hayley Riessen - Junior Coordinator & Head Coach


    ·  0490 321 800


    For more updates and social events, follow ‘Summertown Tennis Club’ on Facebook and Instagram! We hope to see you out on the tennis court this summer season!


    Cheers Hayley Riessen 

    Grasshopper Soccer....