Issue 12: Wednesday, 21st July 2021


Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members


Welcome to Term 3.  I hope that all of our families have had a wonderful break and are now ready for a challenging and engaging Term 3 at BPS.  I would also like to warmly welcome those families that are new to our school this term. 


As we return to normal school conditions, our planned major activities in our Term 3 calendar include:

·         NAIDOC Week.

·         Interschool Cross-Country carnival.

·         Book Fair.

·         P&C Fathers’ Day stall.

·         House Athletics Carnival.



Schools in the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions have returned to pre-lockdown life.  As such, we are now following the current Phase 5 Operating Guidelines.  


Parents are allowed on school sites and in classrooms.  We would like to remind everyone that these guidelines include:

  • physical distancing measures between adults should still apply, where possible.
  • good hygiene practices should be promoted and maintained.
  • visitors, parents and students should be encouraged not to attend school if they are unwell.


Again, we thank all of our school community for their cooperation with these requests.



This Friday is P&C Day WA.  This is an opportunity for us to acknowledge and thank the wonderful members of our P&C for their terrific work in supporting our school. 


The Parents & Citizens' Association (P&C) is open to all parents, carers, school staff and community members.  The P&C promotes the interests of the school by:

·         bringing about closer cooperation between the parents or carers of the students attending the school, the staff, students and community.

·         assisting in providing facilities and amenities.

·         fostering community interest in education and school issues.


Our genuine thanks go to Lily, the P&C Executive and all members of the P&C for their committed efforts in supporting all children in our school.



Please note that our next school development day is on Monday, 23 August (Week 6) where children do not attend school.


Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the new term.


Craig Ashby



Welcome back!


Term 3 is packed with lots of events and happenings, so we suggest you keep an eye on Seesaw, Facebook, Skoolbag or the newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything important.


Cancer fight goes by the book as locals write a book in one day


On Tuesday, August 3rd, Year 5 & 6 students from Bertram Primary School will write a book in one day for children’s cancer research.


It’s all part of Write a Book in a Day, an annual competition promoting literacy, collaboration and creativity, administered by independent national charity, The Kids’ Cancer Project.


This year the school has entered 9 teams in the competition. Pupils will be given a brief and within 12 hours they will write, illustrate, and submit a storybook targeted to a youth audience. Completed books are uploaded to an online library to give access to children undergoing treatment in hospitals across the country.


In 2020, more than 7600 writers and illustrators in 1000 separate teams participated in Write a Book in a Day, raising over $530,000 for vital scientific research through The Kids’ Cancer Project.


With more children dying of cancer in Australia than any other disease, Col Reynolds, Founder of The Kids’ Cancer Project is eager for the community to get behind what he views as a major health concern.


“On average every year in Australia 156 children die of cancer. That’s about five classrooms of children, or almost three whole bus loads,” he said. “If there was a stretch of road that consistently had that many fatalities the whole country would be up in arms, we need to have that same level of concern directed to kids’ cancer.”


“It warms my heart to see kids helping kids. That’s why I’m so proud of the way students, through Write a Book in a Day, are helping to change these statistics and I know their sponsors will give generously to encourage their creative and philanthropic endeavours,” said Mr Reynolds.


You can support the school’s fundraising initiative by donating to one (or more) of our teams:


Team Terrific (Noah E, Leroy, Ava, Noah T & Ahri)


The Neboz are Back (Tegan, Iela, Jaskiran, Mariel, Daisy, Libby, Tanisha, Joy & Chloe)


Size Matters Not (Arianna, Izzy, Jeremy, Shasta, Emma, Jaylyn, Alyssa)


Bertram Dragons (Ethan, Darcy, Prabhnishaan, Manas, Grace, Lucas)


Mrs Monkeys (Sienna, Imogen, Olivia, Ruby, Esther, Lizbeth)


The Workaholics (Aaron, Isabel, Logan, Kaiyo, Lexis, Lilly, Andre)


The Spitlings (Jayde, Alexa, Thomas, Diara, Anna, Aryan)


The Chill People (Jaron, Max, Jonas, Pearl, Zsarvuante, Thomas)


The Three Boys and One Girl (Naman, Cameron, Leith)


Give Write


It is important that your child is equipped and prepared to learn every day, but sometimes it is difficult to keep up with their need for school supplies. Thanks to the generosity of Give Write and our school community we have a stock of stationery and pre-loved school uniforms available to families. If you would like support with these items, please talk to the ladies in the front office, your childs LA teacher or one of the deputies.


If you or your business have unwanted stationery items, please consider donating them to the school. We have a Give Write bin in the front office for donations or they can be given directly to the front office staff.


Kindy Enrolments


We still have spaces in our 2021 kindy classes for children born between 1st July 2016 and 30th June 2017. If your child, or someone you know is eligible to attend kindy this year, please consider enrolling them for Semester 2.


Kindy enrolments are now being taken for 2022. If your child was born between 1st July 2017 and 30th June 2018 they are eligible to begin kindy in 2022.


While Kindergarten is not compulsory in Western Australia, attendance is highly recommended as your child builds on important social and emotional skills that help them throughout their school life. They also develop early maths, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

  information sessions for parents and transition to kindy for children will be scheduled later in the term.


With best wishes     

Jane Weir, Cathy Stott, Aimee Coffey

Deputy Principals


If your child was four years old by 30th June 2021 we currently have space available in our kindy classes.

If your child is four years old by 30 June 2022 you can apply to enrol them in Kindergarten for 2022.

Enrolment Packs can be collected from the school office Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, or you can complete Enrolment Forms online by going to our school webpage.

At the time of enrolment your child will need to have an 'up to date' AIR Immunisation history statement.

Every day of a child's education matters.


Payment Plans

May be arranged prior to the payment due date by contacting the Manager Corporate Services, Liz O'Born at the front office on 6174 1000.  

Financial Support 

If providing your child/ren the opportunity to participate in  Excursions or School Based Activities is likely to cause financial hardship, we may be able to provide financial support.  Please complete the slip on bottom of the consent form and return it to the front office.


Term 3 

Monday, 19th July - Friday, 24th September 

Monday, 23rd August - School Development Day 

Term 4 

Monday, 11th October - School Development Day

Tuesday, 12th October - Thursday, 16th December 

Friday, 17th December - School Development Day 


MondayPrimary Music Institute (PMI) Keyboard/Guitar 
TuesdayRunners' Club 
Tuesday Edu Dance 
WednesdayToasted sandwiches/pancakes
WednesdayAssembly (see Assembly timetable)
WednesdaySchool Banking 
Thursday Runners' Club 
ThursdayEdu Dance 

Monday, 2nd - Friday 6th August NAIDOC Week 
Tuesday, 24th August - Friday, 27th August Book Week 
Thursday, 2nd  - Friday, 10th September Book Fair 
Monday, 6th - Friday, 10th September National e-Smart Week 


Wednesday, 28th July 

Junior Assembly - Djidi-djidi 3 

Tuesday, 3rd AugustK - 2 NAIDOC Assembly 
Wednesday, 4th August 3 - 6 NAIDOC Assembly  
Wednesday, 11th August Middle Assembly - Boornar 1 & 2 
Wednesday, 18th August Senior Assembly - Yonga 1 & 2 
Wednesday, 25th August Book Week Parade 
Wednesday, 1st September Middle Assembly - Kwenda 2 
Wednesday, 8th September Junior Assembly - Koolbardi 3 
Wednesday, 15th September Senior Assembly - Djidi-djidi 2 
Wednesday, 22nd September Indonesian Assembly - Middle Assembly Group 


Friday, 23rd July Crazy Hair Day - Year 6 Graduation Fundraiser 
Friday, 23rd July 100 Days of School 
Monday, 2nd August P&C Meeting 
Tuesday, 3rd August Write a Book in a Day 
Monday, 9th August Senior Choir Performing at Crown Theatre 
Friday, 13th August P&C Derby Day Fundraiser 
Friday, 13th August KSSA Interschool Cross Country 
Tuesday, 17th AugustYear 6 Camp - Woodman Point 
Wednesday, 18th August Year 6 Camp - Woodman Point 
Thursday, 19th August Year 6 Camp - Woodman Point 
Friday, 20th August Year 6 Camp - Woodman Point 
Monday, 23rd August School Development Day - Students Do Not Attend 
Tuesday, 24th August  Book Week 
Wednesday, 25th August Book Week Parade 
Wednesday, 25th August Book Week 
Thursday, 26th August Book Week 
Friday, 27th August Book Week 
Tuesday, 31st AugustP&C Father's Day Stall 
Wednesday, 1st September P&C Father's Day Stall 
Wednesday, 2nd September to 10th September  Book Fair 
Friday, 3rd SeptemberP&C Father's Day Stall 
Thursday, 9th SeptemberRU OK? Day - Whole School Event 
Thursday, 9th September RU OK? Day - Parent Information Session (Understanding and Managing Children's Anxiety)
Thursday, 9th September Open Night 
Tuesday, 14th SeptemberHouse Jumps and Throws 
Wednesday, 15th SeptemberShed Night 
Friday, 17th September House Carnival 
Monday, 20th September Year 2 Excursion to WA Shipwrecks Museum (Boornar 1, 2 and 4)
Thursday, 23rd SeptemberYear 2 Excursion to WA Shipwrecks Museum (Djidi-djidi 5 and Boornar 3)
Friday, 24th SeptemberLast Day of Term 3 



All children from Pre-Primary to Year 11 are eligible to dental treatment at the Wellard Dental Therapy Centre located at Wellard Primary School.

Wellard Dental Therapy Centre | Dental Health Services North

25 Breccia Parade, WELLARD 6170

T: (08) 9553 0610


W: |

Our Vision: Excellence in health care for our community.





What is healthy food for kids?

 Healthy food for school-age children includes a wide variety of fresh foods from the five food groups:

·         vegetables

·         fruit

·         grain foods

·         reduced-fat dairy

·         protein.

Each food group has different nutrients, which your child’s body needs to grow and work properly. That’s why we need to eat a range of foods from across all five food groups.

 Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegies give your child energy, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and water. These nutrients help to protect your child from diseases later in life, including diseases like heart disease, stroke and some cancers.  Encourage your child to choose fruit and vegetables at every meal and for snacks. This includes fruit and vegies of different colours, textures and tastes, both fresh and cooked. 

Wash fruit to remove dirt or chemicals, and leave any edible skin on, because the skin contains nutrients too.  Many children seem to be ‘fussy’ about eating fruit and vegies. You can help by being a healthy eating role model. If your child sees you eating a wide range of vegetables and fruit, your child is more likely to try them too.

Grain foods

Grain foods include bread, pasta, noodles, breakfast cereals, couscous, rice, corn, quinoa, polenta, oats and barley. These foods give children the energy they need to grow, develop and learn.  Grain foods with a low glycaemic index, like wholegrain pasta and breads, will give your child longer-lasting energy and keep them feeling fuller for longer.

 Reduced-fat dairy foods

Key dairy foods are milk, cheese and yoghurt. These foods are good sources of protein and calcium. Try to offer your child different kinds of dairy each day – for example, drinks of milk, cheese slices or bowls of yoghurt.  Children aged over two years can have reduced-fat dairy products.  If you’re thinking of giving your child dairy alternatives, it’s best to talk to your paediatrician, GP or child and family health nurse.



Protein-rich foods include lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, beans, lentils, chickpeas, tofu and nuts. These foods are important for your child’s growth and muscle development.  These foods also contain other useful vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. Iron and omega-3 fatty acids from red meat and oily fish are particularly important for your child’s brain development and learning.