Christ the King North Rocks Newsletter

Term 1 Week 2: Friday 4th February, 2022.

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, 

Welcome back to School for the start of the new year for 2022. I trust you and your families enjoyed the break over Summer and are refreshed and ready to take on the new year and what it has to offer.  Thank you to our CTK teachers who have been back at school over the last fortnight preparing for classes and to welcome our cohort. We welcome our new staff members Miss Shelja Chand [Yr 5] and Mrs Dana Drivas  [Yr 1] We also welcome our new students and their families, especially our new Kindergarten children who commenced primary school for the very first time. We trust these children will enjoy the next seven years of learning and development in our school community. We ask our Lord’s blessing upon our school community for the upcoming year.


Unfortunately our return to school has been impacted by continued COVID -19 restrictions and NSW Health order protocols. Though the pandemic continues to impact on our daily lives and how school operates it is imperative to appreciate that the protocols in place are in the best interest of the community’s health and wellbeing of our students staff and families. The staff and I supported by CEDP are endeavoring to maintain our usual high standard of education and care for our students during these challenging times. The protocols and restrictions in place are designed to ensure I can maintain staffing to continue onsite learning. Your support and patience with all the current pandemic interventions that have been implemented  have been much appreciated by all members of the community. Please continue to read all emails and skoolbag correspondence distributed, maintain the Rapid Antigen Testing requirements and be diligent with identifying COVID-19 symptoms with your children. Please continue to wear masks when dropping off and picking up students and observe that parents are not allowed on site.


It’s that time of the year when planning is underway for various events and celebrations in our school community. On Mother's and Father’s day in previous years we have provided the opportunity for the students to purchase a small affordable gift for the parents on both the days. I would greatly appreciate some feedback on both mother’s and father’s day stalls being made available to evaluate if the need for such a service is still required. Please email me your feed back ASAP.

[]. Thank you.


In the scripture readings this Sunday we are encouraged to look at the special gifts God has given us, and to ask ourselves how are we using them. God reminds us not to be surprised when suffering comes into our lives, and assuring us that, however unjust and painful the suffering may be, He will never fail us or abandon us, and if we call to him in prayer, the suffering can strengthen our faith and purify the very gifts he has given us. Suffering in our lives according to Fr Michael Fallon “makes us realise our need for grace and our dependence on God. We cry out to him and, at a time that is best for us, he answers our prayer. The trial has strengthened our soul and purified our heart. “

Have a great week

Tony Hughes


Something to ponder

Need to channel some inner peace, try weekend Mass with your family

Upcoming Events

Term 1 Week 3

Monday 7th February

  • Sports Program: All students in sports uniform
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 8th February

  • PE: Year 5, Year 1 & Year 4 (Gr1)
  • Uniform Shop 8.00am - 12.30pm by appointment only

Wednesday 9th February

  • PE: Year 3 & Kindergarten
  • Chess begins online

Thursday 10th February

  • PE: Year 6, Year 2 & Year 4 (Gr2)

Friday 11th February

  • Band commences
  • Ice Block Day

Term 1 Week 4

Monday 14th February  

  • Sports Program: All students in sports uniform
  • Cool Kids Music 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 15th February

  • PE: Year 5, Year 1 & Year 4 (Gr1)
  • Uniform Shop 8.00am - 12.30pm by appointment only
  • Parent Information Night via zoom Year 2 @ 6.00pm
  • Parent Information Night via zoom Year 1 @ 7.00pm

Wednesday 16th February

  • PE: Kindergarten and Year 3
  • Chess online
  • Parent Information Night via zoom Year 5 @ 6.00pm
  • Parent Information Night via zoom Year 6 @ 7.00pm

Thursday 17th February

  • PE: Year 6, Year 2 & Year 4 (Gr2)
  • Parent Information Night via zoom Year 4 @ 6.00pm
  • Parent Information Night via zoom Year 3 @ 7.00pm

Friday 18th February

  • Band 7.45am (existing students from 2021 only) Band groups throughout the day.
  • Ice Block Day
  • Opening School Liturgy Zoom 9.15am

Dates for your diary

Friday 18th February

  • 2022 Welcoming BBQ for new families - TBC

Thursday 24th February

  • NSW Health Kindy Eye Screening

Friday 25th February

  • NSW Health Kindy Eye Screening

Monday 28th February

  • Zone Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 1st March

  • Hills Zone Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 2nd March

  • Ash Wednesday

Friday 4th March

  • CTK Cross Country

Thursday 10th March

  • CTK Open Day TBC

Friday 11th March

  • Diocesan Swimming Carnival

Friday 25th March

  • Back Up Cross Country Day

Friday 8th April

  • Last Day Term 1

Monday 25th April

  • Anzac Day Public Holiday

  • Term 2:    Tuesday 26th April to Friday 1st July

    Term 3:    Monday 18th July to Friday 23rd September

    Term 4:    Monday 10th October to Friday 16th December

Other School News

Welcome back for 2022! We hope you had a lovely break over the holidays.

As Covid restrictions continue to pose challenges for us in schools and in the community, we at Christ the King will endeavour to ensure that special events can continue in a Covid safe way. We will keep you informed of the details of any upcoming events and changes as soon as we can.

Please see below an invitation for our first liturgical celebration of 2002, our Opening School Liturgy.

Opening School Liturgy

Library News

Welcome back to a new year of reading!

All students will be enrolled in the Premier's Reading Challenge 2022 with details to be shared soon. Keep a record of any books read from now as these can be included in this year's challenge. 

Student borrowing from the library will recommence for all students by the end of Week 3. Please make sure your child has a library bag which helps protect school resources. 

If you have found any library books or home readers over the break, please send them back to the library. 

Sarah Cook

Teacher Librarian LTST

Online Chess!!

Sydney Academy of Chess will be returning to school chess lessons very soon.

For Term 1, we will be offering online chess lessons on Wednesdays after school instead, at two different levels:

3:45pm-4:45pm Beginner/Rookie online group.                 Payment code JZNOIVKDLH

5:00pm-6:00pm Intermediate/Advanced online group     Payment code 6S2K108MXG

Online lessons will involve both a learning component, and a playing component using our online platform  A unique username/password to login will be sent to you upon enrolment.

For more details and other options, please visit the online chess coaching page on our website:

To enrol for an online chess class, go to and enter an appropriate payment code, such as one of the two listed above.

For more information contact Sydney Academy of Chess on (02) 9745 1170 or email

Do you need a new Drive-through Family Name Visor

FAMILY VISOR LABELS—for the afternoon drive-through              

If any families require a new visor label please contact the school office via email.

Please attach the laminated label to the left-hand visor when using afternoon drive-through.  This will then allow the teacher to clearly see and call out your child’s / children’s names.

Finance Update


Welcome back to school for 2022.

School Fee Statements will be posted out to families in the next fortnight. You will be advised via the Skoolbag App when these statements are in the post.If after this notification you do not receive your Statement please contact me on 8846 2700. 

A copy of the School Fees Schedule is attached to this Newsletter for your reference.  School Fee Statements include Diocesan Fees & School Based Fees as applicable.

Thank you.  

Susan Ritchie 

Senior Finance Manager

Parish News

Mass / Christ the King Parish

COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted and Masses have recommenced at Christ the King Parish.

Daily Masses have commenced each Wednesday at 9am, Thursday at 9am, Friday at 9.15am and Saturday at 9am.Please note there will be no Tuesday evening Masses until further notice. Weekend Masses have commenced with the Vigil Mass on Saturday at 5.30pm and continue on Sunday at 8am and 10am.

Please note the following:

Registration for Mass attendance will occur via the QR code utilising the Service New South Wales application on your smartphone. Pre-registration is no longer necessary.

The Christ the King parish QR Code is located on the windows of the church for parishioners to scan and register themselves and any dependents. If you do not have a smartphone, wardens will invite you to register by recording your name and phone number/email address manually on the sheets located in the church foyer. Please remember to check out after you leave Mass.

All attendees over the age of 12, must be wearing face masks before entering the church.

Many thanks for your cooperation in remaining compliant with our parish COVID safety plan.

Community News

COVID smart for the start of school

School Notes

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Volunteer Form’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Child Protection Training Module’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Click on title, go to Administration, print and complete the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ form to apply for student leave other than illness