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ISSUE 21: Term 4, Week 9 - Monday, 29 November 2021

From the Principal's desk

Welcome to Week 9! Last week certainly saw Holbrook and its surrounds get their fair share of rain, with local dams, creeks and rivers overflowing and full of abundance. Our school was no exception, with students not having access to the playground for most of the week. It was so wet; we even had yabbies wandering around the school! Well done to all of our students for remaining calm and considerate and showing great tolerance, patience and flexibility throughout the wet weather, even with restricted movement and limited play options.

I have had quite a few of our Kindergarten superstars visit my office with their incredible writing recently. Well done to Miss Hemphill, Mrs de Steiger, Luke, April and Ollie. It is great to see you all thriving!

Please see below a calendar outlining key events and times over the last three weeks of term and at the beginning of 2022. At this stage, we haven’t been provided with Term 1 Guidelines which will guide how we operate next year.

End of Year Calendar for parents







Week 9

29 Nov

Intensive Swimming

30 Nov

Intensive Swimming

1 Dec

Intensive Swimming

2 Dec

Intensive Swimming

3 Dec

Intensive Swimming

Year 6 Transition at Billabong High School

Week 10

6 Dec

Intensive Swimming 

7 Dec

Intensive Swimming

Sports Assembly

8 Dec

Intensive Swimming

Color Fun Run

9 Dec

Intensive Swimming

10 Dec

Intensive Swimming

Week 11

13 Dec

Year 6 Performance

Reports sent home

 14 Dec

Presentation Day (10 am)

 15 Dec

Leaders' Lunch (1 pm)

Year 6 Farewell Dinner (6-8 pm)

 16 Dec

Year 6 Clap Out

Years 3-6 Pool Party

 17 Dec

Staff Development Day







Week 1

 24 Jan

25 Jan 

26 Jan 

27 Jan 

28 Jan

Staff Development Day 

Week 2

 31 Jan

Staff Development Day

 1 Feb

Kindergarten Best Start 

Years 1-6 Commence

 2 Feb

Kindergarten Best Start

 3 Feb

Kindergarten Best Start

 4 Feb

Kindergarten Students Commence

K-6 Presentation Day - I am very much looking forward to this year’s Presentation Day, where our students' outstanding efforts, progress, and achievements will be recognised. As part of the presentation, we will find out who the 2022 Captain, Vice-Captain, Prefects and House Leaders (Captains and Vice-Captains) will be. Announcements will also be made regarding the Commander Holbrook Scholarship and Holbrook Public School public speaking award winners. Please be aware that there are still restrictions on parents attending the school. Whilst the school can invite select guests to perform specific roles for Presentation Day, this is at the school’s discretion, and we have chosen not to take up this option. Last year we weren’t allowed to have any parents or guests on-site, and with over 90 families,  we feel it wouldn’t be appropriate or fair for some to be permitted to attend when the majority would need to miss out. Please know that our ideal scenario would be to have all of you present to celebrate the success of our students as a community. I hope this is the case in 2022.

Key points:

  • Date: Tuesday, 14 December
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.
  • Venue: Holbrook Public School (under the COLA)
  • Who: Students and staff only

A Zoom link will be provided for parents/carers. This year, the event must be held outside, so the sound and lighting may be affected.

Year 6 Farewell Dinner - It is excellent that parents/carers will be able to attend the Year 6 Farewell Dinner this year! Many thanks to Sarah King for accommodating our request to host the event at The Ten Mile and Miss Lavis for all her organisation. We understand that at 95% double vaccinated (NSW) or on the 15 December, whichever comes first, restrictions will ease allowing vaccinated and unvaccinated adults to attend hospitality venues. We will follow The Ten Mile's COVID-19 Safety Plan and DoE guidelines. The venue will be reserved for the Holbrook Public School community only, and in line with Department policy, it will be an alcohol-free event.

Key information:

  • Date: Wednesday, 15 December
  • Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • Venue: The Ten Mile
  • Who: Year 6 students and their parents, and staff

Colour Fun Run Update - A tentative new date for the Colour Fun Run has been booked for Wednesday, 8 December; however, this is dependent on some changes to Intensive Swimming that haven’t been confirmed yet. A sincere thank you to our whole school community for their generous support is in order, as we have now raised nearly $8000. Some of this money has been used to purchase additional resources to make the day extra special, with some funds also going towards our World Vision child.  The remainder, and high majority of the funds, will go towards the cost of our new fixed playground equipment.

Year 6 Leader’s Lunch - Each year, I take the school leaders (Captain, Vice-Captain and Prefects) out for lunch to thank them for their contribution to the school. Last year, we included the House Leaders due to their significant contribution in providing, cleaning and organising sports equipment each day for our students, which has again been the case in 2021 due to COVID-19. This year, all Year 6 students will be involved in the Leader’s Lunch to recognise the broad range of leadership roles they undertake around the school, including organising and running assemblies, organising the table tennis and pool tables each day, looking after the fish and their environment, coordinating sports equipment use, opening toilets and bubblers, flags, Acknowledgement of Country, Bus Leaders, roll monitors, sustainability monitors and being outstanding buddies to our Kindergarten students. Year 6 really do have a pivotal leadership role in the school, and they do it very well. This particular Year 6 cohort are also achieving at very high levels, well beyond state and statistically similar school groups in NAPLAN and DoE Check-Ins for reading and numeracy. Well done, Year 6; I know you are all destined for spectacular things in the future! 

Key details:

  • Date: Wednesday, 15 December
  • Time: 1:00 p.m.
  • Venue: School
  • Who: The school leaders and I will make pizzas for all Year 6 students. A note will be sent home asap.
  • Request: Our little canteen oven will be working hard, so if anyone has a gas pizza oven, they’d be happy to lend us for the day, that would be greatly appreciated!
  • Cost: Free

Student Progress Reports - As in Semester 1 2020, flexibility has again been offered to schools for the Semester 2, 2021 reporting period. Due to COVID-19 and the interruption of lockdown and learning from home, our school will provide a two-page modified Semester 2 report to parents/carers. This will include an overall achievement and effort grade for English and mathematics, a general comment, and information on attendance and commitment to learning. We will be using the Sentral learning management system for the first time to produce these reports. Our Semester 2 student progress reports will go home to parents on Monday, 13 December. Should you like to discuss any aspect of your child’s report, please get in touch with the school to arrange an interview with your child’s class teacher on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (Week 11).

Meet Your Buddy - Last Wednesday was our final transition session for the 15 new Kindergarten students starting at Holbrook Public School in 2022. Our newest enrolments met their Year 5 ‘buddies’ who will help guide and support them through their first year at school.

Nathan Fisher


Rainy Day Mini-Golf with Mr Fisher

Spotted Recently

Georgie Geddes was recently spotted taking an exciting mode of transport to school for the morning drop off in the school carpark. Given the current wet weather, this might be just what is needed! Thanks to Tony and Geordie for posing!

Wednesday, 24 November, saw this year's pre-school and Year 5 groups participate in their predecessors' favourite transition to school session, Meet Your Buddy. Not even the rain could wipe the smiles from the faces of the buddies, big or little! 

The Year 5 students presented their new buddy with a ‘Welcome to Holbrook Public School’ bag, which included a hat (you can never have too many spares!), a countdown to Kinder, some name, alphabet, and number tracing mats, and some coloured pencils. 

The buddies then moved to the library to share a few of their favourite stories. 

Well done to the Year 5 and pre-school group for their patience and flexibility in navigating Transition to School during lockdowns and a pandemic. 

We look forward to welcoming our new Kindergarten students for their Best Start Assessment on Tuesday, 1 February; Wednesday, 2 February or Thursday, 3 February 2022; and for their first day of school on Friday, 4 February 2022. 

2022 Leader Voting

Last week, students in Year 5, whose peers had nominated them to run for a 2022 school leadership position, presented a speech to the school over Zoom about what makes them a good leader and why they should be elected as a school leader. The whole school voted (students and staff), and the results will be announced at Presentation Day. All Year 5 students also ran for 2022 house leader positions this week. They were introduced over Zoom, and then all students voted for the leaders in their house. This will also be announced at Presentation Day.

Staff have led discussions with the students regarding leadership qualities and attributes, so they understand what to look for when voting for a leader.  

Congratulations to all Year 5 students on your efforts so far. We wish you all good luck. It is not long to wait now! 

Visitors from the Pond

Our fish pond was flooded with the recent heavy rain, which delivered some unexpected visitors to other parts of our school. We had approximately 20 yabbies take a tour of the school and, in particular, the new garden. Yabbies are adventurous creatures and often follow overflowing water, hoping it takes them to another pocket of water suitable for habitation. They avoided the Currawongs (who enjoy these tasty crustaceans) and were returned to their original home by Mrs Keatings and Miss Reid, our cleaners. While Mrs Slater was taking the yabbies' portraits, she remarked on the cacophony made by our resident frogs. It's great to see that our school has a healthy ecosystem.

Intensive Swimming K-2

This week and next week, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students will participate in the School Swimming and Water Safety Program, run by the NSW Department of Education. The program is run over ten days from Monday, 29 November to Friday, 10 December. Please remember to pack the following items EACH DAY:

  • Small, lightweight bag with swimmers
  • Rashie shirt
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • School hat
  • Water bottle

Miss Hemphill

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition - Billabong High School

This Friday, 3 December, those Year 6 students attending Billabong High School in 2022 will participate in a Year 6 orientation day from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. They will spend the day following a timetable, meeting staff and becoming familiar with the school. Please note that masks are required to be worn by all Year 6 students while they are at Billabong High School as they are considered Year 7 students for the day.

Students will need to wear their sports uniform and hat. They need to take recess and lunch, pens and pencils and a water bottle. 


Year 6 Dinner

School Sports Assembly

The school sports assembly will be held at school on Tuesday, 7 December. Students will be recognised for their sporting achievements and contributions in 2021. Unfortunately, parents are still not able to attend. 

Library Books


A reminder that all library books are due back to the library on Friday, 3 December. There will be no borrowing for the rest of the term.

Giving Tree

Christmas is a time to be caring and sharing and reaching out to people. 

At Holbrook Public School, we believe a kind gesture can go a long way, so we have decided to have a Giving Christmas Tree in our school library this year. 

Our pupils are encouraged to purchase a small gift to leave under the tree for an unknown student of their age. The gift can be wrapped, and a gift tag stating the gender and age of the intended recipient attached. 

The presents will go to children of homeless and underprivileged families in Albury and the Albury/Wodonga Women’s Shelter. 

Gift tags are available from under the tree in the library.

Lost Property

Please have a look through the lost property box just outside the office door. Any unclaimed items will be donated to either the Op Shop or our second-hand uniform shop on Friday, 17 December.

2021 Presentation Day

At Presentation Day, we award students who have achieved excellence, consistent improvement, citizenship, creativity, sporting and many other achievements. Each year, the local community sponsors the awards. If you would like to make a donation towards the book prizes this year, it would be greatly appreciated, and your name will be listed in our newsletter. Donations of cash or cheques, made out to Holbrook Public School, can be handed into our office.

From the uniform shop

The second-hand clothing shop would be most grateful for any donations of good-quality pre-loved uniforms in all sizes. Recycled uniforms are always in high demand and looking for a good home.

If you’re a family with a Year 6 student and do not have younger children or a family with students leaving our school at the end of the year to move to another school, please consider donating to our second-hand shop.

Need uniforms?

Please ring or email your uniform order through to the office. Payments can be made online by clicking the 'Make a Payment' option on our website or by credit card over the phone. We will then place your order in the front office for collection on Monday's, Wednesdays, and Fridays or give it to your child to take home with them.

Pre-loved uniforms for sale from $5 each

Uniform ItemSizes Available
Summer Uniforms
Short sleeve polo shirt4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Shorts6, 10, 14
Summer dress4, 6
Winter Uniforms
Long sleeve polo shirt4, 6, 8, 12
Fleece jacket4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Long pants4, 6
Tartan pants6, 8, 10
Tartan skirt6, 8, 10
Windcheater6. 8
Sports Uniforms
Sports shirt4, 6, 8, 10
Sports shorts6
Track pants

Term 4, Week 8 class awards

Sustainable Sam

This award is given to the class who keeps their room tidy, consistently uses their recycling bin and turns off lights when the room is not in use.

Year 2

Yellow Star Card

For excellent behaviour in the playground.

Blade Maher and Justin Nisbet

Blue Star Card

For excellent behaviour in the classroom.

Tayleah Flewin and Alice Hearn

Term 4, Week 8 award recipients

Miss Hemphill

Swasini Kalimuthu: For her conscientious learning habits and great effort in all learning areas. Well done on a great year!

Ava Smith: For being a great listener and for her sense of determination when completing challenging tasks

George Beavis: Sportsmanship

Mrs Biar

Arabella Harbison: For showing lovely expression and fluency in her reading

Bella Mohr: For super learning with 'half-past' in time

Connor Bradshaw-Donahoo: Sportsmanship

Mrs Ross

Joel Laffan: For his mature approach to all class work. Joel is prompt and respectful.

Zye Liddell: Using his initiative. Zye is very good at seeing a need and doing something about it.

Ben McCabe: Sportsmanship

Miss Morgan

Liam Mohr: Working really hard during both partnered and independent writing tasks. Keep up the great work, Liam.

Lachlan Saunders: Collaborating effectively with his group during Geography lessons and for always striving to produce his best work

Jimmy Boers: Sportsmanship

Miss Barraclough

Isaac Mathewson: For his positive contributions to guided reading

Jett Coates: For accepting the challenge and persevering when presenting his Captain's speech to the school

Mr Earl and Mrs Jones: For being a great asset and fantastic support for all students

Isaac Nisbet: Sportsmanship

Miss Lavis

Mahleigha Jolly: Careful, creative attention to detail in her art pieces, and assisting others

Abby Pincott: For her 'no fuss' approach to her learning

Cooper Glass: Sportsmanship

Mr Powys

Olly Davis: For persevering through challenging maths projects and entertaining his peers with his version of the Three Little Pigs

Isabel Yensch: For her efforts converting fractions, decimals and percentages during maths

Zac Power: Sportsmanship

Mrs Wedgwood

Cooper Glass: For taking on his role as a Bikie in the Year 6 play enthusiastically and dramatically

Darcy Hartwich: For using descriptive language and a simile in his writing

Zac Spencer: For animated performances during rehearsal for the Year 6 play

Eddie Landale: Sportsmanship

Mr Leitch

Breanna McCabe: For presenting a thoroughly detailed flow chart showing how a beanie is made. Fantastic work, Bree!

Isabel Torocsik: For consistently modelling the 4C's - Care, courtesy, cooperation and consideration. Keep up the great work, Isabel!

Archer Purcell: Sportsmanship

Nathan FisherCooper Glass, Isaac Bennetts, Jasmine Lieschke and Eli Toll: For their outstanding contribution in setting up, packing up and cleaning the table tennis tables and pool table each day. This initiative has spread significant joy for our students this term!

Parenting Ideas

Thunderstorm Asthma

Community news

First Lap Learn to Swim Voucher

The First Lap voucher program provides $100 vouchers for children aged 3-6 years towards the cost of Swimming Lessons.

Who is eligible: Students in Kindergarten in 2021, Children starting Kindergarten in 2022, or have not yet started school.

First Lap vouchers can be redeemed at Holbrook Swimming Club and are available to be printed from 1 December 2021. Both First Lap and Active Kids vouchers can be redeemed at Holbrook Swimming Club and the club is running the first Intensive Swim School from Thursday, 16 December. Participants must be a member of the Holbrook Swimming Club for insurance purposes.

Information, Enquiry and Enrolment forms: Margot Pitzen 0407 658 40

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