Term 4, Week 4

From the Principal...

Dear Families,

It has been a busy couple of weeks with the Spring Festival and the year 3-7 attending camp. The students have been enjoying a range of learning opportunities including orienteering, billy kart racing, team building initiatives and developing their leadership skills.

We have also had the announcement of the newly appointed principal and we warmly welcome Britta into the Basket Range community.

There have been many highlights over the past few weeks, which are included in the Principal’s Report, tabled at the Governing Council meeting last week. The remainder of the term looks to be busy with aquatics next week, Greek Olympics for Michaels class, double cohort graduation and teachers planning for the 2022 school year.

Please see below some of the photographic highlights of recent events at Basket Range Primary School.

Kind regards,


2022 Principal announced - Welcome Britta!

Dear Families

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the appointment of the new Principal Britta Corones to Basket Range Primary School in 2022. I look forward to working with Britta for a handover in the coming weeks and introducing her to staff, students and families. Please see Britta’s brief introduction below.

Hello to the Basket Range Primary School community.

I am extremely happy and excited to accept the role of principal of Basket Range Primary School, I shall be working with Sybila to arrange a handover and visit the school to see all the students and staff.  I am currently a principal consultant in the Department of Education, a previous principal of a small school and an enthusiastic culture and language leader.  I look forward to meeting you all in due course and learning more about the school, engaging with the students, and conversing with parents caregivers and the wider community

Kind regards,

Britta Corones

**Student Free Day - Monday 22nd November 2021**

News from Bethany's Class...........

This Term – A Whirlwind of Activity for the R-2 Students.

 The R-2 students participated in Swimming and many creative activities this term including; making pendants from white clay, French knitting,  writing or drawing scripts and creating personal puppets for performances, entitled 'My Family' for the R-2 audience, writing poems, modelling with terracotta clay, forest/water play and painting.

The year 1/2 students have continued their participation in a reading intervention program with Judith and Auntie Chris. All students are showing progress in their reading skills and comprehension. They've continued developing their Mathematics skills in their text books and morning circle number games. All week we have been devising clever ways for Farmer (student’s name) to count his/her pigs. ‘Danveer Divide’ groups the pigs into patterns of 2, 5, 3, or 10 for easy counting by each farmer. Addition or multiplication is chosen by each student, to calculate the total number of pigs.

I've enjoyed the year 1‘Writing’main lesson. Steiner uses a very creative approach to say, move, clap, sounding out, rhyme, echo and write words, simple or sentences  in a step by step, sequential way. It supports and reinforces all of Auntie Chris’s wonderful work.

The success of a highly creative program is dependent on the wonderful collaboration between teachers, experienced volunteers and parents, so thankyou everyone for great support and partnership!

Kind Regards,

Bethany Neck

Year1/2 & Music R-4

A Picture Says 1000 Words

Photos from Bethany's Class.....

Nunyara Camp Photos!

Spring Festival - 29th October

Year 7 to High School......

Please find a link to the latest flyer from the Department for Education regarding Year 7 to High School updates

Parents & Friends News......

Parents and Friends Calendar for Term 4

Upcoming Activities


TERM 4 2021


8th Year 5 - 7 Aquatics Day

Greek Olympics - Sheidow Park


19thPlaygroup 9.30am - 10.30am
23rdTransition Day for new enrolments 9.30 - 10.50am
26thPlaygroup - 9.30am  - 10.30am
8thGraduation Dinner - Year 6 & 7
9th End of Year Celebration Assembly
10thLast Day of School - Early Dismissal 2.15pm



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