Star of Peace

St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter - Number 8 - June 24, 2021

From the Principal Leader...

Richard Rohr describes the profound intimacy of our breath and the holy. To breathe is to experience the Divine...the ruah of God: “A rabbi taught this prayer to me many years ago. The Jews did not speak God’s name but breathed it with an open mouth and throat: inhale-Yah; exhale-weh. By our very breathing, we are speaking the name of God and participating in God’s breath. This is our first and our last word as we enter and leave the world (Rohr, On Being, p.65).”

Perhaps nothing connects us more intimately than our breath. All mammalian life depends upon it and the exchange we have with our breathing green planet. With the average person taking an average of 20,000 breaths each day this subconscious activity can be easy to forget – until we can’t do it anymore. Then it becomes a symbol of life itself. 

Anthony Clarke
Director of Marist Mission and Life 

Our Marist theme for 2021 ‘“Breathe: the Spirit of Life” utilises the powerful images from scripture that initiates breath as the source of life. The Book of Genesis describes God breathing life into human beings, the ‘breath of life’ to make them ‘living beings’ (Gen 2:7). Breath is also used to express the presence of God. Elijah experiences God in the sound of the gentle breeze of  a ‘Gentle breath’ (1 Kings 19:12). We are also reminded that at Pentecost, Jesus breathed on the disciples saying “Receive the Holy Spirit’. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit who gives life. It unites and connects, pervades all that is and dwells in every human creature and calls us into a relationship with the Divine (Laudato Si, 88). 

We are challenged by Pope Francis’ invitation to become more consciously guardians of creation, as well as our brothers and sisters in humanity. The moment has never been so urgent to take care of our planet and each other as we face together the looming challenges of not only the pandemic but also our environmental concerns. Our Marist theme calls us to be attentive to the spirit of life in discerning our way forward to be a source of fresh air and life as a Church for the world. We seek opportunities for us to invite the Spirit of Jesus to enliven, energise, empower and unite us: The Spirit of the Lord is Upon us! (Luke 4:18). Let us give thanks that we have been breathed to life by the great author of life “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life” (Job 33:4).

The passage above is a heavily redacted version of our theme introduction provided by Anthony Clarke, Director of Marist Mission and Life. As we come to the end of another busy term at St Patrick’s Marist College, we are provided with the opportune time to rest, recuperate and breathe. 

Pope Francis’ call to action in regards to our environmental concerns was solidified in his seven year action plan for the implementation of Laudato Si. St Patrick’s Marist will be active participants in the implementation of this action plan and are looking forward to our community being responsible for the care and protection of our environment and the people we share it with. Specific details on this action plan are included below. With the winter holidays beginning this week, this break allows time for rest and reflection on the many achievements and challenges of semester 1. ‘We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard, because that will serve to organise and measure the best of our energies and skills”. (John F Kennedy, 1962). The challenges that we face always lead to the greatest areas of opportunity for growth in each and every one of us.  We certainly hope that the staff, students and families of St Patrick’s Marist enjoy this break.

Laudato Si Action Plan
On 25 May, Pope Francis launched a seven-year Laudato si’ action plan to implement environmental sustainability across various sectors of the Church including Catholic schools. The plan focuses on seven sectors: families, parishes, schools, hospitals, businesses, organisations and religious orders. The Pope said "our selfishness, our indifference and our irresponsible ways are threatening the future of our children".

“I therefore renew my appeal: let us take care of our mother Earth... let us overcome the temptation of selfishness that makes us predators of resources, let us cultivate respect for the gifts of the Earth and creation, let us inaugurate a lifestyle and a society that is finally eco-sustainable,” he said in a video message.

“We have the opportunity to prepare a better tomorrow for all. From God's hands we have received a garden, we cannot leave a desert to our children."

“On a journey that will last for seven years, we will let ourselves be guided by the seven aims of Laudato si’, which will show us the direction while we pursue the vision of integral ecology.

“There is hope. We can all collaborate, each one with his own culture and experience, each one with her own initiatives and capacities, so that our mother Earth may be restored to her original beauty and creation may once again shine according to God’s plan,” Pope Francis said.

Year 12 Retreat 
Year 12 had a great week away on their retreat where we were able to celebrate another important milestone in the journey of a year 12 student at St Patrick’s. A different time of year for us, but still a great time away with our students. Even when the temperature was -3 with a wind chill that made it feel like -7! We were very fortunate to be able to take our year 12 students to the spiritual home of Marists in Australia, the Hermitage Mittagong. Postponed from term 4 2020, the retreat provides a wonderful time in a year 12 student’s life at St Patrick’s where the space is provided for them to simply ‘be’, breathe and spend time with their friends. One message that is repeated over their time away is that this will be one of the few times in their life they will have an experience like this. It is always a privilege to spend this time away with our students and your children. It is important to give thanks to the students who participated in this retreat experience but also allowed us to accompany them on this journey.

My thanks to the staff who attended the retreat- for not only being present with the students on their short retreat journey, but for their help and support in organising the week. A special thanks to Mr Moussa for his dedicated preparation, planning and organisation of the retreat. His contribution was invaluable. To Madame Dunston - a huge thank you for her extensive planning and accommodation of the students. We look forward to sharing this journey in November with our Year 12 cohort or 2022.

Year 12 Formal
In what has been a busy couple of weeks for our year 12 students, it was a joyous occasion that we could gather with the students of Year 12 to celebrate their formal at Curzon Hall. This was a new venue, and judging by the reception of the students, it was warmly received. I mentioned previously about the privilege we have as educators to be able to accompany students through their last year of schooling. This is another of those rewarding occasions where their growth over the previous 6 years of schooling culminates in not only their formal but all of the other events throughout year 12. I would like to commend the students on their behaviour on the night and for their organisation of the evening. It was one of the most well attended dance floors I have seen in my time at St Patrick’s and it was fantastic to see many students enjoying their evening together. Again, our thanks to Madame Dunston for leading and organising the formal for this year, and to her many helpers such as Mr Moussa, and the year 12 pastoral team for their preparation for the evening. It certainly was a fantastic evening.

Staff Formation Day 12th July 
A reminder that the first day of term 3 will be a pupil free day here at the College. Staff will be travelling to the Hermitage at Mittagong for our annual staff formation day. Normal classes will resume on Tuesday the 13th July.

St Vincent de Paul Sandwich Making
An initiative taken up this term by our Junior school leaders has been another wonderful opportunity for our students to engage in social justice. Each week, up to 10 students make over 80 sandwiches that are used by the ‘Vinnies’ van throughout western Sydney on a Wednesday night to feed the homeless and less fortunate. We are grateful to SVDP for the opportunity to continue to serve our larger community. We also have our senior students attending our first Vinnies Van night patrol these holidays. We look forward to sharing our experiences of this service with you all.

Student Leadership 2022
When students are given the opportunity to actively participate in their education, they are happier and feel that teachers, other students and the wider school community value their opinions. The establishment of a Student Representative Council (SRC) enables this vision to be realised within the school. At St Patrick’s Marist College, the SRC is a group of students elected by their peers to represent the best interests of the student body and be their voice to make St. Patrick’s Marist College a better school.

Our SRC aims to liaise with the school community to collect relevant information, make decisions and implement actions in order to improve all aspects of the community that is St Patrick’s Marist College. 

Students in Year 11 are reminded that as we come to the beginning of term 3, all students are encouraged to nominate for one of the upcoming leadership positions for 2022.  There are a variety of leadership opportunities for students in Senior school either at College, House, Ministry, Academic or Sport levels. These roles enable students to gain valuable leadership experience, grow in confidence and become responsible citizens and positive role models for others within our College and wider community. The process for nomination and election will begin in week one of term 3. The leadership positions are listed below:

Leadership Positions 

  • School Captains x 2
  • School Vice Captains x 2
  • House Captains x 12 (2 Per house)
  • Prefects (10 Maximum - Note this does not mean 10 have to be selected. This number indicates the maximum number of prefects for any one year.)

NOTE: A Student can nominate for a House Captain or Prefect AND School Captain. A student may also choose to simply nominate for just the position of House Captain or Prefect. 

College Walkathon 13th August
Another highlight of previous College years as been the annual Walkathon. We will again participate in this for 2021. Since 2014, the community of St Patrick’s has raised in excess of $100000 to build and support our sister school in Tricky, India. We would all be aware of the struggles that India has gone through over the past 18 months as a result of COVID. Once again we are aiming to raise money to enable the primary school to continue to support the members of the community who already have limited access to education. We are also cognisant of the needs of our local community who have also been met with challenges brought on by COVID. Part of the money raised will also be used to help support the members of our local community. 

The theme for 2021 selected by our College Leaders is 'Walk Disney'. Students on this day are encouraged to bring in their costumes and dress up as their favourite character from the Disney world. Students will receive their walkathon donation cards this week so they can collect over the holidays. There will be fantastic prizes for students who raise over $40 and more. Also, we will have prizes on the day for best dressed. It is a great day of community at St Pat’s and we are looking forward to having it again this year. More details will be shared with you over the coming weeks. 

Lastly, to our Year 12 students.
We begin in earnest your last term of formal schooling. Whilst there will be a mix of exams and final assessments, allow yourself time to ‘breathe’ and enjoy the lasts of being a student at St Patrick’s. Your journey as a student at St Patrick’s will finish soon, but you will always be a part of our community.

Best Wishes

Matthew Paton
Acting Principal

Covid Updates

As the holiday draws near, we are again confronted with an increasing number of COVID cases within the greater metropolitan area. Unfortunately for some, this has meant (again) that holiday plans have changed and time spent with family and friends has been diminished. As we have communicated this week, we have made the necessary adjustments to the last two days of term in light of these changes. Please have every confidence that you will be informed as all advice pertinent to our community comes to light throughout the holiday period.

Please note that pupils return to school on Tuesday 13th July for the Commencement of Term 3

Acting Assistant Principal - Mission & Wellbeing

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence “ 

The opening line of Desiderata, which is from the Latin meaning; “things that are desired,” was written by poet Max Ehrmann in the early 1920s, to counsel those virtues he felt most in need of. Given the uncertainty of the last few days and as we transition to the mid-year break, Ehrmann’s words are a timely reminder to us all to find solace and calm within ourselves and from the people around us.

Refugee Week - June 20-26, 2021
Refugee Week is Australia’s peak annual activity to inform the public about refugees and celebrate positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. The theme for Refugee Week in 2021 is Unity. Indeed, the unpredictability of life in recent times has shown us unequivocally that we need to work together often merely to survive, let alone to thrive and progress. Our Year 10 leaders and Miss Basha are currently planning several events for the beginning of Term 3 to mark this important community initiative. 

Champagnat Day Celebrations, College Walkathon and the Winter Sleep Out 
This year, three significant events in the life of the College are scheduled for August 13. Each event generates much excitement and enthusiasm from our staff and students - perhaps even more so after last year’s Covid-induced cancellations! More information (and photos!) regarding each event will be forthcoming.

College Expectations
As we draw to the close of Term 2 and prepare for the second half of the academic year, please be reminded of the following College expectations;

  • Uniform 
    Detailed College uniform expectations can be found on page 6 and 7 of the College diary. I would like to reiterate that the College Sports uniform is not an alternate uniform and should only be worn on Thursdays or in special circumstances that are communicated to your child’s Homeroom patron. 
  • Arrival at school 
    Homeroom commences promptly at 8.45am and students are required to be ready, in their blazers, to enter the space with their Homeroom patron. Increasingly during this last week of term, students have been arriving late and often without reason. Homeroom is a valuable part of the school day where important information is communicated and as such, attendance is important. 
  • Mobile phones 

    A reminder that mobile phones are not permitted to be used by students between 8.20am & 3.15pm. 

Kate Kelly
Acting Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing 





Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Innovation

Parent-Teacher Interviews

This week we held very successful Years 7-9 Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews. I’d like to thank all of our parents for meeting with our teachers and for helping us in supporting the learning of your sons and daughters.

Holidays and Learning

As we go into the Term 2 holiday break, it is important to remember that students can and do need to have fun and relax. At the same time, important learning can be lost, even over a short break, so it is more than okay to encourage them to set some time aside for revision during the holiday break.

Research also shows that other things like:

  • Reading

  • Allowing time to be bored (put simply, getting off devices)

  • Talking current affairs 

all help students continue to learn and consolidate their knowledge when they are not in the classroom.

Janina Starkey
Assistant Principal: Innovation, Teaching & Learning, Religious Education Teacher

Write a Book in a Day 2021

Are you interested in collaborating with a team to write a book in a day?

Students can register interest by completing this form and attending a meeting on Wednesday 14th July (the second day back at school in Term 3) for more information. The meeting will be in Break 1 in B111. Students must attend the meeting to be included in a team. 

Last year's teams of authors and illustrators made some fantastic books which you can check out on SORARemember to use 'ACEN Member Collection' as your school when you sign into SORA.

Contact Dr Thompson if you have any questions. You can also visit the website to find out more.

Dr Stephanie Thompson
Teacher Librarian

Premier's Reading Challenge 2021 - students sign up here!

Visit our online library!

HSIE Championships Education Perfect

The annual HSIE Championships on Education Perfect took place in May this year. Students from Year 7 and Year 9 participated in this competition in which they had to answer a multitude of History and Geography questions.

As a school, we placed 84th overall out of 1,344 schools participating worldwide and out of 356 schools in NSW St Patrick’s Marist College placed 19th.

I would like to congratulate those students who achieved a significant achievement in the competition:

Firstly, those students who achieved a Credit award, placing them in the top 20% of the 1, 771  competitors from around the world.

From Year 9:

  • Oliver O’Neill
  • Fulin (Leo) Yan

Secondly, students who achieved a Bronze award, placing them in the top 10% of the 1, 771 competitors from around the world.

From Year 9:
Ayden Bottos

Congratulations to these students!

Lisa DeLooze
Leader of Learning - HSIE

Australian Geography Competition

In March this year St Patrick’s Marist College entered the Geography Competition for the first time.

All students in 7R were given the opportunity to participate in the competition, along with students in Year 9 who volunteered to enter the competition.

In particular I would like to congratulate the following two students on their outstanding achievement in this competition ranking in the top 1% of the state:

Year 7

  • Winston Lau
  • Jenkin Wang

Other notable achievements from Year 7 Include the following students who achieved a High Distinction:

  • Jayden Bunadi
  • Gwyneth Hui
  • Alex Jahja
  • Isabella Kong
  • Evan Sutidjan

The following student achieved a distinction:

  • Ella Shin

Year 9The following students achieved High Distinctions:

  • Ayden Bottos
  • Oliver O’Neill
  • Christopher Padden
  • Fulin Yan

The following students received Distinctions:

  • Caasi Duran
  • Mia Northwood

Congratulations to these students and their outstanding achievements.

Lisa DeLooze
Leader of Learning HSIE

Excursion to NSW Parliament House for Student Leaders

We were provided the amazing opportunity to travel to NSW Parliament House to learn about values of leadership, incorporating how these values can be served amongst the community. Before meeting members of Parliament, we were introduced to other school leaders within New South Wales. We gained valuable insight into how other schools and their leadership teams work together, make decisions and work as a team to better their school community. Meeting leaders from differing communities made our experience highly insightful with their sophisticated questions and opinions.

Members of Parliament including Jenny Leong and Rose Jackson answered questions, enlightening us with the ins and outs of parliament life, decision making and how they became members of parliament. These answers have inspired many to broaden their aspirations for a potential future in politics and also bettering their community.

We were then given a tour of the parliament house including an in-depth explanation of how the lower and upper houses of parliament function. We sat upon the seats of the members of parliament where laws and decisions for our state are instituted. We then travelled with the group to the Government House to meet Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC. We were provided the opportunity to listen to her speak and answer questions, including about her governmental role that incorporates her relations with the Queen.

Overall, we are deeply grateful for this opportunity as it provided us with intelligent applications of leadership and we were able to learn how state government works.

Lara Brimicombe - Year 12 Prefect

Cécile Dunston
Year 12 Leader of Learning - Pastoral Leader of Learning - Languages

Year 8 Debating Team

A Great Achievement

Our Year 8 Debaters successfully made it through the first Elimination final on Wednesday night at St Andrew’s, Marayong. The team was composed of students Molly Boorer, Erene D Souza and Marissa Patsidis. They debated against tough opposition from St Patrick’s Strathfield.

Our Year 8 debating team is our most successful team this year winning 5 out 6 of their debates and now making it into the final 12. Students Thomas Walsh, Anton Galati and Jeremy Saliba who are also part of the Debating team are to be commended on their efforts as well. 

Mrs Malone

Our successful debaters: Molly Boorer, Erene D Souza and Marissa Patsidis

Business Manager

COVID cleaning

Other than our normal weekly/holidays cleaning, we continue to provide:

  • Sanitiser in every classroom, sanitising alcohol wipes for musical instruments and other shared laptops or equipment. Science labs have sinks with hand soap.
  • Sanitisation stations inside the main reception and Wiyanga’s reception as well as in junior breezeway and in the main courtyard
  • Our cleaners are continuing to disinfect touch points in every classroom/learning space and every office, every night!
  • Students are being sent home if they are unwell. They cannot simply stay in sick bay.

WHS Emergency Drills (lockdown & evacuation)

These are part of our WHS compliance routine practice to ensure all students and all staff are aware of our emergency procedures, know what to do and where to go! Our procedures are designed to keep students and staff safe while emergency services deal with a real situation (if it were to occur). It is a CEDP requirement that we practice at least one drill each term, at different times of the day.

In term 2 week 10, we will be conducting an evacuation drill, so that students become familiar where to assemble and how to get there. All new staff are inducted to the school site soon after they commence, so they are already familiar with the Emergency Assembly Point. As part of our evacuation procedures, we lock all the external gates and selected staff are stationed there so that they are only accessible by emergency vehicles.

For terms 3 & 4, we are considering conducting drills during one of the breaks (recess or lunch) or during period 5, so that the logistics of dealing with an emergency when students are out of classrooms or when buses/parents are arriving, etc, are also practiced. Of course, students will not miss out on a break, as we will allow appropriate time for them to eat, drink and have a break.

Payments (other than for school fees)

Our school fees include most of the required resources that your child(ren) need. Items that are NOT included in school fees are formals, rep sport uniform, boys’ ties, hats, replacement items eg diaries, ID cards, etc. To pay for these items, the preferred method is via EFTPOS facilities at reception. We can also take credit card payments over the phone.

We have started using an app as we move to cash-free transactions. We trialled it for the Year12 formal payments and continue to seek assistance from CEDP to iron out details and make it as user-friendly as possible. We will advise families, once other items are created, and it becomes another payment option.

In the meantime, if you cannot pay by EFTPOS at reception or credit card over the phone, and you can only pay in cash, you MUST include the correct money in an envelope with the student’s name, homeroom, amount and what it is for. We are not able to give change.

Once the app is fully available to families, we will only accept cash for small fundraising appeals such as Lenten, mufti, etc.

Onsite uniform shop (part of the “Book Room”)

Our onsite uniform shop is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays (before school and during recess & lunch breaks). We sell:

  • Hats – from 2021, these are distributed to Yr7 together with stationery packs (included in school fees). All other new students need to purchase a hat. Replacement hats can also be purchased.
  • Boys ties – boys in Yrs10-12 wear the senior tie all year, while Yrs7-9 wear the junior tie in Terms 2 & 3 only.
  • Rep sports uniforms – are sold as required and organised by rep sports coordinator.
  • Second-hand uniform – we have a large range of good quality second-hand uniform, however we are limited to items/sizes that are donated from students who have left the college or who have out-grown them.

* We no longer sell school bags. These are now sold by Lowes. Lowes also sell sports bags, but we have a limited number remaining in stock which are available for purchase.

The uniform shop will be closed for stocktake from 12.30pm Thursday 24th June. This only relates to hats, ties and remaining sports bags. No further sales until term 3commences, so if your child needs any of these items please purchase before then.

As mentioned above, our preferred payment method is via our EFTPOS facilities at reception or credit card payments over the phone. If you need to pay cash, you MUST include the correct money in an envelope with the student’s name, homeroom, amount and what it is for. We are not able to give change.

Lost Property

We accumulate a lot of lost property, including uniform items. Please label your child’s uniform, so we can contact them to come to the office to collect it.

At the end of each term, any unclaimed uniform items are added to our second-hand uniform stock. Other items eg water bottles, lunch boxes, umbrellas, etc are discarded.

Lowes Uniform Shop, Carlingford

I regularly meet with our Lowes rep to review their stock balances of all our uniform items held in-store at Carlingford, in their warehouses and on order, to ensure they are sufficient for our seasonal needs.

The store also reviews stock balances and submits requests for items to be brought in from warehouses. However, at times, stock may not have yet arrived at the store when families go to purchase items. If any item is not in the store, please ensure that the store takes your details, so they can call you back when it arrives.

Lowes’ customer info/feedback/complaints email address is: This is available for customers who want to know information or have a problem that cannot be solved at the store level. If you feel that stock shortages are an issue, please use this email address to say so. Feedback is monitored by our account rep.

Lowes prefers online orders (if possible). Home delivery is available for your convenience.

Ms Vicki Fraser
Business Manager 

Year 9 Catholic Studies Excursion to Our Lady of Lebanon Co-Cathedral and St Mary’s Nativity Orthodox Church.

On the 1st of June Year 9, we visited Our Lady of Lebanon Co-Cathedral in Harris Park, and St Mary’s Nativity Orthodox Church in Mays Hill. During the excursion, we learnt about Ecumenism and Authentic Encounter. We made connections between the things that we have already learnt in class and everything we learnt during our excursion. 

At Our Lady Of Lebanon, we experienced a traditional Maronite mass. During the Mass, some of the prayers and songs were spoken in Aramaic and Syriac. After the Mass we got to have a workshop with Fr. Charbel about Ecumenical Dialogue, what it means to “breathe with two lungs” and the differences between the Maronite Rite and the Roman Catholic Church. During the workshops, we found it interesting to learn about the different things that unite rites of the Catholic Church, and how relationships between different Catholic rites encourages ecumenical dialogue. 

At St Mary’s Nativity Orthodox Church, we learnt about the traditions and differences between the two churches we visited that day. At the St Mary’s Nativity Orthodox Church, we were taught about the architecture and layout of the church, the music, the vestments and the significance of icons that differ from the Roman Catholic Church. We also learnt that even though we have many differences between religions, denominations and churches we are still able to understand and learn about how we can get along with each other. When Fr John was speaking about the Orthodox traditions we found all of the information interesting because it is different to what we learn about in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Sophia and Stephania Mandziy

(Year 9 Students)

Year 9 Catholic Studies Excursion

Year 9

Brent Sanders Talk to Years 9 and 10

Year 9

On the 9th of June the Year 9 and 10 girls took part in a seminar focussing on assertiveness, basic conflict psychology and how to deal with pressure situations. The seminar was presented to us by Brent Sanders, an ex-police officer who worked in the sexual crimes unit. He covered topics which informed the students about sexual assault awareness and the true definition of consent. The seminar provided the students with valuable information for our futures. 

The seminar is aimed at students aged 15 - 21 all over Australia to protect young people. The content was very interesting and relevant and the guest speaker engaged the audience with the information and how professionally it was presented. I think the topic is important for our age group and I know I learned a lot and I am sure everyone took something away from the experience. Learning about consent in this type of situation could impact our decision making as we get older and that is why it is such an important topic to cover.

Amy White9 Chavoin

Year 10

The talk given to us by Brent Sanders was one of the best talks I’ve ever listened to. He was engaging, funny and seemed to already have lots of experience in what he was talking about. He began by telling us his story of being caught up in the legal system and what his mental state was at the time. He conveyed his experience of crime, juvenile detention and mental health with us telling us all the mistakes that he made and regretted. But then he told us about how he made up for what he did and how he turned his life around. This gave me a very intriguing insight into what goes on in the minds of those who find themselves caught up in trouble.

The second part of his talk was about consent and the laws within intimate behaviour. Probably the one thing that everyone got out of this talk was the difference between the biological and legal definitions of intimate interactions. This was an eye opener for all of us as an audience and we proceeded to continue discussing it even after the presentation. The insight he gave us on consent was what I believed to be very important and information I shall keep in mind for the future. Brent Sanders was one of the best presenters I have ever sat and listened to in school, his life story and experience paired with his engaging and relatable attitude gave all of us a way of staying interested in his talk and connecting with him as a teacher and friend.

Sam Moore
10 Chavoin

Miss Chanel Basha
Year 10 Pastoral Leader of Learning/English Teacher

Year 9 English: Holiday Reading - ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the Real World

Year 9 English students are currently studying Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. During the holiday break, students may like to read some of the following novel suggestions to complement their study of play and its ideas. Students can access some of these titles via the SORA app (free):

  • 'I am Juliet' by Jackie French: Juliet is given a major voice (girl power!)

  • 'Waking Romeo' by Kathryn Barker: A Sci/Fi/Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic retelling (say what?!)

  • 'When You Were Mine' by Rebecca Serle: A retelling from the perspective of Rosaline (how cool!)

  • 'Five Feet Apart' by Rachael Lippincott: Two teens fall in love with just one minor complication—they can’t get within a few feet of each other without risking their lives (sound familiar?!)

  • 'Noughts and Crosses' by Malorie Blackman: Two star-crossed lovers separated by privilege and power (read it before you watch it!)

  • 'City of Bones' by Cassandra Clare: As a Shadowhunter and a Lightwood, Alec was never supposed to fall for High Warlock and Downworlder Magnus Bane (sounds juicy!)

  • 'American Panda' by Gloria Chao: While Japanese classmate Darren isn’t a son of a rival family, he is the opposite of what Mei’s family expects as her future husband (very contemporary!)

  • 'Starry Eyes' by Jen Bennett: “Two households, not alike at all, In fair California, where we lay our scene…” (we've heard this before!)

    Emily Beach
    Acting Instructional Leader/Learning Coach


Congratulations to Bianca Tandean

Year 9 student Bianca Tandean recently represented NSW in the National Judo Championships. She was outstanding & received the following placings:
2 Golds and 2 Silvers in both the Under 15s and Over 18s class.
Bianca also received a Silver in the NSW vs Qld Team event.

Well done Bianca! We hope to see you at the Olympics one day. 

Mr D Bonora
Year 9 Pastoral Leader of Learning

MCCS Senior Netball Winners

Congratulations to the MCCS Senior Netball team for winning the grand final on Thursday 17 June.!

The Senior girls were top of the table and have been undefeated all season. Winning last week 44 - 5 against St John Paul II the girls were pumped for a win against Trinity Catholic Catholic in the finals. The girls prepared for the game with a fun training session with the Year 10 team and were ready for the game ahead.

The grand final was intense, the competitors were tough, the girls went goal for goal in each quarter. With lots of intercepts and strong defending the girls moved the ball down the court so the shooters could show their skill and talent. It was their day to shine and they won 25 - 20. Well done girls on a fabulous win.

Thank you to all the families for showing your support to the team by coming along each week as well as to the grand final.  A special thank you to Courtney O'Neill for assisting the team and umpiring each week for us. 

Mrs Aimy Papoulias

Our MCCS Senior Netball Grand Final Winners


Lord of the Flies

Tickets for our school production of 'Lord of the Flies' are priced at only $10 and can be ordered now via the following link:

Performances are Week 1 of next Term on Thursday 15th July and Friday 16th July at 6:30pm in the La Valla Centre.

Everyone is welcome!


Year 12 Musicians Shine on the Stage!

Congratulations to our three talented Year 12 Music Students: Marissa Browne, Toby Gott and Alex Bozanic who performed last Friday evening the 18th June at the Western Sydney & Blue Mountains Regional Training Awards  held at Sydney Zoo, Blacktown. The trio performed many pieces and entertained the audience that was attended by Members of Government and Catholic Diocese officials. Thank you for so proudly representing our College! 

Ms Trudy Andrews
Creative & Performing Arts

Year 12 Music Students

Foodbank Donations

We are collecting all types of food and toiletry items this week for the Ekklesia Foodbank.

The food bank will be open every day from 7.40 to 8.40am.

It would be great if students could donate this week to really fill up our Foodbank .

Food Items

  • Basmati Rice
  • Pasta
  • Cooking oil
  • instant noodles
  • Long-life Milk (1 litre)
  • Tinned Tuna in oil
  • Tinned chickpeas
  • Red kidney beans
  • Tinned vegetables
  • Dried lentils
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Black & green tea bags
  • Instant coffee
  • Biscuits
  • Curry powder and spices
  • Salt 
  • Sugar
  • Flour

(Please note: we're unable to distribute food items that have passed their 'best before' or expiration date.


  • Nappies
  • Toothpaste & toothbrushes
  • Shampoo
  • Sanitary pads or napkins
  • Razors & Shaving Foam
  • Deodorant: male & female
  • Soap

*Coles or Woolworths vouchers can also be donated - $20 preferred.

Daniel Moussa
Social Sciences Teacher/ Youth Ministry Coordinator

Community News

Nepean Rowing. Free School Holiday Sessions

Nepean Rowing Club School Holiday Come Try Session 

Nepean Rowing Club is offering a unique opportunity for individuals aged 12-18 years old to experience rowing for FREE this school holidays. 

A ninety-minute session that introduces individuals to the sport of rowing and will provide them with basic rowing knowledge. 

The program caters for groups of no more than eight participants and is coached by qualified coaches. These sessions will include the rowing machine and rowing on the water in singles (individually). 

Nepean Rowing Club Boatshed, 23 Bruce Neale Drive, Penrith, 2750. 


  • Monday 28th June 10:30-12pm
  • Wednesday 30th June 10:30-1 pm
  • Wednesday 7th July 10:30-12pm
  • Sunday 11th July 11:30-1pm 

The program is designed for individuals aged between 12-18 years old. If you do not fall within this age bracket, please get in contact to discuss other options to start rowing. 

It is a requirement of rowing that you have a basic swimming ability. 

What to bring: 

·      Wear clothing suitable for exercise and not too loose fitting. 

·      Please wear enclosed shoes for the rowing machine part of the session. 

·      Bring a water bottle and hat. 

·      Also, bring a towel & spare clothes in case you do fall in. 

Cost: It is FREE. There is no cost associated with the session. 

If you require further details about the above, please get in contact with  Daniel Waddell, Nepean Rowing Club Rowing Coordinator on 0403743189 

Booking can be made online at