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August 19, 2021 - Term 3 Week 5

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Principal's Pen

Dear Parents & Community Members,

We live in dynamic times and I can only applaud our community, including staff, students, parents and carers for being understanding and flexible.  This includes the postponing of the Interschool Cross Country to September given the unforeseen weather.

On a far more positive note, we finally were able to conclude our celebration to the school’s cultural awareness journey that commenced last semester.  The recognition during the assembly was highly respectful and the artwork produced by classes absolutely outstanding – if you have not had a chance to see some of the work, we have left a number of displays in the Assembly Area.

Thanks to Mrs Just, we also enjoyed the experience of a helicopter landing on the oval earlier this week.  This “prompt” promoted some wonderful pieces of writing and I have enjoyed reading these, especially those produced by our younger students.

Congratulations also to our Senior Choir for their tremendous performance at Crown last week – they certainly did our school proud.  This Friday will see the Year 4 and Senior Choirs performing at The RAC Arena as part of the One Big Voice concert.  A wonderful event with thousands of primary school students singing in harmony.

 Peter Meston


Upcoming Events


Friday 20 - One Big Voice

Monday 23 - Book Week and Larrikin Book Fair

Friday 27 - Book Week Dress-up

Monday 30 - School Board Meeting (7.00pm)

Tuesday 31 - Last week for borrowing Library books

Tuesday 31 - P&C Father's Day Stall, finishes Friday


Thursday 2 - Graduation/Band Photos/Leaders Photos

Thursday 2 - Boola Bardip Museum Excursion: Room 11 & 12

Friday 3 - Assembly: Room 7 (8.50am)

Term Three Planner


Important Information

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who received a merit certificate at the last assembly.

Storm NPP
Freya HPP
Thea WPP
Haven E1
Janine J1
Emily M1
Evangeline R1
Hayley C2
Jack F2
Natalija J2
Jude L2
Alana C2
Amelia M3
Ava E3
Connor S3
Ashlee Y3
Caitlin E4
Kieran S4
Misty W5
Jordan M5
Tyler M5
Eliel K5
Finn H6
Jacques S6
Sara L6
Romy OFrench
Adrian CFrench

Aussie of the Month

Grace S for always being a kind and compassionate student.

You are amazing!

We Care Awards

The following We Care awards were presented at the last assembly for "Cooperation".  Congratulations to all recipients.

Jakub DPP
Cedar MPP
Cooper U1
Nate I1
Jonah F1
Leila H2
Bailey R3
James K3
Lauren W4
Anya M4
Cooper H5
Luca P6
Riley G


The following We Care awards were presented at the last assembly for "Respect".  Congratulations to all recipients.

Eleanor DPP
Sloane SPP
Nicholas H1
Andrew B1
Amalia V2
Dane M2
Jacob B2
Lyla J3
Ella I3
Abbey S4
Calvin G4
Axel C5
Bridget D6
Kai M6
 Our next value is "Responsibility"

We Care Award Recipient

Congratulations to Axel C for being awarded the 'We Care' Award for Respect.

One Big Voice - Shirts

Choir students need to collect a shirt from the assembly area before school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week.

Students are required to wear their House shirt to school tomorrow, Friday August 20 and get changed before they go to One Big Voice.  If students already have an Interschool shirt, make sure it is brought to school tomorrow.

Shirt Returns: If your child is participating in the Interschool Cross Country, please hold onto the shirt after One Big Voice.  If your child is not attending Interschool Cross Country, please launder and return the borrowed Glengarry Primary School shirt by next Thursday, August 26.

2020 Whole School Photos

The Whole school Photos for 2020 are now available to view and purchase on the schools Web Gallery.

To access the gallery, follow the below procedure:

1.     Go to

2.     Click on the Glengarry Primary School logo

3.     Enter password :  kiagw897

If you have any queries, please contact Photo Hendriks Customer Service at

Around Glengarry

Room 6 - Mullaloo Beach Excursion

On Wednesday, August 18, the Year threes and fours in Room 6 travelled to Mullaloo Beach where they planted over 100 seedlings of a native coastal plant called Spinifex hirsutus.  This planting is helping with the regeneration of the dunes and provides additional coastal habitat for animals and improved ecosystem health.

Students also participated in a beach clean-up, working in teams to clean-up a section of beach before sorting and surveying what they collected. This data will be added to the national Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) database.  It provides valuable information on where, when, and what kind of marine pollution is showing up on our beaches.  Sadly, we noticed a lot of small pieces of plastic and many carelessly discarded cigarette butts.

We would like to say a special thank you to Wayne from Perth NRM and Mark and Rani from Mullaloo Beach Community Group for volunteering their time and making our day such a great success.

Parliament House - Rooms 9 and 10

On Monday the 16th of August, Room 9 and 10 went by bus to Parliament House in West Perth.  It was a sunny day and we had three rotations in five hours. 

One of the rotations was a guided tour of Parliament House where we were informed of lots of interesting facts.  While we were there, we met Paul Lillburne who is our local MP. 

We also went to the Electoral Education Centre where we learned about the voting process and conducted our own vote about lollies and chocolate!  The next rotation included learning about the three levels of Government in Australia.

We enjoyed being out of class and in the spectacular weather!


Amber B and Juliet L

Book Fair

The library will be open during the following times for Book Fair sales. Payment can be made via card or cash:

Monday 23rd August to Friday 27th August

Before School: 8:20am- 8:45am

Lunch: 12:35pm -1:00pm (students only)

After School: 3:00pm -3:45pm

Western Australia School Sport

Last week Sam O represented Glengarry Primary School in the Year 5 Boys 2.5km cross-country event at the Western Australia School Sport competition.  He competed against 292 students and came FIRST!

A big congratulations to Sam for an outstanding achievement.

Lost Property

Everyone loses things now and then. When students lose something, they can go to the Makuru block wet area, near room 2, and look for it in the Lost and Found.

Putting names on jackets, hats, and other personal possessions will make it easy to find them and return them to students.  Items that are not needed for school, especially valuable ones, are best left at home.

Health and Hygiene

Is your child feeling unwell?

Please do not send your child to school if they are at all unwell.

Any child who demonstrates or complains of being unwell will be removed from the class, isolated and parents/carers contacted.

Our school is well stocked with hand sanitiser. This has been provided to all work areas (including classrooms) and children are expected to “sanitise out / sanitise in” at all times. Cleaning of hands following toilet use is also instructed.

Chaplain's Chat


Responsibility is accepting accountability for your actions and their consequences.  Some say responsibility is a burden since responsible people don’t blame others when life goes differently than planned. 

These people do not understand that responsibility is actually a power!  Responsible people are in control of their own lives because they hold themselves accountable instead of someone else.

Spider-man recognised this superpower when he said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Whether you wield a lot of power or a little, remember to use your position for good and accept responsibility for your actions.

Jennifer Wolff


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