Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 2 - 26/02/2021

Principal's Message - Kim Fraser

At CPS we are recognised for our students showing the values of the ‘Churchlands Way’ and Respect, Resilience, Engage and Excel.  There are instances every day where students, staff and parents show aspects of these values. The worth that our whole school community has on the values of CPS reflects the culture of the school and is one that new families and visitors always comment on.

The P & C AGM last Tuesday demonstrated the value of community and how working as a team can have powerful and positive outcomes for the whole school community. Huge thank you to the parents who put their hands up to take on the many positions on and for the P & C. Your time and effort do not go unnoticed and is highly valued by all.  There are still some roles to fill on the P & C; President, Secretary, Communications Officer, Event Coordinator. If we are unable to fill these the P & C will no longer be able to operate which means no canteen, uniform shop or events. If you are interested in taking on a role please contact the P & C. Remember your contribution, be it small or large, is highly valued.

A very big thank you again to our generous P & C who have provided the school with funding for 2021 to the total of $22 800, which will supplement the purchase of a variety of resources for our students across the school.

$6,000 for the flexible furniture $1,000 for the ECE

$5,000 for the maths resources $4,800 for the writing and reading resources

$3,000 for the visual arts projects aligned to Aboriginal Cultural Framework

$3,000 for the STEAM/robotics resources

 As you are aware supporting all our students to be responsible digital citizens is a major focus at CPS. We also endeavour to provide parent support in this area as well.  Ensuring the same mechanisms and messages are in place between school and home greatly assists students in their understanding of responsible engagement with digital technology and social media. Below are some links that you may be interested in. Building on the same language and responsibilities we use with our children between home and school greatly supports them in being responsible digital citizens.


Just a reminder that Term 1 Students Charges are to be paid by Thursday 4 March 2021.   Thank you to all parents who have already paid these charges.

PLEASE NOTE;  When processing direct deposit to our school bank account that you use the reference as stated on the Unpaid Billing Items Reminder letter - ie:

Student Surname,  Student First Name, Room Number

There have been three unidentified deposits that we have not been able to be matched with a student. Would you please contact the Admin Office if you have made either of these deposits?

  • RichardsonLA02204 $36.00 on 21/02/21
  • Li, HUI Kind C $96.00 on 23/02/21
  • Janine Wong Reading Eggs on $36.00 on 25/2/21

Reminder - Student Update Form

Recently Student Update Forms were sent home to be returned 25 February 2021. Could your completed and signed form be returned to the Admin office as soon as possible? Any changes to student details that may occur throughout the year, can always be emailed to

ICT Agreements and Third Party Permission

Thank you to all the parents who have taken the time to go through our start-of-year information and have signed the permission. It is very much appreciated, allowing teachers to deliver quality education programs to our students.

If you are one of the few who have not had the time yet, please don't forget to read through our 2021 ICT information and sign our ICT Agreement / Third Party Service permission at your very earliest convenience. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NEARING OUR CUT-OFF DATE - and students without the consent will be required to not use services listed - as directed by the WA Education Department.

All information can be found in the NOTICES on Skoolbag, including the one easy-to-complete eForm.

Teachers must have permission to use the very wide range of digital tools that allow communication, delivery of learning and assessment. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Luke Johnson.

Week 8 & 9 Interm Swimming Rooms 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17

Date and Time

From Monday, March. 22nd to Thursday, April. 1st




IMPORTANT - If you haven't already, please complete the 2021 INTERM SWIMMING PERMISSION form located in your child/ren's Skoolbag Classroom Group.

Interm Swimming will be held in Weeks 8 and 9 this term for the classrooms mentioned above. At this stage, we are looking for parents with children attending to complete the permission form on Skoolbag, including which swimming level your child will be attempting. 

Please note you will have to join Skoolbag, and your child's classroom group on Skoolbag to access the eForm.

Payment will be required when the list of term charges is released in weeks 3 or 4.


After being cancelled due to COVID-19 last year, NAPLAN Online is scheduled to go ahead in 2021. Students in Years 3 and 5 will be participating in the national assessment between 11th and 21st of May. (Term 2, weeks 3 and 4).

For parents interested, there is a public demonstration website available to students to familiarise themselves with the NAPLAN Online platform. Students in years 3 and 5 will begin practicing on this website at school shortly, before participating in the practice tests later in the term.

Sustainability News


Congratulations! We have filled one Containers for Change bin. There are now three bins at the school. Bin 1 is in the ECU area and bins 2 and 3 are in the UNDERCOVER AREA



2.       NO STRAWS

3.       NO LIDS

4.       DO NOT use these bins for litter


Thank you to the wonderful families that attended our busy bee on Sunday. Despite the hot conditions, we achieved a lot!

  • Shamyla Lavea (Jordan & Leilah)
  • Karen & Joe Ariyaratnam (Stella & Sean)
  • Yi Jie (Evelyn & Rachel)
  • Trumti  (Tanisha)
  • Ailsa McGregor (Gracie Hardie)
  • Abhishek & Aanrapali (Jaanvi)
  • Nidhi & Sumit (
  • Fong (Eluid)
  • Josh & Mandy (Jonathon)
  • Lucy Lui (Evelyn)
  • Rosie Shepherd
  • Sandy Zhou (Olivia)
  • Steve Paradis (Ethan & Lachlan)
  • We spread mulch, planted vegetables and cleaned up the compost and the storeroom. Attending a busy bee is a great way to support our school and allows families to meet and understand more about the 9R shed. Thanks also go to Mrs Lucy Osterberg and Mrs Emma Jenkin who gave up their Sunday afternoon to assist with the cleaning up of our school.


    Frog Pond Project

    Located in suburban Perth, Churchlands Primary School has many native shrubs within the school grounds and is situated near Herdsman Lake, which is the largest wetland in the Southern hemisphere providing a breeding ground for birds and frogs. 

    The school is embarking on a plan to connect with our rich local environment by building a Frog Pond within school grounds. Not only will this provide an authentic link to our surroundings, but it will also provide a learning space to complement students’ studies on habitat, lifecycles and biodiversity. The project also will include links to many other areas of the curriculum, including history, indigenous studies, technology and STEAM learning. The project will involve each classroom and students will be included in sourcing and presenting relevant information regarding each particular aspect involved. 

    We need your help!

    While students will have the knowledge and understanding side of frog ponds, and Herdsman Lake covered, we need help in physically creating it. To assist in reaching our goal, we are asking for support from the very generous CPS community. If you can, or know of companies or individuals that can assist in the following areas, please contact Luke Johnson or Sheree Samsa at the school.

    • Landscaping / light earthmoving
    • Landscape supplies - logs, gravel, rocks, dirt
    • Wire mesh/pond liners
    • Plants
    • Haulage
    • Tree stumping

    Stay tuned for more information on this new exciting initiative as it progresses!

    EALD / ESL News (English as an Additional Language / Dialect) (English as a Second Language)

    Welcome to the 2021 school year! An extra warm welcome to all the new families who are joining us. Sending Happy New Lunar Year wishes to everyone too. May the Year of the Ox bring you strength, stability and good health.

     I will be working on Mondays and Tuesdays with stage 1 and 2 eligible EALD students. Students that will be supported and/or monitored will receive a letter home with more information. Progress Maps will also be included in end of semester reports this year.

     I will also continue to build the languages section in the library. Through newsletters and hopefully, in some parent workshops, I will share with you a strategy to assist in improving English skills or some interesting information about language learning. There are some translated documents on the school website that I will be adding to during the year also.

    Looking forward to a wonderful year!

    Mrs Sasha Key

    The Music Review T1 Wk4

    VOICE Senior Choir, CPS String Orchestra and HOTNOTES Orchestra

    All three ensembles have started up with flying colours this year.

    Mrs Carter, our IMSS violin and viola teacher is directing Churchlands PS String Orchestra on Tuesdays before school. 

    VOICE Senior Choir is being held on Thursdays before school, with a full cohort of 67 students from years 5 and 6. Don’t forget to organise your shirt from the uniform shop (Open Tuesdays before school) as well as your black pants and shoes. You will be needing those for our first performance – Our ANZAC Ceremony!

    And finally…. HOTNOTES Orchestra, the biggest ever at 50 members this year, is being held each Friday morning. Members – remember to organise your black pants, shoes and a long sleeve white button-up shirt. 

    Music Team 2021

    Meet the team looking dangerous…. Left to right Katana, Sophie, Mikayla, Nick, Tiya, Kayla, Xulin, Klara

    The Music Team has been learning how to set up and run the PA system, practicing their musical skills, helping out starting up the ensembles and generally trying to look like they own it!

    IMSS Charges Due

    Just a reminder to pay the IMSS resource and instrument hire charges if applicable to you please.

    These charges were included on the Term 1 Unpaid Billing Items Statement which you will have received.

    Michael Howesmith - Music Specialist

    P.E. Report

    Welcome Back

    Welcome back to a new year, even though we’ve only just finished week 4 it already feels like the term is flying by.  A lot happening in term 1 in the PE department.

    Key Dates:

    Week 4: End of week 4 nomination forms for Interschool Swimming trials are due back.

    Week 6/7: Interschool trials at CSHS (Times to be confirmed).

    Week 9: Wednesday 31 March- Interschool Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium

    Term 2 Week 1: Thursday 22 April – CPS Swimming Carnival at CSHS.

    Please be advised that there is a slight change in the running of our interschool swimming and Churchlands faction carnivals due to unavailability of facilities and swimming lessons at certain times.  If you have any concerns about this please contact Mr Marshall directly.

     The Churchlands PS swimming carnival is always held after our in-term swimming lessons which this year are in weeks 8 and 9 meaning the earliest we could host our swimming event would be at the start of term 2.  This allows those low level swimmers the ability to get their confidence in the water before the carnival. In the past, we have used our swimming carnival as a basis to pick our interschool team of year 4-6 swimmers.  However, this year we will be running time trials at CSHS in week 6/7 to pick our team.  All students in years 4-6 can nominate for which event they would like to trial for.  Nominations were sent out via classroom SeeSaw at the end of week 2.

     All events at the CPS carnival will be timed and performance on the day will determine the points for each faction and individual performance.  If you have any concerns/question about this, please directly contact Mr Marshall at

    Faction Captains

    Congratulations to those students who will be leading their factions this year;

    Cowan – Jessica M and Tom W

    Curtin – Mio B and Joseph B

    Forrest – Arnie D and Evan K

    Stirling – Daniel G and Izzie H

    Before and After School Activities

    During the school term, there will be activities happening every day of the week to keep your kids active before and after school.  Over the next few weeks you will see flyers promoting various activities, if you are interested please contact those organisations directly.  There are a couple of school-run activities that all kids are encouraged to attend; running club and student circuit training.

    Running Club

    Running club is on Tuesday mornings starting at 8 am from week 4. For new families to Churchlands PS, the running club is where students run laps around the school earning points for their faction. Exercising in the mornings has many health benefits and is a great way to start the day.

    Some benefits include:

    ·         improved physical and mental energy,

    ·         a better night’s sleep,

    ·         help maintain a healthy weight

    ·         reach your fitness goals,

    ·         enhance your metabolism. 

    A reminder that mugs for Milo need to be placed on the table outside the undercover area before 8.15 am.  Milo is a reward for the effort put in during the running club.

    It is encouraged that students need to run at least 3 laps to get a Milo. Turning up late won’t allow enough time to 3 laps done in.  

    Can you please click on the link and fill in the attached form, so Mr Marshall can organise your QR code card before your first running club. Kids of all ages are welcome to join in the fun, that is running club.  Remember to bring your QR code to every running club.

    Student Circuit Training

    On Wednesday at 8 am (starting week 4) our Faction Captains will be running circuit training for all students at CPS. This is a great opportunity to get our bodies moving in the morning, work hard together to support each other to reach some personal goals all the while listening to some great music and have heaps of fun. We encourage all parents and family members to join in.  No sign-up required just turn up on the day.  We hope to see heaps of happy and smiley faces on Wednesday (starting week 4)

    Coder Dojo

    The Churchlands PS CoderDojo is a volunteer led coding club for students in years 3-6.  The dojo runs on Monday afternoons from 3.15 -4.15pm.  CoderDojo starts in Week 6, Term 1.

    This year, the theme of Coder Dojo is Robotics! The class aims to prepare students for participation in robotics events such as the 2021 CPS Robo-Showdown, and the 2021 RoboCup Jr competitions. For more information on RoboCup please visit their website -

    At the events, there are several different competition categories, including, Sumo Wrestling, Maze rescue, line rescue, and on-stage performances – where students code and choreograph their robots to dance to the music! Students can choose which category they prefer and will begin designing, building, then coding their robots as required by the competition rules.

    Please note that all Coder Dojo sessions will work towards this aim, so student ambition to improve their robotics design and programming will be essential and ongoing. There will be no Minecraft or Scratch coding.

    If your child/ren are in years 3-6 and are interested in participating, please complete the online eForm by no later than Wednesday, Week 5 (3/3). Students will be selected on their application and availability of numbers. Students will be notified of their place by Friday, Week 5.


    Churchlands Senior High School Tour - Friday 5 March 2021

    For information on the tour download the brochure below.



    Before School Tennis

     Churchlands PS Term 1 2021

    (7 WEEK OPTION starting as of Wednesday 17th Feb)

     Coastal Tennis will be returning next week to offer Tennis Lessons on the school's courts.

    Lessons are conducted on Wednesday morning 7.45-8.30am (Yrs 1-3) & Thursday morning 7.45-8.30am (Yrs 4-6). 

    All enquiries call Nick Kirkbride (Coastal Tennis) 0419 923 495 or visit and enrol or download a form from the Schools Page.



    Soccer Students Start the Day in a Fun, Healthy and Positive Way!

    Thursday morning before school soccer has once again been a huge hit with children from Kindergarten to Year 6 learning from Mark Lee and his coaching team.

    The 730-830am sessions are full of games, engagement, challenges and healthy mind and body learning experiences.

    Our younger students are taken to class by the coaches and feedback from parents is always very positive.

    There are still places available this term so simply contact Mark on or 0430 788 703

    Mark Lee Football Coaching 

    0430 788 703


    Churchlands Primary School Netball Club 2021 Registrations are open!

    • Years 2,3 and 4 will play Friday afternoons from 4.15 pm.
    • Year 5 and 6 will play on Saturday mornings from approximately 8.30 am (TBC)
    • Games are played under Perth Netball Association (PNA) at the Matthews Netball Centre, 200 Selby St, Jolimont.
    • Games start May 7th/8th and conclude August 20th (Year 2-4) and August 28th (Years 5 and 6). Games are not played on the long weekend (June 4th and 5th) or throughout the Winter school holidays (2nd – 17th July).
    • Training times are to be confirmed by coaches but, have  in previous years, been either before or after school at the blue court on-site at Churchlands PS (subject to availability and approval from school admin). Training generally starts by the end of March and is run during school holidays at the coach’s discretion/availability. PNA run school holiday camps for those wanting extra prep for the season:
    • Registration fees are $187.05 for Years 2-5 and $192.75 for Year 6. Additional costs will be incurred for umpires and potentially coaches if we do not have enough volunteer coaches for teams. These costs will be organised and collected by your team managers (parent volunteers are required to fill these roles too please).
    • Uniforms (netball shirt with Velcro for bib attachment) are distributed before the start of the season and are to be returned after the season.

    To register follow these links:

    NetSetGo (Years 2,3,4 and 5)

    2021 Churchlands PS Year 2-5 Player Registration

    Junior (Year 6)

    2021 Churchlands PS Year 6 Player, Coach & Volunteer Registration

    Registrations close Monday 15th of March

    Questions? Contact Netball Coordinator Jess