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Acknowledgement of Country...

Principal's Address...

Achievement and success comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes is quite obvious – competing and winning at different levels, such as sport; learning to play an instrument and performing a solo and as a collective in the band in front of an audience; achieving exemplary results in tests and receiving awards; creating an artwork for the Art Show, as well as standing at the front of lines and receiving weekly awards.

Achievement is not always obvious, however, but happens very subtly – having the courage to ‘have a go’ at something new, being able to decode an unknown word, reading with more fluency, having that ‘aha!’ moment when the maths concept makes sense, learning how to make a friend, making less mistakes in spelling over time, working with others in a group…the list is endless.

After reading through and signing off on 381 Semester 2 reports recently, it quickly became apparent to me that there are currently 381 students at Balmain Public School, from Kindergarten to Year 6, who have all experienced individual successes and achievements this year. These reports are all a celebration...hopefully you’ve taken the time to celebrate with your children.

The topsy-turvy world we have navigated through, and continue to do so, this year, has actually been a positive experience...out of adversity, our students have developed such a variety of skills: resilience, patience, perseverance, independence, determination, problem-solving, time management, grit and, of course, using the Google Classroom platform. Our students have learnt to get along with siblings, spend more quality family time at home, as well as to learn new skills such as cooking, gardening and learning new instruments.

They say that…“It takes a village to raise a child”…this African proverb certainly rings true at Balmain Public School; we have a fabulous community working together, to ensure the success of each and every member of our Balmain village.

Firstly, I'd like to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and passion of all of Balmain's teachers, who ensure that the Department of Education’s goal of knowing, valuing and caring for each student, is undeniably upheld. Thank you to each and every one of you, who help make such a positive difference in our children's education.

The next special group of people is our P&C - your collective enthusiasm and dedication with fundraising for the benefit of all our children and school is truly commendable!

 This year, our connection with the community has further strengthened. Without hesitation, we saw our school community come together to support the teachers, staff and school; we, in turn, tried to pay that generosity forward, by supporting our local community, too.

We continue in partnership to deliver a quality education to each and every student at Balmain Public School - that all our students make a strong start in life and education - that all students are engaged and challenged and continue to learn - that all young people have a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, as well as deep content knowledge - that all students are confident in their ability to learn, adapt and be responsible citizens - that all our students will be well-prepared for the future that lies ahead.

This year has certainly been unique and a moment in time to embrace and treasure...'a picture paints a thousand words', as they say...enjoy the highlight reel of '2020 - THE YEAR THAT WAS'...

Mrs Maria Lambos


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Our LEARN LIVE LEAD Awards are aligned to the school's motto...

Today we celebrate the outstanding achievements of many of our students, who continuously strive for success.

Even if you're not receiving an award, I'd like all of you to be proud in knowing that you are setting goals, aiming to raise the bar and that you have done your very best!

'Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.' – Bonnie Blair

K GUMNUT - Mrs Lauren Goodridge

LEARN Award - Isla Booty-Rampton

her fantastic effort and achievement in English

LEARN Award - Margot Baudinet

being a hardworking and curious learner

LIVE Award - Arthur Byrne

his genuinely kind and happy nature

LIVE Award - Ethan Rutherford

being an all-round superstar in the classroom and beyond

LEAD Award - Samuel Sidman

being responsible, kind and fair in all that he does

LEAD Award - Frankie Bingeman Tong

leading others with her positive thinking and bright and bubbly personality

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - K Gumnut

K JASMINE - Ms Louise Jennett

LEARN Award - Cara Stanton

tackling all tasks with a positive attitude and commitment to personal growth

LEARN Award - Oliver Heaton

his quiet determination to  successfully reach his reading goals

LIVE Award - Oscar Liu

his bright smile and positive attitude towards all activities

LIVE Award - Oliver Nichifor

his mature, kind and caring approach to all aspects of school life

LEAD Award - James Lewin

always demonstrating the 'Balmain Way', by showing genuine care and respect for others

LEAD Award - Amber Sutton

her sensitive and helpful approach to school life

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - K Jasmine

K KALE - Ms Brigit Karstrom

LEARN Award - Chloe Chae

overcoming so many challenges and now having the determination to attempt all learning experiences

LEARN Award - Anouk Van Der Brooks

developing confidence in herself and a passion for learning

LIVE Award - Felix Jouana

his friendly character, positive 'can do' attitude and inquisitive mind

LIVE Award - Silas Rosalky

having a vivacious personality and embracing all aspects of school life

LEAD Award - Charlotte Owens

her unconditional kindness and willingness to assist her others with a smile

LEAD Award - Oliver Cassidy

his calm, positive and respectful nature towards all

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - K Kale

1/2 BANANA PALM - Ms Lauren Burke

LEARN Award - Nate Jeffrey

all the hard work and amazing progress he's made in Year 1!

LEARN Award - Giselle Panikkar

developing skills and confidence in reading and using them in all learning areas

LIVE Award - Lennon Li

his impressive development in all aspects of school life

LIVE Award - Tristan Lau

embracing new experiences and exploring his true passions

LEAD Award - Sophie West

being a consistently reliable and responsible class member

LEAD Award - Imogen Johnston

always being a positive role model to her peers and for bringing happiness and laughter to the class

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Banana Palm

1/2 CACTACEAE - Ms Amelia Cooper

LEARN Award - Harrison Smith

his deep passion and enthusiasm for seeking out new information

LEARN Award - Saoirse McCormick

developing greater confidence and showing amazing growth in her learning

LIVE Award - Yunxi Le Roux

her joyful nature and sparkling personality

LIVE Award - Joshua McGuinness

his energetic attitude and fantastic sense of humour

LEAD Award - Henry Futcher

showing responsibility, initiative and trustworthiness

LEAD Award - Emily Liquete

her cheerful leadership and improved maturity

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Cactaceae

1/2 LAVENDER - Ms Brodie Lennox

LEARN Award - Sophia Knight

her hard work and resilience throughout the entire year

LEARN Award - Sophia Allchin

developing a growth mindset towards her learning and having a 'give it a go' attitude

LIVE Award - Henry Rutherford

bringing his interest and love of learning into the classroom

LIVE Award - Claudia Pruscino

her mature and calming presence in the classroom

LEAD Award - Naomi O'Brien

her positive approach to solving problems with peers and guiding others to make positive decisions

LEAD Award - Alexandre Schlomka

always looking out for his peers and being inclusive to all

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Lavender

1/2 MANGROVE - Ms Jana Moisa

LEARN Award - Yasna Kudinova

her incredible commitment and enthusiasm towards her learning!

LEARN Award - Lachlan Cameron

his amazing determination and positivity towards, and growth in, his reading and writing!

LIVE Award - Leo Young

always showing kindness and being a selfless helper in the classroom

LIVE Award - Harry Stephenson

his positive attitude and vibrant personality that brings warmth to those around him

LEAD Award - Arwen Jenkins

being an exceptional role model to her peers in all areas of school life

LEAD Award - Eirlys Jones

her positive energy and thoughtful ability to inspire and help others

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Mangrove

3/4 BAMBOO - Mr Sean Baumann

LEARN Award - Demi Georghiou

her commendable improvement in her fearless and positive attitude towards her learning

LEARN Award - Hugo Hamilton-Smith

consistently applying his best effort in every aspect of his schooling

LIVE Award - Elizabeth Reid

her incredible growth in her resilience and selflessness

LIVE Award - Toby Morrow

his superlative maturity and humility

LEAD Award - Farran Weir

his increased confidence and allowing his infectious positive demeanour to shine

LEAD Award - Elise Green

her natural leadership qualities, positive attitude and always supporting her peers

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 3/4 Bamboo

3/4 MAGNOLIA - Ms Ysanne Holt

LEARN Award - Connor Taubman

his dedication towards learning and regularly applying feedback to excel in learning!

LEARN Award - Julia Butler

having a positive attitude towards learning and completing work to a high standard

LIVE Award - Rose Finlay

always being positive, kind and extremely polite! Your positivity is infectious!

LIVE Award - Remus Conaty-Hughes

being humble, kind and supportive to everyone!

LEAD Award - Elliot Futcher

being respectful, safe and responsible, always!

LEAD Award - Felisha Kwok

always showing maturity and leadership qualities!

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 3/4 Magnolia

3/4 RAINFOREST - Ms Rose Reedy

LEARN Award - Quin Stanton

his incredible persistence and dedication in improving his reading this year

LEARN Award - Cleopatra McPherson

her never-ending positivity and outstanding determination to achieve her goals

LIVE Award - Jayden Yin

his mature, kind and positive outlook when faced with challenges

LIVE Award - Jack Oughton

his beautiful kindness, always helping others and trying his best

LEAD Award - Vivienne Talbot

being an outstanding role model and always helping others in need

LEAD Award - Emma Corby

being a leader in the community, reaching out and standing up for her beliefs

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 3/4 Rainforest

5/4 MARIGOLD - Emily Matthews

LEARN Award - Dillon Poznaks

his incredible growth and commitment to his learning

LEARN Award - Ryan Raj

his diligence and love for learning

LIVE Award - Ruby Thompson

embodying 'The Balmain Way' within the classroom and on the playground

LIVE Award - Teo Xiao

his genuine kindness displayed throughout 2020

LEAD Award - William Booth

his respectful and responsible attitude to his peers and teachers

LEAD Award - Alexandra Kuiper

her consistent and vivacious leadership skills demonstrated throughout the year

5/6 CHERRY BLOSSOM - Mr David Carlton

LEARN Award - Laila Chopra

constantly challenging herself to further her understanding

LEARN Award - Andrew Karakaidos

his dedication to achieve his goals and reflect upon his learning

LIVE Award - Greta Rand

her kindness and considerations of others

LIVE Award - Monika McBride

her growing confidence, persistence and resilience in her approach to school

LEAD Award - Lachlan Robinson

his ability to encourage others to participate in all schooling activities

LEAD Award - Frederick Buckell

supporting his peers and setting an example for others

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Cherry Blossom

5/6 FRANGIPANI - Ms Nancy Ferguson

LEARN Award - Sarah Hall

radiating positivity and care in the work that she produces

LEARN Award - James Taubman

his ongoing readiness and eagerness to broaden his knowledge and understanding

LIVE Award - Laura Barros Smith

her thoughtfulness and incredible awareness of the people and things around her

LIVE Award - Sophie Heisler

her unwavering sense of respect and kindness towards everyone

LEAD Award - Emily Rumboll

her ability to anticipate the needs of others and follow through with commitments

LEAD Award - Alexander Taubman

his forward thinking and commitment to aligning himself with 'The Balmain Way'

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Frangipani

5/6 WILLOW - Ms Holly Wright

LEARN Award - Imogen Hayen

her outstanding work ethic and taking on new challenges with persistence, enthusiasm and confidence

LEARN Award - Anthony Li

his analytical mindset and his motivation to acquire new skills and knowledge

LIVE Award - Johnny McCarthy

his dedication and commitment to all areas of learning

LIVE Award - Ricky Sicurella

demonstrating commendable social growth and resilience during his time at Balmain Public School

LEAD Award - Asha Sutton

demonstrating leadership skills whilst building positive relationships with peers

LEAD Award - Sajan Thiagalingam

his enthusiasm and maturity to be an excellent role model for his peers

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Willow

5/6 YAUTIA - Ms Annabel Yau

LEARN Award - Emily Troy

actively embedding her creative and artistic nature within learning tasks

LEARN Award - Skye Guerreiro

her focus, dedication and application towards all areas of learning

LIVE Award - Gemma Wright

possessing the qualities of a solution-focused thinker and problem solver

LIVE Award - Lydia Cowdery Lack

demonstrating resilience and perseverance across all areas of school-life

LEAD Award - Rory Graham

setting a high standard of critical and creative thinking, when engaging in learning tasks

LEAD Award - Henry Joyce

being a kind, respectful and inclusive member of our class

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Yautia


LIBRARY - Ms Margaret Whelan

LIBRARY - ES1 - Emily Keskin KG

great interest in stories

LIBRARY - S1 - Oliver Penny 1/2L

exemplary borrowing and listening

LIBRARY - S2 - Amelia Hodges 3/4R

continued use of the library

LIBRARY - S3 - Charles Chen 5/6Y

ongoing interest in reading

MUSIC - Ms Biggins

MUSIC - ES1 - Amber Sutton KJ

her unwavering enthusiasm and musicality

MUSIC - S1 - Rosalind Clemens 1/2M

her gentle manner and creative musicality

MUSIC - S2 - Elise Green 3/4B

for her strong creative musical intelligence

MUSIC - S3 - Sylvie Daniels 5/6W

her wonderful and comprehensive musicality

STEAM - Ms Kim Barcenilla

STEAM - ES1 - Charlotte Owens KK

her zealous and inquiring approach to understanding scientific concepts

STEAM - S1 - Arwen Jenkins 1/2M

demonstrating the depth of her knowledge and communicating her understanding with her peers

STEAM - S2 - Toby Morrow 3/4B

his curiosity and communication when exploring scientific concepts

STEAM - S3 - Alexander Lau 5/6C

his innovation, creative problem-solving and authentic application of new skills

VISUAL ARTS - Mrs Felicity Bowman

VISUAL ARTS - ES1 - Nico Harter KG

consistent effort in Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS - S1 - Mila Finucane 1/2B

consistent effort in Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS - S2 - Emma Bradbury 3/4M

excellence in Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS - S3 - Lachlan Ward 5/6F

excellence in Visual Arts


Blue Gum!

BAND Awards

Junior Band - Olivia Kim 3/4M

Senior Band - Sylvie Daniels 5/6W


Junior Strings - Panya Shastry 1/2L

Senior Strings - Tristan Lau 1/2B



DEADLY KIDS Award - Alesha Sedgley-Davis 5/4M

in recognition of your deadly efforts and achievements in school

The Deadly Kids Awards celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff in public schools across NSW.


Ms Pauline

Ms Pauline was a much-loved member of staff at Balmain Public School for 10 years. Sadly for us all, we lost Ms Pauline late last year, although she leaves behind an incredible legacy and we are forever grateful.

Ms Pauline was a fierce advocate of sustainability, as well as caring for our environment and planet. Ms Pauline's Garden is a testament to her passion and through this organic garden she started, Ms Pauline lives on beside us!


dedication and commitment to our school garden


dedication and commitment to our school garden

MICHAEL WARD COMMUNITY Award - Lachlan Ward 5/6F

Every year the staff chooses a student who has made outstanding contributions to our school, either through continued commitment to their roles or because they have seen a need and stepped in to help out.


Sydney Secondary College - Balmain Campus offers an award to a Year 6 student who demonstrates application, effort and achievement that corresponds with their middle schooling model areas of: High Expectations, Student Voice and Responsibility, Authentic Teaching and Learning Outcomes and Strong Learning Relationships.


Prime Ministers' Address...

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Acknowledging the 2020 Student Leadership Team...

Under the guidance of Ms Whelan, the 2020 Members of Parliament have made their mark on Balmain Public School with numerous whole-school leadership and fundraising initiatives, albeit a little differently!

Would our 2020 Ministers please join our Prime Ministers, Marcella Conaty-Hughes and Alexander Taubman, on the stage?

Our 2020 School Leadership Team - Clementine Buffier, Laila Chopra, Marcella Conaty-Hughes, Sylvie Daniels, Oscar Finlay, Monique Gabriel, Alexander Pidcock, Lachlan Robinson, Asha Sutton, Alexander Taubman, James Taubman and Lachlan Ward...

Would the audience please acknowledge the initiatives and energy that this 2020 Parliament has brought to our school?

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One of the highlights of this presentation assembly is to announce the student leaders for 2021. Would next year’s members of parliament please come to the stage to receive your badges from this year’s ministers?

 Our Ministers and parliamentary officials for 2021 are:
Alexandra BradburyWilliam Booth
Emily DevlinEdward Huynh
Sarah HallAndrew Karakaidos
Shuhan LiangAlexander Lau
Logan Philipiah Theodore Rutgers
Emily RumbollSajan Thiagalingam
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And our 2021 Prime Ministers are...



Meet our Student Leadership Team for 2021...Prime Ministers

Meet our Student Leadership Team for 2021...Ministers


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