TOKSAVE - Term 2 Week 8

Lihir International School and School to Mine Campus

Principal: Mr Gregory Neville

Deputy Principal LIS: Ms Catherine Langusch

Deputy Principal STM: Mr Kevin Collins

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Lihir International School is committed to providing excellent learning experiences for children, and sharing those experiences with parents and caregivers.

Today, Semester 1 student folios have been sent home. The folio displays a range of work samples completed by your child during terms 1 and 2, 2021.

These work samples will give you an indication of the range of topics your child has covered and the level of understanding they have achieved.

Please take time to view all work in the folio with your child and ask them questions about what they have been learning so that they get the chance to discuss their learning with you.

When going through the folio, please keep in mind that all children learn at different rates and have learning strengths in different curriculum areas. This is an opportunity as a parent to offer your child some encouragement and praise.

When you have finished perusing the work samples with your child, please return the folio to the school.

Parent / teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and this is the ideal time to discuss any questions that arise when viewing your child’s work.

Public Holiday -  A reminder that Monday, the 14th June, is a public holiday for the Queen's birthday. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.

The last day for term 2 will be Thursday,17th June. Term 3 will commence on Monday, 12th July.

Do not hesitate to make contact If you have any further queries or questions.


Mr Neville

Click on the link above to see today's assembly prepared by our Year 7/8 class.

Last Day Sausage Sizzle

The P&W will provide a free sausage sizzle for lunch on the last day of term 2 - Thursday 17th of June. Thanks to the P&W for this initiative!

Principal's Awards Term 2 Week 7

Term 2 Calendar


Mr Neville, Mr.Collins and Ms Langusch receive their Covid 19 Vaccines

Keeping our children safe in 2021

It is imperative that parents and carers do not send their children to school if they are sick or showing any symptoms of a cold or flu. If your child is sick, please keep your child home and seek appropriate medical attention. Children who display any signs of sickness will be isolated under supervision in the school's sick bay and parents called to come and collect them.

1.  A comprehensive deep clean of the school will be undertaken by Nayal LTD, prior to school resumption on May 3rd.

2. Entrance to school for students and parents / carers will be via the Aginas Oval gate only, which will open at 7.50am. Students who arrive before this (which is discouraged) are to social distance and  wait in the carpark undercover area until 7.50am. Students should be at school by 8.10am, ready to start the day at 8.15am.

3. All students will be greeted at the gate by a teacher, where they will be temperature checked. They will then wash their hands at the wash station and then proceed to their classroom.  Parents and carers will not be permitted to escort their children to classrooms, If parents need to go to the office, they will be permitted to proceed to the wash station and are then to make their way straight to the school office. Students will not be permitted to return home during the day to collect their morning snack or forgotten items such as books, etc. 

4. Several wash stations are installed around the school (see pics below) and hand sanitiser is available in all classrooms. Students will be required to wash their hands in the mornings before school, before and after recess/lunch and before leaving school in the afternoons. Educational videos and ISOS personnel will be utilised to support education in hand washing and general hygiene.

5. All desks, door handles, playground equipment and other high contact equipment will be sanitised twice daily or after use by cleaning staff.

6. Social distancing measure of 1.5 metres will be employed in classrooms through desk arrangements. Social distancing markings have been painted on cement areas where students line up and in the undercover area for recess/lunch eating times. The school will implement staggered recess breaks between the primary and high school to reduce the number of children using toilets etc.

7. Students will be issued with a reusable washable mask. Students will be need to wear these masks for travel to and from school and during all activities at school.

8. The school canteen will be closed for the duration on term 2. Students will need to bring a packed recess snack and lunch each day - there is to be no dropping off of food by parents, siblings or haus meris. Students are also asked to bring a water bottle to school that they will refill instead of drinking from the bubblers.

9. In term 2 there will be no after-school activities, sports carnivals or team sports and we ask that students are collected promptly at 3.00pm (12.15pm Kindy).

10. Term 2 will not have traditional assemblies at school. Virtual assemblies will continue throughout the term, with the assembly link to be published in the weekly Toksave for parents to view.

11. Reduced movement of high school students will be implemented.

2021 Term Dates for Students

Monday 19 April to Thursday 17 June

Monday 12 July to Wednesday 15 September

Tuesday 5 October to Thursday 2 December

Student Council News

This term's Student Councillors have come up with two activities that everyone can participate in. The fun activity will be a drawing competition and the fundraising activity will be Frosty Friday.

Fun Activity-Drawing Competition

The theme of the drawing competition will be about nature and the natural world of beauty. Everyone can participate by drawing a picture that showcases nature. For instance, it might be boating, gardens, flowers, sunsets/sunrise or any living thing. The drawing can be on A3 or A4 paper and it can be painted or drawn and coloured in.

There will be a winner and runner up from each class. Everyone who enters gets a free frosty and the winners get a prize… details yet to come. All drawings are due in on Thursday week 8, and winners will be announced Thursday, week 9

Have FUN drawing!!!!!!!

Fundraising Activity-Frosty Friday

Frosty Friday will occur at the end of week 8 and 9. Frosties will cost K2 each. Please pay by Wednesday of each week. Only one frosty per student.

Thank you, and let’s have fun while still maintaining basic COVID safe protocols.

By Ivana

From the Deputy Principal (LIS)

Reporting and Parent / Teacher interviews

Students will be bringing their semester portfolios home today, to share their learning with you. We encourage parents to go through these with your child and discuss the different tasks and activities, identifying areas for praise as well as areas for encouragement.

Parent/teacher interviews will be on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Parents will be able to make a booking for an interview by contacting Ms Rachael in the office by either email or by phone/text.

Semester 1 reports will be sent home next week on Thursday.

Year 8 and Year 10 Exam Prep

There will be exam preparation lessons for our year 8 and 10 students during the first two weeks of the holidays at the STM Campus, from 10.00am - 12.00pm. These lessons will be delivered by our on-site STM staff, Mr Joseph Takaundo and Ms Aisa Victor. A letter will be sent home to year 8 and year 10 parents with further details. It is expected that all year 8/10 students attend these sessions. Please contact your child's teacher if your child is unable to attend as we are committed to preparing our students for these important exams. Students will be able to have some holiday fun and relaxation on the third week of the holidays.

Next term, we will continue our after school sessions for year 10 students and also commence Saturday morning sessions for our year 8 and 10 students. Parents will receive further information next term.

Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Ms Langusch


From the Deputy Principal (STM)

Our Work Ready Program continues to progress well. This week we welcomed Hannah Ilave and Wendy Tame came to present and discuss Trupla Man Trupla Meri, its associated values and its importance in Newcrest. On Thursday, our LIS students assisted in the delivery of a STEM day through which trainees experienced 3D Printing, Sphero Balls, Drones and VR Headsets. 

Our FODE students have completed all exams and now continue their new subjects of study.

STMC have confirmed plans for lecturers from Divine Word University to come to our campus to deliver the Primary Education Bachelor Upgrade Program for local Lihirian Teachers. We look forward to welcoming Dr Lynus Yamuna and Mr Kelaki Peter for the delivery of the first semester of this 2 year program on 28 June.

The Kisim Save Library will no longer open of a Wednesday evening due to lack of interest however it is open to all Townsite Residents and Newcrest Employees on Saturdays by appointment. Please email .


Mr. Kevin Collins

School to Mine Campus - Student Profile

Current enrolment at STMC: Work Ready Program

Name: Adolf Metes        

Where are you living?  Mallie Island

What previous training have you had? I went to POM Tech where I completed a Diploma of Electrical Engineering

What do you want to achieve after completing the Work Ready Program?    I would love to be employed by Newcrest Mining Ltd as an Apprentice Electrician

VIP Award