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Hindmarsh Edition 22: Term 1 Week 2

What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • Welcome to our new students
  • COVID Update
  • Nut Aware School
  • Redevelopment Update
  • Staff News
  • School Board Update
  • Annual Improvement Plan
  • School Uniform
  • Sacramental program
  • Become a Parent Volunteer
  • Expressions of Interest: After School Sports

Diary Dates

Tuesday 22nd February
🗣 AGM: Annual General Meeting

Sunday 27th February
⛪️ Commissioning Mass, Sacred Heart Church at 9.30 am 

Tuesday 1st March
🥞 Shrove Tuesday

From the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

Greetings and Welcome back either face to face or remotely!  I hope that you have had a safe and enjoyable holiday, and eager as we are, to commence another positive year of working in respectful partnership with us to support the ongoing development and success of every student in our school community.

It was a joy to see the smiling faces of children and parents of Preschool – Year 2 students enter the school grounds to meet staff and reconnect with their friends.

I have enjoyed visiting each class and have loved listening to the many and varied experiences the students have enjoyed during their summer holidays!

It has been great to be part of ‘Teams’ meetings with Years 3 -6 on occasion too!  We can’t wait until everyone is back on site for ‘face to face’ teaching on February 14.

Students have expressed how eager they are to reconnect with their friends, get to know their new teachers and of course immerse themselves in their learning! 

We can't wait until we are all back together on site to learn and...


Welcome to our community

It was also wonderful to see how well the new Preschool, Reception students and other new students to our school have settled in.  The staff and I extend a warm St Joseph’s welcome to our new students and their families.

COVID Update

Personal hygiene and the hygiene standards in our school is critical to reducing the risk of infection.

All children and staff will need to continue to:

  • wash their hands regularly, particularly after using the toilet and before eating
  • avoid spreading infections to others by staying home if they are unwell
  • cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue
  • year 3-6 students to wear masks in classrooms

SA Health encourages parents to provide children with their own personal, labelled and named drink water bottles. These can then be refilled at the drink fountains or water taps, rather than children drinking directly from the taps.

Parents will need to maintain social distancing when in the school yard.

Let’s care for each other and be kind!

We’ve got this!

Medical Conditions/Allergies/Intolerances

As there is a greater number of students who have medical conditions, are anaphylactic or have allergies and food intolerances that are very serious, as well as, the need to maintain safe practices regarding COVID, children are not permitted to share food, therefore cakes, lollies or other treats for birthday or other celebrations can not be brought to school. Your cooperation and understanding is very much appreciated.  Every child matters!  No nut products please. 

Redevelopment Update

As expressed in the welcome back video, building approval was granted by council in late December.  A project manager has been appointed and preparations are underway to prepare documentation for the tender process to begin.  The tender process normally takes approximately 4 weeks.  This is very exciting news! It won’t be too long before our transformation begins to take shape. Yeah!

Catholic Church Insurances

We aim to ensure that our school is well maintained and complies with all regulations.  Even so, accidents do occur on occasion.  Our school does provide ‘School Care’ accident insurance for all students who attend our school.  

Staff News

Staff Farewells

Since the end of Term 4 2021, the following staff have left St Joseph's, Mulu Bogale, Matthew Holmes, Andrea Hooper and Denise Tarrant.

Please join me in acknowledging their contribution and service to our school community and extend our sincere best wishes and blessings for their future endeavours.

New Staff Members

Please  join me in extending a warm St Joseph’s welcome to new staff;

  • Matthew Baird - Year 3/4 FB and PE Teacher
  • Natalie Bampton - Year 3/4 B Teacher
  • Briana Spencer - Curriculum ESO
  • Vy Ly - OSHC Educator
  • Michael Lindsay - OSHC Educator

We hope to have completed the recruitment process for the OSHC Director by the end of this week. 

School Board

As you would be aware 4 nominations were received at the end of 2021 and information about each candidate was circulated in preparation for an online vote this year.  During the holidays Mark Thompson and Caterina Vignogna withdrew their nominations, therefore with two vacant positions available and two nominations remaining, voting is not required. 

Liam Parker and Rebekah Walton will join the School Board in 2022.  Congratulations and Welcome!


An AGM will be held on Wednesday 22 February @ 6 pm celebrating the successes of 2021 followed by the first School Board meeting for the year.  Office Bearer positions will be decided at this meeting.  All parents are welcome to attend the AGM.  At this stage it is uncertain whether the AGM will be on site or via Teams.  In any case, parents who wish to attend the AGM via Teams please let the school office know and an invitation will be forwarded.

Annual Improvement Plan

The School Board meets each month to discuss the Annual Improvement Plan and other matters to ensure the ongoing development of the school.  Enclosed in this newsletter is the 2022 Annual Improvement Plan.

School Uniform

The School Board continues to endorse the importance of maintaining a high standard in wearing the uniform. It is important to develop in our students a feeling of pride in themselves and their school, and a sense of personal tidiness and cleanliness.  Our School uniform presents an identity and a public image to the wider community.  Please note that when you enrol your child/ren at St Joseph’s School you agree to accept the school standards with regard to grooming, uniform and personal presentation.  School uniform requirements are set by the School Board.   Parents are therefore asked to ensure that students wear the correct uniform each day, including school socks, school bag and hat. If you require a copy of the uniform expectations relating to hair accessories, jewellery and appropriate shoes please request a copy at the school office.

The uniform is displayed for your information.  The School Board has approved that coloured sneakers can be worn, however, fluorescent coloured sneakers do not compliment the uniform and therefore not part of the uniform code.  At Primary school we do rely on parent supporting us with wearing the correct school uniform and building that sense of pride and responsibility in preparedness for expectations of Highschool and setting high standards throughout life.  Your support with this is appreciated.

The staff and I look forward to being in collaborative partnership with you to ensure that St Joseph’s Catholic School vision is proclaimed and lived in word, action and deed and our motto “In all things love” continues to inspire us to achieve our goals and aspirations!  To be who we are called to be!

We are a small community with a big vision leading the way to excellence!

God Bless

Maria D’Aloia


Leadership Contact Details

Maria D'Aloia
APRIM & ICT Coordinator:
Helen Clark
Leader of Learning:
Rita Garreffa

Religious Education News

Staff, Board and School Leaders Commissioning and Family Mass

School Staff, Board Members and Student Leaders will be commissioned and introduced to the Parish at Sunday Mass on Sunday the 27th February at 9:30am at Sacred Heart Hindmarsh Church on Port Road.

Sacramental Program 2022

Information and registration forms regarding the 2022 Hindmarsh-Findon Parish Sacramental Program will be distributed shortly.

We have had to postpone our initial Parent Information session that was scheduled for the 15th of February.

Children who are baptised in the Catholic faith and are in Year 3 or above are invited to register and be involved in this program.

The sacrament of Reconciliation preparation will be undertaken in Term 1, with children receiving this Sacrament after a School Mass this term.

Please contact Helen Clark ( if you have any queries regarding this or would like to express interest in your child participating in the 2022 Sacramental Program.

Word of God Sunday

On Sunday the 6th of February, the Catholic Church in Australia celebrated Word of God Sunday. The Sunday Gospel this week, was the calling of the first disciples, Simon (Peter), James and John. Jesus chose these men for the qualities that they presented as leaders.

The eye that sees: We need the eye that really sees. The earth is full of miracles and wonders for eye that sees and appreciates God’s creation.

A spirit that will make an effort: as tired as Peter was, he was prepared to try again. This ties in with what we teach our children about being in the ‘learning pit.’ Sometimes we give up an effort too soon.

The spirit that will attempt what seems hopeless: Even though the disciples had fished all night and caught nothing, they had faith in Jesus and were willing to try what he asked, even though it may have seemed hopeless.

Having faith, is about having hope in the Lord and continuing to try to be the best version of ourselves each day.

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, in the Christian calendar, is the day before Ash Wednesday.

“Shrove” comes from the Roman Catholic practice of confessing one’s sins and being absolved of them, or “shriven”.

Shrovetide feasts were designed to use up the food that could not be eaten during the Lenten fast.

Shrove Tuesday is also known as 'Mardi Gras' (French for 'Fat Tuesday'). Many countries around the world hold carnivals on this day. This year, Shrove Tuesday falls on Tuesday the 1st March.

Volunteers Required

During Lent the St Joseph’s community, led by our Mini Vinnies group raise funds for Caritas Project Compassion. Caritas support communities around the world, including in Australia, to upskill people to create solidarity and dignity of the human person.

On Shrove Tuesday (1st March), we will hold our first fundraiser. Pancakes will be available for a gold coin donation to all students. We are seeking donations of pancake mix, including gluten and dairy free, as well as pancake toppers (jam, lemon juice, sugar, maple syrup, golden syrup).

We would also appreciate if any parents are able to assist with the cooking and serving of pancakes.

Please let Helen Clark or Jasmine know if you are able to help with our first fundraiser and have completed the necessary volunteer paperwork.


God of wisdom and might, we praise you for the wonders of our being, for mind, body and spirit.

Be with our children as they begin a new school year. Bless them, their parents, and their teachers and staff.

Give them strength and grace as their bodies grow; wisdom and knowledge to their minds as they search for understanding; and peace and zeal to their spirits.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


🏀🏐 Sport News ⚽️🏏

After School Sports: Expressions of Interest

Is your child interested in joining any of our after school sport teams?

If so, follow this link to register their interest and complete the online form.

You can sign up for as many teams as you like. We currently offer: 🏀 Basketball, 🏏 Cricket, 🥍 Lacrosse, 🏐 Netball and ⚽️ Soccer. 

We're also looking for Parent Volunteers to coach our teams. If you're interested, fill in the coaching section in the online form.

Remember, if there are not enough registrations we will not be able to nominate a team for the sport.


No Standing on Albemarle Street

Just a reminder that the section of Albemarle street from the staff car park all the way to Grange Road is a no standing zone between the hours indicated on the signs.

No standing means no stopping to allow children out of the car or parking.

Please use the kiss and drop zones on either Albemarle or Bertie Street.

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St Joseph's School Hindmarsh

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