St Mary's Bulletin

Term 1 - Week 1 (5th February, 2021)

From the Principal

Dear St Mary's School Community

Focus Value: Faith

We believe in God and in each other.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the new school year!  It was fabulous to see the children all excited for the school year ahead on Monday and Tuesday (Kindy) morning.  I would like to welcome Miss Rebecca Wilson (Pre-Kindy and Kindy), Miss Chloe O’Callaghan (Pre-Primary), Miss Jess Wells (Year Two), Mrs Rachel Smith (Kindy EA) and a welcome back to Mrs Pauline Riethmuller.  We extend a warm welcome to those families that have joined the St Mary’s community this year.  To our new Pre-Kindy families, the Westberg family (Ark) and the Crofts family (Lachlan). And to the Rechichi family (Antonino – K), the Gilmore family (Lilith – Year 3), the Tinoj family (Catherine – Year 4 (3/4), the Harris family (Lochlan – Year 5). We welcome back the Adamson family (Sam – Year 6).

School Values

One of our identified school improvement goals this year has been the implementation of a process whereby as a community, we are able to embed and fully understand our school values.  Each few weeks we will reveal a new value at Monday morning assembly, this value will then be broken down and explained in the classrooms, with a sustained focus around the school.  At the end of the period teachers will identify a student who has consistently demonstrated that value and they will receive a pencil and certificate at Monday morning assembly.  The value will be highlighted in the bulletin/newsletter.  Our Value for Week One to Week Three is Faith.

Beginning of the Year Mass

The staff led the school in our Beginning of the Year Mass this morning - it was special for us to begin our school year as a community of faith.  The students all demonstrated the value of faith throughout the morning.  Thank you to Mrs Reithmuller and Mrs O'Malley who organised the Mass, the staff who were willing to put their faith into action by leading the Mass and of course to Fr Andrew for saying the Mass for us.

Work in the School

Over the school holidays/end of the year there was some work done throughout the school.  We replaced the carpet in the Year 4/5 room, the blinds in Pre-primary and gave the office, staffroom and principal’s office a spruce up (painting, new blinds and furniture).

The swing in the nature playground also went up and the students have been enjoying using it!

Thank you to Matt White who gave the school grounds and gardens a thorough tidy up – I am sure that you will agree with me that the school looks fabulous!  It’s nice to see green grass on the lawn too! 

Code of Conduct

The St Mary’s School Code of Conduct promotes positive work practices and establishes expectations for personal and professional boundaries concerning appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in relation to staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians. It provides guidance about behaviour, relationships, attitudes and responsibilities and outlines the process that will be followed if the code is not observed.  I have attached the 12 Conduct Statements for your information – the entire Code of Conduct can be found on the St Mary’s website.

Code of Conduct



Please be reminded that the front carpark is only for families who have students in Pre-Kindy, Kindy, Pre-primary and Year One.  If this doesn’t apply to your family then please use the carpark behind the school as we don’t want the front car park to become congested: compromising the safety of the youngest members of our community.

Lines of Communication

At St Mary’s School, we value the relationship between home and school  and believe that open communication between the two is a factor in student happiness and success at school.. At St Mary’s, we have many vehicles of communication, including the website, Skoolbag App. Email, newsletters and bulletins.  To streamline this communication, could I please ask you to take note of the following: 

Emails:  Staff can be emailed directly using Please keep emails to staff short and to the point.. Avoid discussing academic, social or behavioural concerns in emails – these are best addressed via face to face meetings or through telephone conversation.  If you are sending emails after hours, please do not expect an immediate response (staff need to relax and recharge after hours in preparation for the next school day) within 24 hours is an acceptable response time.  

Skoolbag App:  Skoolbag App is a one-way means of communication between home and school.. It is not a vehicle for advertising community events.  This is best done through the Newsletter/Bulletin  and/or P&F Facebook page. 

SeeSaw:  This is used as an e-portfolio – so parents can see what their children are doing/have done at school during the day.  Although it has a  message functions, please do not use this as a means of communication as messages may not be seen and responded to and therefore your concern or query may not be addressed. 

Any contact with school staff in regard to school matters is to be done through the appropriate channels at school ie email, telephone call, diary, communication books, etc.  Please do not contact staff through social media ie Facebook, messenger, Instagram, etc as staff will not respond and therefore your concern or query may not be addressed. 

Problem Solving:  Throughout the year if you have any concerns please follow this procedure: 

It is important that if you have a query, question or concern that you discuss it with the appropriate people at that point in time.  Please do not let things linger or turn a blind eye in the hope that they will eventually go away. 

Should you wish to speak to me, I am generally out and about in the morning before and after school, I can be emailed directly or through the school admin email, alternatively you can call the reception to speak with me or make a time to meet with me. 


There were many exciting things happening for our families over the holidays.  Congratulations to:

Kylie and Andrew on the arrival of Taylor Ann - a little sister for Michayla (Year 3), Treigh (Year 2) and Aaliyah (Pre-primary).

The Gray family on the arrival of Hannah - a little sister for Maggie (Kindy) and Jack.

Yvonne Gray who received the Shire of Merredin Citizen of the Year Award for 2021.  Yvonne has had a long association with St Mary’s School (as a student, as a parent and now as a grandparent).  She was the School Board Chair as recently as 2017 and works tirelessly in our parish too.  

Mrs Stephanie Gregory (Ella – Year 3 and Layla – Year One) who became an Australian Citizen on Australia Day.

Parent Information Evening

On Tuesday, 9 February 2020 we will be holding our Parent Information Evening.  This is an opportunity for families to hear what their child’s teacher’s educational philosophies are and how their classroom will operate.  It is important that at least one parent from each family attends.  The structure of the evening has changed to take into account COVID19 regulations.  The sessions and locations are as follows:

5.30pm:  Pre-primary (Library) and Year Six (Classroom)

6.15pm:  Year One (Library) and Year 4/5 (Hall)

7.00pm:  Year Two (Library) and Year ¾ (Hall)

We understand that some families may need to bring their children with them on the night, unfortunately, there will be no supervision by staff this year as suitable venues are not available.  Therefore, parents are responsible for their own children at all times.  As there will be no adequate supervision children are not allowed on the play equipment or outside.

Book Club

Issue 1 is out now! Book Club catalogues have been sent home with students this week. Orders are due in Friday 12th February.

Uniform Shop

Uniform orders can now be placed online with QuickcliQ.

Every Tuesday morning the uniform shop volunteers will process and collate any orders that have been placed for that week and either leave it in the office for collection or send it home with your child.

Welcome Back Function

Tonight's Welcome Back Function at Merredin Pool promises to be a great night and a wonderful way to gather as a community to celebrate the start of the school year.  If you have not rsvp'ed and would like to come down - the night will be from 6.00pm-8.00pm.  There will be a sausage sizzle dinner and drinks available for purchase.  I look forward to seeing you tonight!

COVID19 - Face Masks:

As of this evening at 6.00pm, the hard lockdown of Perth/Peel and the South-West will be lifted by the Premier.  However, a range of restrictions are still in place for the Perth/Peel region until 14 February, in particular the wearing of face masks.

• People entering Perth/Peel from other regions (eg. for work and educational purposes, medical appointments, to drop students at boarding houses) must comply with the facemask directive when they enter the Perth/Peel region. 

• When these people transit back to their non-lockdown region, they must continue to wear a mask for the duration of the restrictions (ie. until 12.01am on Sunday 14 February) when they leave their homes - this includes coming into St Mary’s School for any reason (drop off/pick up, collecting children for an appointment, etc).  This government directive on face masks does not apply to primary school students but will extend to staff.  Therefore, I appreciate your cooperation in wearing a mask while on the grounds at St Mary’s School if you go to Perth/Peel after 6.00pm this evening and prior to 12.01am on the 14 February.  As we know, anything with this virus is fluid and rapidly changing and so I will keep you informed as new developments come to hand.

P&F Meeting

The first P&F meeting will be held on Monday 8th February. The meeting will commence at 7.00pm to allow for a short presentation on the school's new strategic plan.  The P&F are excited to have Caroline Robinson presenting and available to answer any of your questions. 

Thank You

Thank you to all the staff who worked tirelessly before school returned to ensure that the new school year could start smoothly.  The start this year has been seamless and I know that the preparation of the staff has made this so.  I know that I have said it before, but we are so lucky to have the calibre of staff we have at St Mary’s School.  Thank you also to the parent community who was understanding of the staggered starts this week – your support is much appreciated.  It could have been worse…we could have been in lockdown!

Swimming Lessons (Year Three to Year Six)

Years Three to Six will commence swimming lessons on Monday. Due to the forecast cooler weather, students may want to bring a jumper/tracksuit/hoodie to wear on the walk back to school.

Year 5 and Year 6: Lessons commence 9.10am

Year 3 and Year 4: Lessons commence at 9.55am 

Please ensure your child/children come to school dressed ready for swimming lessons with their bathers and rashi top/t-shirt (top is compulsory) under their school uniform

Please ensure they have:

·  a dry change of underwear, towel and sunscreen

·  suitable sandals or thongs to wear while walking to and from the pool

·  any caps, earplugs or other needs specific to your child


Sunscreen will be applied at school prior to leaving for the pool, please provide sunscreen for your child if they have a particular one they use, otherwise the standard school sunscreen will be applied.

Thank you for your support.

Let Us Pray

Back to School Prayer

Father, we ask you to watch over our family.

We know that you hear our prayers.

We offer our joys and sadness.