Willoughby Public School Newsletter

Term 4, Week 8 - Friday 26 November 2021


At Willoughby Public School we aim to cultivate socially-aware learners who are critical and creative thinkers, within a safe, respectful and responsible learning community.


Dear Parent and Carers

Student Progress Reports

Teachers are currently writing student reports for Semester 2. Reflection on English, Mathematics and general capabilities. Able to: Learning to: Strategies to support learning; student reflection comment and general comment. The reports will provide an overview of where the children are at with their learning and the students have written insightful comments about their own learning – we are working hard with the students in becoming assessment capable learners – knowing where to next and what they have to do to get to the next level. We observed huge growth in independence through Covid, especially with the regular verbal feedback from the class teachers.

Student Leadership Nominees

Our 2022 student leader nominees have provided wonderful support to our incoming 2022 Kindergarten students this week as they start their transition program to “big school”. The Year 5 students created security and displayed exceptional kindness supporting our new kindergarten students.

Stage 3 students, Stage 3 teachers, Mrs Blake, Mr Michaeil and I had the privilege to listen to the first round of voting for our 2022 school captains and vice captains. Congratulation: Harry M, Jack C, Kalen S, Joseph T, Archer U and Troy C, Olivia L, Holly B, Sylvie L, Inky B, Alice Mc and Sierra F. These students have made it through to the next round of voting! They will present their speeches to Years 2 – 5 via Teams.

Metro Renewal Program

Metro Renewal program upgrade. We had representatives from AMU, DoE architect on site 2 weeks ago to look at the classrooms in Block C. The architect is going to complete a search for the original plans to check the load bearing beams etc keeping in mind the heritage significance of the building combined with ways to modernise the learning spaces. The architect will develop an overall master plan for Block C that we can complete in stages over the next few years.

New hall lights installation

Thank you to Mr Hancock for coordinating the installation of our hall and stage Our current Year 6 students will be the first group to use the new lights including the disco ball at their farewell on 13 December.

Willoughby City Council’s Wildlife Storybook Series

Saskia R, Heidi S, Lotta V, Audrey L, Lynn S, Kylie K Year 5 students contributed to the Willoughby City Council storybook series. WPS students had to feature the Short-beaked Echidna. They were very excited to be recognised as published authors and illustrators. Congratulations we are very proud of you.

Kind regards

Jennifer Simmonds


2022 Kinder Transition program

WPS transition program for children starting Kindergarten in 2022 launched this week with two parallel groups running Monday and Thursday. It was wonderful to see so many eager children and their families arrive and being welcomed by our senior student leaders in Years 5 and 6.

I thought I'd share one story from Monday that encapsulates the warmth and joy of our transition program. A little girl was on her way home with her mother after a great morning at kindy transition. She was holding her mother's hand and in her other hand was the craft work she had made in the kindy classroom. As they were leaving, they stopped to say goodbye to one of the teachers who had asked her if she enjoyed the morning.

Her mother prompted her to respond by saying 'tell the teacher what you made'.

The little girl took a deep breath and proudly said 'I made friends!'.

We can't wait to see the 2022 kindy students again next week.

Kylie Davidson

Deputy Principal

Not returning to WPS in 2022?

As we begin our plans for 2022 classes it is important that we have a clear idea of the number of students anticipated in each year group.

If you are expecting that your son or daughter will not be returning to Willoughby Public School next year (other than those heading to high school) it would be greatly appreciated if you would indicate this as soon as possible, either by completing and returning the attached form, or emailing the office.

This information will be held in confidence by the Principal and Enrolments officer.



Thank you!

A big shout out to the following local businesses for supporting our recent Year 6 Sausage Sizzle. 

  • High Street Bakery - donating all the bread
  • Woolworths Northbridge - $300 discount
  • Willoughby Roos - supplying the Bain Marie

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped out over the two days, or who helped in the planning. 

Semester 2 SRC Representatives

Willoughby Public School's SRC is an important part of the school. Representatives from each class meet regularly to vote on important fundraising and school improvement initiatives. Last issue of the newsletter featured the SRC reps from Year 1 and Year 2. Below, we showcase the SRC reps from Years 3-6.

Students were excited to be presented their SRC Badges last week and are looking forward to representing their class in the decision process involving student wellbeing at Willoughby Public School. 

This Term's Fundraiser will support Sydney Wildlife Rescue who rescue and care for sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife in the local area.

The SRC Mufti Day Fundraiser will occur on the 14th December. 

Mr Glen Orchard - SRC organiser

Scroll through our Yrs 3-6 SRC students


Robotics – Year 6 Homebase 6

Throughout the week, Year 6 students used Tassiebots and EV3 Mindstorm kits to challenge us to think creatively, whilst broadening our minds to work collaboratively with others.

Each group programmed a fun robot dance. After all had finished creating their dance props and programs, we had a dance battle in the Year 6 Homebase.  

“I was happy with what my group achieved this week” 

“Although there was a malfunction, we had fun designing the robots and working together”   

  Wyatt & Tolli 6


Our Kindergarten, Stage 1 and Stage 2 students enjoyed visits from some wonderfully engaging authors this week! These visits were postponed from Book Week last term, and took place virtually.  

Kindergarten were captivated by author and 2020-21 NSW Children’s Laureate Ursula Dubosarsky who talked with them about the important place that books and reading have in our lives. She had them up marching along as she read her new picture book The March of the Ants (which I highly recommend) and answered questions the students have at the end.  

Kate and Jol Temple had Stage 1 enthralled on Monday as they showed students how easy it was to create interesting animal story characters by the creative use of voice and animal characteristics. Great tips to take away into their writing.  

Author Andrew McDonald who is half of the dynamic duo behind the ‘Real Pigeons’ book series ‘Zoomed in’ to Stage 2 classrooms on Thursday and took them through strategies for creating story characters and ‘growing their ideas’ into structured stories. They also learned that taking the ordinary, and creating an opposite and unexpected outcome also makes the beginnings of a great story.  

Stage 3 had their author visit with Jack Heath via Zoom during our Learning from Home period, and he gave them writing tips and tricks based on his new book Stunt Kid Seriously Stacks It. I do spend quite a bit of time selecting the right author for each cohort group, then spend the time preparing our students for the visit. Preparations were a little briefer this year – but the visits were just as worth it as ever! Virtual visits have many advantages, just as visits in person do. Each have their strengths. 


Return of Library Books 

Borrowing has now ended for all students for 2021, and will recommence in the new school year. All Library books need to be brought back this week. If your child has an overdue or lost Library book, they will receive a note to promptly return it, or pay the replacement cost shown. You can also buy your own copy of the book and send that in to us. Money can be placed in an envelope with your child’s name and class on the front, and given to their class teacher or to Library staff. Lost or overdue Library books are a learning opportunity for your child. It causes them to think about the best way to organise their space and belongings at home, safe and protected ways to transport books to school, and what is expected of them if they lose or damage an item belonging to someone else.  

Mrs Debbie de Silva 

Teacher Librarian 

Accessing the new WPS Digital Library

WPS Dads' Club Annual Dinner - Sign up now

WPS Dads' Club invites all Dads & Male Carers to our WPS Dads Club Annual Dinner.

Celebrate the year that was, with dinner and drink. 

Q&A theme for the night is Men's health, "You're only here for a Hundred Years", so make 2022 count' with Grand Master Greg Wyllie (from Wyllie Martial Arts), a 9th Dan Black Belt, Education degree and a former Primary School teacher and fellow WPS Dad, Steve Woods – 'What will you do for yourself in 2022!'

WHEN: Tuesday, 30th November 2021 6.45 pm - 9.30 pm 

WHAT: WPS Dads Club Annual Dinner with Men's Health Q&A session

WHERE: The Bridgeview Hotel, 580 Willoughby Rd

COST: PAYG Dinner/Drinks

RSVP: Please sign up to confirm your attendance at https://volunteersignup.org/JMWJ7- limited to 70 participants.

This is a COVID Safe Event: As numbers are limited, please withdraw if you cannot attend or are unwell.

Contact: dadsclub@wpspandc.com.au or text Adam on 0448119568

Kind regards,

WPS Dads Club

Volunteers Wanted!

We need your help with our fundraiser to be held at the upcoming Willoughby Council Election, where voting will be held on site at WPS. This is a great opportunity to fundraise for our wonderful school.

The election will be held on site on Saturday 4th December 2021.

We still need some extra volunteers to run our BBQ fundraiser. 

1) Please sign up here if you can assist with the BBQ (bacon and egg rolls and sausage sizzle):  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0544A5A82DA3FB6-local

Please contact Kris Berrell our WPS P&C Events Manager if you have any queries at: krisberrell@icloud.com

Thanks for your help! WPS P&C 

WPS Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open for online orders. Orders can be picked up at the school office or will be delivered to classrooms on Wednesdays and Fridays.https://wps-uniform-shop.myshopify.com/.  

Please contact our uniform shop manager Lynda Morris with any questions - Email uniform@wpspandc.com.au or mobile 0416 046 181

WPS NETBALL CLUB – End of Year Acknowledgements

Finally, our season is complete, with a Gala Presentation Day held last Sunday amid wind & rain.  But the weather didn’t dampen the spirit of the players, who were so pleased to be playing again. Thanks to all involved in making it happen. 

On the day we awarded the 2021 Jones Egan Award for one team’s outstanding contribution & service to netball & to our Club, both on & off the court. Congratulations to WPS 2, Year 6 – Charlotte D, Kiki G, Zoe I, Lena M, Evie P, Charlie S, Zoe S, Charlotte T & Emilia V. 

Farewell & huge gratitude to our 2021 Committee 

Emma McGoldrick, Saskia Kirson, Caroline Vickery, Sally Roberts & Christian Geilen – we thank you for being such wonderful volunteers & we wish you & your daughters all the best in the transition to high school. 

Thankfully our Netball and NSG Convenors Zoi Barber & Monique Riddell will continue to lead the Club in 2022, & we say a huge thank you to them for getting the Club smoothly through another disrupted year. 

Welcome & thank you to the 2022 WPSNC Committee 

Amy McNaughton, Pam Lau, Helen Ho, Abby Nabulsi, Anita Nicholson, Belinda Flintoft, Bec Taumalolo along with Zoi & Monique. 

Appreciation to our 2021 Team Managers & Parent Coaches 


Emma McGoldrick 


Joanne Mitchell 


Caroline Vickery & Tamara Isterling 


Lisa Partridge & Kelly Swanson-Roe 


Melissa Budic 


Carolyn Loughnan, Rebecca Connolly & Juliet Reiner 


Sarah Macdonald 


Sharvana Nanayakkara 


Anita Nicholson 


Corinne Burrough 


Louise Relf 


Sarah Watts 


Danielle Allen 


Bek Brown 


Wayne Pobje 

Thank you to all our wonderful NSG and Netball parents, coaches, managers, umpires and committee members, all of whom are at the heart of the success and sports’girl’ship of our players and teams.  ‘Our girls’ could not take the court each week without your support. 


Gabrielle Brewer 


Sarah Best 


Rebecca Muir 


Melissa Budic 

Team Photos 

All players will receive a free team photo. Due to Covid restrictions, those teams who did not have their team photo taken at the recent presentation gala day will receive a composite team photo, with head shots of all members. We will be in touch when these are available for distribution. 

Player Refunds 

Families would have received a form to complete regarding refunds due to the shortened netball & NSG season. For netball teams, this also includes your umpiring refunds. Please complete the form ASAP, so our managers can transfer any funds to you. There is also an option to donate your refund to the Club. 

NetSetGo teams 2022 

Students in Years 2 & 3 (2022) are eligible to start/continue playing NetSetGo. Information has been distributed via class reps regarding the formation of friendship teams. Please contact wpsnetballclub@gmail.com 


‘Like’ us on Facebook and/or Instagram: www.facebook.com/WPSNetballClub & instagram.com/wpsnetballclub 


We wish all WPS families the best for the festive season. 

Parent Guide to NSW Syllabuses


School Travel passes 2022 - applications open


Important Road Safety tips from Willoughby Council

Welcome to the final edition of the School Zone newsletter for 2021! In this edition we will share some bus safety tips for both drivers, parents and carers. See file attached. 


At Willoughby Public School we have a number of students with a



Even a small trace of nut, peanut or nut/peanut product may trigger a severe allergic reaction called Anaphylaxis, which attacks the immune system leading potentially to death within minutes.

This reaction can happen by taste, touch and sometimes can be airborne. All of these students have access to an adrenaline injection in the form of an Epipen, which can save lives. Photo posters are displayed in the classrooms, canteen, staffroom, playground bags and sick bay for easy identification of these children.

Willoughby PS works with parents/carers to support students in developing an awareness of their allergies and what foods to avoid. Students are encouraged not to share food and to always check with a parent/adult/teacher if unsure at any time. 


Please help us by not including peanut or any nut products in your child’s lunchbox. This includes peanut butter and Nutella. 

Please avoid products with any nuts/peanuts listed as an ingredient. 

Explain about nut/peanut allergy to your child and encourage the ‘no food sharing’ rule. 

Please consider what you are sending for birthday treats to share with the class, checking there are no nut products included. 

The school canteen does not serve products containing nuts. 

It is only with the continued support of all parents and staff that we can effectively maintain a safe school environment for these children.  

Thank you for your understanding. We know you will want to support the school and these children.

Put safety ahead of convenience. Always.


Study English at TAFE

Beginner to Advanced courses - see attached flyer

Study English at TAFE

Translated flyer - Chinese

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