Chisholm Need to Know


Message from Dr Elliott
Thank you to our entire community for supporting the changes that have been made to help keep our Chisholm community safe. Please know that the entire staff of the College are working harder than ever to support your daughters and ensure their wellbeing and learning are affected as little as possible by remote learning. We have been pleased to answer hundreds of questions and support many families struggling to navigate this challenging time and complex way of learning. We are happy to continue to do this. Reach out to us if there is anything that you need. At the bottom of this bulletin are important email addresses you may find useful if you need specific assistance.

Senior students and Year 12 in particular are working in an uncertain environment. We will communicate with them and you as soon as we have helpful information about their Trial HSC, other assessments, their final exams and celebrations at the end of their time at school. We are thinking of them and praying for them daily.

The College has been providing supervision to a small group of students onsite who require it. Thank you to every family who has found a way for their daughter to learn from home and thereby reduce the risk to the College and to the community. 

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to get themselves vaccinated as soon as they are able to. Broad community vaccination is the long term solution to this pandemic, and we should be supporting everyone we know and love to get vaccinated.

In the meantime, if you can, stay home and stay safe.

Yours in Christ,

Dr Greg Elliott

Year 12 HSC NESA update 
This afternoon NESA announced that the HSC Written Examinations have been rescheduled to run from 19 October to 12 November. This change will provide students with extra time to prepare for these examinations which will be invaluable given our current situation. HSC results will be released on 17 December. NESA have also announced some changes to dates for Dance, Society and Culture, Drama, Design and Technology, Music (Projects) and Languages examinations. Information about the changes will be communicated to students by their teachers. Information about these changes can be found on the NESA site which is updated regularly

Following advice from NESA students in Year 12 doing practical or performance projects are only allowed to attend the College to collect necessary equipment. Students will not be permitted to work on their projects at school until further notice.

The current COVID outbreak and uncertainty about the lifting of the lockdown is causing some concern about the scheduled HSC Trial Examinations. At this time we plan to run the Trial Examinations as per the published timetable in weeks 5-7 this term. If we need to amend this plan we will communicate changes to students. It is important that students continue to engage with online learning and continue their revision and examination preparation programs; this will ensure they are ready for the Trial Examinations or alternative arrangements and for the HSC Examinations later this year.

Parent Fee Statements - Instalment 3 2021
As advised in last week’s Need to Know, the CEDP were considering when to issue the Instalment 3 Statement and any change in the due date. Printing has now commenced with all statements to be printed and posted by Friday 23 July 2021. They will all be dated 19 July 2021 and the due date will be Wednesday 18 August 2021.

Did you miss our Assembly today?
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Email Addresses
IT Support email: 
Support for students with additional needs: 
Assistant Principal Learning - Ms Scollard:
Assistant Principal Wellbeing - Mr King: 

Year Leaders’ email addresses:
Year 7 Leader of Learning - Ms Charmaine Rossetto:
Year 8 Leader of Learning - Ms Sonya Peters: 
Year 9 Leader of Learning - Ms Debbie White: 
Year 10 Leader of Learning - Ms Jodie Cusack:
Year 11 Leader of Learning - Ms Mary Roche: 
Year 12 Leader of Learning - Ms Jeanette Cocks: 

Self care during the pandemic:

Pause in the Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum

Attached is a letter from Mr Greg Whitby, Executive Director, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta. It explains that the Bishop has decided to put a hold on implementation of the new curriculum known as ‘Living Life to the Full’ until feedback from a range of experts can be implemented. If you have questions about this, please contact our Leader of Religious Education, Ms Bernadette Murray.


COVID-19 Financial Assistance during lockdown 2021

Attached is a letter to all Parents and Carers from CEDP confirming the long standing principle that no child will be disadvantaged because of a family’s financial circumstances. If your family requires support or assistance due to financial hardship caused by the current COVID-19 lockdown please contact Wendy Slaughter on 02 4737 5500 so you can discuss options for fee support or deferral of payments.


Please note that we usually require the same sort of supporting information that you might be asked for when dealing with any other company or organisation where financial support is required. Whilst you may feel the level of detail required can be extensive or intrusive in some cases, we are required to ask for it and cannot move forward with limited information. As the saying goes “help us to help you”. 


Do you have a daughter with a disability or medical conditions?

Please see the attached document which provides important information about how the College uses and shares your personal information to help support your daughter.


2021 August Census Parent Privacy Notice

Please read the attached document from the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment regarding the 2021 August Census.

Mental Health Supports

Services to support children, young people and their families during COVID-19.


Caroline Chisholm College recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher. We wish to remind you that teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Further, teachers are generally not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours. In the case of a genuine emergency please contact the school office during business hours on or phone 02 4737 5500. We appreciate your assistance and understanding. If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact the college.