No.25 Fortnightly - 12 November 2021

From Our Staff

Tamara Wilkinson

Primary Coordinator

After much planning, discussion and prayer, we are excited to announce the teachers in the Primary School for each year group for 2022.

Kindergarten – Gayle Smith

Kindergarten – Ashleigh Larsen

Year 1 – Jen Flynn

Year 1 – Mel Edwards

Year 2 – Cath McLennan (4 days) Renee Simpfendorfer (1 day)

Year 2 – Anna Cohen (4 days) Renee Simpfendorfer (1 day)

Year 3 – Naomi Wong

Year 3 – Amy Dunski

Year 4 – Caroline Orr

Year 4 – Jenny McArthur

Year 5 – Eleanor Reid

Year 5 – Aaron Brett

We are also excited that Mr Andrew Miller will be the new Whole School Sports Coordinator and he will be teaching PE across all classes in the Primary School.

Over the next few weeks, the teachers will be considering which classes the students will be in for 2022.  We will also be asking the students to write down five friends that they would like in their class, this allows us to ensure that the students have at least one of their friends with them in their class next year.  The teachers make careful consideration about the placement of students.  They look at the students' learning style, friendship dynamics, support required, teacher relationships, along with many other factors.

The students will receive a letter from their teacher just before school starts back, welcoming them to the new year.

Get to know our Staff

Mrs Amy Dunski

Ms Mel Edwards


Introducing the 2022 Student Representative Council Executive

Student Representative Council Executive - 2022

President: Joanne Southam

Vice President: Daniel Roodt

Secretary: Fiona O'Meara

Treasurer: Matthew Prior

Sports & Recreation: Dominic Naude

SRC Executive Team Morning Tea

Pens Against Poverty - Writing Competition

Pens against Poverty is a unique writing competition. It was created especially for young writers in New South Wales, Western Australia and the ACT. The Pens Against Poverty Competition is founded on the belief that:

·         Young People want to make a difference

·         Young People have a unique voice

·         Creative writing powers the imagination

Congratulations to our 2021 Pens Against Poverty award winners! 

The Jackie French Young Writers Development Award

Pearl Thlork (Yr 10) - Emmaus Christian School

7/8 Short Story:

Winner: Anya Grace – Emmaus Christian School ACT

Teaching Excellence Awards

Emmaus Christian School ACT

Click on the link to view the Pens Against Poverty Winning Entries 2021.

The Jackie French Young Writers Development Award

Pens Against Poverty - 7/8 Short Story Winner

Teaching Excellence Awards

Australian National Eisteddfod - 3rd Place

The Emmaus Christian School Senior Band has once again performed as part of the Australian National Eisteddfod. After the 2020 Eisteddfod was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Australian National Eisteddfod was held virtually this year. The members of the Senior Band spent the first half of this year learning two pieces, ‘Black Forest Overture’ by Michael Sweeney and ‘Mask Of The Avenger’ by Rob Grice. On recording day, the Band set up in the music room and recorded each piece several times before sending the best take as our entry in the Eisteddfod. After the adjudicator listened to our performance, he awarded the Senior Band a Bronze Award. Congratulations to all the students who put in many hours of practise both individually at home and in rehearsals and thanks to Mr Des Naude for helping to record the band. 

Congratulations to Mr Body and to all the students.

SRC Free Dress Day (P-10)

Friday, 19th November 2021

The School Representative Council are excited to announce that there will be a Free Dress Day this term on Friday, 19th November! Yay!

In lieu of a gold coin donation we are asking students to bring in either a Packet Pancake Mix or Pringles/canned chips. These items will be given to Canberra City Care for their local Christmas Hamper initiative. This year more than others, people in our community are facing challenges and this is a great way to support and show love to them. 

Canberra City Care are needing 400 items of each for the Christmas Hampers. We are asking the following year levels to bring in Packet Pancake Mix or Pringles/Canned Chips and hand these items to their teacher on the Free Dress Day:

  • Preschool - Year 5: Packet Pancake Mix
  • Years 6 - 10: x 2 Pringles or Canned Chips 

Thank you for your support with this great community initiative! 

New Parent Induction Course - Term 4

Date: Saturday, 13 November 2021

Time: 9am – 11:30am

 Join Zoom Meeting (click on the link below)


Meeting ID: 483 827 4300

If you are a new parent to the school, who has partnered with Emmaus Christian School in recent years and have yet to attend and complete the Emmaus New Parent Induction Course, the school is offering an opportunity to participate in the Term 4 New Parent Induction Course.

Please Register via Trybooking. https://www.trybooking.com/BVGSP 

Lowes/Macdonald's Schoolwear 20% Off Sale

Does Your Child Suffer from Hay Fever?

Dear parents, 

As you know, we are sending students with cold symptoms home from school.  We recognize that can be difficult in ‘hay fever season’.  If your child suffers from hay fever, please let the front office and the classroom teacher know if they are going to need to take an antihistamine at school.  Medication can be left at the front desk, clearly labelled with the child’s name and instructions for dose and time to be taken. Parents will be asked to complete an "Authorisation to Administer Medication" form. This form is available on the Skoolbag App in EFORMS.

Hats on for Term 4 - No Hat No Play!

Students are reminded that they are required to wear their school hats for outside play in Term 4.

School bucket hats can be purchased at the Front Office for $14 each or through Macdonald's Schoolwear.

Car Park Use Reminders

  • NO PARKING on Davenport St Nature Strip.
  • Parking on the nature strip by the Pedestrian Crossing blocks the view of drivers and endangers students. 
  • Please do not leave your car in the Pickup/Drop Off Zone and continue to move forward in the line to enable further traffic to join the queue.
  • Please DO NOT PARK in the Bus Zone or neighbors’ driveways
  • Please stop and give way to pedestrians at the crossings.

Remember that driving very slowly in this car park is a key to the ongoing safety of our pedestrians. Finally, please keep the speed at a maximum 10km/h in the car park. Thank you for your cooperation.

Are your contact details up to date?

Dear Parents,

A reminder to notify the school if your contact details have changed. Please email emmaus@emmaus.act.edu.au if this applies to you.

The Administration Team

Sausage Rolls $4

SRC Term 4 Fundraiser (K - 10)

  • Sausage Rolls $4, pay when collecting
  • Served Thursday Lunchtime
  • K-2 will have orders delivered to their classrooms
  • Y3-10 orders to be collected from Secondary Food Tech
  • Please place your order via the Skoolbag App link.
  • Orders close on Wednesdays at 1pm.
  • Sorry no late orders can be accepted.

Icy Poles $2

SRC Term 4 Fundraiser (Yr K - 10)

  • Fridays Weekly during Term 4
  • Lunchtime
  • Lemonade Icy Poles -  $2.00
  • Cash payment on the day.

2022 NSW School Travel Applications are now open!

Students who need a School Opal card or travel pass for 2022 can apply now. A new application will need to be submitted if they are applying for a school travel pass for the first time, or if they are requesting an additional travel entitlement as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation (e.g. joint custody).

Students who change address, school, campus location, or who have repeated a year or received an expiry notification from Transport for NSW for their school travel entitlement should renew or update their details before the end of term 4. This will ensure that schools can endorse applications and current entitlements are updated and remain valid. School Opal card holders will have the changes applied to their existing card.

If a student’s distance eligibility has changed based on their grade the system will automatically update their entitlement if they meet the new criteria. If they do not meet the new eligibility criteria, they will receive an expiry notification via email.

Students who have an entitlement approved under a medical condition that is due to expire will receive a notification advising them to re-apply.

Term Bus Pass holders will receive a notification to re-apply.

Students in the Opal network applying for an Opal card (including a Term Bus Pass) for the first time will receive their Student Opal card at their nominated postal address. Cards will be mailed out from January 2022.

Students living in rural and regional (R&R) areas should receive their travel pass at the start of the new school year from their nominated transport operator. It may come via the school or be sent directly to them at home. Note: some R&R operators do not issue travel passes. Students/parents should confirm with their nominated operator if they do not receive a pass.

School Student Transport Scheme site change

On 1 October 2021 the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) information and application portal was moved to transportnsw.info. This will assist families to find all their travel information in the one place.

Travel from Term 1 2022

We ask that parents plan ahead and make sure their child knows which service/s to use and has a valid ticket to travel; either a School Opal card or Child/Youth Opal card (within Greater Sydney) or a School Travel Pass (outside Greater Sydney), from the start of the school year.

Applications for the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) open at the start of Term 4 2021 for travel in 2022, so parents/students can apply or update details early and be ready for the start of the new school year.

Most students using the Opal network will not need a new Opal card and can continue travelling on their existing card each year.

The start of the year is a difficult period for local bus operators, and students travelling without a valid ticket make service planning and operations increasingly difficult.

We recognise that for some families last minute changes to school enrolments mean they may not have a School Opal card or Travel Pass for the start of term. In the Opal network, we strongly encourage these families to have their children travel on a Child/Youth Opal card until they receive their valid School Opal card. If outside Greater Sydney, parents should contact their local bus operator to discuss their travel needs.

Bus operators are flexible and understanding, particularly at the start of the school year, and will ensure students can travel safely to and from school. But to best support our operators we encourage all students to have a valid ticket, as early as possible, from the start of the school year.

Please also remember that students using Opal cards must tap on and tap off in line with the Student code of conduct and Opal terms of use.

P&F Fundraiser

To support the redevelopment of the Preschool Playground, get behind the Emmaus Christian School Gingerbread Folk House Drive!

Order a Gingerbread house and have the kit delivered to your door!  You can choose from original, chocolate or gluten free gingerbread for your kit.

Kits are dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free.  They make great Christmas gifts as well as a fun family activity!

Please order before midnight on November 31st to secure your kit for delivery before Christmas.

Click the link to view and purchase - https://3g766mppei4.typeform.com/to/Dsc5RDhz#school=Emmaus%20Christian%20School

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

A BIG Thank you to all for coming out and volunteering and or buying sausage sandwiches and drinks at Bunnings Majura Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser on Sunday. It was a slow start until the sun ⛅️came out. We really appreciate you giving up your valuable weekend time to raise funds for EMMAUS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. We made a profit of $1432 😃.

Also a BIG thank you to Leonie, Caroline in the Front Office with Back-house Administration And Mick Buchanan and Rebecca Jeffery for coming out to further assist.

Not only was it a great fundraiser but a great social event to meet other people from the school. Again, Thank you so much for your help it as it would not have happened if you did not volunteer your time today.

Thanks again Dave 😃

Stories from Year 3A Vikings

In Year 3 Vikings, we have been writing narratives. Our narratives all had to start with the phrase “It had been an ordinary day for Jack until the rain came.”

It had been an ordinary day for Jack until the rain came...Jack was going for a walk one day, it was peaceful until the clouds grew darker and came together. Jack heard the thunder roar and the lightning strike! The streets started to flood. He needed to get to high ground now!

 He rushed to the tall buildings hoping that he’d survive! He noticed something suspicious, “No one in sight. That's weird!?!” As he climbed he saw the whole city, in terror and he started to climb faster and faster. Finally made it to the top but he didn't know what awaited him!

 He made it to the top and found a bunch of umbrellas, suddenly a big voice boomed “You will need those umbrellas to survive. Get ready…” Jack was confused “What does he mean?” Now he knew what he meant when the tower collapsed underneath his feet he used the umbrellas to slowly float down but as soon as he hit the ground all of the water cleared up. He was back walking on the street. It was all his imagination.

By Isabel

It had been an ordinary day for Jack until the rain came. The lake’s water rose very quickly and all he had was an umbrella. He quickly popped it open and he was floating alone in the flood. He floated to the tallest mountain in the country and found a cave up there. He stayed there for two days but the rain still hadn't stopped. So he stayed there for another two days but the rain still hadn’t stopped. So he thought of setting off again to another country and so he did. He popped open his umbrella and off he went.

 He sailed in his large sized umbrella boat across the ocean. It took a few days for him to get there so he stopped over at lots of tall mountains. He had sailed for one week and when he woke from his nap he found dry land! He was so excited and happy that he jumped out of his umbrella and swam to shore.

 He built a town and thirty years later he had lots of children and he was very famous. When he died he was never forgotten because of the town that he built. The town was still standing for over two thousand years and never crumbled. (Maybe it will one day.)

By Isaac

It had been an ordinary day for Jack until the rain came. This ordinary day would be an ordinary day for him, but you might think this day was crazy. You see, the world that Jack lives in is magical, that means that there is magic everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. This morning when he woke up he just thought of his breakfast and it floated toward him, LITERALLY. He went to school on a rollercoaster that didn’t have tracks, it just floated in the air.

And that was just the morning, I’m not going to tell you all the other magical things that he did because that would take years, but what I will tell you is that usually the rain here was normal rain, like the rain in the normal world. So, when I tell you that the rain has flooded the city, I can tell that you are going to be shocked. The rain had actually flooded the city (told you!). He was starting to feel seasick when he remembered he was an engineer, that means that he can change atoms from one thing into another thing. He thought about his seasickness, every single part of it (this wasn’t that hard as it was getting worse by the second) then there was a big zap that went through his entire body before, he wasn’t sick anymore, but now he was a bit shocked.


After he came back into focus, he then realised something, he could stop the storm! He closed his eyes and thought about the clouds, their mistiness, their wetness, every single detail. Before he could open his eyes again there was a big bang and the clouds cleared, the sun came out and the last raindrops fell. The sound of a drain was heard and the water went down.

By Noah

It had been an ordinary day for Jack until the rain came. He had been on a ship with his parents but got swept away by fierce waves. Now Jack only has two umbrellas and a photo album left. Jack was only 2 so he did not know what was going on. He was watching a wave that took him away. The waves tickled his feet, and he began to laugh. After a couple of hours, he reached a beach. He was hungry, thirsty, and tired.

 A person came up and said ‘Hello! Are you okay?’ in a calm voice.

Jack cried a little bit less now the person picked Jack up and gave him some food and water. They brought him Jack back home and got a mattress and put him to bed. In the morning Jack felt a lot better. The person put some comfy clothes on him. Then took a picture of Jack then put up signs so that the parents would find him.   

10 years later

Jack was now going to school. The person who saved him was the only person he could remember being his parent. He always wanted to see his parents. So he looked in the photo album all the time. He now thought only of the story of him ending up on the beach sitting in an umbrella. One day, he thought, I will be reunited with my parents. The end.

By Mimi

It had been an ordinary day for Jack until the rain came. He was sad because today was Friday, and his friends were planning to play on the playground today. He looked and stared angrily out of the window. He didn’t care and started running with his quite unusual umbrella out to the playground when his mum told him not to. He started playing lava tips with his friends for an hour, but the rain didn’t stop for ages. Jack and his friends wanted the rain to stop so they waited and waited but the rain kept going. Suddenly, the water rose higher than his legs. Jack was terrified.

As soon as he could, he jumped onto his umbrella because he didn’t want to touch the wet, soggy, and dirty floor. Then, he carefully sat down and stared at the rain for minutes. Jack was calm when suddenly the water on the floor got higher! He closed his eyes and put his head on his hands. 

 Suddenly, he realized  the umbrella could hold something heavy in his pocket. He had heavy rocks in his pocket that he collected with his friends. He looked at the edge on the umbrella and the umbrella was floating! Jack wondered where his friends were.

 He cried for a long time. He was scared. He pinched himself and opened his eyes. Everything was back to normal! He looked at his umbrella and saw it was just on the ground. Jack saw his friends giggling and laughing because they didn’t know why he was on an umbrella. Then Jack found out it was all his imagination.

By Karis

In and Around the School

Remembrance Day Zoom Service

Year 7 Art: Poppies

Outdoor Creative Play

Year 3: Vikings Unit

Rainy Day Activities

Year 6A Science Fair Project Presentations

After a long delay due to lockdown, Year 6 were finally able to present their Science Fair Projects this week at school. Since Term 2, students have been working cooperatively in teams to plan and conduct an experiment exploring forces at work. They then presented the findings from their experiment in an engaging and fun way to their peers, classroom teacher, Mr Willis, Mr Roodt and Mr Hofsink.

Year 2: Pizza Fractions Maths

Creative Craft Play

Year 7 Food Technology: Sneaky Bolognese

Preschool Project Managers at Work!

Design Technology: Bags

Design Technology: Bear designed from Jeans

Design Technology: Book Sculptures

Year 10: Showing some love for school!

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