Virginia Primary School Newsletter

Issue 6, 06/05/2021

From the Principal

Dear Families,

We hope you all had a lovely two week break with your children. Students have returned back to school settled ready for learning, and have enjoyed sharing their holiday outings. Everyone seems to have returned refreshed and ready for another term of successful teaching and learning.

We also have Parent Interviews at the end of this term where teachers will be sharing your child's report and discussing their learning with you. We are aiming for 100% attendance. 

We are in the process of updating our computer records and will be sending home various forms that require to be signed. Could you please fill them out and return them to the front office so that our records are accurate. If you have any questions of any of the forms that may be sent home, please don't hesitate to speak to our front office staff.

Sports Day

I would like to thank everyone who came out on Sports Day to support our students. Your ongoing support is much appreciated and highly valued. There is a great deal of 'behind the scenes' work to be done, including on the day - I would like to thank EVERYONE who contributed in some way. I don't want to name people as I would hate to accidently leave anyone out. A huge shout out to our parent volunteers in the canteen and behind the bbq - you were AWESOME. A huge 'shout out' to Tina, Amanda and Mel for donating cupcakes (they were a huge hit) and also to Joanne and Dino Musolino 'Hi Fresh' for donating all the onion for our yummy sausage sizzle. Again, we pride ourselves on our Community's involvement and support - THANK YOU.

I'd also like to thank and acknowledge Deputy Mayor Peter Rentoulis and former VPS student for taking the time out of his busy schedule to open this year's Sports Day. He was so impressed by our captains' speeches and how 'team spirited' based they were.

All teams fought hard throughout the day and encouraged one another, however it was Light who were the final winners. Congratulations on another successful VPS Sports Day. 

Pupil Free Day

Unlike the students having a pupil free day on the Tuesday, staff returned back to work and were busy working on LEAP levels (Learning English: Achievement and Proficiency). In 2021, Learning English Achievement and Proficiency (LEAP) Levels have replaced the language and literacy levels. LEAP is an assessment, monitoring and reporting document for all teachers, which can be used to inform learning design.

LEAP Levels describe the development of language  needed across the year levels to access and demonstrate curriculum knowledge, skills and understandings for all learning areas. The LEAP Levels focus on the productive aspects of language and literacy (spoken, written and multi-modal texts). Staff collected and analyzed student writing samples with colleagues to:

- assess, monitor and report the language development (predominantly focusing on the development of academic language) of any student, in particular high needs students such as EALD students

- determine the level of student language learning need

- identify the appropriate support category to inform and direct allocations of EALD funding

- inform learning design through the identification of key teaching points in formative and summative assessments, to enable setting of learning goals and language level targets.


Our year 3, 5 and 7's will be sitting Naplan during weeks 3 & 4. Notes were sent out to families last week. All components will be completed online expect for the year 3 writing component.

NAPLAN is used by governments, education authorities and schools to determine whether young Australians are meeting important educational goals in literacy and numeracy. It provides a snapshot of your child’s progress as they travel through school, to see how well they are learning the skills of reading, writing and mathematics. It also provides information to the school that assists in determining areas for further development.

It is important to know that NAPLAN is not a pass or fail test. It simply looks at what level students are achieving in literacy and numeracy against the national standards and compared with their peers throughout Australia.

Some nervousness is expected and, as a parent, you can help your child by treating NAPLAN test days just like any other school day and reassuring them that NAPLAN is not a pass or fail test. As a school, all we ask is for our students to give of their best under the circumstances. Wishing all our students all the very best.

If you have any concerns please talk to your child’s teacher or a member of leadership as soon as possible.

Mother's Day

I would like to thank everyone for supporting our Mother's Day stall. It's an absolute delight watching the excitement on your children's faces when choosing gifts for their loved ones. I can also reassure you all that the decisions they make are really thought through and not easy to make at times, even after being provided with suggestions. It is priceless listening to them share their stories and plans with their peers on how they are going to 'surprise mum or grandma'.

On behalf of all the staff here at VPS, we would like to wish all the mums, stepmoms and grandmothers out there a 'Happy Mother's Day'. Also a Happy Mother's Day to all our teacher and SSO mums. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Looking forward to another term of setting and achieving goals!


Learning Together, Learning For Our Future.

Warmest Regards,

Voula Pounendis


NAPLAN will occur during weeks 3 and 4 from May 11- May 20.  Please find below a timetable for all Year 3, 5 and 7 students for the week.  Please make sure students are at school on time to allow for a calm start to assessments at the start of each day. If you have any further questions regarding the assessments please contact the Front Office for further information.

Tuesday 11/5Wed 12/5Thurs 13/5Fri 14/5
9:10am Yr 3 Writing9:10am Yr 7 Writing9:15am Yr 3 Reading9:15am Yr 7 Reading
9:50am Yr 5 Writing10:00am Yr 5 Catch up Writing10:00am Yr 7 Catch up Writing
11:15am Yr 5 Reading11:15am Yr 3 Conventions of Language

Monday 17/5Tuesday 18/5Wednesday 19/5Thursday 20/5

9:15 Yr 5 Conventions of Language

9:15 Yr 3 Numeracy9:15 Yr 5 NumeracyCatch Up tests
11:15 Yr 7  Conventions of Language11:15 Yr 7 Numeracy

Secondary School Online Registration

Parents of our year 6/7 students are now able to start the process for transition to high school. Please check your emails or your child's bag for a letter. This process MUST be completed by Friday 21st May.

Click on the link below for a video explaining the process 

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact Deb in the Front Office for further advice

Sports Day 2021

SAPSASA Cross Country


Last week on Friday, we had 23 students from years 4-7 attend the Playford District Cross Country Carnival. The carnival was held at Harry Bowey Reserve in Salisbury Park.

Students born in 2008 had to participate in a 2km race and older students had to run a 3km race. We had some outstanding individual results with 8 of our students placing in the top 6 of their respective races, qualifying for the State Championships Carnival to be held at Oakbank later this term.

Congratulations and well done: Kayla C, Mitchell, Jonathan, Frank, Zoe, Alli, Tarniya and Leehi. Well done to all students that participated on the day and a big thank you to the many parents that assisted.

Mr Yates

Dates to Remember

Term 2 2021

  • Wednesday 12th May - Governing Council meeting
  • Friday 21st May - Secondary School registration closes
  • Friday 28th May - Casual Clothes Day
  • Monday 7th June - School Photo Day with MSP 
  • Monday 14th June Public Holiday - NO OSHC available
  • Wednesday 16th June - Governing Council meeting
  • Friday 2nd July - Last day of term 2:15 finish

Student Shout-outs!

After seeing so many helpful, caring, and kind acts happening across the school, we simply had to express shout outs beyond our morning student news, with the introduction of brand new shout out awards! Well done to the following students who received our first ever shout out awards during assembly! 

Room 1 – Rocco and Claire

Room 2 – Charlotte and Emma

Room 3 – William and Jessica

Room 4 – Justin and Levi

Room 5 – Christopher and Josephine

Room 6 – Tony and Emily

Room 7 –Kayla and Jacob

Room 8 – Whole class awarded

Room 10 – Daniel and Amelia

Room 11 – Dylan and Georgia

Room 12 - Kevin and Axel

Room 13 – Hannah, Jennifer, and Christina

Room 14 – Savanna, Angelo, and Alli


Shout out awards (Middle/Upper Primary)

Shout out awards (Junior Primary)

Autism Awareness Walk

Last term we acknowledged World Autism Day with a whole school Autism walk. Each class was equipped with conversation cards, describing common experiences of autism and posing questions for students to discuss along their walk. Every class completed 3 laps around the oval while having meaningful conversation about different forms of Autism experiences. Amongst all fun atmosphere of the conversations, music, and lap check points, we had an extra special surprise visit from Ilia! 

It was lovely to see our whole school community to come together in acknowledgement of this important day and expand our awareness of the experiences of people with Autism. Well done to all classes on a successful whole school walk!


Autism Awareness Walk

Parenting Ideas 2021- Managing anxiety before it becomes a problem

The president of Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA) recently highlighted the enormity of the anxiety problem that

children are facing. A survey of primary schools across Australia conducted by the APPA showed that 80% of school leaders

regard anxiety as a significant issue for children.

Research shows that childhood anxiety left unmanaged will almost certainly re emerge, highlighting the importance of early

detection and management of anxiety. Parents, as first responders, play an important role by minimising the impact of stressful

moments before they lead to full-blown anxiety. Here’s how they can help.


Term 2 Calendar 2021


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