Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 4 week 9 - Friday 11 December 2020

From the Principal - Stephen Jolley

Dear families,

Please find below some final end of term information. On behalf of all staff we hope that everyone has a safe and happy Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Staffing Update

The majority of classroom teacher appointments have now been finalised for 2021:


Staff Member

JP Special

Gill Reddick + tbc


Nikol Vidov


Vicky Jones + tbc


Kylie Cook


Anne Whittaker + Megan Harris (1 day a week)


Helen Papastamatis


Kerrie Evans


Luke Springer


Deann Perry + Renee Hanna (1 day/week)


Tracey Burner


Craig Johnston + Grant Perelman (1 day a week)


Isobel Roberts


Ben Kitchin


Brooke Jones


Danielle Murphy


Fred Peters


Aileen Clancy + Michael Boere


Neil Wuttke


Tracey Buckley


Julie Stone + Tracy Marks


Renee Hanna

Performing Arts

Elena Sourbis


Mary Taheny + Deanna Disotto


Grant Perelman

Year 7 Graduation

Earlier this week we held our Graduation Ceremony which was a great opportunity to recognise and acknowledge our year 7 students. We wish them all the best for next year. Congratulations also to the students who were the recipients of the following awards that were presented on the night:

Award Name



Mark Burler Hindmarsh Shield School Federal Electorate Award

Maddison R

Mary Colton Award

Local Electorate Award

Ziah C

HBPS Academic Award


Ryan Z

HBPS Sport Award


Edie B

HBPS Community Award


Allegra D

HBPS Leadership Award


Hudson O

HBPS Italian Award


Lilly H

HBPS Boxing Kangaroo Award

Olympic Values – ‘ASPIRE’

Michael M

HBPS Performing Arts Award


Kirsty M

HBPS Science Award


Jemma R

HBPS Technology Award


Alisha P

Metcalfe Award


Luca G

Luka V

Kiwanis Award


Katelyn K   

Haris J


Along with the Year 7 graduation awards, at our final assembly today, the following students received the Mary Colton Award which was presented by Matt Cowdrey (MP):

Reception – Year 2 Category:      Sia I

Year 3 – 5 Category:                       Athan L

Sports Leadership Roles

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for team leadership roles next year. With the year 6 cohort moving to high school at the end of 2021, they have also been given the opportunity to take on these positions. A formal presentation for these students will occur in term 1 next year.


Yr 7 Girls

Yr 7 Boys

Yr 6 Girls

Yr 6 Boys




Lara H(C)

Maddie W (V/C)

Ollie H (C)

Luka B (V/C)

Dimi G (C)

Summer E (V/C)

Charlie G (C)

Harry K (V/C)




Catherine S (C)

Holly S (V/C)

Tyson W (C)

Cameron K (V/C)

Scarlett A (C)

Sarah S (V/C)

Xavier P (C)

Ash T (V/C)




Irini C  (C)

Ava S (V/C)

Josiah B (C)

Matthew B (V/C)

Lara M (C)

Mia C (V/C)

Tate W (C)

Lennox B (V/C)




Georgie F (C)

Olivia B (V/C)

Ashton L (C)

Alex C (V/C)

Leila H (C)

Zaria G (V/C)

Siena H (V/C)

Gabriel M (C)



Volunteer Award

Our school volunteer award for this year has been presented to Audrey Hoskin. Audrey, a grandparent, has been a dedicated volunteer in the Grub Club. She spends significant amounts of time working in the garden on weekends and school holidays, attends working bees and makes jams and chutneys from the garden produce. Audrey also makes sure the chooks are well fed and looked after.

On behalf of the school community, we thank Audrey for her outstanding contribution.


Along with our graduating year 7 students, today we farewelled a number of people within our school community; Judy Isaac (retiring Performing Arts teacher) and students from other year levels who are moving on. We wish them all the best for the future.

End of Year Reports

As a part of our commitment to ensuring that end of year reports are distributed effectively, the school will look to make adjustments where needed, including the provision for reports to be accessed via smart phones using an app. This week was the first instance of reports being distributed using this platform and we expect moving forward that it will be a more seamless process for families. Please be aware that you can request a hard copy of your child’s report if you are unable to access the online platform.

Governing Council

Governing council would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year. We would also like to thank Principal Jolley, staff, parents and students on a commendable year despite all the difficulties, changes and uncertainty 2020 has thrown at them.

Congratulations to those graduating year 7, best wishes for your future. For those leaving us next year we also wish you all the best.

We hope you and your family keep safe and well and regardless of what 2021 decides to throw at you, May you have a year filled with love, laughter and one where your dreams turn into reality.

Office Opening Hours 2021

The office will be closed from today 11 December at 2.30pm.

The office will reopen on Wednesday 20 January and Thursday 21 January  2021 from 10am to 2pm.

Office will then reopen on the Wednesday 27 January when school returns.

The Henley Beach Giving Tree - St Vincent de Paul charity

In recognition of our dedication to St Vincent de Paul Society. St Vinnies would like to say thank you for our support for the 2020 Christmas appeal.

Looking for Out of School sport Coordinators

This has been a tricky year for Out of Hours School Sports. Whilst some sports were cancelled, others were able to go ahead. Student participation in these sports is only possible through the willingness of our parent/carers to take on the roles of coaching and managing our teams. We really thank them for the time they have given to enable our students to play.

For each team that is nominated, every school is required to have a parent volunteer take on the role of coordinator for that sport. For example, if we have more than one team for a sport then the coordinator is responsible overseeing any administrative needs (such as registration requirements) and supporting team coaches where needed. Coordinators may also be required to attend some meetings. Without sport coordinators and team coaches we cannot nominate any teams.

 In 2021 we are in need of new coordinators for Soccer, Basketball, Cricket and Netball. Thank you to Vanessa McCormack who will remain as the Football coordinator for 2021.

 As mentioned, without any nominations for coordinators for these sports, they will not go ahead in 2021. Therefore we are seeking nominations for the coordinator roles. If you are interested, please fill out the nomination form below. Once we have received these expressions of interest, an information session will be provided so that you can get a greater insight into this area.

 Role of the Sport Coordinator

The sports coordinator’s duties include attending meetings at the school including liaising with the Governing Council Sports Committee, attending any meetings that the sport associations hold and then communicating up to date information back to the relevant team managers, coaches and the school.  All coaches and team managers need to have completed:

·       HBPS Volunteer Application and Induction process.

·       Working with Children Check issued through Department of Human Services DHS screen unit (NO COST).

·       Responding to Abuse and Neglect online training for volunteers. DfE Volunteer Online Induction. www.plink.sa.edu.au/pages/signup.jsf

If you think you would be interested in a coordinator position please phone the office on 8356 2117 or email to dl.0177_info@schools.sa.edu.au 

HBPS Special Class

Each year the Variety Club of SA supports thousands of Children and their families throughout South Australia. Donations are made for variety of causes, resources and ways to bring a smile to children’s faces.

Each year the children in our special class attend parties, celebrate Easter and Xmas and movies once a term, thanks to the generosity of The Variety Club. We also receive funding for a bus once a week to take us to swimming lessons.

This year, due to COVID there have been no such celebrations. However, the Variety Club has provided each child with money to make their Xmas special. We used our funding to go to the Hahndorf Farm Barn this week. We are sure this will be a special day enjoyed by all. We are amazed with the support the club offers to so many families. Details of their efforts can be found on their website. www.variety.org.au