Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 1 - 15/02/2021

Welcome Back!

A very warm welcome to all our new and existing families! We had a great return to school. It has been truly wonderful to see, and hear, the children! I know that having the extra week when everyone was prepared to return earlier, was a bit stressful for some, but the children have naturally returned to school like nothing has happened.  As we venture into week 2 and moving back into COVID-19 Phase 4, we can begin to enjoy some of the normal school happenings.

The P & C and I have been working on tentative planning for some great events for this year.  While I think we are all resigned to the ‘new normal’ we will move forward with as much as we can mindful that we need to align with COVID directions and Department guidelines.

We encourage all adults that enter the school to observe the 1.5 metre distancing rule. If you need to collect your child for an appointment or drop items off to your child, please come into the administration and sign in, please do not go straight to your child’s class, and sign out on leaving.

We have a strong relationship with the local Rotary who offer the community a number of free workshops/forums for parents and staff. The attached talk is being presented by the well-known parenting therapist Helen Davidson, that some parents may find interesting.

We also highly recommend and promote the Triple P – Positive Parenting program

Around the playground

School Communication


This year we are trying to make life easier for both parents and teachers with regards to communicating information, including newsletters and whole-school notices.

We are also stepping up our action on sustainability, continuing to look for ways to reduce our waste.

To drive these goals we will be using the Skoolbag app for our main avenue of whole school communications this year. Included in these communications will be permission slips. 

If  you know of parents who are not yet on Skoolbag, or have not joined their classroom groups, please let them know so they download the app and receive all school notices.


While Skoolbag will be used for whole-school communications and permission notes, SeeSaw will also be used by teachers to share classroom happenings and student learning.

If you have not already joined your child/ren's SeeSaw classroom, please do so at your earliest convenience. 

Joining your Skoolbag Classroom Group:

Annual & Term Charges 2021

While most information will be sent electronically, any payments required will be followed up with an Individualised REMINDER OF UNPAID BILLING ITEMS. This document outlines any term payments that are required for all students. This will be a hard copy, sent home each term with your child/ren.    Please note that in some instances such as Interschool sport - a separate billing item sheet will need to be sent home requesting payment.

Payments due are to be  made through Direct Deposit.  School Bank Account details and student reference will be included on the Billing Items Sheet.  Any queries please contact the school.

Term One Timetable & Assemblies

Please check out the school website for the latest Term Planner. Please note due to our COVID-19 Restrictions as directed by the Department of Education, we have planned 3 Virtual assemblies for Term 1, on Weeks 3, 5, and 7. 

This means that as we move back into Stage 4 restrictions, we will be able to invite parents of children involved in the assembly, including merit award winners to attend. Invites from teachers will begin this week. We ask all attending parents to please 'sign-in' through the Skoolbag app when they arrive.

Car Park

To make sure the year gets off to a smooth start with school pick-up, we will be continuing the staged timing for school pick-up in the Cromarty Rd Carpark. 

Kiss n Ride will be closed until 3.10pm to ensure that car parked cars can quickly pick up their child/ren and leave before Kiss N Ride parents start at 3.10pm.

We also ask that parents please do not park on the edge of Cromarty Rd, near the car park exit as it blocks line-of-sight for cars leaving and creating dangerous situations.

Thank you for your on-going care and patience. 

ICT Agreements and Third Party Permission

Please don't forget to read through our 2021 ICT information and sign our ICT Agreement / Third Party Service permission at your earliest convenience. 

All information can be found in the NOTICES on Skoolbag, including the one easy to complete eForm.

It is vital that teachers have permission to use the very wide range of digital tools that allow communication, delivery of learning and assessment. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Luke Johnson.

Week 8 & 9 Interm Swimming Rooms 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17

Date and Time

From Monday, March. 22nd to Thursday, April. 1st




Interm Swimming will be held in Weeks 8 and 9 this term for the classrooms mentioned above. At this stage, we are looking for parents with children attending to complete the permission form on Skoolbag, including which swimming level you child will be attempting. 

Please note you will have to join Skoolbag, and your child's classroom group on Skoolbag to access the eForm.

Payment will be required when the list of term charges is released in weeks 3 or 4.

Safer Internet Day


After being cancelled due to COVID-19 last year, NAPLAN Online is scheduled to go ahead in 2021.

Students in Years 3 and 5 will be participating in the national assessment between 11th and 21st of May. (Term 2, weeks 3 and 4).

Look out for more information towards the end of Term 1.


After fantastic success at the Robocup Jr last year, CPS is poised to enter the 2021 event with more confidence and experience.

To fast-track our development, Coder-dojo will be focused on building student programming skills in the context of robotics.

Students in the years 3-6 will be invited to join the club which will be held on Monday afternoons, after school.

If your child is interested in joining, please look out for the application form which will be linked in the next newsletter.

Sustainability News

A huge thank you to all the parents that helped out on the chicken roster during the holidays. I hope you enjoyed the fresh eggs.

A very special thank you to Natalie Britz who cleaned up the 9 R garden beds. This was a lovely surprise to come back to after the holiday break.

If you would like to be added to the chicken roster for the weekends, then please see Van Hart.

Containers for Change

We have 2 large bins at CPS that are ready for your recyclable drink containers. One bin is next to the uniform shop and there is a bin in the kindy, pre-primary area. Mrs Jenkin is looking after the kindy bin. I know many of the students use this scheme to raise pocket money. However, it is also an important virtue to teach children to GIVE. Perhaps you could negotiate a portion of recyclables to go into the bins at school. The money raised at school will go to improving our school grounds and towards our 2021 proposed frog habitat. We receive 100 dollars for every bin we fill.   

SAVE THE DATE. On Sunday 21st February from 2 – 4 pm there is a busy bee to help clean up and plant seedlings in the 9 R shed. Please bring your children along to assist. Afternoon tea provided. Looking forward to seeing you!

 Mrs Samsa Sustainability coordinator 

FINAL CHANCE FOR VOICE SENIOR CHOIR AND HOTNOTES ORCHESTRA SIGN UPS.... see Mr Howesmith if you are in year 5 or 6 and are interested!

Art News

The celebration of individuality, creativity, problem-solving and personal success underlines the exploration of Visual Arts.

Students will engage with a variety of art materials and methods throughout the year, like sculpture, printmaking, imaginative and realistic drawing, painting, computer graphics, animation, and ceramics.

Art will be inspired by classroom themes and topics, cultural celebrations, personal experiences and expression, professional artists, and their styles, exploring art throughout history and influences, but most importantly the joy and fun of artistic expression.

During term one, students will look at Sculpture. Please take your children to experience the many sculptural exhibitions showing around Perth. I will keep you informed through the newsletter of events that come to my attention but if you know of an engaging exhibition please let me know so I can pass that on to the Churchland community.

At the end of term we will hold the Sculpture by the School art show. See the newsletter for regular updates.

The art room is an open classroom where all are welcome to enjoy your children’s ideas and progress following the Government’s guidelines at the time. Art will be shared through the Seesaw app for you to enjoy.

Please encourage your child’s efforts and ask them to tell you about the choices they have made, how they create their art and what they may have done differently next time.

All students need to bring their own old shirt to put over their uniform to protect it against accidental splatters from paint or ink or clay. The paint we use is water washable but the dyes in the paint can stain fabric. This shows respect for the Churchlands PS uniform whist allowing the students to freely use the art materials without concern.

I am looking forward to an inspired creative year of fun. If you need to contact Mrs Cockerill please email or phone the school to make an appointment.

More info on Sculptures by the Sea

Before School Tennis - Churchlands PS Term 1 2021 - (7 WEEK OPTION starting as of Wednesday 17th Feb)

Coastal Tennis will be returning next week to offer Tennis Lessons on the school's courts.


Lessons are conducted on Wednesday morning 7.45-8.30am (Yrs 1-3) & Thursday morning 7.45-8.30am (Yrs 4-6). 


All enquiries call Nick Kirkbride (Coastal Tennis) 0419 923 495 or visit and enrol or download a form from the Schools Page.

Old ICT Equipment - Free to a good home!

We currently have a surplus of old PC monitors that need recycling. If your family is interested in taking one for your personal use, please contact Luke Johnson.

Wembley Downs JFC Registrations open!

Wembley Downs Junior Football Club is your local community club.We pride ourselves on supporting and developing our players in a funand family-friendly environment.

As well as Auskick and Junior Football, WDJFC proudly encourages andpromotes girls footy. In season 2021 we’re excited to be fielding twogirls’ teams – Years 3/4 and 5/6. So if you’ve ever thought about footy,come down and give it a go!

Registering online is easy:Junior Football (Years 3 to 6): (PP to Y2): further information get in touch with:Junior Football – Brodie McDougall – Football – Evan Hewitt – – Jack Kennedy –

I N T EG R I T Y – E QUA L I T Y – R E S P E C T – L O YA LT Y – I N C LU S I V E NE S S