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Newsletter 1, Friday 4 February 2022

From the Leadership

Hi everyone and welcome back to a different start to the school year. We have so many positive comments about the first few days, and we are really looking forward to the New Year getting back to normal as soon as we can. 

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our brand-new reception children and their families to our community. They have settled in well already with many beautiful big smiles to be seen. 

Over the course of the year, we have sent out many communications, trying to inform our community of happenings around the school. As a result of feedback received from our parent survey of 2021, we have made the decision to streamline our communication processes. 

  • Communications will be sent via email and seesaw. 

  • Absences and absence concerns will be addressed through text messages  

  • Payments and forms will be processed via QKR. 

This will ensure that communication across the school reaches all families. 

Our Annual General Meeting will be held via WebEx on February 22. Attached to this newsletter is a nomination form. This can be either printed and returned to school or sent via email to Mel Worden at

We love being back and cannot wait to see all our remaining students in person on February 14.


Dave Henty-Smith - Principal

Naomi Martin - Assistant Principal

Corey Mudie - Assistant Principal

Governing Council Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate for Governing Council please fill out the attached form and return no later than Friday 18 February.

New Leadership for 2022

This year we welcome a new Leadership team into our school, with two new Assistant Principals; Naomi Martin and Corey Mudie 


Assistant Principal: (Leading Learning Years 3-6, Wellbeing, and Engagement) – Naomi Martin 

Naomi began teaching in 2011, starting at Kirton Point Primary School in Port Lincoln as a contract teacher, Naomi worked as a Year 6/7 teacher and middle primary teacher before returning to Adelaide to teach in middle and junior primary at Ascot Park Primary School. In 2013, Naomi joined the Forbes Primary School team winning permanency soon after and working as a middle primary teacher, acting Deputy Principal, acting Senior Leader in curriculum and wellbeing and various coordinating roles. In 2021, Naomi was appointed to the position of Curriculum writer, English R-6. As a seconded teacher with the Department for Education Curriculum Development Team, Naomi worked in a team to write units of work to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum for South Australian teachers. In 2022, Naomi joined the St Leonards Primary School team for a 3 year appointment in the role of Assistant Principal with a focus on leading learning in Years 3 to 6 and whole school wellbeing and engagement. Naomi will work in partnership with students, staff, and the wider school community to build a community that inspires curious, creative, and innovative thinkers who value diversity, collaboration, respect, and wellbeing leading to positive learning outcomes for all students. 


Naomi can be contacted via email or by calling (08) 8295 2568. 

Assistant Principal (Leading Learning Reception – Year 2, Whole School Literacy Improvement)- Corey Mudie 

Corey began teaching in 2013, working as a TRT across multiple schools in the Western suburbs of Adelaide. In 2015 he begun a teaching contract at Glenelg Primary School, working as a Year 3-7 learning support teacher, working closely with students to develop their understanding and skills in Mathematics. After 2 years in this role Corey moved into a role as a Reception teacher, working closely with a team of teachers to further develop the school’s early Literacy programs. In 2019 Corey was appointed to Assistant Principal at Glenelg Primary School, with a particular focus on effective pedagogy and special education across Reception to Year 7. Corey joins St Leonards Primary School in 2022 as an Assistant Principal with a focus on the Junior Primary years and whole school Literacy development. 

Corey can be contacted via email at by calling (08) 8295 2568. 



Diary Dates

Hats on for Term 1

No Hat, Shade Play

  • All students return to school onsite - Monday 14 February 
  • Governing Council AGM (online via Webex) - Tuesday 22 February


The Governing Council approved the 2022 Materials and Services Charge of $365 (an increase of $5 from 2021) at the meeting held on Tuesday 30 November 2021. An early bird discount of 5% will be given for fees paid by the end of Week 5 of Term 1, Friday 4 March 2022.

The Governing Council also reviewed the $50 Excursion Levy and agreed to continue the levy in 2022. Where classes had unused 2021 levy monies, a credit was placed in the system for families to apply against this years levy. 

Materials and Services Charge 2022 Online Poll

Thank you to all families who responded to the online polling letter by Thursday 16 December 2021. The results of the online poll are as follows:

142 for

25 against

Therefore, as per the Department for Education requirements, due to the majority of families who responded voting in favour of the higher amount, the Materials and Services Charge of $365 will become the legally recoverable amount in the event of non-payment in 2022.

School Card

School card application forms will be sent home early this year to families who were eligible last year. If you believe that you are eligible for school card, please request a form at the Office or complete the process online.

Victoria Sierros, Finance Manager

New Staff for 2022

We are excited to welcome back Nikol Vidov (Miss V). Nikol previously worked here at St Leonards as a TRT and Reception teacher, before spending the last two years at Henley Beach Primary. Nikol is a passionate and enthusiastic junior primary teacher. She will be working full time with the Year 1s in Room 11. 

Ryan Bennett (Ryan) will be joining our teaching team this year from Aldinga Beach. Ryan is an enthusiastic primary teacher with a passion for the health and wellbeing of students and their families. Ryan will be working full time with the Year 5s in Room 6. 

Tash Clark (Miss Tash) will also be joining us this year, having recently taught at Plympton International College and Woodend Primary School. Tash is an experienced primary educator working across many different year levels. Tash is excited to be working with the St Leonards community. She will be working full time with the Year 2s in Room 15. 

Canteen News

Welcome to Term 1, 2022.

The canteen is open from Tuesday 15 February, 4 days a week. and is closed on Mondays.

Some canteen information to perhaps help with your lunch order choices.

Qkr is the preferred way to order recess, lunch or snacks.  This app has a cut off at 9.15am on your chosen day.

Avoid the morning rush and order the night before.  It is important to check you are ordering for the day you want and complete the ordering process by checking out.  View your profile and make sure you have the correct name and  room no.

Cash in a labelled lunch bag is also accepted. Late lunch orders via email are not accepted.

Student helpers deliver lunch baskets.  Recess orders, slushy, moosie and iceblocks need to be picked up from the canteen.

Wholemeal bread is used for sandwiches.  White hotdog rolls and sesame seed buns for burgers.

Gluten Free Wholemeal Bread for sandwiches is an option at no extra cost.

The chicken and ham is Gluten Free.

The slushy drinks are an apple based concentrate with natural fruit juice flavours added.

Vilis Sausage Rolls contain beef and lamb.

The hotdog frankfurts contain pork.

Cheese, milk and mayonnaise used is low fat.

Nicola is in charge of maintaining the school garden . Providing the canteen with a large amount of fresh vegetables , fruit and herbs.

This produce is used in salad packs, muffins and recess snacks.

A recess special is something I do with short notice and is a cheap recess snack.

Available to be picked up at recess and  not an option to have as a lunch order.

Please note that sandwiches and salad packs are not available on Fridays.

Reason being, I need to limit choices as Fridays are unbelievably busy 😊

Volunteers are very welcome and if you can help, please call in or email.

If you can spare an hour or more on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for tasks such as buttering bread and labelling drinks it

would be a big help.

Please call in any morning if you have any questions or perhaps just need a take away coffee @ only $3.

Thanks, Katrina James, Canteen Manager

Traffic Safety



Hats must be worn for all outside play and PE lessons during Term 1 and Term 4. If a student does not have a hat they are directed to play in the shade.

Hats can be purchased online through Belgravia 

Online Uniform Shop

Uniform Orders

To order our new uniforms please follow the link or visit the uniform page of our website.

Old style uniform can still be worn until 2023.

Please note: Fittings are by appointment only

Booking can be made by clicking the link 

St Leonards Primary School

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Principal: Dave Henty-Smith

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Assistant Principal: Corey Mudie

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