Reynella Primary School Grapevine

Term 3, Week 5 | 2021

From the Leadership Team

Dear parents/carers,

What a tumultuous start to term 3! Who could have predicted that just after two days of school we would go into a 7 day lockdown? Fortunately our staff responded quickly as they were well prepared to switch to online learning and we thank them for their superhuman efforts. Many of them had children of their own to support while running their classrooms in the virtual space. We recognise that it was complex for everyone involved but we averaged 94.8% of our student cohort accessing online learning which is a huge achievement. We also want to acknowledge the teachers who bravely came to supervise the children of essential workers as we had much larger numbers than anticipated, larger than any other school, and they were kept on their toes.

The Communication Action Team met to think about and give feedback on online learning. They provided some interesting insights:

Although at the time of writing this, the COVID situation in South Australia is very stable, we are very conscious that this situation could change at any moment and force us into another lockdown. If this happens and your child needed to borrow a device last time, you will need to report to the Front Office to re-borrow one for your child and complete a User Agreement Form.

Farewell to Our Julie

As previously communicated to you, next Friday, August 27, will be Julie Mullins last day at Reynella Primary School – and what a sad day that will be.

I have been most fortunate to work alongside Julie for 6 of the 9 years she has worked at Reynella, and to say she will be missed is an understatement.

Julie’s positivity, genuine warmth and concern for the wellbeing of others made her an integral part of our school community. She not only responded to issues compassionately and professionally, providing direction and support as needed, but never forgot a face.

Julie is renown throughout the community for her relentless positivity and kindness. She is always the person others turn to when they need a morale boost or just a guaranteed smile, which she has in abundance.

Julie has long been a highly regarded and essential member of our school community; the compassion, integrity and flexibility she has shown over the years to support so many of us will be greatly missed.

Our students will farewell Julie at an assembly next Thursday but unless COVID restrictions change dramatically in the ensuing days we will be unable to invite parents on site. It is our intention to have a community farewell to Julie at a later date, when restrictions have eased.

We are currently working through the process with SMG to appoint a new PCW to start in term 4.

I know you will join with me in thanking Julie so very much for all that she has contributed to our community and wish her much success and happiness as she embarks on a new chapter in her journey through this life.

Michele and the Leadership Team



Student News

Bonne Fete

Monday 7th of June was a day where very student could experience dressing up as a French person! It was a joyful experience to come to school and see so many people dressed up in stripes, as Eiffel Towers and even as French fries! Madame Marin’s French classes had the opportunity to compete by making the tallest, strongest and most realistic Eiffel Tower using only dry spaghetti and marshmallows. A challenge for us was trying to build the Tower strong so it wouldn’t fall down. We tried to overcome this by building more structural support! The next French lesson, classes participated in was to build the most realistic French village or city using plasticine in a variety of colours. Surprisingly, our group won and we were given a certificate, chocolate and had a photo with our creation. We included Le Louvre (art museum), l’école (school) and even a pigeon! We had a tremendous amount of fun with Bonne Fête, especially with all the activities and the massive croissant for lunch that our wonderful canteen supplied. Bonne Fête was an amazing experience for Reynella Primary School. Thank you to everyone! 


From your F5 students, 

Bronte and Chelsea. 

Bonne Fete

Bonne Fête was a great success from the junior and middle primaries! All R to Year 3 children put in a joint effort in creating an 'Alpes Françaises' freize.  Also, Year 2 students made an excellent plaque of French National symbols, while Year 3's built an amazing giant La Tour Eiffel. Both year levels enjoyed a ' workers snack' of baguette et brie. Merci beaucoup tout le monde!

- Madame Badgery-Parker

Learning with C6

Learning with B6

Girls statewide Schools Soccer

On Wednesday Term 2 Week 7, the Reynella girls SAPSASA team played both Fulham North and McLaren Vale Primary. The girls gave an amazing effort in both games, especially considering many hadn't played before. Although they lost to Fulham North, the result in the second game against McLaren Vale was a nail-biting draw with several shots on goal. Congratulations again to all of the girls, the efforts you put in at trainings paid off.

Boys Stateswide Schools Football

On Thursday 24th June, selected Year 5, 6 and 7 Reynella Primary School boys travelled to Willunga Football Oval to compete in the first round of the Statewide Schools football competition. We were forecast extremely wet conditions for the day. However, the weather gods smiled on us, as we were presented with warm and relatively sunny conditions for both our games.

Reynella fielded a team comprising of both experience and those running out for their first taste of competitive football. The beauty of Statewide Schools competitions is it allows students to have a go at sports they might be interested in playing at a club level. We were also a very young side, requiring a large number of Year 5's to complete our team. Unfortunately for us, we came up against two very experienced teams, comprising of all Year 6's and 7's. Our first game was against Woodend PS, who were extremely strong and the favourites to take out the chocolates for the day.

Our second game was against McLaren Vale, who again fielded a strong team of footballers. Our focus in Physical Education at Reynella Primary School always centres on good sportsmanship, regardless of the outcome. Although we were handed heavy defeats in both games, the boys remained positive, connected, had fun and played to the best of their abilities. We also had one goal scorer for the day, with Jesse Richards slotting a goal late in the game against Woodend.

Well done boys!

Winter Appeal!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Winter Appeal in Week 4, which contributed to over $725 in gold coin donations and a trailer of donations which were donated to community groups and people in need.

All the donations were presented to Amanda Rishworth MP as part of her annual Winter Appeal, who shared with children from the Citizenship Action Team stories about people and families in our community who are really doing it tough, and how our donations will play a big role in making a difference to their everyday lives.

We also loved seeing all the colourful PJs, oodies, slippers and dressing gowns as we got into the winter spirit! Great work everyone!

- Ms Bradbury and the Citizenship Action Team

School News

Book Week

Each year across Australia, the Children’s book Council of Australia brings children and books together to celebrate Australian children’s literature during Book Week. This year the theme is ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’ and will be celebrated in the week 21 – 27 August (Term 3, Week 6).

Once again, due to COVID-19, celebrations this year will be low key and we will be unable to run our popular ‘Living Library’, however we do have some other events planned.

Reception to Year 7 students will be involved in craft activities during the week based around this years Book Week theme and the short-listed books, which class teachers have already been sharing with their students.

Friday 27 August - Dress Up Day and Parade

Students and staff are asked to dress up around the Book Week theme, ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’ for our Dress Up Day and Parade. This theme has immense scope, as books can be our time machines, letting us visit the past, present and future as well as into fantasy worlds. There are many ideas online, here are just a few: Old Worlds (Ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome, Viking, Victorian era, Gladiators, dinosaur), New Worlds (space themed costume, aliens, astronauts, dystopian) and Other Worlds (mermaids, wizards, dragons, fairies, unicorns) and many more from fantasy and adventure stories (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Aladdin, Rangers Apprentice, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Cat in the Hat etc). Almost any book character would fit into one of the categories.

You're invited to our STEM Showcase!

School Photos -Monday - Week 10

Advanced Life School Photography will be doing our school photos and approval has been granted by our Governing Council.  This will allow parents digital access and printed photos. 

Family photos need to be ordered online or correct money is in envelope on the day - no envelope or online order - no photo will be taken.

School Photos will be completed on Monday 20 September 2021 with a catch up day on Wednesday 22 September 2021

The Parent Engagement Survey is now open!

Every year we ask parents and guardians their thoughts on their child’s school, including how well the school supports learning and wellbeing and how well the school communicates with parents and students alike. The results help us better understand:

  • what you think we’re doing well
  • where we can improve
  • what’s important to you as a parent.

You’re encouraged to participate in the survey, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete. But hurry! The survey closes 5pm Sunday 29 August.

Please check your email for your unique link which has been provided by the Department for Education - we cannot provide this link as a school.

Have you seen our website?

Did you know you can access information about STEM, student support and wellbeing on our website at any time?

We are regularly updating information on our website so that you can find out more about what we have on offer at Reynella and what's coming up on the calendar!


Just a reminder - during Terms 1, 3 and 4 hats are required be worn to play in the yard.

Please make sure your hat is named.

Canteen Lunch Order Cancellation Time Frame

Due to an overwhelming amount of wasted food and related costs incurred by the canteen, due to late cancelled orders, we have had to enforce stricter guidelines.

Cancellations will only be given a full credit, if the order is cancelled by 9am on the day of the lunch order. Of course the sooner the cancellation is made, the better.

No credit will be given if there has been no communication with the canteen prior to 9am.

Canteen Contact Information

phone: 8381 1493 - option 2



Children and Screen Time

Child development studies have found that heavy daily technology use was associated with an increased risk for mental health problems among children and adolescents. More time spent using digital technologies links to increased symptoms of ADHD and poor behaviour, as well as worse self-regulation.

Evidence also suggests that heavy device use, particularly prior to bedtime, can interfere with sleep quality and quantity. One study found that children who use digital devices at bedtime had significantly worse and less sleep. Lack of sleep causes irritability, increased stress, forgetfulness, and difficulties with learning and low motivation.

Increased screen time connects to reduced fitness levels, obesity and poor social skills.

Like anything, there are positives and negatives with screen time but parents should consider that screen time includes:

  • The use of all devices, televisions, iPad, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer and gaming consoles.  Most homes have a combination of all of these.


Recommended screen time in Australia is based on ‘The Australian National Physical Activity and Sedentary Guidelines’.  The guidelines recommend that children aged 5-17 have a total screen time of less than two hours per day; this includes watching TV.

So where do families start?

Get everyone in your family on the same page about screen usage by setting rules and clear boundaries about screen time. These rules should be based on your child’s age and should clearly lay out:

  • Time allowed with screens
  • Appropriate times of the day for screen time
  • What devices are allowed
  • What content is allowed
  • Where in the house screen time can take place
  • Where screens are stored when not in use


For example;

  • You may allow your four-year-old one hour per day watching TV after kindy.
  • Your 10 year old may be allowed one hour of TV and one hour of age-appropriate Xbox after school.


Set boundaries including no screen time during meal times, after 7pm, or if there is uncompleted homework to do.  Setting a place for screens to be used, such as the lounge room or communal area allows for supervision of online activity.

How do families manage the digital meltdowns?

Creating clear rules around screen time can help reduce misbehaviour, but there may be times when your kids try to push the boundaries or just straight up don’t want to comply with them. The following points are useful in managing ending a child’s screen time.

1.     Where you can, give warning that it will be time to turn off the device in five minutes.

2.     Get their attention. You may need to pause the TV or device in order to make eye contact and ensure your child is listening.

3.     Clearly tell your child what they need to do (i.e. “it’s time to turn off the TV/device now”).

4.     If your child ignores you, repeat the instruction.

5.     If they continue using screens, implement a discipline technique like time-out and removing the device.

6.     For older children and teens, the discipline strategy may involve reducing some of their screen time the next time they are allowed to use it.


If your child is not following your rules, reducing their screen time (5-10 minutes) each session can be effective.  When compliance is achieved then restore their screen time back to the agreed amount of time.

Remember to use praise and rewards for responsible use of screen time and for turning devices off as soon as they are asked. This is what will make the good behaviour stick.

Farewell from Julie

Hello Lovely RPS community,

They say all good things must come to an end; it is now time for me to say “ooroo, see ya later, take care”. Taking on the role of Pastoral Care Worker has been an enormous privilege; the support, care, and love I have experienced from the RPS community have always encouraged me to keep going. Thank you for trusting me with your kids, your stories, and your lives. We have laughed, cried, celebrated, and together we have walked through difficult times.

Children have changed me; challenging me to think differently, providing endless reasons to smile and laugh. Others have taught me to be humble, to slow down, see past the behaviour and see the person. Some have melted my heart, most have left an indelible mark and some are pure sunshine on rainy days.

During my time at RPS, I have dressed up (my favourite thing to do), been on excursions, swimming lessons and camps (equal favourite). I have played UNO way too many times during lunchtimes, Foosball, Connect 4, Jenga, naughts and crosses, 'Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza', and many other activities in my room. I have had a couple of trips in an ambulance (I had never been in an ambulance before), waited with kids when parents were running late, found the lost, welcomed the new, made breakfast and lunch for many.

Thank you to the Fundraising Committee past and present for setting a day to raise money for my hours; thank you to those who participated in those days. Moments like these were the most humbling times for me here at RPS. I truly appreciate all your efforts. Thank you to the churches, staff, students, families and community organisations who supported those events.

Thank you to the Governing Council, past and present, who have been supportive of my role and me. You have gone above and beyond to make me feel valued and supported.

RPS staff are easily the best group of people I have ever had the privilege to work with. They go above and beyond for this community. I am grateful for each and every one of them.

Once again, thank you for your support, love, and kindness. I will miss you,


Take care

Biggest Hugz


After School Sport

Basketball News

2021 school fees and Term 1 and Term 2 Basketball fees are now all overdue. Please pay them asap, or arrange an Installment Plan with Kay Starczak, our Business Manager.


Father's Day Fundraiser

Rebel Sports Community Fundraising for Reynella Primary School

Rebel Sports Community Givebacks program is designed to allow schools to earn in store credit to purchase essential sporting equipment and teamwear.  Registered schools are rewarded with 5% back on all sales linked to a rebel active member.

Finance and Communication

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Book Week

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