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From the Principal

We love to disco at Jamberoo and what a fun way to celebrate the end of term. I am pleased to say that all the boys and girls and staff had a wonderful evening. Thank you to the P&C for donating our delicious sausage sizzle.  Please enjoy the photos in this edition of the newsletter. 

Congratulations to India Binks for being named the winner of the Stage 2 Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking competition for our area. It was great to hear yours and Eden's speeches at last weeks assembly.  We are very proud of the extremely high quality of all of their speeches. Congratulations to Mahala, Matilda and Eden for being enthusiastic finalists.

During the coming holidays, we are hopeful to have some much needed tree work completed. As mentioned previously some of these trees have been labelled dangerous and need to be trimmed or removed. This is planned to take place in the first week of the holidays. 

Today at assembly we had the opportunity of seeing our Tapa Napu NAIDOC week singers perform on the Department of Educations live feed. This went to all public schools across the state. These children volunteered, got their media release paperwork completed in a timely manner and rehearsed with Mrs Dammerel and Mrs Martin. We filmed a large amount of footage and the department selected a small portion of this to present in the singalong. The children were very excited to see themselves on the big screen and we invite you all to have a look via the link below. 

NAIDOC Week Singalong https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/aec/aboriginal-education-in-nsw-public-schools/naidoc-week/naidoc-week-2021

COVID-19 As you will be very much aware the situation is changing very frequently. We are fortunate to still be able to operate without any major interruptions. This could change at any time. Please keep checking Dojo as any relevant Term 3 updates will be posted there. Also I would like to remind all parents and community members to please check in using the QR code on all entrances and by also signing in at the office if you are to be onsite for more than ten minutes. Please stay safe and healthy over the holidays. 

I would like to take this opportunity to farewell the Walkerden family from our school as they relocate north. We will miss the children's smiling faces, but also the generosity of the family and the role that they played in the Jamberoo school community. We would like to wish you all the best in this new adventure. 

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!

Ms Greta Lewis

Principal (Rel)

Showcase on Wonga Wonga

Wonga Wonga is a very diligent class and have had the pleasure of two fantastic university students this term. In class Mr Ross and Mrs Dammerel have ween working on improving student's reading, maths and writing. They have also been involved in a spelling competition, public speaking competition and increasing their sense of humour. Please enjoy these photos of the Wonga Wonga children hard at work. 

Thank you Grandma Nell, Mrs McCormack and our gardening club!

Thank you Jamberoo Lawn Bowls

Thank you to Mr Kevin Harris, Terry Stamp, Neil Lewis, Mick Souter and Jeff O'Brien for coaching our Jamberoo students in Lawn Bowls this term. You have been amazing and our children have gained so much from the experience. 

Thank you Joel Dowling

During Term 2 Joel Dowling, son of Maryann Dowling the super SLSO for our senior classes has been coming into school during lunch time to work with our students. He has played soccer with them, modelling positive sportsmanship and sharing some of his excellent skills. Joel has also helped out with preparing the children for the field events in athletics and on our athletics carnival. If you see him around, please thank him. It has been wonderful to have such a positive young man for our students. Mrs Dowling should be very proud of the young man he is. 

Remember: come to school everyday on time and stay for the entire day!

Upcoming Events

Friday 25 June Last Day of Term 2
Tuesday 13 July 

First Day of Term 3

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 JulyYears 5/6 Talking Tactics Program 
Thursday 22 JulyTongarra Legends Day
Friday 23 July Comar Band Visit

Athletics Carnival

Thank you to all of the parents and family members who came out of Monday to help us complete our Athletics Carnival. It was bitterly cold and a tiny bit wet, but so pleasing to see all the children do their best to be the best that they can be. Thank you to Mrs Kunkler for all your work in organization. 


100m 12 yr GirlsChloe AKiyaMatildaTalia 
100m 12 yr BoysQuincyTannonFinnKobi
100m 11yr GirlsIndiHayley

100m 11yr BoysCalhounTajWindradyneDimity
100m 10yr GirlsIslaEdenPollySophia
100m 10yr BoysKyleFinn BBen CBrodie
100m 9yr GirlsEmily TWinterMaiaImelda
100m 9yr BoysLachlan SEqual 2nd ArchieEqual 2nd DarcyBen Y
100m 8yr GirlsSamaraIndia TahliaHanna
100m 8yr BoysWillEqual 2nd Max BEqual 2nd JamesReagan
100m 7yr GirlsAmarliHollyEliviaElsie
100m 7yr BoysRubenGusNate FLeo
100m 6yr GirlsAmelia NZahliKatelynEvie N
100m 6yr BoysTlyer WLoganHenryLachlan P
100m 5yr GirlsSofiaCate

200m SNR GirlsChloe AKiyaMatildaTalia
200m SNR BoysQuincyTannonFinn PZachariah
200m 11yr GirlsIndiHayley

200m 11yr BoysCalhounTajWindradyneDimity
200m JNR GirlsIslaEdenSophiaPolly
200m JNR BoysKyleFinn B DarcyJudah
800m SNR GirlsKiyaChloe ATaliaMali
800m SNR BoysQuincyTannonFinn P
800m 11yr GirlsHayley Indi

800m 11yr BoysWindradyneDimity

800m JNR GirlsEdenEmilyIslaMahala
800m JNR BoysLachlan SFinn B DarcyReagan
1500m SNR GirlsKiyaTaliaChloe AMatilda
1500m SNR BoysQuincyTannonTajFinn P
1500m 11yr GirlsHayley

1500m 11yr BoysWindradyne

1500m JNR GirlsIndia MahalaEmilySamara
1500m JNR BoysDarcyLachlan SNoahJudah
Karen Cawley CupBoy - Tyler WGirl - Evie N

SNR Girls relayMenziesHyamsWaughope
SNR Boys RelayMenziesHyamsWaughope
JNR Girls RelayWaughopeHyamsMenzies
JNR Boys RelayHyamsWaughopeMenzies

Cooking with the Principal

We are bakers!  Charlie, Lulu, Reece and Eden! Last week the children created Strawberry Shortcake. It was fantastic to be able to use some of our donated equipment to explore baking. The children said it tasted amazing and were looking forward to making it for their families. Congratulations children, it looked great!

There was no cooking in week 10. 

Week 9 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten WalabiLogan F, Katelyn N, Evelyn N & Henry O.
Year 1 BirrahleeBryce B, Amarli E, Lachlan P, Grace S, Bailey S & Shelby V.
Year 2 CooindaArlo B, Ella H, Max L, James M, Amia T, Holly T, Hanna B, Alexandra C, Reagan D, Noah F, Will H, Luca M, Zane M, Beau R & Lina W
Year 3 Wonga WongaImelda C, Winter M, Joshua N, & Talhia W. 
Year 4 Kookaaraa

Finn B, Benjamin C,  Windradyne C, Noah E, Summah F, Reece M & Charlie R

Year 5/6 WombarraMali B, Amy H, Hayes H, Matilda K, William M &Talia M
Learning Habits Liam B, Jack C, Maleah M, James M, Ellery H, Amelia W, Luca P & Polly R
Principal's AwardHayes H

Disco for David

The 2021 SRC would like to thank everyone who attended our Disco last night. We raised a considerable amount of money for our Kenyan Sponsor child David. This money helps to pay for David's education and aims to keep Kenyan students in school. We hope that you all had a great time and got plenty of sleep after. We would like to specially thank Charlie for his light set up and Amarni for being DJ for the night. We hope to see you all for our next disco in 2022.

Jamberoo know how to disco

Week 10 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten WalabiSofia D, Harrison K, Evelyn S & Eden T
Year 1 BirrahleeLeo D, Amarli E, Isabella P & Maeve R
Year 2 CooindaAva B, Max B, Ella H, Beau H, Samara K & Lulu T
Year 3 Wonga WongaEllery H, Winter M, Joshua N, Arch S & Judah S.
Year 4 KookaaraaBrodie K, Lachlan O, Kyle R, Billy R, Dominic V & Benjamin Y

Year 5/6 WombarraHayley M, Chloe O, Finn P & Kiya R
Learning HabitsEvelyn S, Constantine W, Nate F, Mitchell M, Brodie K, 
Principal's AwardAnnabelle Y & Charlie

NAIDOC Incursion

Please remember to update your child's health care plan on Operoo and supply a paper copy to the office.

Bike Day

Caring for our chickens

Kiama Community of Schools - Immersion Day

On Tuesday, our six Aboriginal students participated in NAIDOC celebrations with some of our Kiama Community of Schools. We enjoyed a morning at Kiama High School where we connected to Mother Earth through music and movement, listened to some talented high school students play the didgeridoo and investigated some native plants that are growing throughout the school. Students were taught some significant Aboriginal symbols throughout the day and learnt the correct technique for throwing a boomerang.

 Zach – I enjoyed eating the amazingly prepared kangaroo spaghetti and adventuring through Dharawal Country looking for traditional native plants. My favourite plant was the snake whistle. Did you know the snake whistle was used by Aboriginal people to attract snakes because the whistling sound sounded like a high pitch animal cry. The Aboriginal people then used their weapons to hunt the snakes.

 Will – I enjoyed listening to the Dreaming stories and what they taught me. We listened to a story about the Five Islands off the coast of Port Kembla. The story talked about that there are always consequences for your actions. And the kangaroo pasta was delicious.

 Kyle – I liked learning how to throw the boomerang and watching it come back. I had fun playing the traditional games. My favourite game was Wana. I also really liked the pancakes.

 Kiya – I enjoyed exploring different types of native plants and how aboriginal people used them, like the leaves of the sandpaper fig were used to smooth out objects like weapons and utensils.

 Lexi – I enjoyed doing the Aboriginal symbols on boomerangs and playing the traditional Indigenous games on the beach.

 Sophia – I liked how we walked to the beach and had kangaroo asta and pancakes for lunch. Then we learnt about significant Aboriginal symbols like the symbol used for the sun and the stars.

 Mrs Martin – As always, so very proud of our JPS kids. Highly engaged, keen to learn and respectful throughout all tasks. I enjoyed discussing with our students the native plants that we will be planting into our school.


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