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Year 12 2021 – A cohort of Class and Courage

Ï have fought a good fight; I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.- 2 Timothy 4:7-8

Indeed through the grace of God as well as the blessings of our Patron Saints, St Mary The Theotokos and St Mina, our Solider and protector; we, the management and staff of St Mary and St Mina's Coptic Orthodox College, are very pleased and proud to report the most wonderful and genuinely well-deserved achievements of our Year 12 Cohort, Class of 2021. Despite the many challenges and tribulations this particular group of students faced, they all most definitely and perseveringly "fought a good fight... leading to a crown of righteousness."

After 13 years of Primary and Secondary education, leading up to their Final HSC Examinations in October 2021, our senior students faced 24 months of unprecedented challenges, changes, uncertainty, and confusion. At the same time that COVID was at our doorstep, our senior students also had to leave the comfort of their senior campus; yes, it was small and very dishevelled, but it was the place they called home for years, and now these students had to move back to their primary campus, sharing classes, resources, and playground with our primary students. All in a year that matters the most! For our Year 12 students to get through another hurdle, and with short notice, our boys and girls needed to demonstrate grit and perseverance, becoming mature and understanding young MEN and WOMEN. Indeed, they did not disappoint; in the true spirit of St Mary and St Mina's College, they exceeded our every expectation, leading the way and role modeling to their younger peers through acts of humility and selflessness.

The transition to Bexley, our Primary School Campus, was seamless; they embraced the changes with open arms; as the student leaders of our College, they took every opportunity to serve all staff as well as all the younger children, and in doing so, LEFT THEIR MARK, a legacy that has opened a new chapter in the history of our College. Under the Year 12 exemplary leadership, the College's spirit and unity continued to grow, leading to a 98% attendance rate at school events, including carnivals and liturgies. The College atmosphere was electrifying.

Nevertheless, all was not easy sailing; to the contrary. First, face-to-face learning, followed by online learning, then return to school, followed by mandatory vaccinations at ACER arena... no wait, change of mind, HSC Trial examinations on, followed by Trials called off, then on-again, but how will it all work? Deliveries, phone holders, cameras…oh no, internet down! How does a teenager deal with all this and still focus on the task at hand?

As they say, "It takes a village to raise a child," and we are blessed to have an amazing community that consists of supportive families, dedicated teachers, selfless clergy, and hard-working students that make up our SMSM village.

Our students and families simply needed to TRUST, which is much easier said than done. They needed to trust in the governance, management, staff, systems, and clergy, but the truth be told, no student has ever been or will ever be just a number at a Coptic College. Our teachers are more than just educators; they are the most dedicated, hard-working, selfless, and academically equipped with professional standards to assist our students with every challenge they face, enabling every student to achieve their full potential.

And now, like all incredible journeys, we end with a HERO...many HERO's in this case.


- Ranked 67th in the State

- Highest performing comprehensive, coeducational College in the St George LGA

- 33 Band 6 (90 and Above) - 22%

- 56 Band 5 & 6 (80 and Above) - 37%

- Mathematics Extension 1 and Extension 2 Ranked 15th in State

- Advanced English 32% Band 6 success rate - Top 70 in the State

- 3 All-Round Students - Ban6 in all HSC courses - 10% of the cohort

- Double the state average Band 6 in English Advanced, Chemistry, Physics, Studies of Religion 1.


To the class of 2021, we congratulate you on all your wonderful achievements but more importantly, for who you have become. You are the finest young adults who will undoubtedly achieve even greater accolades. You will be great leaders, parents, and servants. But today you are our children and friends and regardless of what the world continues to throw your way, that will never change.

God bless


Young Australian of the YEAR - Dr Daniel Nour

It is with great pride that we congratulate Dr Daniel Nour who has been named Young Australian of the Year, 2022!Dr Nour, a Coptic Orthodox Christian, is the 26-year-old founder of Street Side Medics, a not-for-profit GP led mobile medical service for people living on the street. Dr Daniel Nour identified a gap in the healthcare of the most vulnerable people in NSW - and founded the organisation to help fill that gap. Now with 145 volunteers and four clinics across the state, Street Side Medics has transformed the lives of more than 300 patients. Dr Daniel Nour is a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Sydney and a former student at St Mark's Coptic Orthodox College in Sydney.We congratulate also Dr Nour's parents, Mr John and Mrs Mona Nour and his brother Chris. Dr Nour is the epitome of the servant heart that we all strive to instill within children across all Coptic Colleges. We hope that Dr Nour's achievement will inspire our students to continually strive to be great ambassadors to Christianity and to always find ways to serve those in need. Streetside Clinic is a non for profit organisation that relies on generous donations to continue its service. Please visit if you would like to contribute to this amazing organisation.

Enrolments & Waitlists

Towards the end of the 2021 academic year and continuing on this week, we have been overwhelmed with enrolments for all year groups across the college. Whilst preference will still be given to siblings and children of alumni, we have now reached full capacity in most year groups and encourage families that are considering enrolling their children at our college to do so by the end of March, by the latest.

COVID Restrictions and Processes

I write to inform all families to update the protocols that have been put in place for the safe return of our students. The processes and procedures align with the Return to School Roadmap announced by the Premier on Sunday 23rd January 2022. With minimal restrictions on schools at the start of 2022 compared to conditions in place in 2021, the emphasis is for the college to implement risk mitigation strategies to enable continuity of education and normality to our children’s lives.


Student RAHT Kits

As part of the NSW Government’s focus on prioritising face-to-face learning in schools, the NSW Government through the NSW Department of Education has provided the college with rapid antigen home test (RAHT) kits to be used for surveillance testing by students as well as an incident response for the first four weeks of Term 1, 2022. We have received supplies for the first two weeks, and we will commence distributing them to all families from Friday, 28th January. Please refrain from sending your child to school on Friday 28th January if they present with any symptoms.


We ask that these tests be used each Monday and Wednesday, Weeks 2 – 5, commencing Monday 31st January and that parents notify the college immediately if their child tests positive for the virus by completing the Positive Test Result Notification Form and by also calling the front office. Parents must also record all positive results via the Services NSW website or app.


What to do if a student tests positive?

Any student who tests positive to COVID-19 must follow NSW Health requirements under the Public Health Order for testing positive and self-isolation.

 Currently, the requirements are:

-        isolate for seven days following the positive test

-        leave isolation after seven days if no symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath)

-        if there are symptoms after seven days, then remain in isolation until 24 hours after symptoms have resolved. Note: if a person continues to have symptoms, they can leave isolation after seven days with medical clearance.


Any student that presents with symptoms whilst at school will need to be isolated at the front office and parents will be contacted to collect them immediately.


What about Household Contacts

Household contact is a person who lives with someone who has COVID-19. NSW Health requires only household contacts to isolate for seven days (unless the person has previously tested positive to COVID and ended their isolation for this in the past 28 days). Any other individual with contact with a COVID-positive person is not required to isolate but is advised by Health to assess the level of risk of the contact and respond accordingly. This means any exposure to COVID at school or socially does not result in a person being a close contact.


Mask Wearing

Health advice continues to be that masks provide an essential first line of defence in minimising transmission, particularly as the Omicron variant is recognised to be incredibly transmissible. We know how vital masks were towards the end of last year when there was a positive case in a school, and last year, the wearing of masks by contacts significantly impacted the risk assessment outcome for those individuals. The protocols for wearing masks have not changed since the end of 2021.


-       Mask wearing will be compulsory indoors for all students from years 7-12

-       Mask wearing is highly recommended for primary students.


Pick up and Drop off

We will continue with our early pick-up from 2:45 for all primary students and remind parents that we cannot have parents on-site and therefore ask that you wait at the gate until your child arrives in the afternoon. The same applies each morning, whereby Year 1 – 6 students will need to be dropped off as close to the front gate and escorted in by one of the senior students. The college grounds will be open from 8 am Monday to Friday.



The College canteen will resume operation from Friday 28th January under strict Covid safety measures.


For further information, please visit

We will keep all families up to date as information comes to hand or if any processes and measures change throughout the term. 

We are all looking forward to the safe return of our students, listening to their beautiful stories, and hearing their laughter resonate throughout the playground and buildings.


Welcome to TEAM 22

We extend a warm welcome to our newest members of staff.


Mrs William - Deputy Head of Primary

Mrs William's joins our team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Primary education and leadership. Her expertise in Literacy development will strengthen the reading and writing across K -6, alongside improvements in Homework and Student wellbeing.

Mr Messiha - Deputy Head of Secondary

A longstanding servant of the community, Mr Messiha is committed to investing his knowledge in the areas of Curriculum and Student Welfare in the senior years. Having held similar roles prior to his appointment, Mr Messiha brings with him systems and  structures to build further on the successes experienced over the past few years.


Mrs Wolf - English

Mrs Wolf is a highly experienced and intelligent teacher who will work closely in the English department, under the guidance of Mrs Nguyen to enrich this wonderful subject and faculty.

Mr Athanassios - Year 4

Mr Athanssios is no stranger to Coptic schools being an alumni from the class of 2015 and now returning on the other side to give back to his community. Having spent time in both Department and Catholic schools, Mr Athanssios is keen to make his mark at SMSM and excited for the growth of the college.

Ms Rizk - HSIE

Larger senior cohorts and wider subject offering has required the college to expand the HSIE department. With years of experience across a wide range of HSIE subjects, Ms Rizk is sure to liven up the classroom with her engaging approach to teaching and learning. 

We are again blessed to attract such talented educators to our college and wish them the very best over the coming years.


Important Dates and Events - Term 1 2022

St Wanas Children's Charity

Please donate generously to this wonderful organisation that has assisted children both locally and abroad for many years.

St Wanas Foundation

St George Bank

BSB: 112-879

Account: 479 815 622

Before & After School Care

Senior Campus Building Update

As you walk up the main stairs of the new building, past the 6 large pillars it becomes evident how large, vast and roomy the Senior Campus will be. We are pleased to inform our College community that the construction of the state of the art facility is on schedule and that the new furniture and internal finishing have been ordered so that they arrive in time for our grand opening, later in the year. 

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College School Fees 2022 - Reminder (8% discount on tuition fee will close Friday 11th February 4pm)

Tuition Fee & Activities Levy 2022

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Instalment 3

Friday 11th February 2022

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Parents and Friends Committee 2022

I would first like to thank our previous P and F committee member for the marvelous job they did over the past three years. The fundraising, dinners, events and commitment towards our college and cause was simply amazing.  Congratulations to

1.       President - Mrs Ghada IssaK

2.       Vice President - Mrs Mary Repole

3.       Secretary - Mrs Lillian Selim

4.       Treasurer - Mrs Erephily Filacouridis

Expressions of Interest are now open for our Parents & Friend Committee 2022 - 2024. The roles available are listed below. 

1.       President 

2.       Vice President 

3.       Secretary 

4.       Treasurer 

Please complete the Parents & Friends 2022 EOI to apply for a position. The form will close on Friday 4th February with voting to take place on the 11th February.

Senior Campus Tender

Tenders are called for the Licence of the senior school canteen upon completion, for the initial term of 3 years. Annual school enrolments for the senior campus will be approximately 300 students. Interested parties must request a blank Copy of the school’s CANTEEN LICENCE AGREEMENT available by email written request PRIOR to submitting any Tender Application from: The Head of College

Tenders close at 3 pm Friday, 11th  February 2022. Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “CONFIDENTIAL – Senior School Canteen Tender” and sent to: Head of College St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox College PO 63 Bexley 2207.

A Tender visit and briefing session with applicants being considered will be advised. Tenders must reflect agreement to License conditions when applying as these will not be adjusted further than specified and as shown.

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