TOKSAVE - Lihir International School

Term 4, Week 8, 2020

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Year 8 National Exam Results

Lihir International School has performed extremely well in the year 8 National Examinations. LIS was ranked 1st in New Ireland Province out of more than 70 schools. The school also had the highest school average for Maths and English. LIS student, Iva Kola, was ranked first in New Ireland Province out of more than 3000 students. Well done to the year 8 students and all the teachers who have helped them to achieve this milestone!

Awards Assemblies

The school's Awards Assemblies will be held next Wednesday, the last week of school. As mentioned last week, there will be two Awards Assemblies this year on 2nd December. 

Prep to year 4 will have a morning awards assembly at 9.00am, with the year 5 - 9 classes' Awards Night that evening, commencing at 6.00pm. Students are to wear their formal uniform for their awards assembly. Social distancing practices will be adhered to and parents/carers will be temperature checked on arrival.

To limit numbers, we ask that a maximum of two adults per family attend each presentation assembly. If you have a small child, you may bring them to either assembly, however, we ask that students from the junior school do not attend the evening assembly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

School Council

The annual General Meeting of the School Council will be held on Thursday, the 18th of February 2021. At this meeting, voting for one vacant position for Parent Representatives will occur, in the Meeting Room from 7.00pm– 7.20pm. Nomination forms are available from the school office and must be returned to the school office by Thursday the 11th February 2021. If you would like to know more about the functions of the School Council, please make an appointment to see the principal.

End of School Year and Resumption 2020

School finishes for 2020 next Thursday at 12.00pm. Please ensure that transport has been organised for students who live out of townsite. Reports and portfolios will be sent home on that day. Students resume classes on Wednesday the 23rd January, 2021.

If you would like more information regarding any of the topics in this newsletter, please do not hesitate to make contact.


Mr. Greg Neville         

2021 Term Dates for Students

Wednesday 27 January to Thursday 1 April

Monday 19 April to Friday 18 June

Monday 12 July to Friday 17 September

Tuesday 5 October to Thursday 2 December

'New Normal' Requirements at LIS Term 4

In line with company policy, increased hygiene and social distancing practices will continue to be implemented in the school during Term 4. Please read the points below carefully. Thank you to all members of the LIS community for your patience and commitment in ensuring that we keep our children and island safe.

1. It is imperative that parents and carers do not send their children to school if they are sick or showing any symptoms of a cold or flu. If your child is sick, please keep your child home and seek appropriate medical attention. Children who display any signs of sickness will be isolated under supervision in the school's sick bay and parents called to come and collect them.

2. Entrance to school for students and parents / carers will be via the Aginas Oval gate only, which will open at 7.45am. Students who arrive before this (which is discouraged) are to wait in the carpark undercover area until 7.45am. Students should be at school by 8.05am, ready to start the day at 8.10am.

3. All students will be greeted at the gate by a teacher and will be temperature tested. They are to wash their hands at the wash station and then proceed to the undercover area. Only kindy parents will be permitted to escort their children to their classrooms and pick them up at the end of the day.  If parents need to go to the office, or see a teacher, they will be temperature checked and permitted to proceed to the wash station and are then to make their way straight to the school office.

4.  Students will be required to wash their hands in the mornings before school and before and after recess/lunch.

5. All desks, door handles, playground equipment and other high contact equipment will be sanitised twice daily or after use by cleaning staff.

6. Social distancing measure of 1.5 metres will be employed in classrooms through desk arrangements. Social distancing markings have been painted on cement areas where students line up and in the undercover area for recess/lunch eating times. The school will implement staggered lunch and recess breaks between the primary and high school to reduce the number of children in the eating area at one time.

7. Students will each be issued with a reusable washable mask. Students will be required to use these masks for travel to and from school and during specific identified activities at school.

8. The school canteen will be closed for the duration on term 4. Students will need to bring a packed recess and lunch each day - there is to be no dropping off of lunches by parents, siblings or haus meris. Students are also asked to bring a water bottle to school that they will refill instead of drinking from the bubblers. 

10. In Term 4, separate assemblies for high school and the primary will continue. Social distancing measures will remain in place for assemblies. 

Principal's Awards Week 7 Term 4

From the Deputy Principal

Class picnics

In the last week of school, each class will have an end-of-year picnic with a sausage sizzle provided by the school. Picnics will be on the following days:

Monday – Prep will have a water-play day at school; Year 1/2 will have a picnic at the Club playground

Tuesday – Year 3/4 will go to the pool

Wednesday – Year 7/8/9 will go to the pool

Thursday – Year 5/6 will go to the pool

Calendar and School Photos

It is unlikely that the 2021 LIS calendars and 2020 school photos will be here before the end of term. If they do not arrive, they will be distributed to families in early 2021. Copies will be posted to families who are leaving at the end of term.

P & W Cleanathon

A very BIG thank you for everyone who participated in the P & W Cleanathon over the weekend.

Congratulations to the P & W for organising this event, and thanks to all who helped at the weigh-in on Saturday morning. It was indeed a beneficial opportunity for our students to learn about the importance of not littering and looking after the environment.

The LIS community put in a tremendous effort with almost ONE TONNE of rubbish collected, with the grand total being 849.3 kg! Just fantastic!

The prize winners are as follows:

1st place to the WALSH family with an average of 47.25 kg of rubbish collected per person;

2nd place to the ZERIGA-GATI family with an average of 24.86 kg; and

3rd place to the TUKATA family with an average of 22.55 kg.

Prizes were distributed at Friday’s assemblies. Thank you to all of the businesses who supported this great initiative.

Ms Langusch             

Bookclub Update

We want to advise parents that It is very unlikely that the recent Bookclub orders will be here by the end of the year. These will be distributed to students next year when school resumes. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Student Council News

Student Council is running a Christmas competition with students asked to create a Christmas decoration or collage and bring it in next Wednesday. We look forward to seeing lots of beautiful Christmas decorations and collages!

Parents and Wantoks Cleanathon!