Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 1 week 4 - Wednesday 18 February 2021

From the Principal

Thank you to everyone who was able to come along to last week’s Acquaintance Night. It was a great opportunity for teachers and families to connect and discuss the year ahead. Later on this term parent-teacher interviews will be scheduled, however, all families are encouraged to contact your child's teacher at any time throughout the year to discuss any aspects relating to their learning or progress at school. 

Following Acquaintance Night, the Annual General Meeting and the first Governing Council meeting of the year were held. An overview of the Governing Council, including office bearers, has been provided in this week’s newsletter.  

School Improvement Priorities 

Over the past few years the school has worked towards achieving a range of strategic targets in relation to student learning in reading, writing and mathematics. Central to these targets are a focus on all children being stretched in their learning, every student making positive growth for each year of schooling and the capacity building of staff to provide a high quality and challenging learning program. These improvement priorities are documented in the Site Improvement Plan which is available on our website. Also available on our website is the 2020 Annual Report which provides information about our progress towards these priorities. This year is the third year of the strategic plan and a summary of our school’s key actions for 2021 in literacy and numeracy have been provided in this week’s newsletter by our assistant principals, Aileen Clancy (Mathematics) and Vicky Jones (Literacy). Alongside our work in these areas, student wellbeing is also a whole school priority; students who are engaged with their learning and connected to school are more likely to experience success. Dr Donna Nitschke has provided a summary of the work she is currently leading at the school. 

External School Review 

Next week the school will be participating in an External School Review. As mentioned in our previous newsletter, and, related to the information above regarding our school improvement priorities, the purpose of the review is to evaluate our school’s performance and support us to raise achievement. 

During the external school review, some students, parents/carers, governing council members and staff will be asked to provide information to the review panel in a number of ways. These include: 

  • group discussions (with students, staff and parents/carers) 

  • meetings (governing council, staff meeting) 

  • visits into classrooms. 

If you do not consent to your child meeting with the review team as a part of the student group discussions (which will involve some students from year 3-7), please contact the school. 

We anticipate that the review will highlight a number of positive practices that are happening across the school whilst also identify areas of growth which will become future areas of focus. A summary of the review will be made available to the community later in the term. 

Student ICT Devices 

Over the past week the roll out of new devices to classes has occurred. For our students in years 5-7, this now means we have a 1:1 ratio of devices to students which is an excellent outcome. We look forward to the devices being a great resource for students and their learning. 

2021 NAPLAN 

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assesses literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life. Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in the annual NAPLAN tests in reading, writing, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. The assessment provides parents and schools with an understanding of how individual students are performing at the time of the tests. NAPLAN is just one aspect of a school’s assessment and reporting process – it does not replace ongoing assessments made by teachers about student performance.   

Our students in years 3, 5 and 7 will be participating in NAPLAN Online this year. The NAPLAN Online test window is 11 to 21 May 2021 (weeks 3 to 4, term 2). Please note, for families of year 5 students, the flexibility of the testing window will allow year 5 students to complete this assessment prior to them departing for their camp.  

Prior to the actual test, all schools will participate in a national coordinated practice test (CPT) at 11.00am on Thursday 25 March. The practice test runs for 45 minutes and student performance is not assessed. The purpose of this test is to ensure the technical capacity of the school is satisfactory and to familiarise students with the testing platform. 

Please be aware of the privacy collection notice and parent information brochure that have been made available via skoolbag. If you have any queries regarding NAPLAN please contact your child’s class teacher or a member of the leadership team. 

OSHC News 

Our school has been granted approval to establish a vacation care service which is a great outcome. The ground work required to establish a holiday program is quite extensive, therefore a decision has been made to aim for our service to be set up in readiness for the term 2 holidays, starting 5 July.  Feedback provided last year by the school community indicated that the provision of a vacation care option for our families was a priority so we are looking forward to this being a valued service into the future. 

Student Leaders 

At last week’s assembly we presented the 2021 sports leaders with their badges. This year’s leadership cohort was a large group as it included year 6 and 7 students. We look forward to this group of students being strong role models for our school community throughout the year, both in and out of the class. A list of our sports leaders is provided below. 



Yr 7 Girls

Yr 7 Boys

Yr 6 Girls

Yr 6 Boys




Lara H (C)

Maddie W (V/C)

Ollie H (C)

Luka B (V/C)

Dimi G (C)

Summer E (V/C)

Charlie G (C)

Harry K (V/C)




Catherine S (C)

Holly S (V/C)

Tyson W (C)

Cameron K (V/C)

Scarlett A (C)

Sarah S (V/C)

Xavier P (C)

Ash T (V/C)




Irini C (C)

Ava S (V/C)

Josiah B (C)

Matthew B (V/C)

Lara M (C)

Mia C (V/C)

Tate W (C)

Lennox B (V/C)




Georgie F (C)

Olivia B (V/C)

Ashton L (C)

Alex C (V/C)

Leila H (C)

Zaria G (V/C)

Siena G (V/C)

Gabriel M (C)


Along with our sports leaders, this year’s student executive was announced at our assembly. Our four student executive leaders are a key part of building strong, proactive student voice within our school community.  They help the Wellbeing Leader, Dr Donna, develop and manage special projects and suggestions which come from students and staff.  The student executive act as a sounding board for new projects that student may propose, such as a Table Tennis.  These students are also our “go-to” students when we need reliable, creative student leaders to represent our school and the opinions of our student body.  

In 2021, there are two leaders from each of our graduating classes.  (In the future, the four student leaders will come from the Year 6 class only.)  We are proud to announce our 2021 leaders as: 

Year 7:  Madison Watson and Alex Collins 

Year 6:  Maya Beggs and Jacob Oates 

Play Group Update 

Play Group will be re-commencing this Friday (19 February) and is available to families who either have an older sibling attending our school or are in our school zone and will be enrolling. A key goal of play group is to assist future students transitioning into the school environment. Playgroup is co-ordinated by Trudy Tunbridge who also works at the school in a SSO/classroom support role.  


NAPLAN information brochure


NAPLAN privacy collection notice



COVID19 protocols are still in place. Family members are still allowed on the grounds but cannot enter the buildings, excluding the front office. We are enjoying having parents, carers, volunteers and visitors  back in the school, albeit in a limited capacity.

We have received the following from the Department for Education:

  • All adults (including staff and parents) entering the site must check-in by scanning the QR code. These QR codes are located at all entry points and front office.
  • Children and students (including adult students) do not need to check-in. Their attendance is recorded in EDSAS, EYS, EMS etc and can be easily made available to SA Health for contact tracing purposes.
  • Please note the COVID Safe Check-in is purely for SA Health contact tracing purposes and doesn’t replace your normal visitor sign-in process. All guests should continue to sign in at the front office/reception on arrival.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Drink Bottles at school daily

It is essential your child brings a drink bottle to school each day.

Due to COVID the water fountains have been turned off, and can only fill up your child's drink bottle.

The front office has exhausted all of our free drink bottles and with the single use plastic ban coming into effect 1 March we cannot give your child a plastic cup.

Maybe think about keeping a drink bottle at school in the classroom that stays at school.

School Pupil/Closure days 2021





Term 1 Dates - all events in the skoolbag calander

Assemblies odd weeks at 2.15pm

Airport Swimming - Wednesday 3 March

School Photos - Thursday 4 March

Parent-teacher interviews:  22 March – 26March (Week 9).

 Sports Day: Thursday 1 April (Week 10) 

Early Dismissal (Easter Long Weekend) - 1 April at 2.00pm

Early Dismissal (School Holidays) - 9 April at 2.00pm

School Photos


Have your child’s school memories captured forever.

Please take time to read the relevant information on the MSP payment envelopes when they arrive and remember these helpful points:

1.    Do not seal envelopes inside each other – You can pay for all children in one envelope however each child needs to have their own envelope on photo day.

2.    Family envelopes are available at the school office upon request.

3.    Please enclose CORRECT money as no change is given – cash, cheques and money orders only. Credit card payments can only be made online.


5.    If there is a split family situation please mark clearly IN BOLD on the envelope who is to receive the photos.

6.    Family photos will be taken between 8.15am -9.15am 

Please feel free to visit our website: www.msp.com.au

For photo enquiries phone: 8132 1148 or email: enquiries.adl@msp.com.au

Assistant Principal - Aileen Clancy (Maths Leader)

I have had a lovely few weeks visiting classes to see what and how our students have been learning in maths so far this year. There has been lots going on, with JP classes using counters, MAB blocks, unifix cubes as well as pencil and paper to show just how much they have already learnt and what they are ready to learn.  Primary classes have been conducting some pre-assessment activities to collect information which will support personalised learning tasks. Students have also begun to explore problem solving in maths, including the strategies that lead to success.  

Our school Improvement goal in Mathematics is to ‘Increase student achievement, particularly in the retention and elevation of students into the higher achievement levels.’ To help meet this goal, my main focus for maths this year is differentiation. Differentiation comes in many forms and our teachers already differentiate to meet the diverse needs of students in their classes. However, to ensure that we are stretching all students to be the best mathematicians they can be, I am working with a team of teachers to explore, trial and eventually teach-on a range of differentiation strategies and research. My intention is that this approach will lead to not only improved outcomes, but a more positive mindset towards maths.  

There are going to be some changes to our teaching of maths this year. The DfE has released some new curriculum resources for schools, planned by expert teachers, which are intended to support teachers with planning and assessment. Included in the resources are a sequence of units plans for maths for years 5-7. Our teachers worked hard in term 4 to get to understand the unit plans - how they work and how they fit with the way we work at HBPS - with a view to using them this year. They are different to how some teachers are used to teaching maths, but we are giving them a try  because they are full of excellent pedagogy (how we teach) and the content in each unit is sequenced in a very logical, developmental way (what we teach). 

We will be continuing our journey with the Thinking Maths professional learning this year. Many of our primary teachers have already undertaken this learning and found it to be very beneficial to their teaching practice and approach to maths. This year we have Danni Murphy, Ben Kitchin and Luke Springer taking part and they will be ‘teaching on’ to their colleagues so that the good pedagogy is filtered across the school.  

I am looking forward to the year ahead and will keep you updated in the school newsletter with the excellent learning that is happening across the school. 




Assistant Principal - Mrs Vicky Jones (Literacy Leader)

I am looking forward to another busy and exciting year of Literacy in 2021! 

Our pupil free day at the start of term focussed on ways to improve student writing. We shared ideas around feedback, strategies for students to edit/up-level their writing and setting writing goals so that students know what they need to work on to make their writing better.  

Following a successful first year of our Junior Primary Literacy program ‘InitiaLit’, we are continuing to provide ways to give our early learners the best start. This term, the JP team will be engaging in InitiaLit training which focusses on stretching our more able learners. 

This year we are running the MacqLit intervention program to support students in Y3-7 who require extra help in their reading and spelling. We will also continue to provide MiniLit literacy intervention for students in  year 1 and 2. Alongside these programs, we have invested in providing extra support for the development of reading comprehension across our primary year classes. 

I have been working with a group of our primary teachers to research ways to further engage our  year 3-7 students in reading. We are keen to link this with interactive, on-line reading resources and strengthening ways that teachers can track progress and plan next steps of learning. 


Narrative and Persuasive genres will continue to be our focus for Brightpath writing moderation this year. Following staff PD in term 4 last year, teacher teams are identifying ways to involve students in this moderation process. Using the Brightpath ruler as a self-assessment tool with students is one way that staff are developing this resource. 

Finally, it is vital that we work together to help our children to achieve the best outcomes and by listening to them read and reading to them we are setting them up for success. Thank you for your continued support. 


Wellbeing Leader - Dr Donna Nitschke

Wellbeing at Henley Beach 

A person’s wellbeing, no matter what his/her age, underpins an ability to learn and prosper.  For this reason, it is exceptionally important to ensure that wellbeing is explicitly fostered across each school community. Very simply, the term ‘wellbeing’ refers to how people feel about themselves and about their lives in relation to their health, prosperity and happiness.  Specific areas of wellbeing are often identified as social, psychological (including emotional), physical, economic and environmental.   

Research from cognitive neuroscience and psychology teach us that a state of wellbeing is achieved through the development of many skills and dispositions that are formed from early in life.  At HBPS, we aim to help students develop a “Wellbeing Toolkit” to cope with the various social, psychological, physical, economic and environmental twists and turns of life.  These include: 

  • A range of executive functions including an explicit focus on building key dispositions 

  • Leadership and community engagement opportunities  

  • Challenge and safe conditions for rigorous learning 

    Student Executive

    Our four student executive leaders are a key part of building strong, proactive student voice within our school community.  They help the Wellbeing Leader, Dr Donna, develop and manage special projects and suggestions which come from students and staff.  The student executive act as a sounding board for new projects that student may propose, such as a Table Tennis.  These students are also our “go-to” students when we need reliable, creative student leaders to represent our school and the opinions of our student body.

    In 2021, there are two leaders from each of our graduating classes.  (In the future, the four student leaders will come from the Year 6 class only.)  I am proud to announce our 2021 leaders as:

    Year 7:  Madison W and Alex C

    Year 6:  Maya B and Jacob O


2021 High School Enrolment Update

Families who are looking to enrol their child/children in high school next year must ensure that thier contact email address/es and residential address are accurate with the front office.

In week 1, term 2 families will be sent an email with their child’s URL to access their online registration of interest form. Please notify the front office if you do not have an email address.

Families should complete and return their child’s online form by the due date, to ensure their nominated high school/s is considered. While families are able to nominate to attend any high school, the increase in enrolment demand from in-zone students may mean there is limited space available. Families are encouraged to visit their local (zoned) high school before deciding on their final nominated secondary school/s.

Information on open days, principal tours and/or information evenings should be available on each high school’s website. Alternatively, families can contact the high school directly.


Student Safety

Please ensure the kiss and drop space is used appropriately remembering that it is only a short term parking space.

Performing Arts - Elena Sourbis

Welcome back to another fun filled year of Performing Arts. Our focus throughout the year will be Music, Drama, Media Arts and Dance. It has been amazing to see all our Henley Beach students come back excited and eager to learn. Our Reception students are also settling in well with their new routines showing great engagement in learning. 


I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new choir teacher for the Festival of Music, Heather McDonald. Heather is an experienced Performing Arts teacher as well as a choir teacher with an extensive knowledge of The Arts. I am looking forward to collaborating with her to ensure children have a positive and enjoyable experience this year. 

We had a successful ‘come and try’ session last week with 46 students attending. This session was presented by our year 7 experienced choir students. They did such an amazing job! 

Choir registration forms will be going out this week to the Year 5, 6, 7 students who attended our ‘come and try’ session. We have our first choir session on Wednesday at 2-3pm. I am looking forward to some exciting and rewarding times ahead of us. 

Instrumental Music

Welcome back our instrumental music teachers Grant - Woodwind and Mike - Percussion on Mondays, Dave - Brass and Tom - Strings on Wednesdays. Lessons have now started so students need to bring their instruments on their allocated day. Music books have arrived and once paid for on QKR, will be sent home with your child.

Private Music lessons

The school facilities ½ hour private lessons in piano with Tim our piano teacher. Registration forms can be found at the front office.

Recorder Lessons 

Recorder Level 1, Tuesdays at lunch and Continuing Recorder Level 2, Thursdays at lunch.




School Sport

Out of hours school sport update.

Netball - unfortunately we did not receive enough registered players for term 1 to nominate a team.

Basketball - 4 teams are now confirmed and the competition starts either this week or next week depending on when each team is rostered for their first game. A big thank you to the parents who are helping with coaching and managing these teams.

Football - nominations still open until  Friday 26 February

Soccer - nominations still open until Friday 26 February

Nomination forms are attached or you can collect one from the office.

Out of Hours Sport nomination form


Principal Tours for term 1

Volunteer Application and Site Induction Sessions

Thursday 25 February

Morning - 9.00am - 9.30am

Afternoon - 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Ban on single-use plastic

From 1 March single-use plastic drinking straws, cutlery and beverage stirrers will be prohibited from sale, supply or distribution in South Australia, including in schools, preschools, canteens and OSHC services.

Single-use plastic products are designed or intended to be used once, or for a limited number of times, often away from home, and thrown away after a brief use, commonly resulting in litter.

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Please note that if your child is absent or ill and has a lunch order, you can let the canteen know by calling the school before 11am on the day. We can then put the order through at a later date.  Alternatively you can cancel on QKR before cut off at 9.00am and get a credit on your QKR account to use when required.  Lunches sent to classes on the day and returned to canteen without prior notice will be deemed as sold and not refundable.

Our first special for the year will be a cold roll meal deal.  Flyers will be out next week.  This will be a pre-order only special. 



Play Group Update - Trudy Tunbridge

Play Group will be starting on Friday 19 February and is available to families who either have an older sibling attending our school or are in our school zone and will be enrolling. Our main goal is to assist future students transitioning into the school environment. Playgroup is coordinated by Trudy Tunbridge who also works at the school in a SSO/classroom support role.  Bookings essential and spots are limited. Please book via the front office 8356 2117.

Other School News

Henley High Sports Program


North West Junior Soccer - Need referees

North West Junior Soccer Association is looking for new faces to join our referee team. Referee meetings are held only on Monday nights,  6:30pm to 7:30pm at the Findon Community Centre on Findon Road Findon, some Mondays could be held at Jubilee Reserve corner Hawkesbury Way & Bartley Tce West Lakes.

You need to be 12 years and older, no experience necessary and available on Saturdays through Term 2 and 3 between 8am and 2pm. 

Call Tony on 0418814524 or email referees@nwjsa.org.au

Brighton Special Interest Music

Information Evening for Years 6 & 7

Everything you need to know about auditioning for the

Brighton’s Special Interest Music Program

Tuesdarch 2021, 5.30 to 6.30pm

Brighton Secondary ay 30 MSchool Concert Hall

Followed by a free short concert on the front oval

(bring a picnic dinner and chairs)

For all enquiries please call Pam Parsons 8375 8215

email: pamela.parsons939@schools.sa.edu.au