Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 3 week 4 - Wednesday 11 August 2021

From the Principal

It has been really pleasing to see the school, despite some restrictions, return to most of our regular routines and activities in the past week. One of these aspects has been the re-commencement of school sport training and competitions. On Monday we successfully held our first Auskick session, with over 40 Reception – Yr 2 students keenly participating in the different drills, whilst at the same time, our newly established school netball teams had their first practice. Thank you to all parents and carers who assist in managing and running these activities.

School Community Survey

Last week the Department for Education released the 2021 Parent/Carer Engagement Survey which can be completed via an online link sent to families by email. Please take the time to complete the survey as the information provides an important part of our school improvement processes and will help inform future priorities.

Thank you to all families who responded to the recent Home Learning Survey. This feedback has contributed to our whole school reflection of this arrangement and will assist teachers in their preparation if the need arises again.

2022 Planning

Future enrolments are an important factor that helps inform the school’s class and staffing arrangements. In order to support our planning for next year, for families of Reception students (starting in 2022), if you have not already contacted the school regarding your child’s enrolment, could you please do so as soon as possible. Alternatively, we require families to inform us if their child will be leaving Henley Beach at the end of 2021 as soon as possible. This information helps us plan our class structures for next year. Also, if you know of families who are considering enrolling their children at Henley Beach, please encourage them to contact the school.

COVID-19 Arrangements

Please be aware that the guidelines and expectations around this area have remained the same, including:

·        The movement of adults in school has now been limited. Therefore we request parents/carers do not enter the school grounds or classrooms.

·        Students need to be dropped off and collected from the school gate; no parents/carers are to be on site. Reception class teachers will bring their students to the Metcalfe Lawn at approximately 2.50pm each afternoon. Teachers will then allow the children to meet their parent/carer at the gate.

·        Parent/carers are only permitted to come to the office area for essential needs otherwise we request that you make initial contact by telephone or email. When entering the front office please ensure you are wearing a mask and check in via the QR code provided (this information allows SA Health contact tracers to act rapidly any time, day or night, and to directly notify you if you have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19).

·        If you need to see a member of staff you can arrange an appointment via SEESAW or the front office. Meetings need to be held online or by telephone.

·        All adults are encouraged to maintain appropriate physical distancing.

·        Parents/carers are requested to call the school if their child has either arrived late or needs to be picked for an appointment so that a staff member can provide assistance.

·        If your child is unwell, please keep them at home.

·        All volunteer activities are postponed.

SSO Recognition Week

Next week is SSO (School Services Officer) Recognition Week. Our SSOs fulfil a variety of roles and responsibilities within our school including: administration, classroom assistance, student support and extra-curricular programs. Each of our SSOs make an invaluable contribution to the learning and wellbeing of our students along with the day to day operations of the school; we are fortunate to have such a committed group of SSOs and we thank them for their work. 

Year Level Team Reports

Please find below each of our teaching team’s summary of what is happening across the school. Every class is certainly keeping busy with a strong focus on learning. We hope you find this overview informative and also provide you with an opportunity to discuss with your child/ren what is happening in their class.

Special Class

Umbrellaed by the story “Wombat Stew” by Marcia Vaugh and Pamela Lofts the students are looking at the story through the wombat’s eyes and identifying and naming feelings. Shared reading as a group is enabling the group to re-enact the story with puppets and props. Sequencing story cards as a group, supports the students’ reading comprehension and prediction strategies. It is exciting to see the students are reading the story and engaging in imaginative play beyond the formal lesson times. The students’ creative writing is scaffolded within the context of writing a recipe. Modelling the format of the recipe in Wombat Stew enables the students to identify the two main components, ‘ingredients’ and ‘method’, before embarking on the invention of their own recipe.


It was a memorable first day back to school following the lockdown as we celebrated 100 days at school. Staff and children dressed up as either a 100 year old or a child from 100 years ago. This term our cross curricular topic inquiry is Living and Growing. We will be growing our own beans, just like Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk and making information texts about animals. We are also hoping to visit Adelaide Zoo to learn more animal facts. Our current maths focus is measurement and we are investigating through hands on exploration activities.

Year 1

There has been a running joke in year 1 that the students must have spent their whole holidays practising as they returned to school with a high level of confidence and skill which was a pleasing start to the term as we celebrated 100 days of learning on July 28th. We are focussing on subtraction, repeated addition and sharing equally in Maths and in Literacy, extending phonics knowledge and persuasive writing techniques. Our HASS strand is Geography, looking at weather and seasons, with a curriculum connection to Earth Sciences. We are also looking forward to doing some nature weaving in Visual Art.

Year 2

In Maths the year 2s will be looking at repeated addition, arrays and multiplication, grouping equal sets and division. Students will also be looking to revise addition and subtraction concepts. For Literacy, in spelling, our focus will be digraphs, trigraphs, suffixes, syllables and tricky words. The class reading strategies we will look at are inferring, identifying  the main idea and summarising. In writing we are exploring information and narrative texts.

Year 3

This term for literacy the year 3 students will be completing information reports on an Olympic Sport and also Australia (or a neighboring country). An oral presentation will also accompany these reports. In regards to spelling, students will be learning their specific spelling codes, and we will be investigating the reading comprehension strategies of inferencing and making predictions. This term in Mathematics, students will learn about the for operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as money and financial Maths. They will also continue to work on their problem-solving skills.

Year 4

In year 4 in literacy we will be covering factual reports using Seven Steps methodologies and we will focus on exploring MYON to build upon comprehension skills. In maths we will be focusing on fractions on number lines, equivalency and mixed numbers as well as introducing decimals. We will continue to work on problem solving. As part of our study of the First Fleet in HASS we hope to visit the Port Adelaide Maritime Museum.

Year 5

This term the year 5s will be continuing their studies of poetry in English and in Mathematics we will be switching from the concept of fractions to exploring decimals. Systems of Government will be our topic in HASS and animal adaptations will be covered in Science. As always we’ll be focussing on spelling, grammar and editing but guided reading will be a new focus for us this term.

Year 6

We are currently focusing on data and statistics in Mathematics, with a specific focus on understanding features of a graph and identifying what makes a good graph. This is also being supplemented by measurement topics, which was our focus during home learning. In English we are focusing on metalanguage in newspaper articles and the features of newspaper articles to develop our information writing. In HASS we have been learning about our natural wonders in Australia, such as the Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

Year 7

The recent lockdown really high-lighted the positive nature of having the daily work tasks on One Note. The students were able to access home learning and complete set work easily. We have started this term with a large project on the Tokyo Olympics. A power point will clearly show a full understanding of Tokyo, Japan and how the Olympics function. It will conclude with a summary of their understanding using a Bloom’s Taxonomy format. Maths concepts will cover money and percentages, English will explore motivational speaking and writing short narratives whilst in HASS and Geography will look at the topic of water.

Specialist Curriculum Areas


In PE this term the primary classes are working on strategy within game types and the transfer of this to sports. They are looking at this in the context of Invasion, Striking and Fielding and Net and Wall. The Junior Primary classes have been working on movement challenges with physical problem solving where they need to work together to finish a challenge. We are going to move on to look at some Heritage games after this.


Welcome to Science in term 3! The foundation classes and our R-2 class are learning about Physical science through exploring different things that move, including their own bodies and toys and beginning to understand the different forces that can be applied to them. Year 1 students are learning about light and sound. The topic provides opportunities for students to investigate sources of light and sound, how they are produced and how light and sound travel. Year 2 students are learning about mixtures. Students learn about substances that mix and don't mix well and others that are difficult to separate. Through hands on investigations, students explore how changing the quantities of substances in a mixture can alter its properties and uses. The year 3 students are going to be experimenting with Chemistry and expanding their knowledge on solid, liquids and gases by looking at how they can change the states of matter through heat. In Tracey’s 3/4 class, we are becoming Biologists and exploring living organisms, their life cycles, food chains and will be looking closer under the microscope at their features. We have welcomed Mr Johnston’s year 4 class this semester who will be exploring the properties and uses of different natural and processed materials through the Chemistry strand. The year 6 classes are also underway in the Science lab and will be spending this term experimenting with different materials and how some changes are reversible and irreversible. They will be exploring changes such as evaporation and solidification.


The recent COVID-19 lockdown has provided students, parents/carers and teachers an opportunity to upskill their ICT capabilities. It was great to see students successfully submitting work online using the various platforms available. For Digital Technologies this term, students are learning about the various types of information systems available, the peripheral devices that connect to them, how data is transmitted and received, and how to be safe when using these systems. The foundation class are even getting their first taste at computer language, navigating their way through a fun coding program called Scratch Jnr.

Performing Arts

Reception - year 2

Our main focus in Performing Arts this term, will be Media Arts. Students will learn how to create stories using photos. Younger children will love building a basic narrative, whether it be silly or serious, by creating a photo story. It’s a great way to get imaginative. Step by step instructions will show them how to plan and make their story using photos, and then how to change the meaning of a story by rearranging the photo order.

Year 3 – 4

Our focus this term will be Media Arts. We will take a look at how magazine covers are designed to attract attention by using colour, fonts, words and images that appeal to their target audience. Over the term, students will learn how to plan and lay out their own magazine cover based on a topic of their choice.

Year 5 – 6

Our focus this term will be Media Arts. Specifically, a unit of work called, Shocko Doco. It introduces students to the concept of video interviewing. They will see the common mistakes that are made, and consider ways to fix them. Once they know the pitfalls to avoid, they can plan and shoot their own video interviews.

Year 7

Our focus this term will be Media Arts. Students will let people know about a topic or subject that they’re really passionate about by producing a podcast. This series of lessons provides helpful tips and tricks to help them produce a podcast and promote it to their target market.

Maths Hub News - Aileen Clancy

This term I have been working again with our year 5-7 teachers on adapting the new DfE curriculum resources to inform our teaching and learning in this area. This has involved sourcing and creating additional resources to provide differentiation, in particular stretch, for our students. This approach fits with our Site Improvement Goal for maths which is to increase student achievement in mathematics particularly in the retention and elevation of students into the higher achievement bands.

I have had the pleasure of observing our years 6 and 7 students in maths this week. The year 7s were working from the adapted new DfE resources using a range of strategies such as estimating, visualising and accessing prior learning to bring to life their understanding of fractions and percentages. Mr Wuttke and Mrs Buckley were team teaching, working together to ensure that while being responsive to ‘in the moment’ questions and  levels of understanding, they were able to allow students to have a say in where to next.

In the year 6 class, Mr Peters, was conducting a fun lesson on creating and interpreting a pie chart by using everyone’s favourite topic of food! All students were engaged in drawing their own accurate pie chart from collected class data on preferred breakfasts and were then charged with creating their own questions about the chart. Some of the questions I heard were outstanding and demonstrate a high level of understanding in relation to interpreting data. Examples of the questions include:

‘What breakfast is ½ of the total?’

‘What two breakfasts together equal 50% of the total?’

‘If in a café, what fraction of the bill would be for toast?’

Maths Word of the Week


A decagon is a ten sided shape with 10 internal angles.

Did you know that many shape names come from the Greek names for numbers? Decagon comes from the Greek word for 10, deka (δέκα pronounced theka) and the Greek word for angles, gonia

What other words can you think of that have deca or deka at the beginning and mean something to do with ten?


Wellbeing Coordinator - Donna Nitschke

A few of our whole school community-building activities have been re-set due to the recent week of learning from home.  Our cartoon competition has new due dates.  Entries are to be handed to one of the 5 girls organising this competition (see picture) by the end of week 5 (20th August).  This will give the girls enough time to carry out a well-considered job on the judging. 

Our Term 3 Chess Competition begins this week.  There will be three mini competitions by age groupings and, if time permits, a grand final among the three winners.  Playing chess is not just a fun pastime.  The game also has benefits to developing (and aging) brains, including memory development, planning, problem solving and even improved reading skills.  To learn more, check out this article.


HBPS Book Week Celebration 23 - 27 August

Book Week will be held in week 6 this term from 23-27 August.

We will be holding a dress up day on Thursday 26 August and staff are planning art and writing activities around the theme of settings. Please note we have yet to confirm if our regular parade will go ahead due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

We look forward to seeing all of your imaginative and creative costume ideas linked with the theme of old worlds, new worlds and other worlds.

Sending food items for Recess and Lunch

If you are sending items to school that require a utensil (ie. yogurt, tins of tuna, fried rice etc.) Please remember to pack one in your child's school bag.  Class teachers cannot cater for this, however the canteen does have cutlery for sale for 10c an item if you do forget. An idea might be to keep 10c in your child's bag for emergency cutlery and to ensure they know it is there.

Performing Arts - Elena Sourbis

We are proud to announce that  two of our students have been successful in gaining a position in the Festival of Music 2021 concert series. Well done to Amelia W.  for joining troupe and to Nelly R. for her solo part. There were so many talented students who auditioned. Also, a fantastic effort from our own students who attended the auditions, you have represented Henley Beach Primary School very well. You have done us proud! We are super excited to be represented by our 32 student choir at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Our school will be performing on Saturday 11 September. Tickets are now for sale on ticketek https://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=PRIMSCHO21 - Stars in the Arena. A night not to be missed!! “

Parents and Community (P&C)

Bunning’s Sausage Sizzle Thanks

The P&C Committee recently held a Bunning’s sausage sizzle as a fundraiser event for our school.  We are pleased to advise that we raised a total of $711.00 in profit.

We wish to acknowledge the kind donation from Foodland, Henley Beach who contributed $150 towards the supply of drinks/food and other goods required to host the event.

A very big thanks to the parents and committee members who helped out on the day and also got the opportunity to get to know each other and have some fun.

Thanks to volunteers: Julie Stamatialis, Amy McKenzie, Shannon Pittman, Ange Gianquitto, Alex Lloyd, Lynette Robinson, Jean Van Der Merwe, Jo Hughes, Stu Yovan, Genevieve McCabe, Brett Whitcombe, Katka Sterzl & Kristy Denholm.


Save the Date

School Disco  - Thursday 9 September from 5.30pm.

More details soon.


The HBPS P&C Committee are about to kick off a fundraising initiative to raise money for the school. We set ourselves a fundraising target of $10k this year. The money we raise will go towards upgrading some classroom furniture (e.g. new mobile/movable desks, stools) and the upgrade of canteen equipment (e.g. dishwasher). Press the download button for the details to see how you can get involved.

School Pupil/Closure days 2021




Term 3 Dates

Can be found in Skoolbag - click on Events tab. The calendar date with a dot represents an activity.

Playgroup - Trudy Tunbridge


OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

It is great to see OSHC return back to normal post lockdown. Being week 4, it means that the Vacation Care Program is set to be released in the next two weeks. If you used the service throughout the July school holidays, please take the time to fill out the Vacation Care Survey (on SchoolBag). This feedback will help us to design our next exciting program.

We are always accepting new OSHC enrolments. For more information, please contact Andrew.

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CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Canteen special this week.  Brekky muffin and a hash brown available on Qkr only. Choose your toppings and we'll do the rest! Drinks and snacks can also be added. 

Did you know that our canteen now has chicken schnitzel burgers instead of plain chicken burgers?  We have also changed the popcorn chicken to strips in the bento box; all are made in the canteen. We have Nachos as a vegetarian gluten free option in addition our pasta bolognese. Why not give it a try? Book Week special will be meatball subs with a vegetarian option too. Keep an eye out for it on Qkr. Don't forget Mondays are cheeseburger day!