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Term 1, Week 6 2021

From the Principal

Thank you so much to Angus and Danielle Northey for their coordination of the Working Bee and lunch, thanks also to the many families  who came along along and accomplished a huge array of jobs, from book covering to painting to gardening and composting.  Apart from the huge benefits to the school environment, which all our children enjoy, you demonstrated to your children the value of service.  With 104 families registering attendance over the day it was our best Working Bee ever!

2021 looks like being a year of "Together but separate". It's important for a school and community to work and feel as one despite the restrictions of COVID.  Sunday's Working Bee was one example and reintroducing parent helpers in the classroom will be another.  Shortly we have Harmony Day, teachers are planning lots of activities to celebrate the theme of "Moving Forward Together".  It will look different to previous years but it will still have the same impact on our students "Everyone Belongs".  Look out for information coming home and share in the activities through classroom Seesaw posts.  Students are learning the song "We're all in this together" from High School Musical as we now can sing in groups of 30 inside and unlimited outside: the joy of my life is to hear our children singing enthusiastically again.

Parent/Teacher Check ins started this week. If you have not booked a time to speak with your child's teacher, either face to face or by phone please contact your child's teacher directly. The parent/teacher/child relationship is critical to children's ongoing progress.  It helps the teacher understand your child; your child's and your goals for their learning and for you to understand how you, as a parent, can help.  Remember they are at school for 30 hours a week and at home for 138 hours, less 60 - 70 for sleeping leaving another 68 + hours for parental discretion.  Let's make the  best use of every hour together: playing/learning in fun ways, more formal ones and relaxing.

It was great that so many families could join us for the P&C Zoom for new parents.  We were glad to take your questions and  provide some clarity for you.  A special thank you to Noelle Phegan, P&C President for her organisation and to Kat Valenti, Kindergarten Assistant Principal, Rachael Chisholm and Lauren Sten, Deputy Principals for their preparation and input and providing their evening time.  It's important to realise a teacher's role is primarily in teaching your children, however this includes many hours of preparation, meetings for development of whole school programs, reviewing student data with their colleagues, reporting/talking to parents and considerable support, not only with student well being​ but also for our families. In our own expectations of our own children it's important that we as a school acknowledge the number of students in each class and support our teachers' wellbeing, ensuring they have adequate time for personal care and their own families.

Student Statement of Accounts:  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact our Administration Team for assistance/guidance.

Pick up and drop off  - Walking the dog

  • The process for pick up and drop off at gates will continue for the remainder of Term 1, at which time we will review DOE guidelines.
  • If you are dropping or picking up at the gates (and bringing the dog for a walk), please stand well clear of the gates, as some children are fearful of dogs.

Kiss and Go - How to make it better for all

  • Please aim to arrive between 8.30 and 8.45 am  as the general traffic flow is better. Arriving closer to 9 will mean a delay for you
  • Stay in the line and DON'T jump the queue. Everyone's time and lives are equally important.
  • Plan to drop your children without you having to get out of the car.  Say your goodbyes at home, have them dressed and holding their bag.
  • DO NOT leave your car or you will be FINED.
  • Let people into the traffic as the line leaves the drop zone.  That's called courtesy.

Being a coach for your children in whatever they are doing is such a good way to encourage them: reading, physical activities, sport, homework, treating each other nicely, picking up toys and providing a supportive but challenging environment.  Coaching is so much more effective and pleasant  than simply being "bossy".  It means working alongside your child and builds relationships rather than conflict, which breaks  the connection and influence down.

The following article is well worth reading  if your child is anxious or distressed:  Being the Coach – Tips for Setting Yourself Aside to Help Your Child in Distressing Situations (

Regards Susan Allen

Principal Randwick Public School

PH: 0293986022"

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams" Roald Dahl

What's on?

Selective High School Test

Thursday 11th March 2021

Winter PSSA Trials

Wednesday 17th March

9am - 11am

Harmony Day

Thursday 18th March

Year 6 Canberra Excursion

Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th March

Year 5 History Excursion

Wednesday 24th March

Last day of Summer PSSA

Friday 26th March

What Can Students Do At Break Times at Randwick?

Accelerated Reader Program

Dear Parents

As you will know from Meet the Teacher and P&C meetings we are implementing a new reading program across the school with a particular focus on Year 2-6.  As it is established, highly competent and independent readers in Years K and 1, may be gradually introduced to the program.

The program focusses on the transition from the regular home reading that you are familiar with.  It aims to build the key competency skills of fluency, comprehension and vocabulary, vital elements of becoming a highly successful reader.  Like all skills this takes practice. In fact research tells us at least 10,000 hours of practice.  Based on 1 hour a day that's approximately 28 years. Obviously it is in each child's interest to reach this goal much earlier than that. 

Students will spend time reading their Accelerated Reader for a designated time at school each day, along with the many other lessons that also involve reading.  Regular home reading time must be maintained. Parents can help by switching off the devices, including your own and spending some regular quiet time each day just for reading. It's amazing how quiet the house will be or how quickly children will settle to sleep at night. 

Accelerated reader also uses a number of incentives to encourage children to read and progress in their development including quizzes taken at school on books as they are finished (close to completion is ideal). Each term students overall growth in reading will be assessed by the school for monitoring, acceleration and remediation purposes.  

​How you can help:

As our school ramps up to a more extensive collection:

​Check your bookcases for appropriate reading materials as listed here: link to AR Bookfinder – remember, this is a public access website that has all 48,000 AR titles (not our library catalogue unfortunately).

If your child has a book at home in their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) range they may bring it to school to read or read at home and take the quiz at school.

If you have any of the listed books that are in good order and your child has read, consider donating to our collection (please do not send in other books).

If you are available to cover new books for our collection at home please send through your email to the school address and Mrs Cullinan will contact you.  Thanks to parents who did covering at working bee and have already taken home books.


From the Captains

It’s been an action-packed start to the school year and we hope that everyone is settling in well, working hard and having fun. Here are some things that RPS students have been up to over the past couple of weeks.

PSSA sport has commenced and every Friday students in cricket, basketball and touch football teams will represent the school in matches against other local primary schools. It has been great to see all students, whether in PSSA or school sport, wearing the striking new Randwick Public sports jersey.

The Sydney Coastal Zone Swimming Carnival took place on Wednesday 3rd March, where the best swimmers from our zone competed. A huge congratulations to all the amazing swimmers who represented RPS on the day and good luck to those who will be representing the school in the upcoming regional carnival.

All years have been taking part in weekly lessons on Positive Behaviour for Learning, where students workshop ideas of how we can display our three school values of be respectful, be responsible and be a learner in different places around the school.

On 15 February year 6 participated in a leadership day. We learned about being an influencer, supporting your teammates and just having a bit of fun! We really enjoyed all of the games and challenges we had to face. It was a fun day for year 6 to kick off the year.

School photos were taken on 1st and 2nd March. Students will receive a class and/or individual photo that will come home as soon as they are printed. The year 6 leaders also had a photo together that will be displayed in the office. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing this year's photos!

All houses are doing so well with the new system. It seems like lots of you are behaving well, with all 6 houses very close in points. Remember, the points will run until the end of the year, and the house with the highest points will get an exciting prize. A gala day run by your house captains will take place at the end of term. So keep up the good work and lead your team to victory!

Henry and Ash

From the P&C

Would you or your business like to donate a prize for the Easter raffle?  Or can you donate a gift voucher?

Please contact if you are interested.

We will also need lots of chocolate donations!  Keep an eye out for more info and ticket sales launching soon.


Information for parents and carers about the changes to school operations because of COVID-19 health advice current from 17 August 2020 is available.

    Please provide your feedback by clicking on the link. We will direct the feedback to the appropriate people and/or share it in the newsletter!

    Thank you!

    Previous feedback

    The roads around the school , as expected, are very congested at this time of the year. Can I suggest RPS perhaps drops a note to the council re parking patrols? Many parents come at 830am and take up 10 minute spots until 850/9 am and it is very similar from 230pm. The spots are meant for quick drop offs especially for younger kids who are not ready for kiss and go. Also, numerous cars make u-turns in front of the fire station in the morning, seemingly oblivious to the double lines. So dangerous and would hate to see anyone get hurt.

    We are in regular contact with Randwick Council and the rangers will be issuing fines where required. Please remember to be patient and respectful. We understand how busy everyone can be, however we all want to keep the roads around the school as safe as possible.

    Where do I find information? (eg class information, school information, excursion details).

    There is always a lot of information that is sent out at the beginning of the year. We appreciate you downloading the relevant apps and asking if you need.

    Class information- mostly comes via Seesaw, some information through Skoolbag and Operoo

    School information- mostly comes via Skoolbag, some information through Seesaw and Operoo

    Excursion details- permission forms and initial information via Operoo with updates through Seesaw

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