Term 4 Week 6 2021

Important Dates Term 4

17th NovemberPreschool Transition 8:50am-12pm
19th NovemberScience Alive- rescheduled
24th NovemberPreschool Transition 8:50am -1:30pm
22nd - 24th NovemberYear 6 Aquatics Camp
22 - 23 NovemberYear 2/3 Zoo Snooze
23 - 24 NovemberYear 3 Zoo Snooze
24th - 26th NovemberYear 7 Aquatics Camp
26 NovemberCrows Cup Year 6 Girls Football
30th NovemberYear 6 Graduation
1st DecemberPreschool Transition 8:50am-2:30pm
2nd - 3rd DecemberYear 4/5 Pt Hughes Camp
7th December Year 7 Graduation
10 December

Last Day Of Term 

Year 6/7 Assembly

Term Dates2022
27 - 28 JanuaryUniform Shop Open  9am - 3pm
31 January  to 14 AprilTerm 1
2 May to 8 JulyTerm 2
25 July to 30 SeptemberTerm 3
17 October to 16 DecemberTerm 4

Principal's Report

Dear Families,

Last newsletter opened up with a photo of the hail in the school yard and yesterday it was the windy conditions that meant students could not go outside to play because of the debris flying about the yard.  We lost a couple of branches out the front of the school causing damage to a car.  The wind also made it very difficult for a brown snake in the yard. Sokhan and I watched the snake being blown across the pavers near the hall. Thankfully it was being blown away from us and eventually gained control of its movement once it hit the grass and slithered away. It is a timely reminder to our students that if we see a snake in the yard we need to stay still, be calm, move away slowly, and tell a teacher.


In the last newsletter we mentioned that as per department policy all volunteers including people on a governing council to update their Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care (RRHAN-EC ) training by 31 December 2021. They must do this if: 

·         their current certificate has no expiry date, or 

·         they have no certificate. 

All volunteers in education do the same online fundamentals course. Volunteers need to access the course in Plink.  Volunteers who work with children (under 18 years) are mandated notifiers and are now required to update their training every 3 years. They must understand how to notify and report child abuse.  For more information, visit the organising RRHAN-EC for volunteers page on EDi or email


On November 16, the Commissioner of Police, acting in his role as the State Coordinator responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, announced the Emergency Management (Education and Early Childhood Settings Vaccination) (COVID-19) Direction 2021.

Under this Direction, COVID-19 vaccinations will be mandatory for all people who work or volunteer at our school, except those who have a medical exemption endorsed by the Chief Public Health Officer. This includes:

·         All of our staff and contractors

·         Anyone who visits our schools/preschool/children’s centre for work purposes

·         Our Governing Council members

·         All volunteers and parent helpers (people who assist with reading, camps, excursions, canteen, fundraising etc).

Under this Direction, all of the above-mentioned people must receive at least 1 dose of a Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) approved COVID-19 vaccination and a booking to receive a second dose by 11.59pm on 10 December 2021, which is the last day of term.

The Direction does not apply to students, parents dropping off or picking up children, attending parent teacher interviews, events or similar, as long as they are not working or volunteering at the event and COVID safe measures are followed.

More information about the Direction is available on The Department for Education website:

Our number one priority is providing a safe environment for our students and for our staff, and this new measure aims to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


We have just about completed the class placement process for 2022. We create these classes in consultation with year level and specialist teachers, as well as considering feedback we receive from parents. The process of balancing classes, for a variety of reasons, is a complex task. Our aim is to create positive and productive class groupings, with priority put on placing each child with at least one friend from their classroom this year. Over the remainder of the term some students will participate in additional classroom visits while all students will visit with their 2022 teacher on the Thursday of week 9. Before the week 9 visit we will be relocating the upper primary to the middle primary building. This means the middle primary classes will now be located closer to the Junior Primary providing greater opportunities for collaborative learning with like year levels.

The Year 7 to HS move means we will lose 80 students at the end of this year. We anticipate starting the 2022 school year on just over 240 students which will give us 10 classes. The configuration of these classes is just about confirmed, and families will be informed about their child’s class placement via their school report which will go home on the Wednesday of week 9.


Transition for our Year 6 and 7 students to Nuri HS took place last Wednesday. The students returned and spoke positively about their experiences on the day and are very much looking forward to Year 7 & 8. Students attending other local high schools have also spoken positively about their transition visits which is great to hear.

Our preschool children are about to have their third transition visit to Angaston Primary School and we can already see their level of confidence and engagement growing as they begin to feel more comfortable with staff, students and the school. We really look forward to having the children and their families as part of the Angaston school community next year.


The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy. We have the Year 6 and 7 camps next week as well as the Year 2/3 and 3 Zoo Snooze. Sokhan and I will be attending some of the camps next week. Week 8 we have our Year 4/5 camp, the Year 6 Graduation, followed by the Year 7 graduation in week 9.


We will send home another newsletter on the last day of term confirming classes and staffing for 2022, and any other details family may need in terms of the new school year.

“Happiness is often the result of being too busy to be miserable.” Paul Frank Baer.

Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown

Welcome Finn and Tanner

SRC Wear Yellow

SRC - Wear Yellow Day 

On Monday of Week 5 our SRC Fundraising Action Team ran a "Wear Yellow" Day to raise money for the CFS Foundation.   This Foundation provides financial assistance to CFS volunteer firefighters and their families who have suffered loss, injury or damage of property while in the line of service.  Our Action Team were very proud to donate $233.50 to this great cause on behalf of our school community through your donations.  Thank you for your support.

Nicole Taylor


Teacher Librarian

Angaston Primary School

Library Thank You!

Thanks to our school community for another year of supporting excellent reading habits for our students.  At the time of writing this, our school library has had over 21 thousand loans to students for the year!  Wow! We know that we are so fortunate to be one of the few schools with such a beautiful library space and constantly updated books and resources. I thank families for your part in supporting this by looking after books and supporting our library fundraising efforts.  This year alone your support of Book Fair and Book Club has meant an extra $3583 of books in our library for children, using our Reward Points. The daily traffic in and out of the library is a sign to me that students are enthused to read in this space and are also encouraged by families to enjoy and share reading in the home. Thank you also for your support of our new Take Home Reader borrowing system this year.  It has meant our readers are staying in lovely condition and are not being lost.  We hope appealing, well-kept readers are encouraging your children to read regularly.  Thanks again and I look forward to another great year of reading in 2022


Nicole Taylor

Teacher Librarian A.P.S

SRC Wheels Day

Buddy Class Challenge

Mr. Norton and Mrs. Argent's Buddy Class recently got together to work on 2 Seesaw Challenges! 
Take a photo of yourself and paint on an Ugly Christmas Sweater.
Take a photo of a real life tree then use the tools on Seesaw to paint on some Christmas Decorations. 
The older buddies really enjoyed teaching the younger buddies how to effectively use Seesaw to create these amazing Christmas images! 

Mr Norton and Mrs Argent's - Buddy Class

Children's University

Bradley's Broadcast

During Week 4, 3 of our Angaston Primary Year 6/7 students represented the Barossa and Light District in the SAPSASA State Cricket Carnival. Harper K and Lily L N represented the girls cricket team and Mason L represented the boys team, all students are from Year 6/7 Darmody. All three represented our region extremely well and participated to the best of their abilities. The girls team won 4 out of their 7 games across 4 days finishing 3rd and the boys team won 3 out of their 4 games finishing 3rd in division 2. Well done to you all on your efforts learning so much throughout the week and making great memories.

During Week 5 Lily L N from Year 6/7 Darmody participated in the SAPSASA State Tennis Carnival held at Seacliff. Lily again represented our district extremely well and put in a fantastic performance. Well done Lily. ?

Yours in sport

Mr. Bradley

Physical Education/Health Teacher

Notes From Nat

Notes from Nat

It costs nothing to be kind and small acts of kindness can mean so much to someone else - it might even make you smile too. 

I came across this the other day and it really made me think. If we all did our little part … just a little kindness in our day - the world will be a happy place. 

“A professor gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the hallway. The professor then mixed all the balloons. The students were then given 5 minutes to find their own balloon.  Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon.

At that point, the professor told the students to take the first balloon that they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it. Within 5 minutes, everyone had their own balloon.

The professor said to the students: "These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we care about other people's happiness, we'll find ours too."

Do something little for someone today, it doesn’t have to be big - you’ll be surprised how it will make you feel too. 

Love and sparkles


Kapunda Show Poster Competition

Congratulations to  all the students that entered the Kapunda Show Poster Competition.

13 - 17 year

1st  Trista S

2nd Lily LN

9 - 12 years

1st Riel C

2nd Jackson Y

Colouring Competition winner was Harper K

Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse & Neglect–Education and Care RRHAN-EC training for volunteers

Ongoing volunteers must do mandatory notification training. The training is called Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RRHAN-EC). You must keep your RRHAN-EC certificate current by updating your training every 3 years. All volunteers in education do the same fundamentals course. You can access the course in Plink.

Site leaders can help you with things like:

• setting up a Plink account

• accessing a computer

• troubleshoot any problems you have with the course. Talk to your school about other delivery options if the online course is not the best option for you. Your site leader can contact us to find out more. What you need before you start

• A current individual email address.

• A computer or device with an internet connection and a recent web browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox. Register for a plink volunteer account

• Go to the website:

• Fill in your details: -in the field “Select Account type” select Volunteer -enter your email address (this will be your plink username), choose a password.

• Select “I accept the Terms of use” and then Select “Create Account”. Start the training

• Login to Plink and select the course Responding to Risk of Harm, Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care.

• Select “Register” please allow 2 hours to complete. Certificate Plink will send you an email when you finish your training with a link to your certificate. The site leader will need a copy of this certificate. You can use the certificate at any education site in South Australia.

Technical support and other RRHAN-EC queries Technical support for the course Contact your organisation’s ICT helpdesk Department for Education schools Email: Catholic Education SA schools Email: Association of Independent Schools of SA Email:

RRHAN-EC training for volunteers

Volunteers including people on a governing council must update their Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care (RRHAN-EC ) training by 31 December 2021. 

 They must do this if: 

  • their current certificate has no expiry date, or 
  • they have no certificate. 

All volunteers in education do the same online fundamentals course. Volunteers need to access the course in Plink.  

 Volunteers who work with children (under 18 years) are mandated notifiers and are now required to update their training every 3 years. They must understand how to notify and report child abuse.  

Attached is a flyer you can give to your volunteers. It also includes ways sites can help volunteers complete their training. We suggest you print and display the attached poster in common areas that volunteers visit at your site.  

For more information, visit the organising RRHAN-EC for volunteers page on EDi or email

Many thanks 

The RRHAN-EC team  

Angaston Primary School

Principal: Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown

Deputy Principal: Sokhan Greenwood