Issue 7: Wednesday, 5th May 2021


Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members

We have very quickly moved to be half way through Week 3 and I am very happy to say we are progressing very smoothly given the current environment that we are all working in.  I would like to acknowledge and thank our whole school community for the way that it has adapted to, cooperated with and navigated the COVID 19 changes that we have implemented.



As you know we are still operating under the current COVID 19 operating guidelines.  As such, we are currently asking that parents and carers continue to follow the following COVID safe guidelines:

  • Individuals should stay home when unwell;
  • Promote and practice good personal hygiene;
  • Ensure physical distance of 1.5 metres between adults, where practicable;
  • As per the AHPPC guidelines, promote outdoor air ventilation, where possible.
  • Parents are allowed on school sites; provided they:

    * Wear a mask, unless they meet the criteria that prevents or permits them from doing so;

   * Practice 1.5 metres between adults physical distancing, where practicable; and 

   * Follow good hand and respiratory hygiene practices. 

We will continue to provide advice regarding individual school events on an ongoing basis. 



NAPLAN will be commencing next Tuesday.  NAPLAN is an annual assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It tests the types of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life. The tests cover skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar,  punctuation and numeracy. The assessments are undertaken every year in the second full week in May.  Further information regarding NAPLAN can be found at



We currently have some work that is taking place in our ECE playground.  These projects include:

1.     The installation of a low fence around the perimeter of the playground to support the supervision and ultimately improve the safety of our children in this area.  This fence has been provided by the Department of Education and should be completed today.

2.     The installation of an ECE Sensory Garden will complement the play opportunities available to our Kindy and PP children.  This garden will begin construction on Monday, 10th May and should take a week to be completed.  This project is being funded by the school and the P&C Association and we sincerely thank them for their ongoing support.



Our Year 6 Student Councillor's and House Captains are now attending the 2020 Grip Leadership conference on Thursday, 20th May after being rescheduled because of the COVID lockdown.  


A reminder to our school community that the staff carpark is not to be used when dropping off or picking up students.  Today we had a number of teachers who were not able to open their classrooms on time as they were driving around the school trying to locate alternate parking.

Thank you again for your cooperation and commitment to our school.  Have a wonderful fortnight.


Craig Ashby




During Weeks 4 & 5, Year 3 and 5 students across Australia will be participating in NAPLAN testing in Writing, Reading, Numeracy and Language Conventions.

Tuesday, 11th May 8.45amYear 3 Writing (paper test)
10.00amYear 5 Writing (online)
Wednesday, 12th May8.45amYear 3 Reading (online)
10.00amYear 5 Reading (online)
Thursday, 13th May 10.00amYear 5 Conventions of Language (online) 
Tuesday, 18th May 8.45amYear 3 Conventions of Language (online)
10.00amYear 5 Numeracy (online)
Wednesday, 19th May 8.45amYear 3 Numeracy (online)

Please ensure your child is punctual and ready to participate in their NAPLAN testing on these dates. If your child is absent during this time we have scheduled a number of periods where they will have the opportunity to catch up any assessments they missed.

If you would like information about NAPLAN in a language other than English, translated brochures in many different languages are available by following this link

How can you help your child prepare for NAPLAN?

NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy skills that students are learning through their regular classroom activities. As such excessive preparation or coaching is not required. You can help your child prepare for NAPLAN by reassuring them that the tests are just one part of their school program, and by reminding them on the day to simply try their best. NAPLAN is not about passing or failing, but about assessing learning progress. 

You might like to investigate the NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site with your child, discussing strategies they might use to work out problems and to manage questions they are not sure about.

We are often asked whether students can be allocated additional time to complete their NAPLAN if they have conditions which might impact on their confidence or capability to complete the test independently. We generally find the allocated time is more than enough for students to answer the questions and having to remain in test conditions longer than this would be even more challenging. We are able to pause individual student’s time if they require a toilet or rest break.

NAPLAN Online Reading, Numeracy and Conventions of Language use a tailored test design. The tests  automatically adapt to a student’s test performance and asks questions that match the student’s achievement level. Tailored testing allows all students to demonstrate their knowledge and encourages students to stay engaged with the test.

If you have any questions about NAPLAN please chat to your child’s teacher or Mrs Weir.



Mrs Weir was astounded (and excited) by the number of Year 5 & 6 students who indicated their interest in participating in Write a Book in a Day on Wednesday, August 4th 2021.

Write a Book in a Day is a competition for students in Years 5 – 12 and adult writing groups. Teams of 5 – 10 have just 12 hours to write, illustrate and publish a book from start to finish. Digital editions of the completed stories are made available in an online library and shared with hospitals across Australia.

Entry fee for this competition is paid by the school, however each team is required to raise a minimum of $240 for their book to be eligible for judging. Monies raised go directly to fund scientific research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer.

Team nominations are due to Mrs Weir by Friday, May 7th.

Parent permission forms will go home today for those teams that have already nominated. Once parental permission is received for all team members, sponsorship codes will be generated and shared.

This a challenging, tiring, rewarding, exciting, frustrating opportunity that is not for everyone! 


If your child has asthma, it is your responsibility to provide current information to the school so we can manage your child’s condition during the school day.  This includes providing medication, including Ventolin/Asmol inhalers, to be stored with their plans.   A written asthma action plan helps you recognise when your asthma is getting worse and what to do about it.

Asthma action plans help with: Better control asthma; Fewer asthma attacks and hospital visits; Fewer days off work or school; Reduced reliever medication use.  Developing an asthma action plan with your doctor is important and should include a talk about your own circumstances including you asthma patterns and triggers, and current management. Written asthma action plans are one of the most effective asthma management tools available. If you or someone you are responsible for has asthma, ask about developing an asthma action plan with your doctor.


Thank you so much for continuously supporting our school, especially through fundraising. This term, we are hosting a Colour Explosion School Fun Run. 

The big day is coming! We are so excited to host our Colour Explosion School Fun Run on Friday, 28 May 2021 from 1:40pm to 2:20pm. On the day, make sure your child brings a white shirt for the Fun Run! They will be covered in non-toxic, high quality colour powder from head to toe! They will also need a water bottle and their hat. Sunscreen will be provided.  

Start fundraising today. Visit to create your child’s cybersafe fundraising profile. Instructions are in your child’s sponsorship booklet which will be coming home soon. You have until Wednesday, 26 May 2021 to fundraise, so make sure you get cracking!  

 If you have any questions, please see Mr Myers, Ms Ferguson or Mr Campbell.

Jane Weir, Cathy Stott, Kiera Slade, Aimee Coffey

Deputy Principals


A friendly reminder of upcoming Excursion/School Based Activity payments:

  • EDU Dance Term 2 (Koolbardi 1A & B, 2A & B, 3, 4, 5, 6A, Boornar 1, 3, 4, Kwenda 2, 4, 5, Yonga 4, Nornt 3, Kin kin 2, Djidi-djidi 2) payment is due Thursday, 6th May 2021.

Payment Plans

May be arranged prior to the the payment due date by contacting the Manager Corporate Services, Liz O'Born at the front office on 6174 0000.  

Financial Support 

If providing your child/ren the opportunity to participate in  Excursions or School Based Activities is likely to cause financial hardship, we may be able to provide financial support.  Please complete the slip on bottom of the consent form and return it to the front office.


Term 2

Monday, 19th April - Friday, 2nd July 

Monday, 26th April - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Friday, 4th June - School Development Day 

Monday, 7th June - WA Day Public Holiday 

Term 3 

Monday, 19th July - Friday, 24th September 

Monday, 23rd August - School Development Day 

Term 4 

Monday, 11th October - School Development Day

Tuesday, 12th October - Thursday, 16th December 

Friday, 17th December - School Development Day 


MondayPrimary Music Institute (PMI) Keyboard/Guitar 
TuesdayRunners' Club 
Tuesday Edu Dance 
WednesdayToasted sandwiches/pancakes
WednesdayAssembly (see Assembly timetable)
WednesdaySchool Banking 
Thursday Runners' Club 
ThursdayEdu Dance 

NAPLAN testing for Year 3 and 5 studentsTuesday 11th May 2021 - Friday, 21st May 2021


Wednesday, 19th May Middle Assembly 
Wednesday, 26th May Junior Assembly 
Wednesday, 9th June Senior Assembly 
Wednesday, 16th June Middle Assembly 
Wednesday, 23rd June Junior Assembly 
Wednesday, 30th June Senior Assembly 


Thursday, 6th May Year 6 (Djidi-djidi 1 & 2, Kin kin 1 & 2) Migrant school based activity
Friday, 7th May P&C Mother's Day Stall 
Friday, 7th May Choir Fundraiser - Denim Day 
Tuesday, 18th May 

Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - Kindy Crazy Sock Day 

Wednesday, 19th MayNational Simultaneous Storytime 
Thursday, 20th MayStudent Leaders - GRIP Student Leadership Conference
Friday, 21st May Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - (K - 6) Crazy Sock Day 
Friday, 28thColour Explosion School Fun Run 
Monday, 31st MayP&C Meeting 
Tuesday, 1st June Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - Kindy Super Hero Day 
Wednesday, 2nd June K - 6 Grandparent's Day 
Thursday, 3rd June Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - K - 6 Super Hero Day 
Thursday, 3rd June K - 6 Super Hero Disco 
Friday, 4th June School Development Day 
Monday, 7th June WA Day Public Holiday 
Tuesday, 8th June School Photos 
Wednesday, 9th June School Photos 
Wednesday, 9th June Kindy Grandparent's Day - Koolbardi 1a, 2a & 6a
Thursday, 10th June School Photos 
Friday, 11th June School Photos 
Monday, 14th JuneSchool Board Meeting 
Wednesday, 16th June K-PP House Cross Country 
Wednesday, 16th JuneShed Night 
Friday, 18th JuneYear 1 - 6 House Cross Country 
Tuesday, 22nd June P&C Fundraiser Kindy PJ Day
Friday, 25th June P&C Fundraiser (K - 6) PJ Day 
Friday, 2nd July Last Day of Term 2 


Asthma Alert is a pilot program funded by the Australian Commonwealth Government and supported by the WA State Emergency Management Committee. The Asthma Alert pilot has been developed in consultation with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ Parks and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Health in Western Australia.

The Asthma Alert Facebook Group aims to reduce the impact that smoke has on the lives of people who may be living with or caring for someone with asthma or other respiratory conditions, particularly where smoke is known to be a trigger for them.

How many times have you walked out of your home or office to smell smoke in the air? 

It may be isolated to your local area or it may be far spread.  Sometimes, the smoke you are experiencing may not be recorded by our State emergency services yet but you can play a significant role in helping warn people with asthma and other respiratory conditions to a potential smoke hazard. Through the Asthma Alert community, we can share information and support one another as we aim to reduce the risk of a life-threatening asthma emergency.

In the Asthma Alert group, we will refer to existing alert systems that have been developed and are coordinated by our State’s environmental and emergency services ( and call upon the Asthma Alert community to help their peers by sharing when they observe smoke in the air in their local area.

Through the Asthma Alert, we will provide you with tips and tools on how to reduce the impact of smoke on people who are affected by asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or other respiratory conditions and we encourage members to provide feedback and share their experiences of how smoke may impact them.

Join the Asthma Alert community on Facebook

It’s easy to do. Simply click the button to access the Asthma Alert group. Become a member to receive updates and connect with others living with asthma in Western Australia.

Not on Facebook?

We understand not everyone is on Facebook so this may be limiting to some people. As this is a pilot program, we are doing as best we can with the resources we have. Your feedback on how you would like to receive an Asthma Alert or what it could look like is important to us. Feedback and suggestions are warmly welcomed at


All children from Pre-Primary to Year 11 are eligible to dental treatment at the Wellard Dental Therapy Centre located at Wellard Primary School.

Wellard Dental Therapy Centre | Dental Health Services North

25 Breccia Parade, WELLARD 6170

T: (08) 9553 0610


W: |

Our Vision: Excellence in health care for our community.





Healthy eating and your child’s appetite

Children’s appetites can change from day to day. These changes are usually nothing to worry about.

Sometimes your child might want to eat a lot. That’s fine. Just make sure that you fill up your child with healthy food.  Other times your child might not want to eat as much. That’s OK too. If your child doesn’t want to eat, they’ll probably make up for it at the next meal or even the next day. It’s best not to force things or offer other foods as rewards, because this teaches children not to listen to their appetites.  As a parent you give your child healthy food and opportunities to eat it. It’s up to your child to decide how much to eat – or whether to eat at all. If your child is growing and developing well, they’re probably getting enough to eat.


Tummy talk’ and healthy eating

Understanding the way your child’s tummy ‘talks’ to their brain can help you deal with worries about your child undereating or overeating.  For example, your child’s brain realises their tummy is full only about 20 minutes after the food hits their tummy. Also, your child’s hunger is partly determined by how physically active they’ve been and whether they need to ‘catch up’ if they haven’t eaten a lot over the last couple of days.



If you’re concerned that your child has a tendency to overeat, here are some things to try:

  • Offer a slightly smaller portion of food. If your child finishes it, you can offer a small second helping. This gives your child’s brain and tummy a chance to catch up.
  • If your child doesn’t eat part of the meal – for example, the vegies – this is your child’s choice. It isn’t a good idea to offer extra serves of other food – for example, meat – to make up for missing vegies.
  • Serve your child’s food on a smaller plate. This way your child gets the right-sized portion but still gets a ‘full plate’ of food.
  • Avoid distractions like TV or toys during mealtimes. This will help your child focus on their appetite.



If you feel your child doesn’t eat enough at mealtimes or doesn’t have an appetite, you could try the following strategies:

  • Offer food around the same times each day. If children eat at regular mealtimes, they’re more likely to be hungry at that time of day.
  • Encourage your child to eat more at mealtimes by making sure you serve small amounts at snack times. One small snack between regular mealtimes is usually plenty as an energy top-up, unless your child has been very active. If your child has too many snacks or the snacks are too big, your child can feel too full before a main meal.
  • Avoid offering your child an alternative if they don’t eat a meal. Your child might just have a small appetite at the moment