Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 1 week 2 - Wednesday 3 February 2021

From the Principal

Welcome to the new school year! We commence the term with 470 students and 19 classrooms. This includes 54 reception students who are starting school for the first time. We welcome these children and also students in other year levels who have joined the school. We trust their time at Henley Beach will be enjoyable and rewarding.

It has been great to see all students settling into class routines. Classes have commenced their learning in all subject areas and teachers have also been dedicating time to establishing expectations and routines that promote an orderly and productive learning environment. This includes promoting our school values of respect, care, doing your best and safety.

In this week’s newsletter there is a range of information about the coming term and year, please contact the school if you require any clarification or have any questions.

The staff and I look forward to working collaboratively with the school community throughout the year. Supportive and positive home-school partnerships are crucial in providing a great environment for our students to learn and develop. At any time during the year I encourage you to talk to myself and our teachers about your child, their learning and any queries you may have.


Staffing Overview

As well as welcoming many new students, we also welcome new staff to the school, including some staff who have returned from leave. The school’s leadership team will be composed of myself, Vicky Jones (Assistant Principal; sub school leader for Reception – Yr 3 and first point of contact for families within these year levels after the class teacher), Aileen Clancy (Assistant Principal; sub school leader for Year 4 – 7 and the first point of contact for families within these year levels after the classroom teacher) and Donna Nitschke (Student Wellbeing Leader, Rec – Yr 7).

Our staff list for this year is provided below.


Stephen Jolley


Isobel Roberts

Assistant Principals

Aileen Clancy & Vicky Jones


Ben Kitchin

Student Wellbeing Leader

Donna Nitschke


Brooke Jones

JP Special

Gill Reddick & Suzy Voulstaker-Field


Danielle Murphy


Nikol Vidov


Fred Peters


Vicky Jones & Mandy Hermans


Aileen Clancy & Michael Boere


Kylie Cook-Gagnon


Neil Wuttke


Anne Whittaker & Megan Harris


Tracey Buckley


Helen Papastamatis


Julie Stone & Tracy Marks


Kerrie Evans & Suzy Voulstaker-Field


Renee Hanna


Luke Springer


Grant Perelman


Deann Perry & Renee Hanna

Performing Arts

Elena Sourbis


Tracey Burner


Mary Taheny & Deanna Disotto


Craig Johnston & Grant Perelman



Business Manager

Penny Sigal

Finance Officer

Mark Beech


Jodie Emmett and Lucy Lee

OSHC Director

Andrew D’Amico

Class Support

Linda Dickman

Sharon Rasmussen

Phan Huynh

Jill Daly

Leanne Suter

Rebecca Richardson

Nancy Coleman

Leanne Suter

Caron Bailey

Robyn Scaffidi-Muta

Trudy Tunbridge

Denise Hutton

Jodie Roche

James Lakin

Jodie Roche

Rebecca Richardson

Aboriginal Community Engagement


Student Wellbeing Support

Carolyn Ebert


Jim Coulthard


External School Review

As part of our continuous school improvement process, we will be involved in an external school review with a Department for Education review panel. This review was initially scheduled to occur last year but was postponed due to COVID-19.

The purpose of the external school review is to support us to raise achievement, sustain high performance and provide quality assurance to build public confidence in government schools (all government schools are externally reviewed generally within a 3 year cycle).

The focus of the external school review is to evaluate our school’s performance and progress made towards our strategic priorities. The review panel includes a review officer and two trained review principals. Our school review will occur on Monday 22 February and Tuesday 23 February.

During the external school review, some students, parents/carers, governing council members and staff will be asked to provide information to the review panel in a number of ways. These include:

·        group discussions (with students, staff and parents/carers)

·        meetings (governing council, staff meeting)

·        visits into classrooms.

We appreciate everyone’s support and time in helping us with this external school review process, however, if you do not want your child to participate please complete the skoolbag eform. In the coming weeks a number of parents/caregivers will be invited to meet with the review team.

If you would like more information please contact a member of the leadership team.

Term 1 Dates - all events in the skoolbag calander


Our first whole school assembly will be held on Thursday 11 February from 2.15pm (gym). Parents/carers are welcome to join us for our school assemblies, however, to ensure physical distancing expectations are met, a limit on visitors will be in place. Only family members of presenting classes will be allowed to attend or if your child is being presented with an award (we will publish when classes are presenting throughout the year). For next Thursday’s assembly, Mr Kitchin’s class will be compering and we will be presenting badges to our 2021 sports leaders. A parent/carer of students in Mr Kitchin’s class or a sports leader are invited to attend.

 Acquaintance Night: Tuesday  9 February

Please refer to the information sent out earlier in the week.

Parent-teacher interviews:  22 March – 26March (Week 9).

Booking information will be sent out later this term.

 Sports Day: Thursday April 1st (Week 10) 

School Times

School Times:

8.30am                                       Yard supervision commences

8.50am                                       School Begins

8.50am -  10.40am                 Class

10.40am - 11.00am                Recess

11.00am - 12.40pm                Class

10.40pm – 12.50pm               Lunch eaten with teacher

1.50pm -  1.20pm                    Lunch

1.20pm -   3.00pm                   Class

3.00pm                                       School Dismissed

3.00pm – 3.10pm                  Yard supervision concludes

School – Home Communication

Maintaining positive school and home partnerships is a priority for our staff and to help facilitate this, the Seesaw app will be used as a communication tool by teachers. Please note that staff will endeavour to check Seesaw daily (Monday-Friday) and respond to messages at their earliest convenience. Please be aware that messages sent after 4:00pm may not be viewed until the next teaching day. If you have any pressing/urgent needs you should contact the office on 8356 2117.

We hope you will find the use of Seesaw helpful and enjoy the opportunity to share in your child’s learning. If you are having any difficulty setting up your account please speak to your child’s teacher.

Student Safety Perspectives

Please be aware of the following aspects relating to student supervision and safety:

·        School grounds are supervised between 8.30am – 3.10pm. Students should not be on the school grounds prior to 8.30am. We also request that in the afternoons if students are staying on the grounds with a supervising adult, that they play away from the classrooms.

·        Students who ride a bike or scooter to school need to walk once they are inside the school gates (this includes at dismissal time also). Students also need to walk across the crossings with their bike or scooter.

·        Students (from Rec – Yr 7) cannot leave the school grounds during regular class time on their own, regardless of whether a permission note has been provided by a parent/carer. All students need to be collected by a parent/carer from the front office if they need to leave school between 8.30-3.00pm and they need to be signed out.

·        Please use the start of the year to reinforce safe pedestrian habits with your child by using the designated school crossings when arriving and leaving school. We look forward to our student crossing monitors continuing in this role; if your child has the opportunity to volunteer to help with this job, please encourage them to do so as it is a great way to promote positive community values.

·        Please ensure the kiss and drop space is used appropriately as it is only a short term parking space.


Any child who is not in their classroom at 8.50am is considered late and must present to the front office to sign in on the kiosk and collect a printed slip to give to their teacher. If your child needs to leave school early, parent/caregivers are asked to come into the front office to sign their child out and collect a printed slip to take to the teacher.

The number to text for student absences is 0476 857 370 (please note, the absence text message line should not be used for other purposes). Please text this number by 9am if your child will be late or absent from school and include a reason for their absence. The marking of attendance is a legal document. All absences, be 2 minutes late or two days late, are marked as unexplained unless parents provide the school with an explanation (via telephone, text or written note). A text message will be sent to parents/caregivers if a child is late or absent without explanation.

Should you need to get a message to your child during the day, all communication must be made through the front office by calling 83562117. We will attempt to contact the class teacher to pass urgent messages only. Parents/carers are kindly asked to make personal arrangements before school as much as possible to limit the disruption to classes.  Any general communication to your class teacher should be done via seesaw or email.

We also ask that if you need to drop anything off during the day (forgotten lunches, musical instruments, homework etc.), please do not go to the classroom, rather drop it to the office and we will get your child to collect it.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with these matters.

Medical Information

Health Care Plans

If your child has a medical condition or health care plan please ensure that you have informed the school. This is to be done annually and if any changes to plans occur throughout the year, please let the school know. All medication needs to be labelled with a pharmacy label with the child’s name and dose. Please check and ensure the expiry date is current. If your child self-medicates e.g. Asthma puffer etc. a form needs to be signed by the parent and Principal.


There are students in our school that suffer severe allergies to a variety of food types. The worst of these allergic responses can result in ANAPHYLAXIS.

The school policy is based around “Harm Minimization” which essentially means that we take precautions to reduce the chance of a child contacting or ingesting foods they are allergic to.

In your child’s class, parents may be asked not to send food containing significant amounts of NUTS. This includes peanut butter, Nutella, nut bars, cakes and slices. Many products including chocolates, muesli bars etc. have a “may contain traces of nuts” warning as a precaution. These are acceptable at school but must not be shared. If this applies to your child’s class a more detailed letter will be sent home.

 Fish, cheese, shellfish and eggs are also identified triggers for children in the classes. For these we request that parents do not send items containing these products for shared meals such as class parties or picnics where they may be eaten without knowledge.

If there is an issue please see the class teacher for clarification.

Children will be encouraged to practice good hygiene and wash their hands before and after eating.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not to be used on the school premises and should be switched off when students enter the grounds. Mobile phones need to be handed into the office for safe keeping and can be collected at the end of the day. Students can check their phones for a message from you when they collect them at the end of the day and then they must be returned to their bags/pockets. We appreciate your support in this matter. Henley Beach Primary School does not take responsibility for any loss or damage of a phone that is kept in a school bag throughout the day, so please strongly encourage your child to follow these expectations.

School Uniform

The wearing of the school uniform by all students is school policy, approved by Governing Council. The uniform is available from Westside Schoolwear, Shop 6, Falkirk Avenue, Seaton. There are many advantages, for both parents and the children, in wearing a school uniform. In particular it gives children a sense of belonging and develops pride in the school as well as being cheaper, functional and non-competitive in terms of fashion.

School Sport

Out of hours school competitions

Earlier this week a nomination form was sent out for various out of hours school sporting competitions scheduled for this year. If your child is interested in participating, please ensure this information is returned by the due date. The success of these competitions relies on positive levels of parent/carer support with coaching and managing teams so please consider volunteering for these roles, without this help we cannot nominate teams. All coaches will be supported by school staff with administration requirements.

Out of Hours Sport nomination form


Junior Primary Nature Play

The Junior Primary children celebrated the end of 2020 with a Teddy Bear's Picnic. We ended the picnic by having an opening ceremony for our Nature Play Area. This year, our new Reception children have enjoyed exploring the space throughout the day and during recess.

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

It has been an exciting start to the year at OSHC. New director, new receptions, and a new beginning for OSHC. It has been amazing to see how welcoming, compassionate and supportive our current OSHC students have been to the receptions. They have been made to feel like they belong, and are already flourishing. The OSHC program is in the process of being restructured to maximise learning and development opportunities for our students. Currently, there is a lot of craft activities taking place as we look to decorate our room. This is a great opportunity for students to show off their craft abilities and contribute to how they want the OSHC room to look. Of course, there will still be the games that the students know and love, like corners, freeze and bob and museums. These games are a great way to build skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

An order has been placed for new furniture! We will be getting new tables and chairs that are interactive and easily manoeuvrable, which will allow us to create a more dynamic learning environment. Our new furniture will be arriving sometime this term.

We are still accepting enrolments, so if you are interested in OSHC this year, either drop in to say hello or give us a call.

Lego Club - Carolyn Ebert Youth Worker

Lego Club is back again this year, starting Monday 8 February (Week 3). All students are welcome to join in developing their fine motor, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork skills - just some of the benefits of working with Lego.

When: Mondays and Wednesdays during lunch

Where: STEM area

Play Group Update - Trudy Tunbridge

Play Group will be re-commencing later this term and is available to families who either have an older sibling attending our school or are in our school zone and will be enrolling. Our main goal is to assist future students transitioning into the school environment. Playgroup is coordinated by Trudy Tunbridge who also works at the school in a SSO/classroom support role. Further information will be sent out via Skoolbag in the coming week. 

Governing Council

The school’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday Feb 9th at 7pm. All parents/carers are welcome to attend. After the AGM has finished the first Governing Council meeting for the year will occur. Governing Council has an integral role in representing the school community and if you are interested in nominating to be a member of this group, please fill out the nomination form by either downloading it or filling it out at the front office.


Governing Council nomination form



VOLUNTEERS - Keeping Our Children Safe.

The Department for Education has mandated rules regarding volunteering in schools and we are committed to doing our upmost to keep our children and school community safe.  All volunteers need to complete a Volunteer Application Form and have an Induction to Henley Beach Primary information session. As a volunteer you will also require a Working with Children Check (WWCC) screening clearance and complete an online Response to Abuse and Neglect (RAN) course. Volunteering cannot commence unless these aspects have been completed.

Please contact the front office to make an appointment to start the volunteer process if you are interested. 

Volunteer site inductions will be run in week 5; more information will be provided soon.

All current volunteers are only required to complete an induction once and the RAN course remains current until the department tells us otherwise. Please check your WWCC  screening as that does expire every five years.

External Service Providers in School

It is at the discretion of the site leader to determine whether an external provider can access the site to provide therapy supports to students. This will be dependent on the following:

  • qualifications of the provider
  • ensuring relevant screening and training has been completed
  • the provider holding the correct insurance
  • receipt of details where limitations or restrictions have been placed on professional practice
  • ensuring there are available facilities
  • ensuring there is a ‘line of sight’ with the student at all times
  • volume of requests
  • educational needs to students.

Schools are obligated to provide a mandated amount of instructional time and have a duty of care for students and therefore it is important that service providers and families are aware that schools cannot guarantee that the service providers will be permitted to be work on site school site. This term a timetable system will be set up that allows service providers to access suitable work areas. Whilst we aim to work in partnership with service providers, we acknowledge this arrangement may cause some inconvenience to them in terms of accessibility, However our first priority needs to be overall whole school needs and ensuring we meet DfE requirements.

Premier's Reading Challenge 2021

Is your child taking up the challenge in 2021?

This year we are aiming for 100%!

If so, please ensure they fill in their student reading records as they read their books, get them signed off as they go and please make sure your child hands it in to their teacher by Friday 3 September.

The Challenge is to read 12 books in total.


  • Reception to Year 6: 8 of these books are to be from the Challenge

booklists, available on the PRC website (see below for link), and 4 of their own choice.

  • Reception and Year 1: children will read their 8 challenge books in school during InitiaLit and 4 own choice books at home.
  • Year 7: students read 4 books from the challenge lists and 8

of their own choice.

Student reading records are available from your child’s teacher.

Enjoy the challenge!

Please visit the website for the challenge book list and for further information: www.prc.sa.edu.au 


Welcome to another year of Book Club.

All Book Club ordering will be done online. Children were sent home a catalogue and will have their orders delivered to school.

Parents have the convenience of ordering online via the internet or through the iPad/ iPhone app.

The process is simple. You can track the progress of your order all from the comfort of your home. The process eliminates children losing order forms, misplacing the money and double handling at the school level.

No orders will be processed at School.

No money to the office.

ISSUE 1 CLOSING DATE: Monday 8 February.


CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

Canteen Volunteers

Please make sure you have your WWCC or DCSI clearances are up to date.  Some of you would have received an email to update your volunteer clearance. This is free for anyone wanting to volunteer at the school in any capacity.

If you have your clearances up to date please volunteer at your canteen at least once a term.  Your children will love it and we would love to see new faces at the canteen.

Welcome to new and returning families for 2021. 

 New parents should have been sent a current menu .  


Please use Qkr to order lunches where possible. It is our preferred method.

Ensure you have filled in the correct year level and teacher in Qkr.  

Qkr cutoff is 9am on the day. Specials may have a different cutoff time to help with planning.

We have 2 specials each term when possible. There will be separate instructions in the flyer for these.

You can order ahead. If you miss the cutoff you can phone your order through and pay via EFTPOS.  Please do this before 11am to allow us time to prepare the lunch.

If your child forgets their lunch canteen provides a cheese or vegemite sandwich. You will receive an invoice which can be paid on Qkr under the tab “money owed to canteen” or by cash in an envelope.  Reminder emails for payment will be sent out at the beginning of every month.

We are aiming for zero waste in the near future so our packaging is either compostable or recyclable (often both). 

We have a menu that is homemade where possible and practical. Foods marked with a * are made by the canteen either wholly ( i.e from scratch) or using ready made products. 

This year we will continue to make more of our lunch and snack foods.  We now make our macaroni cheese at the canteen.  There are currently only two lunch items that are not made by canteen ( lasagne and pies).  Every other lunch is either wholly or partially made by canteen with healthier wholefood ingredients.  I hope this helps with lunch choices.

I hope this quick guide is helpful. If you have any questions please direct them to me via the front office during my work hours of 9.30am -2pm 


Other School News

Community Notice:

Dear neighbour/local community member 

Keeping our Children Safe.

It is a requirement of the Department for Education to practice both an Evacuation and  Invacuation (lockdown drills) every term to ensure our emergency management procedures remain current. For a site of multiple buildings and over 400 students and staff, this involves a very strategic operation and the use of loud external announcements using Australian Standard sirens.

We acknowledge this may disturb neighbours and aim to minimise impact.

To support this we are intending to test the system of announcements and volume levels multiple times and will try to ensure we are not overly impacting on local residents.

Your supportive feedback is encouraged to assist us in better partnering with the local community.