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Hindmarsh Edition: Term 2 Week 4

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What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • The Breakfast Club is back!
  • Netball News: NetSetGO is coming to our school
  • Staff News: Judith Bowden is retiring! 
  • Our Master Plan - Playground
  • Important Sport Dates
  • Early Years News: Nature Play SA Incursion

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members,

The school year is progressing well with both students and teachers continuing their focus on their learning! NAPLAN is completed in Years 3 and 5 and teachers across all other year levels have completed assessments to inform their teaching – Assessment FOR learning is ongoing and assists teachers to understand their students needs.  Analysing student data is important in ensuring teachers provide the appropriate learning opportunities to promote student growth.

Teachers have continued to focus on building their knowledge and skills in Mathematics, STEM pedagogy, Religious Education and Inclusive Education as outlined in the Annual Improvement Plan.  Providing high quality teaching and learning opportunities continues to be a priority!

Staff News

Judith Bowden will be retiring on Friday 23 July after 33 years of dedicated service to the St Joseph’s School community. 

Judith started her work here as a Curriculum ESO and then a Student Services Officer, School Secretary, Enrolment Registrar, Principal PA and throughout this time has been the wellbeing barometer of the school community! 

Judith has undertaken her role with passion and determination, always striving to give witness to the school motto; “In all things love.”  

Judith has always focussed on projecting the vision of Mary MacKillop in all her interactions to  ensure that our school has remained true to the motto; Never see a need without doing something about it.”

Judith has cared for, listened to, and supported staff and many families and children throughout the years. 

Please join me in extending our heartfelt gratitude for her care and unwavering commitment to building and growing the school throughout the years. 

 Judith we sincerely hope you enjoy the next chapter of your life!  May you continue to enjoy good health and hoping you and your precious family are showered with an abundance of blessings.

 Thank you for your magnificent contribution to St Joseph’s!

I'll see you next term

I take this opportunity of thanking you all for your good wishes as I prepare for my knee replacement.

I look forward to reconnecting with you on Monday 23 August.  I know you will all welcome Acting Principal, Mr Ben Catalano during my absence. 

God Bless

Maria D’Aloia


The Breakfast Club is back!

Thank you to Jacki Bishop, our friendly parent volunteer and our partnership with FOODBANK, the breakfast club will operate three times a week for students.

Breakfast will be served every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.30 am until 8.45 am. 

We would love to have more VOLUNTEERS assist – Many hands make light work!


Please note the playground is not supervised by staff BEFORE and AFTER school. Teachers are on yard duty to supervise students entering or leaving the school grounds. 

Students are therefore not permitted to be on the playground before or after school – even if parents/carers are supervising as this confuses other students and on occasion students engage in play rather than go directly out to the ‘kiss and drop’ area.  Students can only use the playground at recess or lunch times or when teachers are supervising outdoor play. 

Your co-operation with this is appreciated.  Our aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community.

Our Master Plan - School Grounds

A number of you have enquired about the redevelopment of the school grounds!!!  We have received Development Approval for 33 Bertie Street and are VERY close to receiving Development Approval for 35 Bertie Street.  The concept plans are now being developed into working drawings which are near completion and therefore, ready for the tender process very shortly!  We are getting closer to realising our dream of having an interactive and engaging play space!!

Feedback from the Students, School Board, P&F and Parents have been incorporated into the design. 

Some things to look forward to include:

    • The Treehouse, a multi-level playground connected to special cubby house underneath
    • Timber Gazebo, a shady spot to sit and relax
    • Money Ropes, great for gross motor and upper body climbing
    • In-Ground Trampolines, ready to jump on and perfect for coordination and gross motor skills
    • Wooden Pod Village, perfect for dramatic play
    • Oval, ready to play on and the perfect space for sporting activities and events

Staff of the Week

Sarah Kostiw - EAL Coordinator

Hi, my name is Sarah Kostiw and I am the EAL/D teacher and Literacy Coordinator.

It is my first year at St Joseph's and I'm so grateful to be part of such a welcoming community. I live with my husband and two daughters, as well as our two dogs, a cat, chickens and birds. I grew up near the Flinders Ranges and that is somewhere my family visits regularly.

We love exploring the different National Parks and hiking trails. I used to play a lot of sport, particularly netball. Now I have the parent taxi and spectator role for my children's dance and sporting pursuits.

Also, I am another one of those Port Power supporters! 

Joseph Colella - Year 5/6 Teacher

My name is Joseph Colella and this is my first year teaching at St Joseph’s Hindmarsh. I have had a great first term, even during the times when I’m surrounded by Port Power supporters in the staffroom!

Soccer, Table Tennis, Dodgeball and Football have had a great impact throughout my sporting life. My favourite music genre is HipHop and will easily win any argument about who is the greatest rapper of all time!

Weird fact about me, I have had the same lunch (Chicken, rice and Sweet Potato) from Monday to Friday since May 2019.  

My favourite quote in life is “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” 

Helen Clark - APRIM

I grew up on a sheep and cropping farm near Jamestown, which my parents, brothers and families still run. I love getting back there to spend time with my family and to help out from time to time.

I love sport, watching and playing, and still play tennis back in Jamestown in the Summer and socially in Adelaide during the year. I stopped playing netball a year ago. My love of sport and coaching is what brought me to teaching. I am another Port supporter!

I moved to Adelaide from the country about 4 and half years ago.

I have taught PE from Reception to Year 10, even teaching a bit of Home Economics- spending most of the time fixing sewing machines! PE and Maths are probably my favourite subjects to teach and were my favourites when I was at school! Most of my classroom teaching has been in Middle and Upper Primary.

I spent about 18 months teaching in London, where I pursued my love of travel! Last year I was supposed to travel to Spain and walk the Camino Primitivo (321km over 2 weeks), but unfortunately due to COVID I had to cancel this trip. Instead of this walk, my cousin and I have been slowly making our way along the Heysen Trail from Crystal Brook up towards the Flinders Ranges.

Diana Comitogianni - Reception Teacher

Hello my name is Diana Comitogianni and I have been teaching at St Joseph’s for 17 years and have always loved teaching in the Early Years. This year I am teaching Receptions.

St Joseph’s has been a very special part of my life and I have been so lucky to get to know so many beautiful families, see so many children grow and work with so many wonderful staff members in my time here.

I got married a month ago and was lucky to share that experience with you all which started with my husband's proposal here at school a year ago. 

In my spare time I love going to new restaurants with my friends, exercising (Miss Slattery and I love trying out new gyms), spending time with my family and playing soccer. I have been playing soccer for 17 years and although I retired at the end of last year the temptation to go back this year (after the wedding of course to avoid any broken bones or injuries) and play with a great group of girls was too strong!

One of my favourite movies is The Lorax and my favourite quotes is… "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” So, make sure you all play your part in making this world a better place… no matter how big or small! 

Religious Education News

The Ascension of the Lord

The Ascension of the Lord - Sunday 16th May

In places where the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord is not designated as a Holy Day of Obligation, the feast is moved from the Thursday to the following Sunday.

This feast celebrates Jesus’ ascent into heaven 40 days after Easter. He said farewell to his friends and asked that they spread the good news of his resurrection to the world. He asked them and all his followers from then on to carry on the work of His Father that He had started.

Matthew 28:20 
"And know that I am with you always."

Year B Gospel Reading | Mark 16:15-20
Jesus is taken to heaven, and the disciples go forth to preach as Jesus commanded.

Pentecost Sunday 23rd May

“The Jewish Feast of Weeks, referred to in the books of Exodus and Leviticus, celebrated the completion of the grain harvest. Because it was held 50 days after Passover, it was given the name “Pentecost” (the 50th day) in Greek. The feast came to be regarded both by Jews and Christians as also commemorating the Giving of the Law to Moses on Mt Sinai.

According to the account of Luke in the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples 50 days after the resurrection day, so the same title “Pentecost” was given by the Church to the feast celebrating the coming of the Spirit. Another popular name for the feast is “Whitsunday”. The Whitsunday Islands off Queensland’s tropical north coast were so named by Captain James Cook because they were sighted on that day of the Church’s calendar.

Originally the term Pentecost was used to refer to the whole of the Easter season, that 50-day period of great rejoicing following Easter, during which no fasting was allowed, prayer was always said while standing (kneeling was forbidden), and the “Alleluia” was sung frequently. During the 4th century, this unified season was divided into separate commemorations, with the ascension being celebrated 40 days after Easter day and Pentecost 10 days later. The feast had its own octave, like Easter, from early times. In the Roman Rite the octave was removed when the liturgical calendar was revised in 1969.”

Principal/Leaders Vinnies Sleepout

 On Thursday 6th May 2021 school and education sector leaders from across the state came together to raise important funds and awareness for the most vulnerable people in our local communities.

Whilst we were in a secure area, the experience gave me some insight as to what people experiencing homelessness go through. I was definitely happy to be back in my own bed on Friday night!

I exceeded my target of $2000, currently sitting at a total of $3399.75. As a collective group of leaders, we have raised $47,454.61 so far.

The platform will remain open until the end of May.  Please help me by making a donation through my page.

Sacramental Program

The Parish Sacrament team will meet this week to review dates. Parents will be updated next week in regard to dates for workshops and the Sacrament Program.

Prayer for the Ascension

God our Father, as we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus, we bring you our gifts.
May our gifts help us to rise with Jesus one day, to the joys of heaven.
Help us always to follow him, with love in our hearts. Amen

Prayer for Pentecost

 That the spirit of wisdom, may guide the leaders of our church. Lord, hear us.

That the Spirit of knowledge may open the scriptures to us. Lord, hear us

That the Spirit of peace may bring unity among our families and friends. Lord, hear us.

Being filled by the Holy Spirit, may we spread peace to all the world. Lord, hear us.

School Community Service

Leading the Way!

Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative

‘All students have the potential to develop leadership skills over time and they also have the right to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.’

What we encourage at St Joseph’s, is for all the senior students to see ‘leadership’ as a role they play in their commitment to their school community. 

They are encouraged to demonstrate a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to their school and local community.

In the words of St Mary MacKillop…

Well done Nayia in Year 5/6 C who has seen a need and is doing something about it!

NetSetGO is coming to our school!

We have been successful in securing a grant so that this program can be run free of charge. Places are strictly limited, and nominations will be taken on a first in-basis. 

Parents are expected to attend with their child, and parent participation is encouraged. Students who attend OSHC at this time are allowed to attend and they will be supervised by OSHC staff. If your child is interested in attending, please fill in the form on the SkoolBag app.

 NetSetGo will run on the following days. Details are as follows:

Day: TuesdayTime:Years

25th May

1st June

8th June

15th June

22nd June 

29th June 

3.10 pm - 4.00 pmReception - Year

After School Soccer

Soccer is now underway at St Clair. Thanks to those parents who have sent through their COVID Marshall Certificates. Please send your certificate to the office so you can help our coaches and volunteers!

There are still some players who are yet to fill out the permission form on the SkoolBag app. It is now OVERDUE and needs to be completed URGENTLY if you have not done so already. Your child is not permitted to play unless this form is completed.

We need more players!

U12 Soccer is desperately seeking more players! If you are born in 2009 or 2010 and are interested in playing, please contact Mrs Keller URGENTLY.

Year 6 Basketball is overfilled!

We now need at least 2 more players (and one volunteer coach) so we can split into 2 teams. If you are interested in playing, please email Mrs Keller.

Knockout Soccer & Netball

Knockout Soccer (Boys and Girls) and Netball (Girls) are commencing soon. Knockout Netball and Soccer are open to Year 6 students, with priority given to students who play for our school teams, followed by students who currently play for a club team. If required, nominations will then be open to Year 5 students who play in our school teams.

If you are interested in playing, you will need to register on the SkoolBag app when forms are released later this week.

Games are always during the school day, with game times and locations tbc. There will be a cost to students if we are unable to find a parent volunteer to attend with us at each game, so please consider volunteering if you are a school registered volunteer.

More information on this in the coming weeks.

SACPSSA Lacrosse Carnival

The SACPSSA Lacrosse Carnival is being held on Thursday 10th June at Barratt Reserve West Beach from 9.30 am - 2.00 pm.

This Carnival is open to all students from Year 3-6. Places are limited, so please fill out the form on  the SkoolBag app which will be available from this Friday.

The cost for this carnival is dependent on the number of parent volunteers who are available to attend. We need at least 8 parent volunteers for this carnival.

Sport Forms: We've gone digital!

Reminder: When using the SkoolBag app please click the School Logo, followed by “eForms” to access the permission forms.


National Simultaneous Storytime

This Wednesday, Week 4 our school will be participating in National Simultaneous Storytime. This annual event is organised by the Australian Library and Information Association to promote reading and literacy using an Australian children's book. Last year, it was enjoyed by over a million participants all around Australia!

This year's book is Give Me Some Space! by Philip Bunting and it will be read by NASA astronaut Dr Shannon Walker from the International Space Station. We are very excited to be a part of this wonderful event.

Road Safety at St Joseph's

Our neighbours are still expressing their frustration with the traffic congestion after school and have reported that their driveways are being blocked by vehicles, causing them distress and anxiety when they are needing to leave for medical and other appointments. 

Please be respectful of our neighbours and please DO NOT park or hinder their access to their homes. 

Many parents have been dismayed that 3 point turns are still being undertaken which poses significant risk to pedestrians attempting to cross the road and does cause traffic jams!  Three point turns undertaken near the school crossing on Albemarle Street are illegal and do attract a fine if council inspectors are in the vicinity conducting inspections, which they undertake on a regular basis. 

Please do not use our neighbours driveways to turn your car around. 

School Drop Off

I have noticed in the later half of Term 1 a growing number of students are at the school gate before 8:30 am without supervision. 

Please note that students who arrive before 8:30 am will be taken to Before School Care where supervision will be provided. Teachers are on duty from 8:30 am.  

Staff have meetings in the morning which are scheduled to be finished prior to 8:30 but on the odd occasion these may go over and the gate is opened a few minutes later. 

We understand that you need to go to work and every minute counts – on these occasions please leave your children at Before School Care and they will be asked to wait in the hall until the gate is open. 

Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Each year, millions of bread tags end up in landfill – but a concept out of South Africa has inspired an Adelaide charity to collect and recycle them, with the money gained helping the disabled. 

The year 4C class has started collecting bread tags for the organisation and is asking for your support.

Can you please gather and send in your bread tags. We have a collection basket in the Front Office.

For more information on this charity, please click on the link below:

Do you want to Volunteer in the School?

Volunteers are truly valued at St Joseph's.

All Volunteers are required to hold:

  1. a valid and current Working with Children's Check (WWCC). This is at no cost to the Volunteer.
  2. CESA Volunteer Application documentation
  3. to complete the Responding to Abuse and Neglect: Education and Care (RAN-EC) online for volunteers. Please use the following link:
    The school also runs a face-to-face training course. Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 13th May at 9.00am in the Staff Room.

COVID-19 Update

Stop the Spread by staying home when sick

Please consider others. Stay home if you, your child or someone living with you us unwell.

Social Netball

A new social netball team has formed made up of mums and friends of St Joseph’s.

Last Wednesday was our first game and great fun. If anyone is interested in filling in from time to time please let Kerrie P know (0422412912).

Fruit Fly ??

We have contacted the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and confirmed we are in the red ? zone . 

We have been advised that ? honeydew, ? watermelon, ? pineapple,? rock melon,? cucumber and ? carrot can be brought on to our premises and is also permitted to leave the school if the student has not consumed it during the day.

You can purchase fruit from a green ? or yellow ? zone store and bring to school. However, if the fruit is not consumed it must not leave the school. Please note fruit purchased from a store in the red zone or home grown in a red ? zone are not permitted to be brought to school.

Please refer to website for current maps of zoning as this is regularly updated by PIRSA. If you have any further questions regarding zoning and the various requirements, please contact PIRSA directly. 

A Visit from Nature Play SA

On Monday 10th May the Preschool and Reception children took part in a Nature Play SA incursion. 

Nature Play SA provided nature-inspired learning programs which engaged the students in practical and active experiences beyond the classroom. 

Nature Play Program Aims:

    • Provide students with an engaging, fun and dynamic learning experience outside the classroom
    • Activate school grounds and showcase key elements of a nature connected curriculum
    • Develop critical and creative thinking skills whilst focusing on team building, collaboration and an understanding of stewardship.

Exploring Natural Materials

The children had the opportunity to explore, build and create using different natural materials. The children used clay to make mushrooms to bring home and also made a sunflower seed bombs to plant at home.

They also created using playdough that was coloured with turmeric and beetroot and constructed with wood. 

Investigations into Autumn

They listened to the book ‘Leaf Man’ and talked about why trees lose their leaves during Autumn. This tied in perfectly with our Term 2 Science inquiry and our investigations into Autumn. A fun day was had by all!

The weather didn't stop us!

The inclement weather meant that we had to move our Nature Play Incursion into the hall. Being indoors did not deter the children’s interest and participation. 

Some more highlights from the day!

Enrolment into Preschool & Reception 2022

Please let your family and neighbours know that we are able to offer a few places currently in Term 3 this year for Preschool and School.

Maria D’Aloia, our Principal is now conducting interviews for 

  • Preschool Term One and Three for 2022 
  • Reception Term One and Three for 2023

If you have a child or have a relative or neighbour who will commence in these years and you have not enrolled, please contact the school office to organise an interview.

OSHC Bookings

To assist families secure a place for their child and to assist us with rostering adequate staff, we would like to encourage families to please book their children in advance as our service is beginning to become full with permanent bookings.

St Joseph’s OSHC encourages permanent bookings to ensure families can secure a place. Casual bookings are welcomed, however please be aware we cannot always guarantee a place will be available for your children and you may need to make alternative care arrangements in this instance.

Please speak with our friendly staff if you would like to book your child in to one of our sessions!

Reminder for OSHC Cancellations

For Before School Care, families will need to cancel their bookings by 6.00pm the night before to avoid fees being charged.

For After School Care, families will need to cancel by 9.00am on the day to avoid fees being charged. 

Parenting Insights

On time, every day

Parents can maximise their child's chance of future success just b y making sure they come to school on time, every day and save absences for genuine illness and poor health.

Why family rituals really matter

Often with the busyness of life, it's easy to forget the importance of family rituals for creating a sense of safety and connection within families.

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