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Term 3, Week 10, 2021

From the Principal



Yesterday parents of Year 3, 5 and 7 students received their child’s 2021 NAPLAN results. Hopefully you can sit out down with your child and discuss the progress they have made.


The BIG news for us is the huge improvements our school has made this year, especially in Years 5 and 7. Please see the table below, which sets out the Burton reading results for the last three NAPLANs. (There was no NAPLAN in 2020 due to COVID)



Year 3

Year 5

Year 7




















Understanding the table: Burton’s Year 5 2021 reading result is 83%. This means that 83% of our 2021 Year 5 students have achieved the Standard of Educational Achievement -the SEA.


We are always aiming to have 100% of all our students achieve the SEA and we have made great progress towards that in 2021. The introduction of Literacy Block has been a major factor in the NAPLAN improvement. As more of our younger students come through the school in future years with improved Phonics, decoding skills, and phonemic awareness, the results will continue to improve.


Proof of our improvements this year in Phonics can be seen in the table below.












Understanding the table: Burton’s Year 1 2021 Phonics Check result is 66%. This means that 66% of our 2021 Year 1 students achieved the Standard of Educational Achievement -the SEA.


The Phonics Check is done for all Year 1 students. Our strong improvement from 47% in 2020 up to 66% in 2021 once again reflects the introduction of Literacy Block earlier this year. We are always aiming to have 100% of all our students achieve the SEA, but our next Phonics Check target for 2022 will be for 85% of our students to achieve the Phonics SEA.


Our much-improved NAPLAN Reading and Year 1 Phonics results highlight the priority our school is giving to literacy, the different teaching strategies our teachers are now using, the training we have completed, and the extra support staff we have hired to bring literacy improvement.


Our results are great news. I wish to recognize the fantastic work of our teachers, our support staff, and our Leadership Team, who have made all the improvement possible.

If your child is away from school for any reason, please send a text message to


Please state the child’s full name and class number along with the reason for the absences.

If your child is absent for more than 3 days unwell, you are required to supply a Medical Certificate for absences.




If your child is going to be away for more than 3 days for a Family trip/holiday you are required to fill in an exemption form for this time, please see the office to complete this form.




Last weeks R-2 Sports Day was an excellent event. The weather was fine and provided a comfortable base for our R-2 students to compete. It was great to see the students trying hard in the different activities, running hard in the sprints and cheering on their classmates. Congratulations to the Green Team who were victorious in the end, but it was very close with only 19 points separating the 1st team (Green) from the 4th placed team. Thank you to Ben Williams who again organized a high quality, enjoyable program.

State Athletics carnival 2021

Well done to Chloe Heath, Jack Power, Summer Drewett, Jai Thomas and Aiden Thomas  who represented Para Districts at the State Athletics carnival held at Santos Stadium on Tuesday 21st September. Special mentions to Jai and Aiden Thomas who came 2nd in the state and won a Silver Medal for the Discus events. 


Kind regards Mr Williams 

Zoo Visit - Rooms 14 and 15 visited the Zoo this week. They enjoyed learning and discovering things about many animals.

Room 21 and 22 Gardening

This term, Room 21 and 22 had the opportunity to add new plants to our edible garden. Obela donated  several containers of seedlings. Our students spent a morning learning through planting these plants. Learners worked in teams to organize the planting. Students learnt quickly to plot locations for the plants before planting too close to one another. Students sectioned off garden beds and designated locations for types of plants. We planted lettuce, beans, snow peas, herbs and more! To finish off our time in the garden we watered the plants and sprinkled a healthy layer of hay on top of the garden beds. We learnt that this was done to retain heat and moisture underneath the soil.




“It was fun because it helped us learn about how to plant plants and what they need to grow. It also helps us if we want to be a gardener in the future. I didn’t know we had to put a layer of hay on top, this was new learning for me!” -Jack, Room 21

“When I did the planting, I found it quite fun because I like nature. I feel like it is good for kids to get out into nature because we are using electronics all of the time. It was quite refreshing to get outside to nature!” -Madison, Room 21

“It was lots of fun and I liked planting all of the plants. I enjoyed working with friends so there was some help and teamwork!” -Vinnie, Room 22

Yellow Sedge-Skipper Butterfly Release

Room 22 investigated native South Australian butterflies. We learnt about the plight of the yellowish sedge-skipper. It used to be abundant in Salisbury but, due to their habitat being removed for farming and housing, they are now extinct. Until now!


Green Adelaide have been working hard. They planted gahnia filum plants all through the wetlands to repair the habitat needed to support butterfly life. The yellowish sedge-skipper needs gahnia filum as both the host plant for the caterpillars and for the butterflies. Butterflies are very picky and will only eat particular plants. They will only lay their eggs on plants that the caterpillars can use for a food source. This is why gahnia filum is so important.

Green Adelaide found a colony of yellowish sedge-skippers on the coastline. They collected eggs and caterpillars. They bred them in captivity and they were released into Greenfields Wetlands.

Last Friday, Chelsea, Zach, Khang and Mia went to the Greenfields Wetlands to take part in the butterfly release.  Gardening Australia filmed the release so you will be able to see it on Gardening Australia in the near future.



When I got to the butterfly release, we had to walk through some trees, bushes, long grass, over a hill and a bridge. When we released the butterflies, we had to get it out of the container and on  our finger but it did not go on my finger because they have to warm up to fly but they were already warm and when I opened the container the butterfly flew off. I was still really excited and happy.



When we got to the Greenfield Wetlands to release the yellow sedge-skipper we all got butterflies in our stomach. They told us where they got the butterfly which was up the South Australian Coast. I got to hold 3 butterflies. I was really excited and happy that I got to hold them and enjoy the experience. There were also a lot of mozzies everywhere and they bit me the most! They told us how to hold a butterfly. So on Tuesday when I saw a butterfly, I tried to hold it and I did!



When we were at Greenfield Wetlands releasing the butterflies, I saw so much people and they looked friendly and they were. I think everyone had a great time because everyone had a big smile on their face. We got 2-3 butterflies each to hold on our finger. There were too much mozzies everywhere and I got 3 bites as well. But I was very happy and very excited.



I really enjoyed the experience but didn’t think it would be actually the ABC recording it.  The great thing about it was knowing I was going to be on TV, making up our own dialogue as we went and knowing we could correct it on our next take. The mozzies were everywhere and it was annoying. The TV crew had an idea to kiss the butterfly so it would fly away and it did! What a great experience. It was wonderful building a connection with the butterfly because it stayed on my finger for a long time. It was amazing!


New Reception transition visits:

To assist your child with their transition to school in 2022, we would like to offer the opportunity of three transition visits as an introduction to school (dates and times are shown below). Please come to the Front Office on arrival. More information will be given to families this week. If you have any questions please contact Renee Philp on 8280 6277.


Visit 1 –

Wednesday 27/10/21

9am – 10:30am

Visit 2 –

Wednesday 3/11/21

9am – 10:30am

Visit 3 –

Wednesday 10/11/21

9am – 11:00am (includes recess play)

Parents/Caregivers to drop students off at Burton Primary School.

Please send along a small bag with a healthy snack, hat and a drink bottle with your child.

Parents/Caregivers to drop students off at Burton Primary School.

Please send along a small bag with a healthy snack, hat and a drink bottle with your child.

Parents/Caregivers to drop students off at Burton Primary School.

Please send along a small bag with a healthy snack, recess, hat and a drink bottle with your child.



Children's University Reminder

All Children’s University Passports and any evidence collected needs be placed into the box located in the library by 2pm on Monday 11th October. Please keep the passports inside the plastic folders. This will be the last opportunity for hours to be counted for graduation. Thank you Children’s University Burton.

Playground Progress Report - Things are happening!!

Dates to Remember

Friday 24th September

Last Day of Term 3

Early Dismissal – 2:05pm

Casual Clothes day

Monday 11th October

Back to School - Term 4 begins

Monday 11th October

Children’s University passports and evidence to be placed into the box  in the library by 2pm.

This will be the last opportunity for hours to be counted for graduation.

Monday 25th October

Year 6/7 Aquatics: Rooms 17,18,23,24

Monday 1st November

Year 6/7 Aquatics: Rooms 19 and 20

Monday 8th November

Children's University Graduation - 6pm in Bonython Hall

Science week with Mr Mac

Lions Club 'Peace Poster' Competition. Room 20 entered the Lions Club 'Peace Poster' Competition. Here are some of the amazing piece of work. Congratulations to the Jenny Nguyen with the winning picture.

Father's Day Stall

Thank you to Governing Council member Kylie Warren, and our other volunteers and staff who staffed the stall. Thanks also to the parents who donated goods to the Fathers Day stall.

Water Bottle reminder

Please remember to send your child/children to school with a water bottle each day.

The bubbler drink taps are still unavailable due to COVID.  

Alternatively, water is available for purchase through the Canteen. 

Thank You

Canteen List

Lions Christmas cakes and puddings

Can you believe it is only 92 days until Christmas!

On behalf of the Lions club, we have available for purchase a range of Christmas cakes and puddings. Please see below the pricing.

All purchases can be made through the QKR app.


1.5 kg - $17.00

1Kg  - $13.00


900gm - $13. 00

Thank you for your support.

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Semaphore Surf Lifesaving Club - Nipper and Inclusive program


Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club runs a Junior Surf Life Saving program from October to March every year, for the first three months we have a Come and Try Program so that children can try Surf Life Saving as a sport to help them to decide if they would like to continue and join as members.  We have a great program for Nippers from 5 years old to 12 Years old and are always looking for more families to join.  This year we are expanding our award winning inclusive Nippers program ‘Seabirds’ for children with additional needs and are hoping to see more kids involved. We consider ourselves to be a Family Club and our junior program is for everyone regardless of experience or ability. 

Dodgers T-Ball - We, once again, are hosting a T-Ball program for boys and girls at our Club, the Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club, known as the Dodgers Baseball Club. We are seeking T-Ball players for our U8 and U10 teams for our upcoming season’s T-Ball program. We have two Come n Try sessions Monday, 18 October and Friday 22 October 2021. We encourage all to come and have a go. Our one hour games are played on Fridays from 6pm starting 29 October. We are located in Surrey Downs at Illyarrie Reserve on Illyarrie Avenue.

Grasshopper Soccer

Tennis School Holiday Program

School holidays are just around the corner and we have the perfect way to keep your kids fit and entertained over the 2 weeks.

Our tennis coaching is designed for ages 4+ years and split into two categories. Red and Orange ball (5-10 years) and Green and Yellow ball (9+ years).


Our soccer programs are for all skill levels and players 4+ years. We encourage anyone who wants to learn basic soccer skills, but doesn't want the pressure of joining a team, to give our clinics a go.


To register, go to: https://playfordtennis.com.au/holiday-tennis-clinics/

Salisbury Little Athletics

Growing for Gold

Our vision

Burton Primary School's vision is to develop lifelong learners who can positively contribute to their rapidly-changing world.  Our aim is for students to attain high levels of literacy and numeracy along with information and communication and technical skills.