St Monica's Primary North Parramatta Newsletter

Term 4 Week 8 (2 December 2020)

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

On Sunday we celebrated the First Sunday of Advent and the new liturgical year.  The first candle on the Advent wreath symbolises hope, something which many of us may have struggled with this year.  

Pope Francis, in Fratelli Tutti (2020) said “I invite everyone to renewed hope, for hope ‘speaks to us of something deeply rooted in every human heart, independently of our circumstances and historical conditioning.  Hope speaks to us of a thirst, an aspiration, a longing for a life of fulfillment, a desire to achieve great things, things that fill our heart and lift our spirit to lofty realities like truth, goodness and beauty, justice and love… Hope is bold; it can look beyond personal convenience, the petty securities and compensations which limit our horizon, and it can open us up to grand ideals that make life more beautiful and worthwhile’.  Let us continue, then, to advance along the paths of hope.”

May this Advent season bring your families hope, faith, joy and peace.

With Christmas blessings,

Lisa Howell

Staffing News

It is with great sadness that we farewell Miss Therese Coutinho, Ms Patrice Hanna and Mr Nick Adams at the end of 2020.  We thank them for their tremendous contributions to our school community.  We are pleased that Ms Hanna will continue to be part of our staff on a casual basis.  Mrs Ivana Algeri is taking 12 months leave and we wish her all the best for 2021.

In 2021, we welcome Mr Andrew Baker (Religious Education Coordinator), Miss Hayley Anschau and Mrs Robyn Withford to St Monica’s.

On Tuesday, 15th December, students will meet their teachers for 2021.

Early Arrivals

Parents are reminded that morning supervision commences at 8:20am.  Students ARE NOT supervised before this time.
It has been noticed that a number of students have been arriving at school well before 8:20am. 

If you need your child/ren supervised before this time, please contact COSHC.  (Details below)

Phone: 0429 990 179
Morning 6:45am to 8:45am            Afternoon 3:00pm to 6:30pm

School Starting time

School start time is 8:50 am.  Parents are advised that the gates will be closed after the morning bell at 8:50 am. 
Students arriving after 8:50 am will need to be signed in at the office via Daking Street.  

Student Absence Requirements

A standard email will be sent to all families who have children absent from school. 

If your child is absent from school, one of the following must be done BEFORE they may return to school: 

If they displayed flu-like symptoms during their absence or were sent home with flu-like symptoms:

Return a negative COVID-19 test and be symptom free.   Provide us with a copy of the NSW Health or COVID-19 Testing Centre correspondence (e.g. SMS screenshot or email).

If they were suffering from a medical condition without flu-like symptoms:

Provide us with a Medical Certificate or Letter from a Medical Practitioner, clearly detailing medical condition and clearance to return to school.

If they were absent due to a non-medical reason:

Provide us with a detailed description of the absence.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community.


Thursday 3 DecemberWeek 8ES1 2021 Orientation (Day 3)
Friday 4 DecemberWeek 8Christmas Mufti Day (see below for more details)
Christmas Concert Filming Day
Wednesday 9 DecemberWeek 9Parent Thank You Morning Tea - 10am
Thursday 10 DecemberWeek 9Competitors only Swimming Carnival
Krispy Kreme Donut delivery
Friday 11 December Week 97pm Virtual Christmas Concert (YouTube)
Monday 14 DecemberWeek 109:15am Thanksgiving Mass / Year 6 Graduation (streamed LIVE)
11:30am End of Year Awards (streamed LIVE)
Tuesday 15 DecemberWeek 10

Year 6 Fun Day
Year 5 Leadership Day
Meet the Teachers 2021

Wednesday 16 DecemberWeek 10LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
Thursday 17 December Week 10STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY
(Students do not attend school)
Friday 18 DecemberWeek 10STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY
(Students do not attend school)

Mufti Day - Friday 4 December

This Friday 4 December is a Mufti Day! 
Students may wear Mufti as we are filming our Christmas songs for our Virtual Christmas Concert!

Please see the list of suggestions for your child to wear on Friday.


Anything Christmas!

Ideas include:  Red/Green/Gold clothing, Santa Hats, Headbands, Christmas shirts etc

Year 1Theme: Christmas in Australia! 
Ideas include: Christmas T-Shirts, Board Shorts, Clothing with the Australian Flag, Santa Hats, Green and Gold Clothing, Wide brim hats, Summer clothing, anything Australian or that represents Australia.  Closed in shoes MUST be worn.
Year 2

Anything Christmas!

Ideas include: Red/Green/Gold clothing, Santa Hats, Headbands, Christmas shirts etc

Stage 2

Anything Christmas!

Ideas include: Red/Green/Gold clothing, Santa Hats, Headbands, Christmas shirts etc

Stage 3

Aussie Christmas!
Ideas include:  Singlets/Shorts and Thongs (closed in shoes must be worn at school, thongs can be worn for filming only) or Swimming Clothes. Christmas decorations can be added eg tinsel, Santa Hats etc

Mathematics Assessment Interviews 2021

In 2021, all children from Kindergarten to Year 6 will sit for a Mathematical Assessment Interview (MAI) which is conducted by the teachers at the beginning of the school year. This allows teachers to identify each student’s strengths and misconceptions in Mathematics. Teachers use this data to plan the mathematical teaching in the classroom. 

For Years 1-6, these interviews will be conducted  on Wednesday 27th January from 11.30am - 4.30pm and Thursday 28th January from 11.30am - 4.30pm.

Students starting Kindergarten will be interviewed on Friday 29th January from 8.30am - 3.30pm.

These interviews can be booked through the School Interviews website (link to be provided soon).

A note will be sent home AND via Skoolbag explaining this process and how to book an interview for your child. The booking window will be open from Monday 7th December commencing at 4pm and will close on Tuesday 15th December at 4pm.  Interviews take approximately 30 minutes. 

These are student only appointments, and parents are not required to attend, but we invite you to drop your child off at the Parish Hall entry gate.  Staff will be at the gate waiting for students to arrive. Parents must remain offsite.  Students can be collected at the gate when they have finished their interview.

Please note that this is not a full school day, students are not required to wear school uniform, and students are only required to attend school for the duration of their interview.

Due to the length of interviews, we ask that you provide a water bottle for your child. Please arrive at the gate 5 minutes before your appointment time. Your child will be collected from here by a staff member and taken to their interview. 

Normal school resumes for Years 1-6 on Friday 29th January 2021 and for Kindergarten, Monday 1st February 2021.

Mrs Mary-Anne Stenning
Assistant Principal

Dates for Term 1 2021

TERM 1 2021

Tuesday 26 January 2021Australia Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 27 January 2021Staff Development Day

MAI for Years 1-6 2021

Thursday 28 January 2021

Staff Development Day

MAI for Years 1-6 2021


Friday 29 January 2021

Years 1-6 commence Term 1

MAI for Kindergarten 2021


Monday 1 February 2021Kindergarten commence school

Student Learning Reports (Semester 2)

Parents are advised that Student Learning Reports (Semester 2) will be sent home with your child on Wednesday 9 December (Week 9).

Please refer to the document below for more information.

E-A Reports

Parent Thank You Morning Tea

New Religious Education Curriculum

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our students continue to work through their Learning Cycles and  are beginning to make connections between their learning and the world in which they live.

Early Stage 1 - How is God the Father present to all in our world?

Early Stage 1 explored the presence of God in the world through symbolism. They have explored the symbolism of colour and the meaning of objects that we use for worship.

As we move into Advent, they have also been learning about the importance of Mary and her role in making God present in our world.

Year 1 - How can we care for Creation?

Year 2 - What is Sacred Scripture?

Year 2 discovered how God spoke “the Word” and creation came to be. They then explored the word “sacred” in relation to scripture and are now discussing why Jesus used stories to teach his disciples and why these stories are now part of our Sacred Scripture.

Stage 2 - Why are people hungry in a world full of plenty?

Stage 3 - How do we find hope and joy?

Stage 3 have been looking at how Advent is a season of hope and they have been searching for sources of Hope and Joy around our school. They want to share this with you through a news broadcast where they will be highlighting the events and people of St. Monica’s who make our community a place full of hope and joy.

We will be sharing a link to their news show, Advent News, shortly so keep an eye out for it.

Kind regards,

Therese Coutinho
Religious Education Coordinator

Is your child returning to St Monica's Primary in 2021?

As we begin planning for 2021 we request that you inform the school office, as soon as possible, if your child is not returning to St Monica's Primary next year.

Please complete this form and return it to the school office if your child will not be returning in 2021.

Please note that this does not apply to Year 6 students. 

Thank you.


We remind students that there is NO SHARING OF FOOD at St Monica's. 
Parents are requested to please send only healthy food options for your children to eat at recess and lunch. 

Chocolates, lollies and lollipops are treats for home and should not be sent to school, this includes Christmas Candy Canes. 

Thank you for your support. 

Kindergarten 2021Orientation Day tomorrow

The final Kindergarten 2021 Orientation Day will be held tomorrow  

Thursday 3 December 2020

The same procedures as last week will be followed.

Merit Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received awards at our recent Assembly.


Gregory Markarian, Grace Meale, Mateo Nabua, Amaira Patel
Year 1Keiralee Cosmai-Galvin, Dominik Lukacevic, Kai Mwanza, Christos Cardomatis, Alexandra Corin, Aryana Erskine, 
Year 2Grace Lim, Lana Salic, Philopateer Toma
Stage 2Iryssa Alley, Eva Sentas, Isabella Younes, Helen Elias, Pare Nader, Maan Patel, 
Stage 3Tiara Arredondo, Deihl Peter Talampas, Ashton Dardagos, Sophie Stoker, Elizabeth Toman, Nathan Pilli

Water bottles

Parents are reminded to please ensure your child has a water bottle every day
A number of students are still forgetting to bring in their water bottle each day. 

As the bubblers are not in use, it is most important that students bring at least one bottle of water each day so that they are not dehydrated.

NO glass bottles please.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following students and staff who celebrate birthdays in December!

Andrew ClarkManda LuCadence MetierreAva CongJames AhnOnur James Unver
Pranvee BasuJonathan PayneThao Theresa HuynhLucas AlvarezIsabella AndradePhenicia-Grace Dankwa
Rafaella SantosIvy TranJasper CorinJaylen BrohierDominik LukacevicImeth Wijeratne

Staff:  Mrs Bright

Final netball lesson next Monday (Week 9)

A reminder that the final Netball lesson will be held next 
Monday 7 December (Week 9)

Students are to wear their sport uniform on this day. 

Competitors Only - Swimming Carnival

A reminder that our Competitors Only Swimming Carnival will be held on Thursday 10 December 2020 at Blacktown Aquatic Centre. 

Students from Years 2-5 (and Year 1 students turning 8 in 2021) who have registered will be participating.

Due to the current Covid regulations, no spectator parents are permitted to attend the carnival.

Lauren Hartz
Leader of Learning / Sports Co-ordinator

Term 4 - Ice Blocks and Popcorn

Ice Blocks and Popcorn will be available for sale during Term 4.

Zooper Doopers (Monday - Thursday)          50c each   (lunchtime)

Icy Poles  (Fridays)                                            $1 each     (lunchtime)

Popcorn (Monday to Friday)                            50c each  (recess)


* Last week of borrowing for 2020 *


Monday:            YEAR 2        Morning & Recess 

Tuesday:            YEAR 1        Morning & Lunch 

Wednesday:      S2                Morning & Recess

Thursday:          S3                Morning & Lunch 

Friday:               ES1               Morning

Morning Borrowing from 8.30am - 8.50am

Students who want to borrow will go upstairs with Mrs Davino at 8.30am

A big Thank You to those students who have already started to return their library books! 

Please continue to bring them in - all borrowed books need to be returned by the end of Week 9.

Mrs Rita Davino
Teachers' Assistant / Library Assistant

St Monica's Lifesavers

Thank you to our Lifesavers!

For Weeks 6 and 7, we would like to thank:
Lola, Ashton, Tiara, Riana, Evan, Aaliyah, Maureen, Kristian, Zi Han, Theo, Abbie, Sanoy, Theresa, Samuel, Nika, Simon, Charlize, John, Max, Ashleigh, Andrew, Liam, Sophie, L’Lysse, Sanoy, Sara, Siria and Madeline.

Therese Coutinho, Ivana Algeri and Kellee Bagnall
Stage 3 Team

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting this school fundraiser.

The donuts will be delivered to school on Thursday 10 December and will be delivered to classrooms in the afternoon.  If you have purchased a large quantity, they will be available for collection from the office.


Sympathy and prayers are extended to the HADDAD family (Maureen, S3) on the recent passing of Mr Haddad's mother. 

Please keep the Haddad family in your thoughts and prayers at this sad time in their lives. 

Thank You

Thank you to the CHANDRA family (Jessica S3 and Joshua Year 2) for printing our 2021 Parent Handbooks and Merit Awards. 

We are very grateful for your generosity. 

Student Banking

The last day for Student Banking this year will be on Wednesday 9 December (Week 9).


Thank you. 

Whole School Surprise

Dear Parents and Students, 

Have you worked out what our secret surprise is yet?? 

Stay tuned for more hints!


2020 Yarn Up Invitation

Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge

We all know the importance of reading and how a great book can spark imagination and creativity too. These summer holidays, Mr Greg Whitby, our Diocese’s Executive Director, is again launching his Summer Reading Challenge and encouraging all students to read, read, read! 

Students can read anything they like to enter the challenge, whether it’s a comic, play, a piece of poetry, book, e-book or animated novel. 

Taking part in the Executive Director’s Summer Reading Challenge is easy! Students just need to read something they enjoy and tell us in 50 words or less why they loved it. The more a student reads, the more times they can enter the reading challenge and the more chances they have of winning one of two Chromebooks or one of 30 runner-up gift vouchers to the value of $30. Students can enter online by visiting the CEDP website. 

Entries open on 23 November 2020 and close at 5:00pm on 1 February 2021. Terms and Conditions can be found here.

PBS4L Reward System at St Monica’s


Students have been working hard to earn "bees" from teachers acknowledging the appropriate behaviour they see in the classroom and on the playground. 

Each grade/stage is rewarded with a fun classroom game or an extra 5 minutes of play as soon as they fill their class jar. 

Students encourage each other to contribute to the class jar so a whole class reward can be enjoyed. 

Bees can also be earned in the library when borrowing & returning books and even when students visit the office and display respectful behaviour!

The outdoor bee boxes are closely monitored by students to see who will be the next winner and what fun activity they will get to enjoy. 

Mrs Rita Davino on behalf of the PBS4L Committee

Playground Bee Boxes

There will be an exciting announcement this week!  Who has reached the line and will be rewarded with something amazing?

Keeping families and children well –COVID-19 Bulletin

School Travel for 2021

2021 school travel applications are now open.

Applications for student travel in 2021 opened from Monday 12 October 2020.

Students who require a School Opal card or travel pass for 2021 can now apply online. A new application should be submitted if a student is applying for a school travel pass for the first time or requesting an additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation (e.g. joint custody).

Students who have changed school/campus, changed address, repeated a year or received an expiry notification from Transport for NSW for their school travel entitlement should re-apply or update their details.
*Applications must be completed by the student's parent or legal guardian if the student is aged under 16 years. Students 16 years and over must complete the application form themselves.

Where there is a change of distance eligibility based on a student’s grade, the system will automatically update a student’s entitlement if they meet the new criteria. If they do not meet the new eligibility criteria, they will receive an expiry notification via email.

Students who have an entitlement approved under a medical condition which is due to expire will receive a notification advising them to re-apply.

Term Bus Pass holders will receive a notification to re-apply. If a student needs to update their information or re-apply, they should go online to

Applications need to be submitted before 31 December 2020 to ensure that current student entitlements are updated and their current entitlement/card remains valid. If their application is submitted after 31 December 2020, the system will automatically cancel an entitlement/card and a new one will need to be issued.

Students in the Opal network applying for a SSTS or Term Bus Pass entitlement for the first time will receive their card at their nominated postal address. Cards will be mailed out from January 2021. Students residing in Rural and Regional (R&R) are


For all urgent enquiries, please contact the school office on 8832 4100 or as teachers do not always access their emails during the day. 
Please do not email teachers directly unless it is a specific enquiry related to learning.

Kiss and Drop- please drive safely!

Parents are requested to drive safely and slowly through the Kiss and Drop Zone.  To ensure the safety of our students please observe the speed limit and drive safely. 

School Fees

Thank you to all the families who have paid their 2020 School Fees.  However, there are still a few families who need to finalise their account for this year.  Please make payment as soon as possible. 

School Fees Relief

Fee Relief information and procedures to apply for Fee Relief can be accessed by clicking this link.

Alternatively you may contact Mrs Lata Rebello, School Finance Officer on 8832 4100 who will be able to assist you.  
All conversations will remain strictly private and confidential.

NEW Building Child Safe Communities - Volunteer/Contractors Undertaking

Dear Parents/Carers 

All Volunteers/Contractors who now visit St Monica's School must have a BCSC number before they will be allowed to enter the school grounds.

In Catholic Education Diocese Parramatta (CEDP), we see parents and carers as partners in your child's learning journey. Parents and carers are encouraged to become involved in our schools in many important ways such as supporting classroom learning, being part of advisory groups, mentoring programs, coaching sporting teams and supporting other extra-curricular activities, canteen support and other kinds of help.

Please see the link below for more details.

CEDP has launched a new Building Child Safe Communities form and online training module that all volunteers/contractors are required to complete

ALL Volunteers/Contractors  will require a  BCSC status that is APPROVED to provide services to our school.

  • You must provide your BCSC number to the school prior to assisting at an event. (Please forward the automated email to the school email address or provide a hard copy)
  • No Volunteer/Contractors (parents included) will be granted permission to assist with a school event without a valid BCSC number. 

Uniform Supplier

Oz Fashions supply all our student uniform requirements. 

115-127 Parramatta Road, Granville  (Corner of Parramatta Road and Good Street)

Phone:  9897 3121         Fax: 9897 3222



Opening Hours

Monday—Friday 9:00am-5:30pm

Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm


Feedback and Complaints

We always welcome feedback and ideas from the parent community.

Please note that at any time that you would like to make a complaint/grievance in regards to any school matter, a form is available on our school website or you may request a copy from the school office. 

All matters brought to our attention will be attended to under strict confidentiality.

Please note: St Monica's North Parramatta follows the CEDP Complaints Handling Policy

Lost Property

Has your child lost clothing at school?  It is easy to return items that are clearly marked with a child’s name but we have many items where the name is not very clear and some which do not have any name on them at all.

Please check that all your children’s belongings are clearly labelled so that they can be returned to your child (including lunch boxes and drink bottles).

Welcomeasy Winter Menu

Parents can order student lunches online.  Lunches are delivered to school each  day.


The SkoolBag app is the easiest way keep up with school events, last minute notices, newsletters and all school communications.