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Issue 10 – 30 July 2021

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 2 August - P&C Meeting
  • 6 August - Silly Sock Travel Day
  • 10 August - Interschool Speak Up (Heat)
  • 12 August - Bunnings Father's Day activity Kindy G2
  • 13 August - Interschool Cross Country at Butlers Reserve
  • 16 August - Bunnings Father's Day activity Kindy G1
  • 18 August - P&C Egg Delivery 2.30pm
  • 20 August - One Big Voice Concert 
  • 24 August - Author Incursion Kindy / PP
  • 25 August - Author Incursion Years 1-6
  • 26 August - Room 9 & 12 Scitech Excursion
  • 27 August - Book Week Dress up Parade
  • 30 August - Sports Carnival Week
  • 31 August - Father's Day Breakfast Kindy G1
  • 1 September - Father's Day Stall
  • 2 September - Father's Day Stall
  • 3 September - Your Move Father's Day Event
  • 3 September - Father's Day Breakfast Kindy G2
  • 14 September - Quiz Night at Grill'd
  • 17 September - Crazy Hair Day
  • 21 September - Grandparent Morning Tea Kindy G1
  • 22 September - Interschool Athletics Carnival - Long distance, jumps and throws
  • 24 September - Interschool Athletics Carnival - Main Events
  • 24 September - Grandparent Morning Tea Kindy G2
  • 24 September - Last Day of Term 3

Principal's Message

Dear Community

Welcome to Term 3! As usual this term has lots of sporting opportunities for our students. These include the interschool cross country which has been rescheduled for Week 4, our faction carnival in Week 7, and the interschool athletics carnival to round out the term in Week 10. There are also many other events coming up for our students to engage in including, the RAC bike education program for our Year 4-6s, the One Big Voice concert for our choir, and Book Week in Week 6 which will include an author visit and dress up day assembly.

Please make sure you keep an eye on our Term Planner and Skoolbag notifications for these events and more as they approach.

Before and After School

As we start the term, I’d just like to remind students and parents of some of our before and after school procedures.

  • Classroom doors are opened for students at 8:35am. Before 8:35am, school staff are busy preparing for the day and engaging in meetings so there is no supervision for students prior to this time.
  • Any students on school site without parents should wait at the colourful tables near the undercover area where they will be supervised from around 8:20am.
  • There should be no parents or students on site before 8:20am without an appointment.
  • After school, all parents and students should have left the school site by 3:20pm. We are still having problems with students remaining on site unsupervised, some becoming involved in inappropriate and unsafe activities, including very young students climbing on the sea container and others playing chase in the car parks. Deanmore Square is our closest public facility for after school catch-ups and play.
  • For safety reasons, scooters, bikes and skateboards should not be ridden on school site at drop off and pick up time. Students should dismount once they enter school grounds and walk their wheels to their parking spots in our fantastic new bike and scooter racks.

Engaging in the above processes helps to keep our school a safe and positive environment for all of our students, so we thank you in advance.

School Board

On Wednesday, the Scarborough Primary School Board met for their first meeting of Term 3.  The meeting got off to an extra special start with a performance from our school choir. The choir used the opportunity to practice in front of an audience in preparation for the upcoming One Big Voice concert. The benefits of our specialist music program were evident in the quality of the performance and the confidence of our students, and this was enhanced by the special choir shirts which have been kindly donated by our wonderful P&C.

We also looked at aspects of the upcoming Public School Review submission, including some of the analyses of the Relationships and Partnerships and Learning Environment domains. The Board then reflected on their role using the Review format of ‘how are we going?’, ‘how do we know?’ and ‘what can we do to improve?’. The resulting analysis of the role of the Board will be submitted to the Review team under the Relationships and Partnerships domain.

The School Review will be held on 11 August.

Our next meeting will be held on 1 September and will focus on reviewing the school’s homework policy. All of our meetings are open to the public and we encourage anyone interested to come along.

As always, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call or email me on

Sarah Dawson


Book Week 2021

Your Move Program

What's happening with Your Move this term!

Year 4, 5 & 6 Students

RAC Bike Education program kicked of this week Monday for these students. They are learning about road safety. Despite the rain and blustery windy conditions, students enjoyed their first lesson with the company "People on Bicycles" sponsored by Your Move and the RAC.  This is every Monday until week 5, so do not forget to ride to school!

Silly Sock Day - Friday 6 August 

Friday 6 of August is Silly Sock Day! Wear your wacky, wild, and weird midwinter socks to school. They can be mismatched, bold, colourful or crazy, just make sure those socks look cheerful, lively and most of all silly! Be creative as you dare!

Gold coin donation to JDRF (diabetes charity).  

Trusty Tuesday and Thursday 

Every Tuesday and Thursday choose to be active and do your part to walk, ride, scooter, skateboard, park at Deanmore Square then walk up to the gate, take the bus (even if it is just one stop). Mix it up and if you ride on Tuesday walk on Thursday or if you scooter one day ride the other. The Your Move student team will come round on these days and take the tally. This term we are looking for the class with the most “Active Travelers” recorded each week to win a prize.  

Your Move Team Two-Day Leadership Lab 18 & 19 August

The Your Move student team have the opportunity to meet other team leaders for a two-day excursion. The students will be introduced to Millennium Kids Project Based Learning tools and have opportunity to share ideas with other students from different schools involved in the Your Move program as well as learn skills and increase their knowledge to develop a successful project to get people active in our school.  

Father’s Day Friday Fuel Challenge - 3 September

Drop-off and pick-up times are usually very busy, and we aim to keep children, parents, and carers safe and to minimise speed and traffic jams around our school. Through the regular ‘Your Move’ events and activities, SPS is creating a safe environment to reduce traffic flow and increase active travel. Like a car that runs on petrol or fuel, the human body runs on its own energy: chemical energy. 

Why not treat your DAD or special Father Figure in your life to some quality time by riding to school together. When choosing active travel to get to school we reduce the gasoline fuel and burn body fuel. 
Burn fuel and get to school by 8:00am where the student Your Move team will greet you. Wear your helmet and your smiles for a Father’s Day photo snap and your child will receive a “I love to bike sticker” and early birds will receive a “I participated in the Father’s Day fast family fuel burner challenge”.  There may even be a treat for the dads!! 

Stay Active! 

P&C News

Welcome to Term 3!

Our P&C has lined up some awesome fundraisers for this term. Get your diaries out and lock in the following dates -


Scrub up on your general knowledge and dust off your party outfit because on Tuesday 14 September there will be a Quiz Night at Grill’d in Scarborough. 

Prepare yourself for a night filled with fun, good food, prizes to be won, a silent auction and other raffles. 

Tickets for the Quiz Night are $30 per ticket, which includes a meal from Grill’d. 

The Quiz Night is open to our school families and their wider community, so you’re very welcome to invite family and friends to this event as well. The more the merrier!

Further details will be released soon, but for now SAVE THE DATE!


This term the P&C is trying out a new fundraising initiative - an Egg Drive! 

We are working with local business - Levi's Eggs - to sell trays of 30 free-range eggs for only $20.

Look out for more information through SkoolBag and our Facebook page. Order forms will be coming home in your child’s schoolbag this week!


Our super popular Father’s Day stall will be held on Wednesday 1 September and Thursday 2 September between 8.30am-8.50am. The average price of the gifts is around $3 and last year we sold out completely so get in quick!  And remember to bring some money to school with you.


All our fundraising events require many hands to organise them. So we are asking all SPS families (parents/ grandparents/ carers/ families) to be prepared to put your hand up. You don’t have to be a member of the P&C to help out with the events, but if you have any amazing fundraising ideas we would love to hear from you. Either at a meeting, email or chat to our team.


Did you know that the P&C also runs the School Canteen and the Uniform Shop? In order for us to keep canteen running and the uniform shop prices low, we rely on volunteers from our school community. This means that WE NEED YOU!

The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesdays between 8.45am-9.15am (yes, only half an hour!) and Canteen is open on Fridays between 10am-12pm. During these times we are in need for more volunteers. Our school is growing and our current small team needs extra support in order to keep these services going. So please check your diary and sign up to help!

We also welcome extended family members to be part of our community, so if you can’t help, perhaps your parents can (-:

The easiest way is to email us with your availability, but feel free to chat to the team personally.

Entertainment Book

We continue fundraising with Entertainment. For a limited time only, purchase a Single City Membership and get a FREE upgrade to Multi City! Plus get one extra month FREE! Entertainment Memberships are packed with offers across dining, travel, activities, shopping & more. Begin exploring and saving across 21 cities and regions in Australia and New Zealand at nearly half the price today. Click here to support Scarborough Primary School and unlock your free upgrade:

Containers for Change

We will continue to fundraise through the Containers for Change initiative. The Containers for Change bins can be found at the school entry at Hinderwell Street near the Room 9 Heritage Building. Keep on bringing those empty cans and bottles to support the P&C!

Alternatively, if you wish to donate at a refund point of your choosing you can quote our Scheme ID C10240685. If you prefer to attend a Reverse Vending Machine location please use the barcode at the top of the P&C news. This may be your preference if you have a larger donation and be rest assured that the money goes back to the P&C.

Next Meeting

Our next General Meeting will be held Monday 2nd of August at 6.30pm in the school library.

If you have questions and/or suggestions please don’t hesitate to email us

And make sure you follow us on Facebook!




Community News

Please see the Community News section on the school website for courses and events going on around the community. 

  • ISWA Morning Tea / Campus Tour for the new High School in the area - please see information below
  • Enrol with us at Mercedes College
  • Mucky Duck Bush Band Concert - see below

The advertising material in the Community News section does not represent endorsement by Scarborough Primary School.  For further information please contact the company directly.

Term 2 Parent Planner 2021


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