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Newsletter 2021 Term 1 Week 8


Dear families of St Bernadette's,

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Last week we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. On Tuesday we welcomed groups of prospective parents to our school as we promoted our wonderful school to the wider community. Clearly our secret is out as we had a number of parents come to see what our school has to offer. It was so nice to be able to welcome small groups back on site as the restrictions ease. Fingers crossed this continues.

Another fun event we celebrated was St Patrick’s Day. This was a great opportunity for our Kindy parents to support a fundraising opportunity for our school. It was so lovely to see the children’s faces light up as they enjoyed their sweet treats.

Our Cross Country Carnival was held (rain free) once again at Curtis Oval. The first of many of our great sporting events returning for 2021. 

Sincere thanks to all those who supported these events. These events don’t run themselves and we are always grateful for your assistance. We look forward to hosting a number of sporting, learning and canteen events of the coming year. 

Love and light,

Mrs Lisa Gerrard

(on behalf of all of the staff and students)

Attendance Rate: 82.6%  - To unpack this a little more, this means that 82.6%  of our students have an attendance rate of 90% -100%. 


Building a growth mindset

One of my roles at St Bernadette’s is to work with small groups of students to improve their understanding of different Key Learning Areas. When I am working with these students, I talk to them about how their brain is a muscle and if we give it a workout, it will grow big and strong. We ‘workout’ our brain by doing hard thinking and challenging ourselves with our learning. It is good when the work is hard as we need to be thinking hard to help our brains grow. 

When your children come home and seem down about some part of their learning being challenging, have a look at one of the sentences below that might encourage them in their learning. Sometimes we even need to think this way ourselves as adults!


Sunday 21 March 2021

REFLECTION by Fr Michael Tate

We want to see Jesus.

I can observe a baby, but the parents ‘see’ their baby very differently. They gaze with total fascination, trying to perceive what this little bundle of flesh is really all about, trying to get an insight into its personality, visualising a possible future, hoping for a response.

This Gospel passage begins with a request from some Greeks ‘to see Jesus’, surely in all the ways parents see their baby. They were trying to perceive what this Jesus was really all about, trying to get an insight into his personality, imagining a possible future, hoping for a response.

And there was a response full of allusions to the future.

Jesus was as a grain of wheat. He died and was buried in the earth and that death was fruitful for the whole of humankind. He foresaw being nailed to the cross which would be dropped upright into a hole in the ground.

Our Lord says of that scene: ‘When I am lifted up I will draw all people to myself.’ How were people drawn to this scene?

People saw the length to which Jesus was prepared to go in order to persevere in his mission to live out the message that his Heavenly Father was full of mercy and wanted all people to share in Divine Life. This led to his being lifted up on the cross, being buried in the ground like a grain of wheat, only to rise to new life.

We could take a moment to pray that we will shortly see all this with the eyes of faith as we participate in the rituals of Good Friday and Easter.

Year 2 Religion Learning

This term our Year 2 Religion Learning Cycle is called “Who is Jesus?” It has focused on how we can influence the lives of others in the way of Jesus through learning about his miracles, therefore allowing for a closer personal relationship with God. We hope you enjoy reading some of the tasks we have been doing in class.

Term 1 Class Mass, Reconciliation & Altar Server Roster


Altar Servers' Roster March 27 - July 18, 2021



TERM 1 - Dates for your diary

Important Term Dates 

Week 8

19/3 - School Banking 

19/3 - Online lunch orders

19/3 - Mass & Reconciliation: Yr 5 - 9am

Week 9 

22/3 - Online lunch orders 

24/3 - Online lunch orders 

25/3 - The Annunciation 

26/3 - School Banking (Last banking date for Term 1)

26/3 - Online lunch orders 

26/3 - Class mass & Reconciliation: Yr 6 - 9am 

Week 10

29/3 - Online lunch orders

31/3 - Online lunch orders 

1/4 - Holy Thursday 

1/4 - Last day of Term 


20/4 - School resumes for students 

Staff Development Day

Monday 19th April will be a Staff Development Day and no children will be at school. 

Students will commence Term 2 on Tuesday 20th April 2021.

As a Community of Learners

It is so wonderful to see so many great learning experiences happening in our classrooms. We have so much to get through in our curriculum that we try to design learning experiences that combine outcomes across different Key Learning Areas. 

Last week Miss Maria and Mr Kensell combined learning around position (Mathematics) and technology (Science and Technology) to make a BluBot move around a maze.  The students were given lots of opportunities to use different positional language and were then able to apply that to the buttons on the BluBot and direct it through a maze. Look at their amazing work!

Stage 3 are also combining their learning in their Inquiry learning task for this term. They are looking at Adaptation or Elimination which explores outcomes in Geography and Science and Technology. They are exploring how environmental conditions affect the growth, adaptations, structural features and the survival of living things and how people have changed the natural environment to the detriment of animals.  

Our teachers are working hard to provide engaging and stimulating learning experiences for every student. You could ask your child what their favourite learning experience was today.

Gentle Reminders

For the remainder of this term we ask that parents continue to drop students off and pick them up via the front gates. The back gate will remain closed until further notice.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. 

If all goes well we will resume assemblies and other activities where parents can attend onsite in Term 2.





A public speaking competition

Early next term we would like to introduce a whole school public speaking competition. The children will prepare a speech on a topic of their choice and present it to a gathering of their peers and potentially parents (fingers crossed). The winner of each grade will have the opportunity to perform their speech at one of our Assemblies. Closer to the holidays we will post the details on skoolbag and on the relevant class digital platforms. The children will be provided with a list of possible topics and the marking guide.

What to do if you child is unwell

We understand at times it is difficult for families to know when your child needs to stay home when they complain of feeling unwell. We ask that if your child displays any symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose etc that they are kept home. To return to school they will require a clearance certificate from the doctor or a negative covid test. We thank you in advanced for your cooperation.

Book Club Issue 2

Online orders for Book Club Issue 2 need to be finalised by Monday 22nd March 2021.

Parent Calendar

Our school calendar has now been synced to the SkoolBag App. You are able to access the school calendar for important term dates and add these to the calendar in your phone.

How to do this:

- Select 'events' icon on the bottom of the home page. This will then bring up the calendar and the current month will be displayed.

- Under the chosen day you will see all of the events we have scheduled for that day. 

- To add these events to your calendar select 'notices' and 'add to calendar'. - You can choose to add all the important dates to your calendar that are relevant to you.

The calendar is also visible on our school website. 


A reminder that classes commence at 8:55am.

To help your child have a positive start to the school day it is important that they are at school on time.

Being at school a little before 8:55am allows them to have time to calm themselves and be confident in knowing they are prepared and ready to learn. It also gives them time to say hello to their friends and classmates and burn off some extra energy.

Being late to school can create an anxious situation for some children.

If your child is late, they must come to the school office to be signed in by their parent or carer. They cannot be dropped late and left to run through the school gate unaccompanied. 

St Patrick's Day morning tea - Thank you!

 A huge thank you to our Kindergarten parents for the amazing support of our St Patrick’s Day canteen. It was so lovely to see our community begin to re-start some of our whole school events.  $378.05 was raised from the event.

Assemblies for 2021

We will hold our next assembly for this term tomorrow under the COLA. Once again it will be attended by students only but we hope that we will be able to hold an open Assembly soon. Thanks for your ongoing understanding and support.

Enrolling now for 2022

We are now beginning the enrolment process for 2022. If you have a child who you wish to enrol please download the enrolment form from our website or just pop into our office to pick one up. Last year we were overwhelmed with applications so please don't wait until the last minute and miss out on a place. 

Dance Fever

We would like to invite parents (one per child) to attend the children’s last Dance Fever class on April 1st, 2021. 

These classes will be held in the hall at these times:

9.00 - 9.40am - Year 5

9.40 - 10.20am - Year 6

10.20 - 11.00am - Year 2

11.30 - 12.10pm - Year 3

12.10 - 12.45 - Year 1

12.45 - 1.20pm - Year 4

2.00 - 2.40pm - Kindergarten

We ask that those parents attending follow our Covid procedures and respect the 1.5m social distancing requirements.

Students to star at Parramatta Riverside Theatre

Four talented drama students from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta’s creative and performing arts program, CAPTIVATE, will star in the new Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) production 'I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You', at the Parramatta Riverside Theatres this month.

Following a rigorous audition process, Parramatta Marist students Louis C and Shujay V (Year 9), St Patrick’s Marist College Dundas Year 8 student Anton G, and Year 5 student Ian B from St Bernadette’s Primary Dundas Valley will join 11 other young performers in the groundbreaking production.

Follow the link to read the full article.


Yesterday Clare received their PBS4L recognition of free time. Congratulations to Clare for being the first winning house of 2021.

The PBS4L focus for Week 9 is 'we take responsibility for our decisions and actions.' At St Bernadette’s it is important for students to be aware that their choices and actions lead to consequences.

Being a Bernie Bright Star means they are making choices that are positive for their learning and lead to positive consequences.

Clare recognition afternoon

Happy Birthday

5/3 - Ryad B 

8/3 - Mary T

8/3 - Rachel B 

10/3 - Jacob L 

12/3 - Robert W 

12/3 - Nicholas F

13/3 - Eseta O

14/3 - Gabriella F


Cross Country Carnival

We were blessed with perfect running conditions this Tuesday, where we successfully ran our Annual Cross Country. The day went off without incident due to the excellent parent help that we received, ensuring that the track was well supervised and our children were kept safe at all times. Many thanks to all of the parents who gave their time to help, it is through your support that these events can run so successfully.

We had some excellent performances on the day, with a large squad of children to be announced in the coming days. Those children will represent St Bernadette’s at the Diocesan Cross Country on 4 May, Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. We look forward to further successes then!

Diocesan Swimming Carnival

We were represented by Ian B, Alex C & Isla M at the Diocesan Swimming Carnival on Tuesday, 9 May. It is a fantastic achievement for the children to participate at such a high level of competition; we are very proud of you all. 

Ian B was successful in qualifying for the NSWCPS Swimming Trials on Monday 22nd March at Sydney Olympic Park. He was also Once again the 11 Year Boys Age Champion! Congratulations Ian on this outstanding achievement!


Community Health Advice

St Bernadettes Primary School

St Bernadette's Primary, Dundas Valley is a community focused, Catholic parish school catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school strives to build a Christ-centred community where faith is integrated with daily life. We provide learning and teaching experiences which enable the children to deepen their faith understandings, investigate, solve problems and explore their learning. We recognise the importance of creating a learning environment that provides opportunities to develop 21st century learning. Technology is integrated into the learning at St Bernadette’s in all Key Learning Areas.