Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 31, Friday 15 October 2021

Principal's Message

Dear parents and carers,

We are excited to be welcoming students back in the staged return to on-site learning from Monday. 

The tables that follow indicate what the next three weeks will look like, up until we have a full return of all students on Friday 5th November. These arrangements reflect the latest Department of Education (DET) Operations Guide, including approval for multi-age classes. Throughout this three-week period students will experience a blend of face-to-face learning and remote learning. On days that year levels are timetabled to be at school, there will be no remote learning program offered. These three weeks also provide the school with time to adjust to the full return of students, enabling us to reassess our COVID-safe plans and processes with fewer students and staff on-site, as per DET requirements. Our priority as students return is to reconnect them to school, to their class, their peers and to learning routines. 

Vulnerable children and children of parents on the authorised provider and authorised worker list are able to continue attending on-site on days that are not designated as learning from school above.

Preparing for the return to school

Please support your child/ren in their return to school with the following:

  • Hats – at Parkhill we have a SunSmart policy that hats are needed to be worn at school in every month with the letter ‘R’.  This is especially important this term as students will be spending more time than usual outside.

  • Water bottles – it is important that students drink from their own water bottle and not the bubble taps. Please ensure they have a filled water bottle, clearly named, each day.

  • Face masks – required for students in Y3 to Y6. Exemptions apply for disability, health or mental health reasons. While face masks are not a mandatory requirement for students in Foundation, Y1 and Y2, they are recommended according to the health advice. Please ensure your child can organise their own face mask. For obvious health and safety reasons, teachers are unable to assist students to remove or replace masks.

Thank you for your ongoing support throughout the latest period of remote learning. We look forward to welcoming everyone back over the next three weeks and please reach out if you need support with the transition back.

Take care,

David Wells

Acting Principal

Calendar of Curriculum Events

Friday 22 October - Virtual Storytime at 2pm (see below) & Loud Shirt Day

Monday 1 November - Curriculum Day - no students attend school on this day

Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Friday 5 November - Virtual Storytime at 2pm (see below)

Monday 8 November - ICAS English (selected students)

Monday 15 November - ICAS Science (selected students)

Wednesday 17 November - Thursday 18 November - GATEWAYS Eureka (selected students)

Monday 22 November - ICAS Maths (selected students)

Tuesday 23 November - Friday 26 November - Y5/6 Camp Candlebark

Wednesday 15 December - Y6 Graduation

Friday 17 December - Term 4 and 2021 school year ends at 1:30pm

Please note that these events are subject to Covid-19 restrictions and are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Hats and face masks (for Y3-6) are required for any students attending on-site learning. Please make sure you send your child/ren to school with a hat and face mask if applicable.

Dress Like a Family Member Day

It was Dress Like a Family Member Day today and the perfect chance to have a laugh with the people who helped get us through lockdown! It was wonderful to see the photos and the smiles and embrace the silliness of the day! When asked who it was in their communities who helped them through lockdown, students mentioned mums and dads, friends, even some siblings rated a mention (believe it or not!) But surprisingly it was also the neighbours who wave as you walk past. The cafe owners who say hello and ask how you are - even the people you pass on your walks who give you a nod and a smile.

We are just so privileged to have the community that we do at Parkhill, so once again, well done and thank you for supporting your children through their remote learning.

Alex Davies

Y4/5 Teacher

Virtual Storytimes in Term 4

The F/Y1 teaching team are looking forward to welcoming kinder kids from all around the area in our ongoing successful Storytimes. Our next planned Storytime will be Friday 22 October, starting at 2pm.

Our three F/Y1 teachers - Anne McGregor, Desiree Schlack and Bella Crowe - will share a fun Pamela Allen story, sing songs and do a shared craft activity.

We will be sending out the link to join our Storytimes to our local kinders, as well as our families enrolled with a prospective Foundation student, next week.

If you'd like to join in, please send through an email to Michelle at or the office. Hope to see you there!

Library News

Dear Parkhill Families,

Welcome back to Term 4, and we hope you have all settled back to the start of term. We are eagerly anticipating the staged return in the next few weeks, and having everyone back at school!

We are super excited about hosting our very own Scholastic Book Fair next month:

Theme: A Cool Place to Discover Hot Books

Date: 19-24 November

Please stay tuned for more information about the Book Fair.

The latest Scholastic Issue is out now! Here is the link to the online catalogue for your browsing pleasure - Book Club Issue 8 2021.

You might have noticed that Scholastic has skipped an issue. Scholastic has advised that Issue 7 will be released mid term. It promises to be a bumper issue and brochures will be delivered and distributed to students when they arrive.

In the meantime, orders for Issue 8 can be placed at or by using the LOOP app. Remember there is no obligation for you to make a purchase.

The cut-off date for orders is Wednesday 3 November. Kindly note that orders will arrive at school.

Please get in touch if you have any queries or need a hand with your order

Stay safe and well,

Angelita Williams


Return to School Resources

As you know, we will be slowly returning to school over the next few weeks with staggered days to help us get used to it again!

Some resources are available on our LFH with PPS website to help you navigate that discussion with your little one. Please let us know if you'd like further support.

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