St Matthew's Catholic Primary School

Term 1, 2nd February 2022, No.1

Parish Priest: Fr Florentino (Boy) Galdo

School Principal: Mr Bob Brown

Acting Deputy/RE Leader: Mrs Helen Howden

School Email:

School Phone: 0393595423 

St Matthew's Primary School is committed to creating an environment where the safety, wellbeing, and participation of all children within our care is paramount. 

Principal's Message

Hello to Students, Parents, Staff and Friends of St Matthew’s,

A very warm welcome back to you all. I certainly hope you all had a most joyous Christmas with your Families and Friends and that the New Year has been good to you so far. I am back at school myself and I must say it is so great to be working at school not home for the first time since August last year. You may only see glimpses of me as I am under strict instructions from my oncologists to work in a bubble. The bubble is my office the Administration area and on duty in the driveway at our William Street entrance for some fresh air. A mask and a shield are Mandatory for me. Unfortunately I am not allowed to move around the grades and grounds when the students and teachers are here. Hopefully some of these instructions will be relaxed a little by the end of February.

 2022 PREPS

This year’s Preps have got off to a flying start over the past two days and I know their teachers, Ms Vanessa Piscitelli, Mrs Connie Costa and Mrs Monica Sozzi have been really pleased with how they have settled in. Today was the first of the three Wednesdays where the Preps do not have school, but some of them come to school for their assessments.


Unfortunately we have not yet appointed a Deputy Principal. We did advertise both before and after Christmas, drew up a short list and interviewed a number of candidates, but the panel and I felt they were not appropriate for St Matthew’s. I will be posting the advertisement again this evening and in the meantime Mrs Helen Howden our Religious Education & Learning Diversity Leader will be our Acting Deputy Principal. I will keep you posted as soon as we appoint a new Deputy Principal.

We welcome to our school Mrs Karen Lawson who is a very experienced Junior school teacher. Karen is teaching 1B this year. We also welcome back from Maternity Leave Mrs Monica Sozzi (Prep B) and Mrs Natalie Valastro (2A). It is great have all three ladies join us this year at St Matthew’s.


As you are aware the Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) came home with each student this week. If your child hasn’t been at school then please call in and pick up your pack, one per child.

This week all students should have been tested this morning, Wednesday, and also this Friday morning. For the next three weeks please test your child/children each Monday and Wednesday mornings before coming to school. If your child tests NEGATIVE you DO NOT have to contact school. If your child tests POSITIVE then YOU DO CONTACT school.


Just a reminder for those Parents who wish their child to be vaccinated that there are Vaccination sites all around Melbourne. For most sites you do have to book in, but some you can walk straight in. Remember it is voluntary, not mandatory, the decision is up to you.

Let us hope and pray that the Government is correct in their prediction that by the end of February we will be past the worst of Omicron. Take care, stay safe and stay well everyone.

Welcome Back once again.

Yours Sincerely,

Bob Brown



St Matthew's on a Plate

There are still some “St Matthew’s on a Plate” Cookbooks available from our school office. Once they are gone they are gone.


FEES and LEVIES 2022


Wellbeing News!

Welcome back to 2022 everyone.

We trust that you have had a relaxing and fun time with your families.

Heading into 2022 with mixed emotions again much like the last 2 years is likely to be how a lot of us are feeling.

Please take time for yourself to reflect on the positive things in each day, it is very valuable to our wellbeing to find at least 1 great thing from the day.

Attached is a calendar of Funtastic Friday activities to take part in in your own time.

If you have, any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school or on my email

Community News

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