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Announcement of new College Principal
Please find attached a letter from Mr Greg Whitby, Executive Director Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta announcing that Ms Tania Cairns has been appointed as the next principal of Caroline Chisholm College. Ms Cairns is currently principal leader of Penola Catholic College, Emu Plains, where she has had a sharp focus on providing meaningful pathways for through and beyond school and has valued student voice. We look forward to welcoming Ms Cairns in Term 4.

Student Representative Council 2021-2022
Each year the College community is blessed by the service of wonderful students who accept leadership roles in the SRC. Despite the challenges of COVID, all students had the opportunity to nominate people they believed had the gifts and generosity of spirit to lead this community. At today’s assembly, Mr King and Dr Elliott introduced and congratulated the new leaders. We are delighted to announce them here and pray for their success as they undertake this sacred and vital service to the students of the College.

Year 8 2022 Student Leaders
Grace Davidson
Aleena Dutta
Anastasia Rubelj
Amelia Wood

Year 9 2022 Student Leaders 
Skye Daly
Sophie Hall
Maya Hoffmann
Nishika Talusani

Year 10 2022 Student Leaders 
Ava Blom
Imogen Buttigieg
Audrey Cocks
Sofia Maiorana
Kate Roser
Namika Talusani

Year 11 2022 Student Leaders 
Abby Affleck
Montayah Astruc
Monique Heidtmann
Chloe Heidtmann
Lily McElroy
Aalia Nasser
Stefania Saliba
Hannah Selby
Layla Starr
Ann Thomas

Year 12 2022 Student Leaders
Committee Chairs
Liturgy Committee Co-chair: Danijela Hader
Liturgy Committee Co-chair: Mary Charbel Khater
Social Justice Committee Co-chair: Leilani Balewai
Social Justice Committee Co-chair: Jessica Buzzi
Wellbeing Committee Co-chair: Venee Roy Chowdhury
Wellbeing Committee Co-chair: Meg Whittaker
Student Learning Committee Co-chair: Jayapreet Bhatthal
Student Learning Committee Co-chair: Courtney Hamilton
Stewardship Committee Co-chair: Chanel Cunningham
Stewardship Committee Co-chair: Stephanie Young

House Leaders
Gilmore House Leader: Eden Micallef
Jackson House Leader: Emily Obereigner
Kenny House Leader: Violet Neal
Macarthur House Leader: Zena Hanna
MacKillop House Leader: Melanie Van Zon
Wright House Leader: Olivia Bennett

College Vice-captain: Grace Allen
College Vice-captain: Herbertta Williams
College Captain: Louise Armstrong

College Assembly
If you missed today’s College assembly you can view it online at YouTube via this link

Flexi-Friday 27 August
Following the great success of our previous Flexi-Friday, students will have another opportunity next Friday to catch up with their school work and focus on their wellbeing. Parents who may have missed out on a manicure, facial, cooked meal, cleaned pantry, mowed lawn can now begin dropping hints for next Friday. There will be no scheduled classes or homework on this day for students, except for Year 11 who will be beginning their assessment week.

Pathways Meeting for Year 10 students (Wednesday 25 August Period 2)
Wondering where the road is leading you? Not sure what pathway is best for you? Then take an important step forward this coming Wednesday when our experienced Pathways Coaches help you 'build a bridge' to your future. With lots of practical advice and info on career and learning pathways, as well as help discerning senior subject selection, the session will also feature some of our current Learn+ Diploma students in Year 11.  The seminar is compulsory for all Year 10 students - parents and families are welcome to listen in via your daughter's device. Here is the link for students - Wednesday 25 August Period 2 (9.25am) on Zoom.

Learn+ Diplomas Year 10 Parent Information Session - August 31 6pm 
Caroline Chisholm College offers a Diploma program called Learn+ as an alternative to the Higher School Certificate in Years 11 and 12. Come to this information session to discover how your daughter can access a tertiary qualification while still at school and move directly into university or the world of work from Year 12. The event will be a Zoom webinar and Facebook Live streamed event.

Resource Fee and Activity Fee
Following some queries from Parents and Carers we would like to clarify what these fees cover:

The Resource Fee is by definition all the resources and materials we need to acquire and maintain to facilitate the learning of the students. For example, all of our IT systems and devices, our subscription services for the digital platforms we use (e.g., Zoom, ClickView and Maths Online), and all of our learning materials and resources.

The majority of these items have been incurred irrespective of COVID-19 lockdown.

The Activity Fee is for numerous specific activities held both inside and outside College grounds that are minor in nature and usually between $5 to $40 per student depending on the activity.  Many of these activities went ahead in Terms 1 and 2. Obviously, we have not been able to run these in Term 3, so we have either postponed them or sourced alternative activities, virtual visits, guest speakers, etc. 

The Activity Fee is not to be confused with the Overnight Excursions that are billed separately each year if applicable. We offer refunds of Overnight Excursions once we are advised that the activity will not be going ahead.

Year 12 HSC NESA updates
NESA continues to update their information and advice in response to COVID-19. This week NESA advised that teachers will provide marks for their students’ major projects in:

  • Drama

  • Textiles and Design

  • Design and Technology

  • Industrial Technology

  • Visual Arts.

To ensure equity across the state, teacher provided marks will be moderated by NESA. Students will need to submit their projects by the published due dates. Teachers of these courses will work with students to explain these changes and the process for the submission of major projects. This information is in addition to previous advice that teachers will provide marks for performances in Dance, Music and Drama and for all Language oral examinations. 

The following major projects (that are submitted online) will continue to be marked online by NESA markers:   

  • English Extension 2

  • Music 1 (compositions)

  • Music 2 and Extension (compositions and  musicology)

  • Society and Culture Personal Interest Project.

Further information about changes to the HSC can be found on the NESA website.

Year 11 Examination Block 3 September to 13 September
The Year 11 Examination Block will proceed as scheduled. All examinations will be open book tasks up to 90 minutes in length. Students will be required to log on to a Zoom meeting with their class teacher at the beginning of the examination. The examination will be released on google classroom and class teachers will supervise students completing the task. All examinations will be submitted via google classroom at the end of the allocated time. A timetable with more detailed information has also been shared with students. If you have any questions about these examinations please contact Ms Scollard via email.

Year 9 2022 Electives
A reminder that Year 8 students need to submit their elective preferences by Wednesday 25 August. We have asked students to discuss their preferences with you and to nominate one first preference and two second preferences. Thank you for your support with this process.

Principal Announcement 20 Aug 2021


Please update your contact details

On Monday 16 August all familes would have received an email or SMS (for those parents without email) from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) asking you to review and, where necessary, update the key information they hold about your children currently enrolled in CEDP schools. 

The purpose of this review is to ensure that CEDP has the right details to correctly identify and support students, including contacting families in an emergency or to share important updates. 

Steps have been taken to ensure this process is as secure as possible to protect your information and your family’s privacy. Your information is only accessed by authorised staff when it is necessary and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The link is open until Friday 3 September and I encourage you to complete the review/update as soon as possible to ensure that your family’s correct details are on file. This is particularly important as Greater Sydney remains in lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

This short “how to” video may assist you with completing the process (use the closed caption icon to turn on subtitles). Please don’t hesitate to contact the school office if you have any questions or concerns.

Only one person per family needs to complete the survey and it takes about 15 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or to seek help, please contact the CEDP Community Liaison Team on 9840 5796.


Caroline Chisholm College recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher. We wish to remind you that teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Further, teachers are generally not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours. In the case of a genuine emergency please contact the school office during business hours on or phone 02 4737 5500. We appreciate your assistance and understanding. If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact the college.