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Newsletter - Volume 98 No 5• 25 June 2021


Loving God, we thank you for all the blessings of this term. May we use the holidays to take care of ourselves and each other. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Please refer to the College Calendar for all Upcoming Events and Dates of Importance.

From the Principal

Dear Families and Carers, 

Welcome to the June edition of our College newsletter. 

I invite you to read this edition of our newsletter to hear about what has been happening around the College, which includes: 

    • Mass Celebrating 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia
    • College Co-Captain Report
    • Year 7 Faith Formation Day
    • Year 10 Careers Day
    • Languages Week
    • Year 9 Australian Geography Competition
    • SCSA Basketball
    • Student reflections on the return to onsite learning 

    At Ave Maria College we always like to recognise student achievement across the many different endeavours for which our students engage and participate in. The Premier’s VCE Awards recognises students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). The College is proud to announce and congratulate Mariam Touma, a current Year 12 student, who is a recipient of the Premier’s VCE Award for her studies in Arabic which were undertaken at the Victorian School of Languages in 2020.  Mariam will be presented with her award on Tuesday, 27 July 2021 in a formal ceremony that will be held to recognise top-performing students who excelled in their VCE studies in 2020. 

    We wish Ms Jennifer Lorimar all the best as she commences long service leave at the conclusion of this term. We look forward to welcoming the return of Mrs Nadia Di Salvatore following a period parental leave. 

    A reminder to our current families and alumnae that there are three vacancies for the new School Advisory Council. – one parent vacancy, one parishioner vacancy and one alumna vacancy. For more details, please click on this link. Interested members of the Ave community are requested to complete the expression of interest.  

    As we approach the conclusion of this term I would like to thank students for their willingness to connect, belong, engage and grow throughout this term. Their resilience and commitment to their studies as they transitioned to remote online learning, and then back again, to face-to-face learning was exemplary. Also to the staff for their ongoing commitment to the education of our students. Well done to all! 

    In closing I would like to share the following prayer for the end of term with you. 

    We thank you Lord, for this term. 

    For the challenges, the successes, and the mistakes from which we have learnt. 

    Be with us as we spend our time with family and friends. 

    Give us strength and courage to do what is right and to be witnesses of our faith. 

    Help us to appreciate what others do for us as we give time and effort to help others. 

    Keep us safe in our activities so we can return refreshed and ready for a new term. 

    We thank you for our fellow students, parents, staff and the Ave community that cares for us. 


    Many thanks to the Ave community for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all again at the start of Term 3.  

    God bless and as a community may we continue to strive for truth through love. 

    Tanya Hutton

    Congratulations Mariam Touma

    Deputy Principal

    I would like to congratulate all students on their learning endeavours in Semester One. It has been a very productive semester, with rich learning opportunities provided by our teachers with an emphasis on working towards achieving success as learners, as reflected in our AMC Charter for Education. I would also like to thank our families for your support throughout the semester in working in partnership with the College, to support student learning and wellbeing.

    Semester One Reports 2021

    Semester One reports will be available via the Parent Access Module (PAM) on Friday, 25 June 2021.  Parents/carers will receive a notification via Skoolbag when the reports become available. 
    A reminder that subject specific feedback for all summative and formative assessment tasks has been provided continuously throughout the semester on Ave Learning. If you have not accessed this feedback to date, I strongly encourage you to do so.

    Every best wish to all families for a safe and relaxing term break. 

    Michelle Robertson

    Assistant Principal - Community and Growth

    Professional Learning Teams

    Earlier this year, all teachers were asked to select one of 12 principles from the AMC Charter for Education as a focus for a Professional Learning Team (PLT).  Each team consists of 3 or 4 teachers from different Domains and varying experience.  Over the course of Semester 1 each team engaged in professional reading on the selected principle, leading them to develop a research question that would enable them to deepen their understanding and application of the principle. By Term 2, each team was planning ways in which to undertake research and collect data.  As we come to the mid-point of the year, many teams now have rich data sets that they will analyse and synthesise.  It has been fantastic to observe the diversity of research questions and data collection techniques and we look forward to each team presenting their findings in the latter part of the year.


    At Ave, all staff participate in the STEP program.  STEP is the program supporting teachers and non-teaching staff to enhance their practice, aligned to commitments within the Annual Action Plan.  Through this program staff proactively engage in their professional growth through goal setting, student and peer feedback, learning conversations and self-reflection.  The goals for teaching and non-teaching staff are universal, but the way in which they accomplish this is varied.  For teaching staff their goal encompasses their work in their Professional Learning Teams, for non-teaching staff, their goal aligns with one of their key performance indicators relevant to their role.

     As we come to the end of Term 2, most staff have now engaged in the first of 3 STEP conversations.  During these 1:1 meetings with a member of the College senior leadership team, staff discuss their goal, how they plan to address it and identify any additional support needed. These conversations are an opportunity for each staff member to share, celebrate and be acknowledged for what they have learnt and accomplished.  

    Jo Hammer

    Assistant Principal - Students and Engagement

    It is interesting to note the latest results that have been released regarding the Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll. The poll surveyed 1,980 parents in February this year and asked them to identify, from their perspective the top ten child health problems. Overwhelming the survey found that the Number 1 Health Problem experienced by parents was excessive screen time.

    As students from Year 7 to 12 experienced their second lockdown for the year and the need to return to remote/online learning this term, I am buoyed knowing that the students at Ave Maria College felt that they were cared about and that their education was continued to a high standard whilst they were in lockdown. Screen time in class was balanced with the need to be off screens.

    Two year 7 students provide the following accounts of the wellbeing that continued from the school to the remote home learning environment.

    “Something in lockdown that made it a positive experience was Pulse. This made me feel more positive, knowing that teachers wanted to know about me. Another thing was when we brought our pets to class and  showed them to everyone. Lastly, Stillpoint, because we got a chance to think about how we can make our, or somebody else’s day better. I still felt close to my peers and teachers even from home.”

    Natalie Caridi Year 7

    “In lockdown I liked that school just continued like normal. We joined MS Meetings each class where the teachers would be prepared with fun activities to do. Some of the positives were that we continued tests online which meant that we didn’t have a huge amount of tests when we came back. I liked how everyone was welcome to contribute in our class discussions and ask as many questions as we needed to.”

    Jessika Duryea Year 7

    It was a sea of happy but masked faces that returned to the College when the Government allowed re-entry.

    Again, the Year 7 students Natalie and Jessica state what was the best about returning to the classroom environment at school:

    “Something great about coming back to school was seeing and interacting with my peers and teachers. Being able to participate more in class activities. Also being able to have a more productive sport lesson.”

    Natalie Caridi Year 7

    "For me, my favourite part about returning to school was seeing my friends and teachers face to face. I had missed the school environment as well as canteen lunches.”

    Jessika Duryea Year 7

    Year 10 Careers Day

    Last week, Year 10 students were provided with a wonderful opportunity to explore future pathways. This informative day centered around students investigating their passions and how they may use the understandings of themselves and others in completing a Virtual Work Experience Project.  Isabella Mingaars – Year 10 Academic Captain provides the following insights on this day:

    “On Thursday, 17 June 2021, Year 10 students participated in a Careers Day, which was a valuable opportunity to learn more about potential pathways and options for the future. We began the day by listening to a presentation from the Maribyrnong and Moonee Valley Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN). In this session we learnt about the types of skills employers are looking for, how to apply for jobs and employee rights within the workplace. We then played a fun game of ‘Careers Jeopardy’ in our Mentor Groups, where we worked as a team to test our knowledge of various industries. The highlight of the day, however, was definitely beginning our Virtual Work Experience Projects. Although Work Experience looks slightly different this year, there were still so many exciting careers to immerse ourselves in. We all thoroughly enjoyed choosing our Work Experience Projects and starting to work on industry-specific tasks. After this, the cohort split into industry groups, where we discussed the job opportunities available in our own field of interest. We collaborated to produce a presentation on our chosen career field and spoke to the Year Level about our findings. To conclude, we each wrote a short reflection regarding what we had learnt and how we would apply this new knowledge. Careers Day was an excellent extension of the work we have been doing in our Community and Careers classes and gave us a real insight into the possibilities awaiting us upon leaving school.

    Isabella Mingaars – Year 10 Academic Captain

    As Year 10 students head into VCE and VET Subject Selections next term, this valuable day will provide another point of feedback for students to take into consideration.
    We thank Mrs Poppy Ibrahim for the planning of this day.

    Leonie Rushbrook

    Director of Faith and Religious Education

    On Monday, 24 May 2021, the College’s Franciscan Captains and Franciscan Leaders were accompanied by College Principal, Ms Hutton, and Director of Faith and Religious Education, Mr Jurd, to represent Ave Maria College at St Patrick’s Cathedral for the celebration of 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia. 

    Although Catholic Education has been operating for the last 200 years, Melbourne’s first Catholic school opened around 180 years ago – with St Mary’s Parish Primary School located in Williamstown being the first. There are now over 300 Catholic schools in Melbourne, varying from single-gendered schools to co-educational learning, assisting in supporting students in their faith and through their education. 

    We were lucky enough to witness a variety of primary and secondary schools attend the celebratory mass. This opportunity allowed us to embrace the Catholic faith and see that it has grown to many other places around Melbourne highlighting how far Catholic education has come. 

     Amanda Nguyen and Jessica Tanti - Senior Franciscan Captains

    Year 7 Faith Formation Day

    Year 7 Faith Formation Day was a special and inspirational day where the Year 7 cohort came together to celebrate our House Patrons. We learnt about our House Patrons and decorated some beautiful House symbols. We played games as a class and had a chat with Sr Brigid from the Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project. We learnt about the importance of helping others and heard some inspiring stories about Asylum Seekers. It was an amazing day where all students took away an important message and learnt something new!
    Gloria Crnov and Grace Kulyk - Year 7 Franciscan Leaders

    As a follow-up to the Year 7 Faith Formation Day and connecting with World Refugee Day on Sunday, 20 June 2021, Year 7 and 8 Mentor Groups this week completed their donation drive to the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project, the Junior School Social Justice focus.

    Patrick Jurd

    Director of Learning and Pathways

    Subject Selection for 2022

    Early in Term 3, students in Years 7 – 11 will be undertaking the process of selecting the subjects that will form their academic programs in 2022. This is a crucial time in your daughter’s educational journey and parents have an important role to play as partners in this process.

    Please save the date for our Subject Selection Evening, which will take place on Wednesday, 21 July 2021 from 5.30pm. The College is determining whether we will be able to host this event onsite or whether it will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. This decision is subject to requirements under the current Public Health advice (COVIDsafe settings), the Victorian Public Events Framework and the current CECV School Operations Guide at the time.

    Parents are asked to have conversations with their daughters about their interests and aspirations, in order to help them navigate the process and make sound choices around the subjects they will be studying. One of the reasons for this is because mid-year subject changes are not always able to be accommodated within our academic structures.

    A summary of the choices students will need to make is below:

    2022 Year Level

    Academic Program Choices Required


    Language study (Italian or Indonesian) for Year 8 (2022) and Year 9 (2023). This selection is made towards the end of Term 3.


    Humanities studies (x2), Electives (x4, at least one each from The Arts and Technologies)


    Humanities study (x1), Science study (x1), Electives (x5 – can include acceleration or languages)


    English, Religious Education, five other VCE subjects


    English, Religious Education, four other VCE subjects

    Further information regarding the process, events taking place and documentation supporting this crucial time will be communicated to students and families via email, Skoolbag, Ave Learning and Microsoft Teams in the coming weeks.

    VCAA Examinations

    The end of year examination timetable for students undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 subject is now available on the VCAA website.
    You can access the timetable HERE.

    Further to this,

    • the Critical Thinking Test for students undertaking Extended Investigation will be taking place at the College on Wednesday, 28 July 2021 between 10.00am and 11.10am.
    • the General Achievement Test (recently postponed) has now been rescheduled to Thursday, 29 July 2021 between 10.00am and 1.15pm.

    For both of the assessments listed above, students are expected to arrive at the College approximately 45 minutes prior to the scheduled commencement of the examination.

    James Vella

    Director of Student Wellbeing

    Since Child Safety was introduced, following the release of Ministerial Order 870, it has become part of the fundamental structures of the College. Child Safety is at the centre of our practice, ensuring that students are always the focal point of our decisions and considerations.

    In order to ensure that we integrate Child Safety into the fabric of the College and make the standards a lived aspect of the community, we have a Child Safety Reference Group, consisting of Tanya Hutton, Natalie Meddis, Allan Thompson, Danielle Zarafa, Leonie Rushbrook, Anthony Kirley and two student representatives. Isabelle Santopoli and Majella Portelli are two Year 11 Leaders who have taken on the responsibility of providing a student voice to the committee.

    As we audit our approach to Child Safety, both students have made a valuable contribution in sharing their perspectives and offering their ideas about how we can develop a stronger Child Safety culture at Ave Maria College.

    Natalie Meddis

    "Over the past few months, we have worked behind the scenes attending meetings with the staff and teachers involved in the Child Safety Reference Group, using our student voice and perspective to help the College improve the safety and wellbeing of the students. These meetings have taught us plenty of valuable information about the importance of Child Safety in and out of the school. Child Safety is not only making sure the students are protected, but that they feel safe and welcomed in the school environment. As students, we want to create an atmosphere where all students feel they can be vulnerable and themselves, not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. For many, this may include speaking up about their problems and getting support. Ensuring Child Safety involves an agreement not only with the students but also the parents/guardians and teachers. Our committee wants to show that we are taking action in order to make our College a safe, comfortable place where everyone feels accepted and heard. We hope that the outcome of these meetings and programs planned will help members of our College community understand this topic better and have the courage to speak out and seek help if needed."

    Isabelle Santopoli and Majella Portelli - Year 11

    Careers and Pathways

    Year 10 Careers Day 

    Year 10 students participated in ‘I Focus’ Careers Day on Friday, 17 June 2021. Students heard from guest speakers about skills that future employers are seeking from graduates. Students also investigated specific industry areas and were able to select a virtual work experience task of interest to undertake in
    Term 3.  

    "During Careers Day, I learnt about the employability skills I will need to have a successful future career. In my chosen field of policing, I would need communication skills, critical thinking and determination. It was interesting to begin my Virtual Work Experience Project looking at the duties of a police officer."

    Erin Crowden 

    "As I enjoy helping children develop their knowledge and skills, I selected a Virtual Work Experience Project in Primary Teaching. I discovered that I will need to have to have organisational, problem solving and interpersonal skills in my future career. I have already developed a Music lesson plan for Grade 6 students, where they can compose their own song!"

    Madeline Piccione 

    Campus Tours and Open Days  

    July school holidays are a great opportunity for Year 10 to 12 students to visit a tertiary providers onsite for a campus tour: Monash, Deakin, Victoria and La Trobe Universities are providing these for families.To register, see links in the Careers Newsletter.

    Families are encouraged to attend Tertiary Open Days in August. Visiting campuses and hearing about course programs helps students make informed pathway decisions. As no face to face open days occurred last year, it is vital this opportunity is not missed for Year 10 to 12 students. 

    Early Entry Programs  

    Now open for Year 12 students to apply. Successful students are guaranteed a conditional place in a course, based on a variety of criteria:  

    • ACU Guaranteed - uses Year 11 results and responses to questions regarding overcoming adversity, contribution to others and personal circumstances. If successful - no ATAR is required.  
    • VU Guaranteed - for University and TAFE courses. As a partner school, students respond to questions and are eligible for two $2000 scholarships.  
    • La Trobe ASPIRE Program - for students who have volunteered or undertaken leadership in the community or at school. 

    Newsletter articles available here. Topics this week include: 

    • Upcoming campus tours and events 
    • Early Entry Programs 
    • Open Days 
    • The University of Melbourne – updates 
    • Focus on agriculture careers 

    Poppy Ibrahim

    College Captains

    Dear members of the Ave Maria College Community,  

    How crazy that we are already more than halfway through this 2021 school year!  

    It seems to have gone incredibly fast and has already been so full of wonderful events and opportunities. This term was jam packed with more excursions, including the VCE Drama class’s viewing of Stage School Victoria's production of Godspell, Year 11 Biology’s excursion to Healeseville Sanctuary, and the Year 12 students attending the Careers Expo at Melbourne Showgrounds. 
    Year 7 and 9 students were fortunate enough to take part in their camps where Year 9 cohort spent a challenging and engaging three days at Anglesea for their survival camp and Year 7 students spent more time getting to know one another and their Peer Support Leaders in the calming nature at Forrest Edge Camp. 
    Student Leaders from across the College were also able to participate in a y-Lead Seminar hosted at the College where we spent time learning how to develop initiatives and collaborate as one leadership team.  

    This term the College also participated in the first Athletics Carnival in three years! This was a fantastic day to celebrate House Spirit and witness great student participation across track, field, and novelty events.  

    We as leaders strive to achieve a community where everyone feels included and heard, as we want every student at Ave Maria College to feel Valued, United and Empowered, as we all VUE students at Ave as unique and important members of the College. Student voice is extremely important to us as leaders, as we want to ensure that students at Ave Maria College feel heard and listened to. As the leaders of the College, we strive to ensure Ave Maria College is a place of belonging and community where each of its members is celebrated and appreciated.  

    In order to maintain the positive and inclusive environment present at Ave, The 2021 Student Leadership Team implemented the inaugural suggestion box, called the “VOICE IT BOX”. The “VOICE IT BOX” is located online and accessed via the College’s Learning Management System, Ave Learning. It is anonymous allowing students to feel more comfortable in being able to voice their suggestions and thoughts to help make the Ave Maria community the best it can be.  

    We were astounded with the overwhelming support with the number of responses sent through the form over the course of just a few days. The responses varied from recommendations and ideas on how to make the school environment more supportive in meeting each individual students needs to responses about issues students were passionate about that they wanted the College to address.  

    With these responses, we as the Student Leadership Team, alongside staff, review and read the responses sent through the “VOICE IT BOX” during our fortnightly meetings. This benefits us as leaders in our roles at the College, by increasing our understanding on what the students at the College feel is beneficial and would like us as leaders to continue demonstrating throughout the College as well as areas they would like more support for, so we may continue to strive for an all-embracing school environment.  

    This term, as you are aware, the College went back into online learning with the recent State lockdown. It was a challenge we faced with yet again an unexpected change to our normal routine, but we are proud of the College’s focus and presence during these few weeks. At the conclusion of the lockdown, it was wonderful being back onsite and being able to socialize with friends at lunch and create collaborative class discussion. Upon return to the College grounds, we were fortunate enough to continue meeting with fellow Student Leaders across the school in our regular meetings with the College Year Level Captains from Years 7-11. 

    It has been a great opportunity for us as College Captains to check in with other leaders to see how each Year Level has been traveling with the transitions between lockdown and remote learning, along with being back at the College. It was great to hear that everyone was making an effort to stay connected whilst online and despite some challenges, they faced them head on.  It has been amazing to hear all the wonderful initiatives Year Level have implemented whilst online and at school and we are excited to continue working with these leaders and seeing the wonderful participation by all throughout the College.  

    We wish all students and staff a happy and safe break and congratulate and commend everyone on their fantastic efforts throughout Semester 1.  

    Looking forward to seeing everyone back for Semester 2 and working with the College on developing some exciting initiatives!  

    Mya Mollica, Emily McMahon and Lilianna Morgan

    Around the College

    Languages Week

    During the last week of May, the College celebrated Languages Week. It was a great success, with a number of lunchtime activities being organised, to showcase the importance of cultural connection and unity, in our ever growing multilingual community. At the heart of Languages Week was also an awareness raising exercise, highlighting the benefits and beauty of learning a language and being able to converse in other tongues.

    The week began with some Indonesian fruit tasting, which went down a treat. Students were introduced to Mangosteen, Rambutan, Dragon Fruit, Papaya, Guava, Lychee, and the Durian, just to name a few. However we did not dare cut open the Durian! This was followed by students making Carnevale Masks and Indonesian Shadow Puppets. Finally, the week culminated with a friendly soccer match, which brought together students studying Indonesian and Italian.

    To conclude, a quote from the renowned Italian film director Federico Fellini - “A different language is a different vision of life.”

    Marisa D'Astoli - Languages Domain Leader

    SCSA Basketball

    On Tuesday, 25 May 2021 our Intermediate Basketball team competed in Division 2 of the SCSA Basketball tournament held at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.
    In the lead up to the day, students participated in morning training sessions starting at 7.30am to improve as a team, have fun and most importantly enjoy getting to know each other. After a cancelled competition last year, our players were excited about what we might be able to achieve in 2021.

    The girls represented Ave Maria College fantastically well as they played with a strong sense of competitiveness and fair play. By the end of our round robin games we had won all games convincingly and went on to win in a similar fashion in the Semi-Final. In the Grand Final we met OLSH who were a tough outfit pushing our girls all the way, however with the sustained effort and pressure that typified the Ave team, on the day we came out eventual winners and overall champions.

    Best players on the day were Scarlett Colson, Alexandria Farrugia, Beth Gollant and special mention to Chantal Vitale who was awarded the best player of the day for all intermediate basketballers. A big thank you to the parent volunteers who attended on the day and congratulations to following students for making this year’s SCSA intermediate basketball team:

    • Chantal Vitalie
    • Scarlett Colson
    • Cate Ciccarelli
    • Isabella Ewing
    • Beth Gollant
    •  Alexandra Farrugia
    • Alice Hengel
    • Amy Cunningham
    • Isabella Pernice
    • Iona Davidson
    • Talia Lo Nigro
    • Alannah Piscopo

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to competing once again next year.

    Adam Hipwell - Intermediate Team Coach

    Year 9 Australian Geography Competition

    In Term 1 our Year 9 Geography classes participated in the Australian Geography Competition, pitting their geography ‘know-how’ against students from around the country. In addition, some students from Years 7 and 8 were invited to participate for a bit of fun and the academic challenge. This test assessed a range of topics within the field of geography and required students to draw upon a wide range of skills to successfully complete it.
    Well done to the following students who were recognised as our top performers:

    • Sifora Mussie Brhane: High Distinction in the top 7.95% of Australia for Year 9 students
    • Carla Stanojevic: High Distinction in the top 11.85% of Australia for Year 9 students
    • Mackensie Wilson: High Distinction in the top 11.85% of Australia for Year 9 students
    • Alannah Boccabella: Distinction in the top 16.92% of Australia for Year 9 students
    • Ashley Cecil: High Distinction in the top 10.52% of Australia for Year 7 students

    Congratulations on your recognition on the national stage!

    Adam Hipwell - Year 9 Geography Teacher 

    2021 School Fees 

    A reminder that Term Three Fees are due Friday, 16 July 2021.   

    Thank you to all the families that have made a payment or have provided details of payment plans.    

    Where payment has not yet been made, kindly complete either Direct Debit or Credit Card Authorisation Form, previously supplied, and return to the College immediately.  

    Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund 

    If you hold a Health Care Card or another concession card which names your child, we strongly encourage you to complete the CSEF Application Form and return to the College immediately.  

    Families who successfully claimed the CSEF Rebate in 2020 and have no changes to any details on the application, there is no need to complete a new form for 2021.  Families with a student in Year 7 will need to complete a new application.  

    The CSEF program for 2021 closes on 25 June 2021. 

    Please contact the Finance Office on 9331 9307 should you have any queries or concerns.  

    Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) On School Students with Disability

    The National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) counts the number of students who receive additional adjustments or “help” at school because of a disability. The NCCD helps governments plan for the needs of students with disability.

    For further information regarding NCCD please refer to the attached files.

    NCCD Information Fact Sheet for Parents - English

    NCCD Information Fact Sheet for Parents - Vietnamese

    NCCD Information Fact Sheet for Parents - Arabic

    Simon Everywhere

    Ave Maria College is proud to introduce Simon Everywhere, a smartphone app, designed to streamline the communication process for our families.

    Simon Everywhere allows you to conveniently access your daughter’s reports, grades and attendance, update medical information, notify student absences, give consent for excursions and communicate directly with teachers. Essentially it is your Parent Access Module (PAM) account in the convenience of an app.
    To utilise this facility simply download the Simon Everywhere app from your devices App Store, select Ave Maria College from the schools dropdown list and enter your previously supplied PAM account credentials.

    Click here to access the College Parent Access Module (PAM)
    The SkoolBag App is the easiest way to keep up with school events, last minute notices, newsletters and all school communications.

    CDFpay is an online payment platform families can use to pay for school services from your mobile, tablet or computer at any time.

    Families can:

    • place student online lunch orders.
    • add funds to student accounts to be used for over the counter canteen purchases.
    • add funds to student accounts to be used for Printing Credit.