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September 16, 2021 - Term 3 Week 9

Acknowledgement of Country

Upcoming Events


Friday 24 - Assembly: Room 6 (8.50am)

Friday 24 - Mufti Day: Sports star dress up


Tuesday 12 - Students return: Term 4

Wednesday 13 - Year 6 Camp: Woodman Point

Monday 18 - School Board Meeting (7.00pm)

Wednesday 20 - Staff Meeting (3.15pm)

Monday 25 - Swimming Lessons: Pre-Primary to Year 4

Interm Swimming Lessons - Term 4

Important Information

1:1 Technology Program

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who received a merit certificate at the last assembly.

Arta PPP
Sonny LPP
Edyn SPP
Finn OPP
Harper GPP
Brodie M1
Sonny M1
Amberley T1
Jax D1
Lincoln H2
Charlize M2
James H2
Chloe J2
Kyra R2
Adrian C3
Emilia M3
Gabi S3
Allie R3
Max W3
Lachlan V4
Kian L4
Hayden T4
Luke G5
Aiden M5
Henry M5
Samuel O5
Yesith H5
Taylor S6
Isaac W6
Margarida C6
Gabriella AFrench
Isaac JMusic

Aussies of the Month

The 'Bin Boys' Atticus, Eli and Max from Room 8 and Harry, Zander, Otto, Fenix, Adrian, Baily and Beau from Room 6, were presented with the Aussie of the Month award for taking the initiative to create an environmental super-group, who use their break times to pick up rubbish around our school. 

We love your active citizenship!

Around Glengarry

Fire Truck Incursion

Last week, Rainbow Lorikeets and Year One students were very fortunate to have a happy visit from the Duncraig Fire Brigade and two fire trucks.

We learnt lots of facts about good fires and bad fires and we were amazed by how many different tools they have on the trucks!  We had lots of fun holding the fire hose and spraying water onto the grass - we all had a turn to hold the big red spray hose!  Thank you to the Duncraig Fire Brigade and to Angela Uphill for liaising with the Fire Brigade to create such a memorable morning and inspiration for our drawings and writing.

Numero Challenge

Last Tuesday, 7th September, Mrs Powley took 12 students from Glengarry Primary School to compete in a Numero competition at West Greenwood Primary School.

All students participated with great enthusiasm and were very competitive in their age groups.  Thanks to Mrs Elena Eddy for hosting us at this event.  We will look forward to seeing you next year to demonstrate our math skills again.

Numero Squad


Speak Up

During this term, every student from Years 1-6 has had the opportunity to research, plan and prepare a speech within their class.  Students presented their speeches within their year level to decide on the finalists. During this process all the children have developed skills and confidence in public speaking. 

The speeches presented in classes were of a high standard and scores were very close, so semi-finals were also held.  It is a great achievement and a credit to these students who got to this stage of the finals.  All speeches were engaging and entertaining and it was lovely that there were such a broad range of topics. 

We were most fortunate to be supported by the Duncraig Lions Club again this year. Thank you to Ms Helen Montgomery and Mrs Sue Green who were our guest judges this week.

R U OK? Day Activities

On Tuesday the 7th of August, the Glengarry community celebrated RUOK? Day.  Our students scoured their wardrobes to find the most yellow outfit they owned, and wore them to school as part of a free dress day in recognition of RUOK? Day.  As part of the free dress day, students each donated a gold coin towards the Kids’ Helpline, managing to raise a staggering $317.40.  Each class also took a picture on the oval in the formation of a question mark (the symbol of RUOK? Day,) as well as completing teacher-led classroom activities which focused on the awareness and discussion of mental health and wellbeing.

We were all very pleased about how the day went, and proud of our contribution towards what is an increasingly important cause. 

Interschool Cross Country

House Athletics Carnival

We had two perfect Djilba days!  Children were thrilled to see so many spectators and we thank you for coming.

The winning house was Dampier, followed by Forrest, Sturt & Banks.

The winner of the marching shield was Banks.  Well done to all House Captains and their marching teams for giving us an entertaining start to the carnival.  Forrest won back the Grand Relay trophy from Forrest with a very spirited run!

Children held up very well to keep on moving all morning and take turns in team games.  Luckily the yoga and rest stations gave a bit of time to recover.  The team efforts at tunnel-ball and tug-o-war were a highlight, although there was a late appeal over the House Captains vs Teachers event.

Thank you to everyone who helped pack away so well…  Special thanks to those parents who came in early to set up and to the staff who gave up so much of their own time: in particular Mr Lillico for setting up the P.A. system; Mrs Barrett for setting up and working on the marshalling sheets; Mrs Rudd for doing a great job of coordinating the day and Ms Algar for backing her up.

The day cannot happen without the many parent volunteers, of which there were too many to mention.  Your time is much appreciated.

Thank you if you gave any of the many positive emails or comments. These are greatly appreciated by the staff and reward the many hours of preparation needed to bring a carnival together. 

Constructive suggestions and ideas are always welcome so please send them in.  All feedback is welcomed - please email or

Wedding Bells

We congratulate Mr Lillico on his upcoming marriage to Miss Circosta (soon to be Mrs Lillico!)

Students signed a jacket for him and staff held a special morning tea to congratulate the happy couple.

Health and Hygiene

Is your child feeling unwell?

Please do not send your child to school if they are at all unwell.

Any child who demonstrates or complains of being unwell will be removed from the classroom, isolated and parents/carers contacted.

Our school is well stocked with hand sanitiser.  This has been provided to all work areas (including classrooms) and children are expected to “sanitise out / sanitise in” at all times.  Cleaning of hands following toilet use is also instructed.

Chaplain's Chat

Is it Bullying?

A bully is a person who tries to take power over another person.  Bullying is a repeated behaviour and includes:

  • Physical bullying (hitting, kicking, forcing, stealing, destroying property)
  • Verbal and nonverbal bullying (name calling, threatening, insulting, teasing, making faces, eye rolling, taunting)
  • Relational bullying (refusal to talk to someone, spreading gossip, whispering about someone, forcing unwanted actions, writing hurtful words about someone)
  • Cyber bullying (bullying through the use of mobile phones, text messages, emails, social media, online forums)

It is important to help children understand the difference between being rude or mean, and bullying.

  • Rude is when a person says or does something hurtful without intending to and they do it once.
  • Mean is when a person intentionally says or does something to hurt another person and they do it once. 
  • Bullying is when a person repeatedly and intentionally hurts someone else with their words or actions and refuses to stop when asked.

Let’s work together to help students differentiate between being rude, mean, or bullying to make Glengarry a peaceful, safe, and positive school environment.

Jennifer Wolff



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