St Mary's Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 6 (28 May, 2021)

Dear St Mary's School Community

Value in Focus: Honesty

We tell the truth and act truthfully.

Gospel: Matthew 28: 16-20

On Sunday, we celebrate Trinity Sunday.  The gospel for the day, has Jesus explaining to the disciples that: “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.  Go to all people and baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And I will be with you always.”  The Trinity is a family.  The Father loves the Son and Jesus (son) loves the Father and from their love the Holy Spirit bursts forth to give life to the world.

Bicentenary of Catholic Education in Australia

Our Head Boy Miji and Head Girl Olivia represented St Mary's School with pride at the Bicentenary Mass of Catholic Education in Australia on Monday at St Mary's Cathedral.  The Prime Minister, The Hon Scott Morrison MP gave a message of congratulations via video with the transcript at the font of the Mass booklet.  I have attached it for you to read. 

Life Link Day 2021

On Wednesday, we are celebrating Life Link Day.  The LifeLink Day Schools Initiative was established in 1999
  • To promote understanding of the Church's response to people in need within the community.
  • To instil in Catholic students attending Archdiocesan Schools, a sense of responsibility for caring for those less fortunate.
  • To provide education and information of the work the LifeLink social service agencies, which help many thousands of Western Australians in need each year.
  • To encourage a "practical demonstration of Faith" by asking students, teachers and schools to organise a special fundraising event for LifeLink Day, with the proceeds aiding people in real need within the community.


At St Mary’s, we will continue the tradition of having Pyjama Day on this day.  For a gold coin donation, the students can wear their pyjamas to school on Wednesday, 2 June.  I know that the staff have all been online shopping to buy new pyjamas to wear!  I wonder what their new pyjamas will look like?

Pete the Sheep

The Year One and Two students went to see 'Pete the Sheep' on Wednesday at the Cummins Theatre.  They all thoroughly enjoyed the show and were fascinated with the set and the way that it changed.  These are some of the reflections on the show:

There was only four people that acted as Pete the Sheep.  A man had braided hair and he had an egg.   Tahlia (Year One)

My favourite part was when Pete had an idea to open a hairdresser’s shop.  They gave sheep haircuts!  Thomas (Year One)

I loved Pete the Sheep because it was funny! I thought it was cool to see the actors change to be all the different characters.  Audrey (Year Two)

I liked how the sets changed on Pete the Sheep and my favourite part was when Shaun and Pete did their secret handshake.  Lucas (Year Two)

Faction Cross Country

We were blessed with a beautiful morning for our Faction Cross Country today.  The students all showed determination and perseverance to complete the course.  They all displayed the school values of sportsmanship and  leadership.  Thank you to all the families who came along to watch and support, to Kat White for helping out, to all the staff and  of course to Elisha Criddle for her preparation of the students and coordination of the morning.  Those students who are eligible for Bruce Rock Cross Country on Friday, 18 May will be notified by Mrs Criddle. For all the results please see Mrs Criddle's write up.

Week Seven

We have a Pupil Free Day set for next Friday, 4 June.  Staff will be involved in Professional Learning for the Keeping Safe in Schools program.  This is a system-wide program that will replace Protective Behaviours at St Mary’s.  A Bulletin will be distributed to all families on Thursday afternoon.

Pastoral Care

We offer our condolences to the Beck Family (Tomas - Year Five and Angelica - Year Four) on the passing of their father and grandfather Graeme Beck.  May Graeme Rest in Peace and may perpetual light shine upon him.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families,

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion

The Retreat Day for First Holy Communion will now be on Friday, 17th September.

The Sacrament of First Holy Communion will now be Sunday, 19th September at 10.30am. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.

LifeLink Day Fundraiser

A reminder that Wednesday, 2nd June is Life Link Day. To raise money for this appeal, we will be having a Pyjama Dress Up Day for students in K-Year Six. Please bring a gold coin donation. 

Kind regards,

Mrs Zoe O'Malley

Assistant Principal

Class News

Year One Class News

In Year One we have been very lucky that we have been able to take part in a theatre workshop for Pete the Sheep, also on Wednesday we went to Cummins theatre to watch the Monkey Baa Theatre company perform it on stage. It was a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about the characters and the themes within the story. This was especially relevant to us as it recognises the value that our differences have and what we can learn and love about all the different people that we meet each day. We also took the opportunity to have a quick stop on the way back to school at Apex Park to have lunch.  

Year Six RE Corner

The Year Six class have been preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation this term. We have chosen a Saint who inspires us and whose name we will take in Confirmation. We are busy creating posters about our Saints which will then be displayed in the Church.

Miji: Saint Alexander fought off Pirates.

Olivia: Saint Mary MacKillop is the first Australian Saint.

Jake: Saint Michael fought away evil.

Lachlan: Saint Patrick was enslaved by Pirates at the age of sixteen.

Charlotte: Saint Lucy is the Patron Saint for the Blind.

Savannah: Saint Matilda was known for her incredible generosity towards others.

Sam: Saint Thomas Aquinas was one of the greatest Philosophers.

Tyler: Saint Damien is known as the Martyr of Charity.

Ava: Saint Rose visited Jesus in the tabernacle.

Jonah: Saint Anthony is someone you can pray to if you lose something.

Jack: Saint Raphael is the Patron Saint of Travelers.

Lilly: Saint Nicholas is the Patron Saint for Children.

Abigail: Saint Gabriel was one of the three Arch-Angels.

Blair: Saint Peter’s real name was Saint Simon-Peter. 

Design and Technology

Our focus for this term has been investigating ‘Engineering Principles and Systems.’ The students have been involved in generating and recording design ideas through describing, drawing, modelling and/or a sequence of written or spoken steps.  

The Pre-Primary students were asked to design and construct a toy that could be ‘pushed or pulled.’  In their presentation they showed their design and demonstrated how their toy moved. We saw some great designs and toys made from recycled materials!   

The Year One class have been investigating ‘gravity and buoyancy.’ They designed their own boat. They then constructed their boat using alfoil. They were asked the question – How many weights can your boat hold? We used weights to see which boat was able to hold the most!

The Year Two class are investigating how ‘how forces create movement.’  The students designed a ‘car launcher.’  Each group launched and measured how far their toy car went using three different starting lines. We had lots of discussion about which car measured the longest!

Year Three and Four students have been investigating ‘forces and how properties of materials affect the behaviour of objects.’ The students designed a ‘marble run.’ Each group then presented their design and construction to the class. 

The Year Four and Five students have been investigating ‘forces and controlling the movement of forces.’ The students were given two magnets and a toy car.  They were asked to see which car could win a race. There was a variety of different strategies used and cars going in many directions!  

The Year Six class are investigating ‘electrical energy and how to create light.’  They are working on a STEM project to design and construct a ‘model of a house with lights.’ We are looking forward to the end result and presentations!

Faction Cross Country Results

1st Mackillop - 403

2nd Salvatorians - 352

3rd St Joseph - 341


Champion Boy - Patrick O’Neill

Runner Up Boy - Cooper Pascoe

3rd Place Boy - Royce White

4th Place Boy - Clancy Sutherland

Champion Girl - Ruby Smith

Runner Up Girl - Mia Crees

3rd Place Girl - Celia Davis

4th Place Girl - Layla Gregory


Champion Boy - Koby Sayers

Runner Up Boy - Zac Crees

3rd Place Boy - Elijah Sutherland

4th Place Boy - Ashton Thompson

Champion Girl - Camee Roberts

Runner Up Girl - Angelica Kraske-Beck

3rd Place Girl - Olivia Maloney

4th Place Girl - Matilda Carr


Champion Boy - William Elliott

Runner Up Boy - Blair Carr

3rd Place Boy - Charlie Growden

4th Place Boy - Archie Gethin

Champion Girl - Ellie Atkinson

Runner Up Girl - Isabella Stones

3rd Place Girl - Charlotte Criddle

4th Place Girl - Layla Ryan

Our next event will be the Interschool Cross Country held at the Bruce Rock Golf Club on Friday 18, June. We will be taking the students who came first, second and third. 

Kind Regards,

Mrs Criddle

Award Winners

Christian Values Award:

Pre-Primary: Ruby Jardine

Year One: MacKenzie Munro

Year Two: Cooper Pascoe

Year Three/Four: Tayla Montgomery

Year Four/Five: Caitlin Bissett

Year Six: Abigail S

Excellence Award:

Pre-Primary: Alistair Crook

Year One: Norah Swarts

Year Two: Celia Davis

Year Three/Four: Myles Madaffari

Year Four/Five: Charlie Growden

Year Six: Ava Downsborough

Stem/Science Award:

Pre-Primary: Hayley Growden

Year One: Layla Gregory

Year Two: Layla Jacobson

Year Three/Four: Koby Sayers

Year Four/Five: Ollie Creagh

Year Six: Charlotte Criddle

Container Deposit Scheme

Just a reminder of what Containers are eligible and which are not for our Containers for Change at Saint Mary's.  We are going to re-locate the trailer to be near the bins so it is easier to drop off recycled goods.

Remember to quote our Saint Mary's code:  C10323720 if you are taking any recycled goods to the depot.  

Thank you,

Mrs McCormack

Other News & Important Dates

Book Club

Issue 4 of Book Club has been sent home with students this week. Orders are due in by Friday 4th June.

2021 Footy Tipping Update

EDMW is now the clear leader on our leaderboard with 67 points.

Round 9 sponsored by Triple M was won by Leashcooper.

Round 10 sponsored by Pat & Chat Mobile Vet was won by morgzandrach who have now won 2 of the 23 rounds and have snuck into second place.

The Melbourne lockdown is playing havoc with some of the games this week but fingers crossed future fixtures continue as we head into winter.

Let Us Pray

God the Father,

Christ our Saviour, Spirit of Love.

You call us to share in your life and love:

One God, three Persons.


Community Notices

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