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From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2! I hope that everyone has had a fantastic break and is now ready to get back into our normal school routines. 

There have been a number of changes to our start of term routine so far and I thank you all, for your understanding. The first Friday's assembly was a special ANZAC assembly coordinated by Mrs Dammerel. This Friday's assembly was cancelled due to the large number of students who are attending the Sydney Writers Festival and the Tongarra Cross Country. Thank you to the large number of parents who were able to attend the extraordinary assembly held on Wednesday, we could not have waited any longer to recognise our growing number of bronze award winners. This is no assembly THIS Friday, but next week we will be back to normal. 

If you are a parent who did not receive the notification on Dojo, I am very sorry.

After a very helpful parent brought this to my attention, I contacted Dojo to see what we as a school could do to help everyone get notifications. 

If you have an android device - https://classdojo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050778411-Notifications-and-Your-Parent-Account#android

If you have an apple device- https://classdojo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050778411-Notifications-and-Your-Parent-Account#ios

If you are accessing from the web - https://classdojo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050778411-Notifications-and-Your-Parent-Account#web

Last Saturday Jamberoo PS students took part in the community ANZAC march. We were well represented by 31 students. These students were recognised at Wednesday's assembly. Thank yo to the families, who were able to fit this into their busy schedules. The students' behaviour was exemplary and I was extremely proud of them. Thank you also to Mrs Galea and Mrs McCormack for assisting and coordinating the students on the day. 

Ms Greta Lewis

Principal (Rel)

Thank you P&C

The new netball rings are finally able to be used in our lower playground. Thank you to the P&C for arranging these and Mr Rod for ensuring that they have been properly installed and are safe to use. 

Jamberoo Community ANZAC day service.

Remember: come to school everyday on time and stay for the entire day!

Upcoming Events

April 30, Friday

Tongarra Cross Country

Young Writers Festival

May 4, TuesdaySTEPS vision Screening
May 5, Wednesday Hot Dog Day
May 6, ThursdayMother's Day Stall
May 10-May 14 All weekNAPLAN
May 28, Friday Rugby League Day
June 14, MondayPublic Holiday

ANZAC Day 2021 at Jamberoo Public School

Opportunity Class Placement 2022

Year 4 Parents and Carers interested in finding out more and applying for opportunity class placement for their child, please see below link. 


Hot Dog Day

Last chance to order!

Next Wednesday 5 May is Hot Dog Day. 

This is a fundraiser to go towards the senior school excursion. 

Tomorrow Friday 20 April is your last chance to order.

The office will accept cash only orders.

One hot dog, small packet of chips and a poppa $5.00

Two hot dogs, small packet of chips and a poppa $7.00

School Construction

Construction has begun here at Jamberoo Public School. The staff carpark has had a make over and the Access Parking spot has now moved to the parking spot closest to the top gate. Once the lower gateway is widened this will be a vehicle entry only and the top gate will be the exit. It is important that all students enter via the lower entry. This will be fenced off so that students are not sharing the same space as cars. The bins will also be relocated to the lower carpark to create a better and safer access for students with specific access needs. 

Classroom renovations also began this week. Decks will be built outside of Cooinda, Wonga Wonga and the Learning Support Room on the lower classroom building. Inside the classrooms new storerooms are being built to provide more floorspace for the children to learn in. 

These are very exciting changes and ones which we are looking forward to seeing completed. 

Teacher of the Week

Congratulations to Mrs McCormack for being our teacher of the week. 

You have been awarded this prize for all your work in the playground, garden and with our chickens. You are an encouraging and supportive teacher and valued by myself and all of the school community. Congratulations for taking on the extra responsibility of being Assistant Principal part time and taking on further tasks around our school. Jamberoo Public School would not be the same without you. Thank you. 

Showcase on Birrahlee

Last week Birrahlee learnt about the significance of ANZAC Day and the ANZAC symbol of the poppy. They made beautiful poppy artworks and wrote about how ANZAC Day was celebrated at school and in their family.

Cooking with the Principal

This week was our first week of 'cooking with the principal'. I was joined by Annabelle, Tannon, Mali, Deni & Kiya making dumplings. 

The students met earlier in the week to discuss what they would like to make, create a shopping list and arrange what they would need to bring along. 

The students paired up with Tannon and Annabelle making gluten-free dumpling dough, Mali and Kiya making Chinese chicken filling and Deni creating the Chinese beef filling. 

The chicken dumplings were steamed and the beef ones were fried. There was a lot of planning that went into this cooking activity and the children certainly had their fill of dumplings. I must admit, I sampled the filling and it was delicious! 

The least enjoyable time for our master chefs was the pack up time!

Congratulations seniors your cooking was amazing, I am looking forward to next week's groups.  

Week 1 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten Walabi
Year 1 Birrahlee
Year 2 Cooinda
Year 3 Wonga Wonga
Year 4 Kookaaraa

Year 5/6 Wombarra
Learning Habits 
Principal's AwardSpecial ANZAC awards - Deni R, Finn P, Annabelle Y, Dimity B, Oden S, Chloe A, Matilda K, Kiya R, Ruby P, Maly B, Zac T, Alexis T, Fathi K, Ava B, Cate B, Jack C, Harrison K, Tyler W, Ava K, Sofia D, Samara, Elivia K, Talia, Beau R, Mitchell M, Billy R, Madeleine W, Holly T, Emily T, Lachlan O, Ben Y, Evelyn S & Kristjan B.

School photos took place this week. Thank you to all our families for preparing your children so well, they all looked lovely.

Week 2 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten WalabiLani A, Zahli B, Cate B, Zavier D, Sofia D, Harrison K & Evelyn S.
Year 1 BirrahleeRuby A, Elivia K, May R, Maeve R, Grace S, Baily S & Finn S.
Year 2 CooindaHanna B, Ava B, Beau R & Holly T. 
Year 3 Wonga WongaImelda C, Darcy D, Ellery H, Lachlan S & Marcus W. 
Year 4 KookaaraaBrodie K, Polly R, Billy R, Charlie R, Dominic V & Benjamin Y. 

Year 5/6 WombarraChloe A, Quincy C, Tannon Cm Ruby P, Mahala P, Odin S, Kobi T & Taj S.
Learning HabitsEvelyn N, Joel S, Nate F, Max L, Winter M, Emily T, Alexis T, Hayes H, Talia M & Chloe O. 
Principal's Award
Teacher of the weekMrs McCormack

Have you seen our new flag pole out the front? Senior students learnt about raising our flag this week. We are also now able to fly the Aboriginal flag as well.

SASY's reminder about school rules- When using the toilets, we: Use toilet and leave, Keep toilets clean, Use soap and water to wash hands.

Please remember to update your child's health care plan on Operoo and supply a paper copy to the office.

Year 4 and 6 Took part in the Check in Assessment last week. Another great example of how we use our technology to monitor our learning.

Headspace - Upcoming sessions


Kiama Fun Run

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