Dernancourt School Newsletter

Thursdsay 29th July, 2021

From the Leadership Team

Well that wasn’t quite the way we were expecting to start Term 3!

We understand how difficult this stop start to school has been for you and your children, and would like to thank you for your ongoing support, especially as we have a number of families who have been asked to quarantine. We appreciate that this has been a worrying time for many of you and we hope that you are all safe and well. As we transition back to school, please be assured that our staff will be attentive to the wellbeing of learners during this time and If you have any questions, or concerns please email your child’s teacher.

We would like to thank our teachers for quickly adapting their teaching and learning programs to enable delivery from home. We appreciated how all staff professionally responded and moved into working from home, or becoming part of our skeleton staff.

 On behalf of our teachers, we would also like to thank you for your uptake of Home Learning and everything that went with it. We commend families for enthusiastically embracing these programs and we are so proud of the participation and work completed and submitted by students with the support of their families.

As per our Skoolbag notifications, some government restrictions are in place at present and as a result, normal access to the school by parents will not be possible during this time.  It was so wonderful to see our learners confidently returning to school on Wednesday and we thank you for your guidance in preparing them for the new restrictions and guidelines around being back. You have all been supportive in following the requirements. 

As always, students should not attend school if they are unwell or are required to self-isolate/quarantine by SA Health. Please inform the school if this is the case. Students directly impacted by SA Health quarantine orders, will be provided with home learning support.

Staff  are also having to share disappointing news with our learners as we have needed to postpone several class excursions and events including our  Dernancourt School Matsuri. This celebration will be moved to Term 4 although the special lunch will proceed as planned.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Kellie & Anita

Leadership Team.  

Secondary School Offers

Secondary school enrolment offers for our year 6 and 7 students will be sent out this term!

We know that this can be an exciting time and you want to receive your offer as soon as possible, but it is important to note that not all schools will send out their enrolment offers at the same time. Offers will be sent as close as possible to 13 August 2021.

Where possible, enrolment offers will be sent to you by email. If you haven’t received your offer, check your junk folder for an email from

If your enrolment offer has not arrived by email, post, or been sent home with your child by 18 August, please let the leadership team know on our email and include Sharyn on . We will then follow up on your behalf.

If you need support with the process of accepting the enrolment offer, it is best to contact the allocated secondary school and they will support you through the process.


Congratulations to the following students who have completed the 2021 Premier's Reading Challenge.

J2     Tyler, Kai, Cherie, Indy, Ama, Li Ao, Violet, Aidan, Lynton, Dino, Sophia, Finn, Cameron, Aria, Mia, Sabby and Amalie.

J4    Kawdhi, Kishin, Lincoln, Sahar, Zac, Haylee, Natik, Oneli, Kelan, Isabel, Alisha, Maci, Owen, Jude, Medina, Ellie, Elijah, Preruet, Minh, Violet, Kashvi, Brodie, Paige, Jett, Harry and Alija.

J5    Rory, Ayda, Oliver, Chloe, Ibrahim, Elijah, Sargun, Blaine, Charlotte, Sami, Max, James, Marcello, Charlotte, Dhyan, Aaliyah, Samuel, Charlize, Tyler, Lewis, Jaxon, Eliana and Ziyi. 

J6    Bailey, Isabella, Noah, Bryan, Mikayla, Grace, Alice, Reyansh, Vilok, Eeshan, Ethan, Lucas, Ella, Abby, Kayode, Devaj, William, Aarav, Luca, Shyama, Declan and Kyle.

P2    Adella, Amadeus, Hiro, Hope, Hugh, Inayah and Samy.

P3    Harrison, Ashton, Samarveer, Lucas, James, Shlok, Aaliyah, Max, Kaliah, Riley, Erin, Jessica and Jackson.

P5    Domenic, Rudra, Renesh and Connor.

P6    Ethan

P8    Kiyara, Oscar, Brody, A.J, Myrto, Tyson and Mahayla.

P14    Isabella, B.J and Oli.

Crossing Monitors

WEEK 3 - Sihang (P5), Jasmine (P12), Elisha (P4)

WEEK 4 - Chelsea (P10), Olivia (P12), Savannah (P8)

WEEK 5 - Dain (P12), Paige (P12), Emma (P8), Oscar (P8) (Thurs/Fri pm only)

We appreciate you keeping our school community safe. 

Important Dates

Term 3, 2021 Calendar - All dates marked on the Term 3 calendar also appear on our Skoolbag Events Calendar.

Governing Council News

Canteen Committee

Matsuri Day Special

Our next Canteen Special Day will be taking place on Wednesday 11th August, 2021. Orders must be placed via QKR app no later than 9:30am on Friday 6th August, 2021.


Vegetarian Sushi Triangle - cucumber, carrot, avocado and kewpie mayonnaise, seasoned rice wrapped in nori accompanied with soy sauce. $3.50

Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Triangle - marinated teriyaki chicken, seasoned rice wrapped in nori accompanied with soy sauce. $3.50

Japanese Vegetable Curry - potato, carrot, peas, baby corn, mild curry sauce and steamed rice. $5.00

            Place your orders now via QKR!!

Education Committee

Parenting Workshop with Madhavi Narwana Parker

Book in now for the last two workshops. The next workshop takes place on the 18th August with the focus on well being and resilience and the last workshop being held on 15th September (PLEASE NOTE New Date) will cover digital technologies and the impact this has on children.

What is resilience?  Resilience is mentally and emotionally coping with and adapting to challenges in helpful, constructive ways in order to return to a healthy state of wellbeing in a reasonable amount of time.

What isn’t resilience? Never getting upset or worried when something goes wrong and being happy, confident and calm all the time. How to develop resilience (confidence and courage)

  • Help children develop confidence through competence. Children need to know they can do things on their own and that they are coping for their age. E.g carry their own school bag, pack their bag, put on their own clothes, make their lunch, bed etc. 
  • Help children develop confidence through challenges.  It is ok if a child has "small" failures. This helps them learn that if things don't go the way they want it is still ok.  E.g  Forgetting their school hat.  While it may seem like a catastrophe to a child it really isn't the end of the world.
  • Develop confidence through character.   Who they are as a person is what matters most. Not what they can or cannot do. Provide a home environment where your child is loved, cared for, nurtured and shown kindness. 
  • Develop confidence and courage by teaching children to be generous and teach empathy.  (Knowing how another person is feeling)
  • Love your child for who they are not who you want them to be.  Look for good things  about your child (traits not abilities) and tell them often.  
  • Madhavi allowed time for parents to ask questions which was a valuable part of the workshop. If you missed this workshop there are still bookings available for the next two.  The next workshop on 18th August will focus on resilience and well being whereas the last one on 15th September will have a focus on digital technologies and the impact this has on children, as per the request of parents.

    Both workshops run between 7:00 - 8:30pm but please note the change in date of the last workshop due to the Festival of Music performance on 8th September.

    Bookings essential.

    Uniform Reminder

     The students of Dernancourt School proudly wear our school uniform, which helps build and maintain school spirit, pride and a sense of identity and belonging. We ask that parents  ensure that their child is wearing the appropriate uniform.

    Please check that your child has navy blue track pants / leggings/ shorts/ skorts. Denim, black or logo bottoms are not permitted. Tops must be navy with optional logo. These can be long or short sleeve. As hoods are a choking hazard they are not to be worn.

    Only 2021 commemorative tops or regular DSR-7 jumpers are to be worn by Year 6 and 7 students.


    Wonder Recycling Rewards

    Wonder Recycling Rewards

    Wonder Recycling Rewards has been extended. Thanks for collecting your bread bags and tags over the holidays. Bring them to school NOW!

    Don’t know what to do with all your empty bread bags and tags?

    Our wonderful year 5/6’s from P8 have registered our school to participate in the Wonder Recycling Rewards  program - a fun and easy program for our school to recycle bread bags and tags that might otherwise go to landfill, and earn rewards points to redeem on new sports equipment for our efforts. All the collected plastic will be used to create school play equipment! PLUS we will go in the draw to WIN one of five exercise circuits made from the recycled plastic we collect.

    ·         Any brand of bread bag can be collected

    ·         Bags must be free of crumbs, but don’t need to be washed