Glengarry Primary School

September, 2021 - Term 3 Week 7

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Principal's Pen

Dear Parents & Community Members,

The School Board met on Monday evening for what proved to be a highly productive meeting. Once again, I am extremely grateful for the commitment this group of people provide to our school; not just during meetings but prior to and following each gathering.

Items discussed included:

  • A revised / reviewed Attendance Policy
  • Information re. the proposed 1-to-1 Technology program
  • School Development Day dates for 2022

As mentioned, there was discussion in relation to the proposed implementation of a 1-to-1 Technology program.  Following consultation with local schools, including the Duncraig Senior High School, we have come to the realisation that our students are significantly disadvantaged when entering secondary education as compared to other primary schools that use a similar program.  Despite significant resourcing directed to IT from the school’s budget, we are not able to meet the capabilities required of a Year 7 student and the current proposal alludes to Year 4 students requiring more regular access to technology.  Further information will be provided within the Newsletter and subsequently via the school’s webpage and I sincerely suggest families avail themselves of this information. I thank the 1-to-1 Steering Committee for all efforts to date.

 Peter Meston


Upcoming Events


Friday 3 - Assembly: Room 7 (8.50am)

Monday 6 - Interschool Cross Country

Tuesday 7 - RU OK? Day:  Activities

Tuesday 7 - Numero Challenge: Glengarry v West Greenwood

Tuesday 7 - P&C Meeting (7.30pm)

Thursday 9 - House Athletics (Jumps, Throws, 400m & 200m races)

Friday 10 - House Athletics Carnival

Friday 10 - P&C Sausage Sizzle and Icy Poles

Tuesday 14 - Imagination Village Incursion: Lorikeets and PP Red

Wednesday 15 - Imagination Village Incursion: Kookaburras and PP Blue

Wednesday 15 - Speak Up: Final (8.50am)

Thursday 16 - Interschool Athletics (Jumps and Throws)

Friday 17 - Interschool Athletics Carnival

Important Information

Interschool Cross Country!

The rescheduled Interschool Cross Country event will be run this Monday, September 6th at Davallia Primary School.

Your child needs to be at school before 9:00am and dressed in their interschool shirt.

We are still requiring a volunteer to help support judging on the day. If you are able to assist please contact Mrs Rudd by email

1:1 Technology Program

Glengarry ICT Steering Committee is made up of parent representatives and teaching staff.  They have investigated the viability of introducing 1:1 technology for Year 4 students in 2022.  At the last meeting it was recommended the school pursue implementing a 1:1 Technology Program, and the device that was recommended by the committee was an iPad.

If you would like to see how this technology works in a primary school context, we have arranged a visit to Ashdale Primary School on Wednesday, 8 September.  There is very limited space, if you wish to join please email by Friday, September 3.

For more information on Glengarry Primary School’s 1:1 Technology initiative, please visit:


In Week 8 Glengarry Primary School will be acknowledging RUOK Day!

On Tuesday 7th September, all students are encouraged to wear something yellow and bring in a gold coin donation towards Kids Helpline, our 2021 school charity.  In addition to this, we will be getting photos of  all classes from Pre-Primary to Year 6 in the shape of a Question mark on the oval (a symbol of RUOK?).

Thursday 9th September is the official day to recognise RUOK?  Classes will discuss the importance of checking in on a friend or peer.

House Athletics Carnival

The House Athletics Carnival is scheduled next week on Thursday 9th September and Friday 10th September. 

Thursday Timetable: If your child is in an event on Thursday, they will bring home a slip highlighting what event they are in.

1.00pmYear 5Year 4Year 6Year 3 - 1.20pm start
1.30pmYear 3Year 5Year 4Year 6 - 1.50pm start
2.00pmYear 6Year 3Year 5Year 4 - 2.20pm start
2.30pmYear 4Year 6Year 3

Year 5 - 2.50pm start

N.B. Ribbons will be handed to children immediately after events. 

Friday Timetable (Approximate):

8:50am March onto Oval

9:15am Pre-primary Running races

9:30am Sprints heats

Recess 10:20-10:35am

10:40 Games/Tabloids

12:20pm - 1:00pm Lunch

1:10 Sprint Finals

Tunnel Ball

Tug o War

Grand relay


If you are available to volunteer on either day, please use the link below to record your name and contact information. 

School Attendance

The School Education Act requires parents to provide satisfactory reasons for non-attendance of their child.  Please send an email to your child’s teacher, phone the office or use our SkoolBag app to explain any absences.  This includes half day absences.

Every day of school counts, therefore it is recommended that students attend school as frequently as possible, unless ill.  We encourage appointments to be taken outside of school hours to avoid students missing valuable learning time.

Please view our schools Attendance Policy on our website:

Standalone Bushfire Plan

Glengarry Primary School has recently completed a Standalone Bushfire Plan for 2021-2022.  This document is available to view on our school website:

Around Glengarry

Pre-Primary Father's Day Breakfast

On Wednesday, September 1st, Pre-Primary Red and Blue held a Father’s Day breakfast event before school, inviting dads, grandads and other special guests into the classroom for some fun activities.

The children made ties and bow ties for their special guests, painted pictures, created fabulous box construction and enjoyed savoury and sweet muffins with juice for breakfast.  Once the dads and grandads were looking resplendent in their ties, they visited the photo booth to have a picture taken to mark this special occasion.

It was fantastic to see everyone creating, having fun and celebrating these amazing people in the children’s lives.

Rebecca Coston

Classroom Teacher

Book Week

What a great Book Week!!!

Last week the students and staff were busy celebrating Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds for Book Week.  It was great to see all the fabulous costumes on show at the much anticipated Book Week Dress Up Day on Friday.  Students came to school dressed up as their most favourite book character and showed off their amazing costumes at the parade, such as Captain Underpants, Cruella, Harry Potter and there was even a Cat in the Hat!

Thanks to all staff, students and parents for supporting the Book Fair and Book Week celebrations.  We managed to raise a generous $986.00 that will go back to the school in the form of wonderful books.  A big thank you to Louise Lockhart for helping Mrs Mackintosh throughout the week with sales, and an especially big thank you to Mrs Mackintosh for making our library look ‘Out of this World’ and for hosting a incredibly successful Book Fair.

The below winners of the colouring competition will receive a much deserved icy pole:

  • Hope - ECE Red
  • Emily - PP Blue
  • Madison - Y1 R4
  • Meera - Y3 R6
  • Darren - Y3 R6
  • Bailey - Y5 R11
  • Emma - Y6 R9
  • Jude - Y3 R8
  • Torah - Y4 R5

One Big Voice - RAC Arena August 20

Congratulations and well done to the Senior and Year 4 Choirs, who represented our school at One Big Voice.

We rehearsed after school with 3500 other singers, ready to present a fantastic concert in the evening on Friday, August 20.  The songs had positive, affirming messages and the massed choir looked and sounded so impressive; we were up on the big screen and performing under lights! Thank you to the staff members who came along to help out and look after nearly 100 Glengarry students.

Mrs Ruscoe

Health and Hygiene

Is your child feeling unwell?

Please do not send your child to school if they are at all unwell.

Any child who demonstrates or complains of being unwell will be removed from the classroom, isolated and parents/carers contacted.

Our school is well stocked with hand sanitiser.  This has been provided to all work areas (including classrooms) and children are expected to “sanitise out / sanitise in” at all times.  Cleaning of hands following toilet use is also instructed.

Chaplain's Chat

Listening and R U OK Day

What does it mean to actively listen to another person?  True listening involves giving people space and time to share their ideas without interruption, refraining from judgement, and reflecting back what was said.  Listening involves not only hearing a person’s words, but also noticing their nonverbal communication.  When we really listen to others, they feel valued and respected.

Did you know that active listening also promotes empathy?  By focusing in during conversation we can understand how the other person feels and begin to understand their experience.  This is important as it builds trust and fosters strong relationships.

This week as we recognise R U OK Day, let’s ask the question, “are you OK?”  Then listen with an open mind and demonstrate empathy.  Your conversation could change a life. 

For tips on how to listen well please see

Jennifer Wolff


P&C News

Community News

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