St Andrew's Primary Marayong Newsletter

Term 2 Issue 7 - 14th May 2021

From the Principal - Yvette Baird

Dear community of St Andrew’s,

Last Friday, following our whole school assembly we gathered in prayer for our special Mother’s or Mother figures in our life.  I pray that all mothers and grandmothers had a very special day on Sunday and that the best gift you received from your family was love.    It was a wonderful community experience to first acknowledge the great work of the students and share the successes of our Cross country team and congratulate the 6 members who have advanced to the next level.  This was an amazing success for our team.  I wish to thank Mr Paynter, Mr Ritano and Miss Dan for supervising the team on a day that was wet and windy.  I also wish to thank the many parents who also attended and cheered on our team as well as supported the teachers on the day. 

I also wish to acknowledge the outstanding work of our P&F Committee for organising and running the Mother’s Day stall on Thursday and Friday.  Mrs Ford, our P&F President commented on the beautiful manners of our students.  It was so refreshing to see parents on site and share in the enjoyment of the children and the happy community of shoppers at the stalls.  

Staff Development Day- no school for students

Just a reminder that the school will be holding a staff development day on Friday the 4th of June.  This means that children do not attend school on this day.  The day is set aside for professional learning of all staff. 

World Support Staff Day

Next Thursday we will be celebrating World Support Staff Day. I would like to acknowledge the great work of our non teaching staff who work tirelessly every day to make our school life efficient where the love of God is embedded in all we do and say. 

Thank you for all you do!

Mrs Rush, Mrs King, Mrs Muscat, Mrs Inglis, Mrs Kerai, Mrs Camilleri,  Mrs Sharp, Mrs Duncombe,  Mr Spiteri, Mr Richard, Mr Peter and Mrs Dawson. 

Evacuation Drill

Next week you may hear the school emergency alarm sound.  Please do not panic - we will be having our Term 2 Evacuation Drill. I will send out a skool bag app alert prior to the drill.  We ask parents not to ring the school.

Parents and Friends Association Meeting Term 2. 

Our next meeting is scheduled on Monday the 17th of May at 6.30pm in the school Library.

Due to the current COVID restrictions and the newly introduced return to the 2 metre square rule, we can host 15 attendees at the meeting.  If you plan to attend, please send the return slip to the office ASAP.  Parents will receive a registration card.  You will need to bring this with you to the meeting.  The card will be kept in the school office for 28 days.   

Winter School Uniform 

All children must be in their  full winter uniform everyday . If you have any issues with obtaining a winter uniform please contact the school office. Just a reminder that haircuts and hairstyles need to be school compliant. 

Students who wear watches to school

With the advancement in technologies, watches are not what they used to be.  Many students are wearing watches that have multiple functions including photo and video capabilities.  I understand  that most watches have a school function mode that restricts these functions being used during the school day. It is illegal to take photos of or video people without their permission.  I ask parents to please determine whether the watch your child has can have these functions disabled. If not we ask you to please keep the device at home. If your child uses these functions during the school day, there will be consequences for breaching the Privacy Act. 

Term 2 Calendar

Student of the Week Term 2 Week 2 & 3

Kindergarten Students

Week 2 Week 3
  • Seth C
  • Harvir M
  • Lydia L
  • Name Withheld
  • Sienna L
  • Manya P
  • Ariya A
  • Adrijana L

Year 1 Students

Week 2Week 3
  • Olivia D
  • Manea B
  • Kishan K
  • Arya S
  • Annabelle I
  • Jake P
  • Joshua A
  • Gabriele G

Year 2 Students

Week 2Week 3 
  • Sandra N
  • Ethan P
  • Natalia H
  • Copper R
  • Ronit S
  • Ethan B
  • Scarlett M
  • Kadijatu F

Year 3 Students

Week 2Week 3
  • Zander F
  • Dominic R
  • Jeanne S
  • James C
  • Annaleise S
  • Cayzer G

Year 4 Students

Week 2Week 3
  • Jonathan X
  • Amok M
  • Esha J
  • Georgie C
  • Jax M
  • Jai M

Year 5 Students

Week 2Week 3
  • Aniela K
  • Jesse D
  • Summer G
  • Alex P
  • Rhea D
  • Eliah A

Year 6 Students

Week 2Week 3
  • Jayzarn R
  • Machol M
  • Malakai V
  • Cohen H
  • Hazel J
  • Micah M

This Week's News Update

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop will now accepting EFTPOS as well as cash. Our shop runs on Wednesday mornings from 8:30am to 9:00am. 


Dear Parents,

We are looking at going cashless.   We are starting with our Disco's for Term 2.

As of Monday 17th May we will have the Term 2 Discos payments up and running on the QKR App.  This is the same App that you use for your uniform orders.

Please update your students information (their grade and class), if this is incorrect the payment will not be allocated to them which will not reflect on the class list for your payment. 

When you log in you will see another tab for Fundraising, when you click on this you will see the Discos that are available to pay for.  You need to choose the correct payment option for each child.

3 Options

K, 1 & 2 - Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2

3 & 4     - Year 3 and Year 4

5 & 6     - Year 5 and Year 6

If you have more than one child you will need to click on each year group and add them to the cart you can pay for everything together. 

As we are trialing this we have allowed more time for payments,  we will be monitoring this regularly.

If you have any questions please call the school office.

School Fees

School Fees have now been issued and the due date for Instalment 2 is 26/05/2021. Please contact Reshma Kerai on 02 8869 6700 for further information.

Parents and Friends

Canteen Information

Coloring In Competition

Community Information

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