James Busby High School

Term 4, Week 10, 2020


From the Principal

Welcome to the final instalment for 2020 of our e-Newsletter.

Our staff are continuing to work hard to finish all required curriculum for 2020 and are beginning to plan for 2021 to ensure all our students are engaged in quality learning experiences.

2020 has certainly been a challenging year for us all, but we are a resilient staff and our students have also shown enormous coping skills and dedication to their education. They have shown an enormous capacity to have empathy for others and a generosity of spirit that I am in awe of. Our staff, students and school community have come together to do the very best we can during a pandemic that has created uncertainty and stress for so many.


Again, I want to stress, our school has always been and remains dedicated to the learning and wellbeing of all students, which is reflected daily in the highly professional and caring behaviour of staff and the impressive achievements our students make each and every day. There is so much to be proud of and so many students who do us proud each and every day.


I will on leave for a few weeks at the beginning of the year. Ms Mishelle Gouganovski will be relieving as Principal until my return.


I’d like to finish by wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy and enjoyable holiday season.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021



Ms Olimpia Bartolillo

Deputy Principal's Message - Ms Chand

Dear Students of JBHS,


Congratulations on completing the 2020 school year. This year has presented us all with many challenges and as students of our school, you should be extremely proud of yourself for rising to each challenge and getting through it. As a Deputy Principal I am extremely proud of each one of you who come to school every day and try their best to live, breathe and be the values of our school. Your commitment to excellence, respect, equality and safety in all facets of your school life is commendable. Through such an uncertain and changing time that is our current world, you as students, have shown resilience, flexibility and adaptability throughout. Well done on becoming strong, independent young people. I wish you a wonderful and restful school break and look forward to seeing you all in 2021 ready for an exciting new year full of learning opportunities.


Best Wishes,

Ms Chand


Deputy Principal's Message - Mr Narayan

Dear Staff, students and parents,

As this very unusual school year draws to a close, I would like to thank all staff, students and parents for staying brave, strong and supportive of each other in the midst of a pandemic.

There were lots of changes, adjustments and challenges faced during the year, especially the implementation of online learning programs but we all stood strong, united and committed to adopt to the change to achieve success.

Everyone needs a break!

I would like to wish you all a very safe and happy summer vacation and look forward to welcoming you all back, keen and refreshed in the New Year.


Mr Narayan

Deputy Principal's Message - Mrs Gouganovski

I’d like to wish all the students, parents, staff and members of the community a safe and restful break. I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Thank you for all of your support and co-operation throughout the year. I would like to encourage you all to remain focussed and aim high, and always strive for excellence. Life will always provide us with unexpected detours and it is how we meet those challenges that defines our character.

Always believe in yourself, be kind and remember to smile.


Mrs Gouganovski

Congratulations on Completing Your First Year of High School, Year 7!

Congratulations Year 7 on making it through your first year of high school! We are extremely proud of the way you all have carried yourselves, formed new positive relationships with peers and teachers.


2020 has been a challenging year for all, despite that your high school journey has really just begun. We hope you have all developed your learning skills throughout the year and are looking forward to applying them in the year ahead. We are pleased to have learnt more about you all, over the year and though there is always room for improvement, we are also impressed with many of you and your efforts. Please keep up the good work.


Student effort and achievements were acknowledged and rewarded during our award assemblies and we are proud of you all. 

We hope you all enjoy your holidays, recharge your batteries and come back to us in 2021 eager and willing to learn.

Happy holidays to you and your families.


Miss. Maror and Mrs. Shukla

Year 7 Year Advisers

A Message to Year 8

What a year 2020 has been! I want to take this opportunity to reflect on everything that you have accomplished this year:

·       Successfully completing your second year of high school in what has been one of the most stressful years in history!

·       Links to Learning - each week we have received glowing reports of how you have engaged in the program and have made us proud teachers at JBHS.

·       Coming out of this year a little stronger, wiser and more mature than when you started.

We would like for you to reflect on 2020 and really think about:

·       What you liked

·       What you would do the same

·       What you would change

Now, we would like for you to think about what you want 2021 to look like. Set your goals now, think about how you can make it the best year for you at school possible.

We are really proud of the growth we have seen in the grade this year. The maturity you have developed, the responsibility you have taken and the steps forward you have taken to become thoughtful members of our community.

Have a happy and safe holiday and see you in 2021!

Ms Encina and Ms Kasavetis.


A Message to Year 9

A big congratulations Year 9 as we come close to the end of the year, and what a year it has been! We had disrupted education where you had to rely on technology for a while but you all worked hard with the guidance of your teachers and for that, you need to applaud yourselves.

You’ve completed your third year of high school and halfway through your high school life. It will get harder but we will get through this together.

School uniform continues to be a major concern for our Year group. Most of you are still not wearing school uniform. You are heading towards the end of your third year of high school and should be more responsible by wearing the correct school uniform. For those that are wearing the correct school uniform, we are very proud of you because you show maturity and responsibility and that you are proud to be part of James Busby High School that provides you with an education.


A little advice for you next year as you start Year 10 is to remember that in order to succeed in high school, be respectful with everyone. You can achieve this by using your manners. This includes showing respect to your peers, your teachers, your school and all of its equipment, but most importantly, respecting yourselves and your education. You can do this through being mindful of both your words and your actions. Remember this as well as you go on holidays soon.


Being a student of James Busby High School, you receive many opportunities to excel in the classroom, in sport, music, and in other non-academic activities. Our school provides you these opportunities so that everyone has an equal chance to excel in areas that either interest you, or are good at. I encourage every student to take advantage of these opportunities from Year 10 onwards.


You should always aim for excellence, and challenge yourself to do that little bit better with each day. Set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. You can do this by studying regularly, and asking for help and guidance whenever you need it. Think of what you would like to achieve by the end of Year 10.


Be safe at all times by following class and school rules. Rules also applies to all of you as you start your holidays soon. Be mindful of your actions and listen to your parents. Most importantly, spend time with your families and friends, watch a movie, read a book or meet up for a day at the park to enjoy some fun activities. You all deserve a good holiday as you have earned it. However you spend your holidays, have a safe one and we look forward to having you back to school in Term 1 of 2021.


All the best from…

Mrs Narayan and Ms Cau

Year 9 Advisers



Farewell (for now) Year 10!

What a year of challenges it has been for Year 10. You have had your first brush with NESA and those dreaded warning letters, and you have made your subject selections for Year 11 and 12. All in the midst of a pandemic!

It blows my mind every time I think about it- you are seniors next year! What an absolute pleasure it has been to watch you grow over the years into the wonderful young adults you are becoming. You face a new set of challenges next year, and I hope you face them with the same maturity and positive attitudes that I have seen this year.

Although I won’t be around to see you, I am certain that you will conquer all that you set your minds to do. Take time in the holidays to rest and reflect on 2020 and the way you intend on tackling your final years of high school. If you wish for things to change, know that all starts and ends with you. Make good decisions that will only aid your educational and personal growth. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will only encourage you and want the best for you. You will make mistakes- you’re human after all. Remember it is not those mistakes that define us, but the action we take to set things right and ensuring to not make those same mistakes again.

I wish you nothing but happiness and success as you venture into your senior years. I don’t know what the future may hold but, whatever happens, I will never forget you Year 10. You have fulfilled my time at James Busby High School, and I will always cherish the wonderful moments we shared.


Thank you for having me.


Miss Rodriguez 

Year 12 Message

Dear Year 12,

Congratulations for finishing your first term of your HSC year! It’s been a tough year for the whole world. Well done for getting through it.

I would like to acknowledge the students who achieved academic success in Year 11 and were recognised at our Formal Assembly. Your achievements are fantastic! As I said on the day, don’t fear if you didn’t receive an award and don’t compare yourself with others. Run your own race, and measure your own successes.

I am extremely pleased with our first terms efforts to fundraise. The chocolate boxes have been flying off the shelves and the Christmas Mufti Day was an enormous success. It is truly wonderful to see our grade stepping up and working together.

I would like to wish our entire school community a happy and healthy holidays! Look after yourselves and each other.

Year 12 – please email me if you have any questions over the summer break.

Looking forward to the next year!

Ms. Hall

To Our Graduating Class

Dear Year 12, 

In a year like no other you have proven that there is always a need for compassion, respect and leadership. We are excited for you to use the skills and relationships you have developed here to go out and make your mark on the world. For those who have committed time and time again to their academic studies, you will be rewarded in the release of your final results. Remember that there are many pathways through life, and regardless of your journey on to university, TAFE or the work force, the values of respect and honesty will hold you in good stead.

Congratulations Year 12 2020!


Ms Cattanach and Ms Byrne 

Graduating Class of 2020

"Look how far you've come". Ears were alert and eyes were lit with tears as our graduates listen intently to the words of our IO/AU Year Adviser Ms. Samuel during their graduation ceremony. This phrase woven throughout the speech led us to think about our graduates as young, fresh faced and energetic teenagers back in 2015. A stark contrast to the longer limbed, facial hair filled leaders of James Busby High School that we see today; our cohort or year 12s have indeed come a very long way. As the room giggled and reminisced, we see snippets of the past shaping our students to become the leaders they are today. Our graduates can move onto the next stage of their lives with confidence that they can achieve many things and be positive impacts on people around them. We cannot wait to hear their stories; to see how much more they will grow.


As the formal proceedings came to an end, it was time for our graduates to opt for more stylish attire. Dressed to impress, they turned up in style; suits, vests, button up shirts, dresses and polished shoes that allowed for at least three hours of dancing. They ate, spoke, danced, sang and danced some more until the venue closed. As the night concluded, we commented on how well each student behaved, how good they looked, how well they danced, adding yet another "look how far you've come" moment.


Thank you graduating class of 2020 for the memories you have left in our hearts. Go out there and show the world just how much one person can do. Show them just how far you have come.



Year 12 Formal 2020

Welcome to all our 2021 Year 7 students!

I am Ms Byrne and I will be your Year Advisor when you come to JBHS. At high school, there will be many changes to get used to, but some things stay the same. Staying the same is that your teachers are here to support and help you learn to the best of your ability. I teach English at JBHS, so I can be found reading in the English staff room if you need me. Coming up soon is your Orientation Day where you get to visit your high school and meet your teachers and students who will be in your classes next year, so please remember any questions you have to ask on the day.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Ms Byrne

Presentation Assemblies

Our award assemblies were held on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th December. We had to hold our assemblies a little differently this year, and sadly were unable to invite families to help us to celebrate the achievements of our dedicated students.

We would like to congratulate all of our award recipients for their successes, both inside and outside the class rooms. As always, we take pride in the outstanding academic, sporting and artistic achievements throughout 2020. 

Photographs of award recipients are available to families upon request. Please contact me, Ms Ramsay via email at abeer.khuder@det.nsw.edu.au for a copy of your child's photograph. 

I am proud to be able to share your child's photo with you. Please do not hesitate to make this request, even in the school break. I will endeavour to reply with the photo at my earliest convenience.

Deputy Principal's Values Award Winners

Principal's Values Award Winners

Sports Awards Winners

Faculty Award Winners - Most Outstanding Student

Special Community Awards

Special Community Awards

Year 11 Academic Excellence

Year 10 Academic Excellence

EDGE Workshop Success!

The EDGE Workshop rocked at James Busby this year. It was a very engaging and rewarding program for our year 10 students and it was evident that they were having a great time. Students engaged in discussions with regard to post school job search and scenarios. The program consisted of practical elements such as dressing up for work in order to prepare students for job interviews and relevant life skills associated with this. Both boys and girls engaged in personal grooming activities where they applied make up, face creams, face masks and general hygiene products in order to be better equipped for important events such as job interviews. In addition, students had haircuts with professional hair dressers. Photos were taken with lots of laughter and fun as students enjoyed every aspect of the day. It was amazing to see how respectful students were towards the EDGE crew and how appreciative they were when they were given 'personal grooming' packs, for both boys and girls. Employers from large companies like Crown and Reece were also present to give insight into what makes someone employable and gave our students tips in relation to employment and what is expected. The EDGE Supervisor was very pleased with staff at James Busby High School and the facilities, and layout organised prior to the event beginning. Our students thanked each instructor and showed their appreciation at the end with a little speech from Alex Aumau (Year 10(). Some students even stayed back at lunch to allow for the face mask to dry to enjoy their full effect! It was a big day packed with many activities . The  event was a huge success and our students enjoyed every minute of it...as did our staff!A special mention and thanks to Joyce Choucair (Head Teacher Careers), Soon Kwon (Career’s Adviser) and David Hernandez (Year 10 Year Adviser) for making such a successful event possible at our school. We are extremely lucky for your ongoing support with students.

Mr A Suljevic

Transition Adviser

EDGE Workshop - Year 10

The Art Gallery of JBHS

As one walks into the newly unveiled Art Gallery of JBHS, one can see clay boxes on display to the left. Sponge Bob, Wall-E, Mario and pet food boxes were all exhibited, each meticulously created. Each representing the personal interests, identity and ability of our Stage 6 students. When one looks up, portraits hung from the ceiling looking down at the spectators who marveled at the fine pencil lines and creativity of each artist. In the horizon, one can see that our students studied landscapes. The contrast between drawing portraits and painting landscapes was striking. Our students could experiment with textures and colours to create intricate and artistic pieces of work that really showcases their talents with clay, paint and pencils.

A big thank you to Miss Diep and her Stage 5 and 6 art classes for allowing us to follow your journey through your art. Your identity and interests were represented in a way that moved us all.

JBHS Art Exhibition

Creative and Performing Arts

Despite a pandemic and a whole lot of interruptions to lessons, The CAPA faculty could not be more proud of our wonderful students. The constant changes made by NESA for the HSC Music and Visual Arts major works were challenging, but our Year 12 students continued to strive for excellence and worked hard at school and at home.

We certainly took a few hits this year- no singing in groups, complete programs and assessment tasks had to be changed to work around social distancing rules, and working on Google Classroom from home instead of playing instruments or art-making. It has been a pleasure to watch the students of James Busby High School rise above such unexpected challenges and go that extra mile to produce outstanding work.

A high level of engagement online at home assisted students to complete and submit assessment tasks, leading to a higher submission rate in all year groups- an outstanding achievement for all.

We wish everyone a safe and reflective holiday and for (hopefully) a less stressful year in 2021.


The CAPA faculty

Our Amazing Student Art Projects

Winds of Change

On the 7th and 8th of December, our Grade 10-12 students were given the opportunity to learn basic sailing skills, gain self-confidence, realise self-potential and gain experience to problem solve as a team. The Winds of Change program was developed for young people with diverse learning abilities, built on sound adventure-based educational theory. It provides young people with outdoor opportunities for personal growth and as a result, we witnessed our students grow both in confidence and in smiles. Our students were able to do things they never thought they could do like steering the sailing yacht, gain confidence in managing rough waves and reenacting famous scenes from the Titanic. If they were once afraid of the high seas, they are not afraid of it now. Smiles and laughter grew, inquiries about the water and the land were raised and answered, our students left the excursion with a new sense of optimism and understanding of their environment.

Thank you to the team at the Making Waves Foundation for creating opportunities for growth for our students. We appreciate your efforts to develop "winds of change".

We are sailing...

The joy of Sailing

“You can’t change the wind. But you can adjust the sails to reach your destination.”

— Paulo Coelho


We were given a taste of the joy of sailing.

Today we have had a great opportunity to participate in sailing on Sydney Harbour. This fantastic experience has been provided by the Making Waves Foundation through the program ‘Winds of joy’. We have arrived in Rushcutters Bay and embarked onto the yacht, named Kayle. This sailing boat participates in the Sydney to Hobart race on Boxing Day each year. Our skipper, Kathy Veel, has been an amazing host and we are very grateful to her for her crew’s hospitality onboard. What a great day! Check it out! 

King of the World!

Creating Mini-Towns

Jindabyne class have been working hard all term to create a mini-town within the classroom. They decided on important buildings that should be in their town, and planned roads, including important road signs. They learned about transport and created cars, buses, trains and planes. They also learned about renewable energy, adding windmills to the town and putting solar panels on each building. All students worked together as a team and the end result is absolutely fantastic!

 Jindabyne also went on an end of the year excursion to Bonnyrigg park. All students had a wonderful time playing on the equipment and even got to enjoy some delicious McDonalds. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of a great year. 

Jindabyne Excursion


We would like to say a huge 'thank you' for everyone's support and generosity towards our JBHS Food Drive.

This year we donated 325kg of food to Food Bank in Glendenning. This was only made possible because of our wonderful staff, students and their families. 

From the Principal: Words cannot describe how proud I am of this accomplishment. To know that we have so many generous staff who supported a cause that was very very important to our students is something to be immensely proud of. Not only did our students feel a deep sense of pride, but they felt deeply supported by everyone who contributed - staff, students, community, friends and relatives.

Thank you to Ms Shukla, the Prefects, and all that helped to achieve this epic deed. This will help so many in need.

Look at the Generosity of our school community!

Year 10A Science Dissection Practical - students dissected sheep hearts, kidney and cow's sheep

Our Year 10 Bakers and their Christmas Cookies

Year 11 Hospitality - Fruit Platters

Year 8 Technology Mandatory and their tye dye creations

H and G Coffee Club

Year 10 Work Experience

Uniform Shop Holiday Trading Dates

Share Our Space

Share Our Space is back these Summer 2020/21 school holidays, opening up NSW public school spaces for our communities to share and enjoy quality, green open space at their local school during the holidays.

About Share Our Space

Through Share Our Space, public schools are able to offer local communities safe green and play spaces during school holiday breaks. We want to promote the value of our schools, place them at the heart of our communities, and keep school spaces active all year round.

What’s great about Share Our Space?
  • A unique program that opens school green and play spaces in the holidays and supports the Premier's Priority to increase open space for the people of NSW.

  • Prioritises schools in areas across NSW that don’t have a lot of open, quality community spaces.

  • Places schools at the heart of their communities and recognises the important role they play in supporting local people.

  • Provides quiet time out of school hours for adults and children.

  • A great way to give kids space to ride their bikes, play ball sports or get active.

Key things to know about Share Our Space:
  • Share Our Space will be operating in participating schools from Monday 21 December 2020 to Friday, 22 January 2021, including public holidays.

  • Gates are opened at 8am and closed at 5pm each day.

  • To remind visitors to maintain appropriate physical distancing and COVID safe hygiene practices, additional signage will be provided. A weekly external cleaning service will also be provided to all Share Our Space schools during the holidays and at the end of the program.

  • The list of schools that are open may change because of emergencies or natural disasters.

  • Each school will have only one gate open during Share Our Space.

  • School toilets are not open during Share Our Space.

     We want to see how local communities are enjoying Share Our Space! Share photos and videos on social media using the hashtags #ShareOurSpace #LoveWhereYouLearn.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year!

Information for parents and carers including learning and wellbeing resources, advice, study skills, a quick guide glossary, homework help, learning from home tools, support for additional needs and more can be accessed on the above link.

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